Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Economics Can't Explain The Modern World: Why did it start in Holland?

Why did it start in Holland? McCloskey's book, Bourgeois Dignity, maintains that Economics can't explain the modern world, but that, as stated in a review: The conclusion: '...business became a suitable topic for those in the Western bourgeois class, [and] they began to encourage economic innovations both with their money and with their supportive rhetoric. ...' (Review: Chicago Tribune). the next question is, then this: What were the precursors of this? I continue research, toward the application of the answers via more mature psalmodic response, so as to better fight the Holy War in redemptive history. Hint: A statue of James Watt was proposed for Westminster Abbey. Someone suggested that we thank the Lord for innovations, such as electricity. The Great Fact, as McCloskey writes, is that we live at least 30x better than our ancestors in 1700, 1800. And South Korea did it in decades, not centuries, and India's growth, and China's recently, is due to the same honoring of the bourgeosie by Liberty and Dignity.

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