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Codevilla 'After the Republic' Toward a Christian end TSOCHI

Codevilla After the Republic Toward a Christian end TSOCHI
‘After the Republic,’ by Codevilla is here:
This will be long. It will be worth it.
Rosenstock said that any new technology increases our reach, shortens the time it takes, and destroys old groups.
But we are in the business of applying the principles, precepts and examples into new times and places—and groups.  We can call that ‘glorifying’.
So the Republic of the founders is gone? Her outgo exceeded her income, so her upkeep was her downfall.
Barzun, ‘From Dawn to Decadence,’ and Creveld, ‘the Rise and Decline of the State,’ see his transcript from a Mises Institute talk, or his book by the same name, both indicate the failure of justice and of money are two keys. I think I remember that Barzun saw a situation of ethno-religious regions, bridged by corporations, followed by a rebirth of reading from monuments. (Note: ERH said that Roman priests were bridge builders).
He also said that unless we handle all the problems of previous social orders well, they’ll come back worse.
Here’s a possible way to shape the situation toward a Christian end, Fred.
I will give two small examples: Stuart and Pella.
Let’s suppose the Dutch who came to Pella @ 1847 were refugees. From Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ we have the way revolutions transpire.  ‘The Complete Cross of Reality’ he calls it. Summarizing, an imperative brings them forward, that’s what came before and got them to 1847.  Then there’s a subjective/inward phase, until 1922 (book about it) or 1936 (first Tulip Time).  The celebration of Tulip Time takes us back, and then out we go, supposedly glorifying the refugee start by becoming helpers of other refugees/thinkers about refugees.  This glorifies, in the same way that Israel was to free people, because they had been freed from the bondage of Egypt.
Similarly, Stuart, founded in 1871 beside the Big Mover of the day, the railroad, to serve the farmers, could be glorified by becoming a town that learns and teaches urban food production to feed her hungry, spreading the good word by using the Big Mover of today, the internet.
Both of these examples, though they might not have the beginning essence right, can be seen to glorify the original principle, precept, example by applying it in a new time and place.
One can do the same for one’s own communities, and they don’t have to be towns.
Example abound of this principle applied in theology, surely.
What then of the Republic?
One must find the Imperative (Law, Transcendence), go through the Subjective/Lyric, Hierarchy, and then the Narrative/Evaluation/Ethics, the Objective/Fact/Oaths and sanctions, to get to the Planetary Service/New Torah/Succession parts. (Rosenstock/Jordan/North)
In my 5-parter for the new era, the above about Pella and Stuart is part 2.
It appears to me that part 5 of mine, if praying while waiting is OK, and since thinking is thanking, and thanking is a part of prayer, that applying the Levir principle might be the new thing—the chur ch as Levir to all the institutions, since the brother (state: organization replacing person, says Creveld) has died and we must raise up a son for his name. Universities too.
What is the principle of the state, then, that we can move around the square of forward-in-back-out?
I lay the 4 on the 5.
Hoppe, for instance, makes a case for it being the protection of property, property having been acquired by Lockeanly combining labor with un-property-ized ‘stuff’. Homesteading, one could say.
In ‘Democracy: The God that Failed’ he proposes that insurance companies could provide this property protection.
That’s an example.  We in the church, we of the Levir for Society (Godparents?) have been practicing applying principles, precepts, and examples from the Bible to our present situations, and now we can do this for all institutions and through-sounders (persons).
I am attempting to turn workmanships into ‘workmanshippers,’ a ‘poiema’ into a poet, howls into songs, in The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive—something useful might come of that.
Conclusion: We glorify God and His act in history, by transforming the principles, precepts, and examples that they are, by moving them through Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, and New Torah.  What say you? ‘What will your verse be?’ (Search the phrase and Robin Williams, ‘Dead Poets Society’ on YouTube, please.

Love in King Jesus,
Charlie ‘chuckhartmanhistoryconductor’ Hartman
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After Western Civilization, What? A Prayer

