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Vessels, Daniel 5: In What Week To Put This?

Vessels, Daniel 5: In What Week To Put This?

Dear Pastor Shade:

This is a psalmodic response, an amen that builds, re: your sermon on Daniel 5, and your exhortation to 'be the vessels'.

It seems wise to me to do a stream-of consciousness exegesis of the vessels through the Bible, one era per respective day during the week, but then, on what we now call Saturday, one would seem to be thrown by the thrust of the Bible and history into also doing a stream of consciousness recounting of the vessels we have built in psalmodic response (the church-forms, mostly) unto the great and terrible task of building likewise micro-vessels, and macro-vessels NOW and into the future.

Thus, using eras Jordan says are in Symbol language, linked to the 7, yea 8 churches in Revelation:

Garden--the vessel of the ark of Noah elicits comment
Prison--Abram, Isaac, Jacob, but especially Joseph as the vessel of the Spirit
Wilderness--Vessels made
Kingdom--Improved vessels, improved inspection for they are in a house of prayer for all nations
Remnant and Exile--School of Prophets, but especially vessels and young-men-as-vessels carried away TO the nations
Restoration and World Witness/Diaspora--synagogues, still in the metal man
Apostasy in Jesus' Day--The Vessel of Vessels in the Flesh, or as JBJ has said, The Holy of Holies Made Flesh--at least He tabernacles
A. D. 70--a key here would be the speech in written form left with which to build, ameningly, the new vessel-world, or at least a new clothing, for the old is rolled up as a vestment
BUT, the hint is left to us that we will continue to build, the vessel being more and more the men, both male and female, the 'letters written,' as Paul says, etc. Some of these include the early church, then Constantine's remodeling of pagan temples, and the building of the creeds, Augustine's works as words by which to build worlds, the problems that cause Islam to arise--maybe iconodulity (?), failure to agree on the date of Easter, etc., perhaps 'The Hidden Origin of Islam' thesis, Charles Martel, and then his grandson (?) and the filioque, and later 854 is the last common holiday (holidays are vessels in action, remembering and applying), then Gregory VII, Investiture, Concordat of Worms [in all this some book such as 'The 100 Most Significant Events in Christian History (?)], the various revolutions of the West (Gardner, Chapter 5, 'Beyond Belief), nations as vessels with new persons, speech and institutions, KEY: HOUSE/VESSELS OF SCIENCE as possible when the old gods no longer need to be charmed: 'Science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead', monasteries and convents, peace movement of the 12th C. (Berman) and associated covenantal oath-making guilds and towns, the organization of land, skills, markets, missions, gifts, and our tasks involving what spoils we want--what came with A. D. 70? persons, Bible, etc.,one key being the worship every 7 as destroying worship of all things that The One True God Trinity made in the other 6 days, and so on.

As Battle Formation, each person in the congregation who would be formed up IN and AS the Bible, a book thereof, and similarly assigned an era of time, to include for children the 4000, then for adults, from A. D. 70 until now, and for Elders the whole sweep, and for Ancients to include both the far end (where it appears to me that chiastically a New Song is a glorification of exnihilatory speech, after the first task, dressing the garden is completed after guarding--all in maturity, Holy War, and redemptive history. This is a Lectionary Chronological Historical task, this child-adult-elder-ancient thing. An Ancient knows WHEN, when to do the artist-child thing, the adult-fighter thing, the elder-(Isay) speaking thing [latter Jacob], the ancient-timer thing.

What shall be bequeathed, what vessels?

And this does not include retuning and much more that I will be discussing in Chrestomathy on BH, one thing per week. I don't know which week this might go in.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Art forms, celebrations that liturgically disciple communities, comprehensive rhyming in the 49 of Jubilee and other forms should be included, as well as a calendar as coram.

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