After Western Civilization, What?  A Prayer
A.      JBJ quote from blurb COATCF ‘We are witnessing the end of Western Civilization. …’ More here:
B.      JBJ Quote from CSILAD (12, song)  …’In its fullest manifestations, God's covenant with man, which we can illustrate from the Mosaic covenant, entails the following steps
and aspects: … 12. Artistic poems that encapsulate the covenant, and that are
to be taught to succeeding generations (Deut. 31:14-33:29).’  Pages 3 and 4, here:
C.      I’m claiming that as a start, we might see a 5-step covenant process, oriented (northed)toward each of the decks in a 3-decker creation universe in this way: Heavens Above: Jordan’s liturgy/order of worship of Call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission. The Waters Under The Earth would be echoed/resonated by a scientific method, thus: Newton is put into a different condition by the apple—Called? Then he says he doesn’t know how it work, but is convinced he can find out—Cleansed? He researches what others have written, and develops his on exegesis/hypothesis, similar to Readings and Sermons of Consecration?  The hypothesis is tested, two witnesses, in Communion? Then it is taken out to be used—Commission? I will attempt to show that the earth beneath, people made of dust/dirt, can have a similar structure, one anothering one another leitourgea-ically (sic) in a 5 step process: TSOCHI, The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive. On one of Jordan’s audios he mentions, if I remember correctly, that there’s a Hebrew verb form for ‘we do it to each other. JBJ has also indicated a 5-step process of creation by God, also used in the Lord’s Supper. A City Council meeting is called at a certain time, there’s an agenda of things to do, past minutes are read, wisdom is input, decisions are made, and then executed after.
Who’s Who

Day                  Person                          North Calling                            Jordan Transition

1                      Chuck                          YOHAD                      Crisis, Opportunity, and the

                                                                                                Christian Future (COATCF)

Day                  Person                          Calling                          Jordan

2                      Robert                          Heard?                         ‘Occupy until I come’

3                      Donald                         Language                      Knight in History

Protégé/HangerOn John, Calling (before Oct. 26)

4                      Daniel                           Godparents for Fifth Word

                                                            Eldsters                        (Fourth Commandment)

5                      Sans                             Healing/                        ‘Light of the world’

                                                            Unity & Diversity          ‘All things cohere’

Protégé/HangerOn Lori, Gardening (before Oct. 26)

6                      Lo!                               Marriage                      Bride Adorned For Her

                                                                                                Husband, Rev. 22

7                      Timothy                        Church                         Hebrews 10:25

Protégé/HangerOn, Nathan (Oct 26)

8                      Chuck                          Shame Interrupted        Chapter 5 of Gardner’s

                                                                                                ‘Beyond Belief’

9                      West                            Freedom/Technology    ERH’s discovery that any

                                                                                                new technology increases

                                                                                                the space in which one can

                                                                                                operate, decreases the time

                                                                                                it takes, and destroys the

                                                                                                old group.

Proteges/HaangersOn Jimand Corporations in Politics, Robert and Wilson’s ‘Social Conquest’ and ‘Abundance (before Oct. 26)

10                    Gloria                           Improve TSOH            Decalogue/Beatitudes/

                                                                                                Jay Abraham, Marketer

11                    Scott                            Market TSOH              Mohar (Bride Price)

                                                            (50/50 deals?)

12                    Chuck                          New Song                    Herovolution/Chuck’s

                                                                                                4-sequence ‘Revolution’

 Pages 11-20

Now fill in the blanks for your Symphony

Day                 Person                         North Calling              Jordan Transition













Order of singing
The Order of Initiation and Response

For Each Week—

Tunes and Retunings

Week One Initiations: 87654321 (not to oneself)

Week Two Responses: 415263789

Week Two Initiations: 4 (from 25) 1 (26) 5 (27) 2 (28) 6 (29) 3 (30) 7 (31) 8 (32) 9 (33) 10 (34)

--Sabbath Week for Conductor to help Days—

Week Three Responses: 10 (35) 9 (36) 8 (37) 7 (38) 5 (39) 3 (40) 1 (41) 6 (42) 4 (43) 2 (44)

Week Three Initiations: 11 (45) 10 (46) 9 (47) 8 (48) 7 (49) 5 (50) 3 (51) 1 (52) 6 (53) 4 (54) 2 (55)

Week Four Responses: 1 (56) 2 (57) 3 (58) 4 (59) 5 (60) 6 (61) 7 (62) 8 (63) 9 (64) 10 (65) 11 (66)

Week Four Initiations: 12 (67) 11 (68) 10 (69) 9 (70) 8 (71) 7 (72) 6 (73) 5 (74) 4 (75) 3 (76) 2 (77) 1 (78)

Week Five Responses (Solos and Symphony—Conductor works much with Days in time between Week Four and Week Five) 1 (79) 2 (80) 3 (81) 4 (82) 5 (83) 6 (84) 7 (85) 8 (86) 9 (87) 10 (88) 11 (89) 12 (90)
Day 8, e.g.
Have pages to which questions go ready
Why is this a prayer?  Argues with God according to his Word revealed in the Bible. Wait and ‘thinking is thanking’. ‘We’re beggars, that’ all’ : Luther. Amen to ‘carry your cross’.
Note:  Aristotle’s Final Cause may come before the first cause—we’re ADvolutionists, changing toward, not only Evolutionists, changing from.  Actually, we’re more HEROvolutionists, thus…
Put in ‘I Believe Herovolution’


I believe Herovolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us.
As we are chosen to be torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.
(Faintly: Rests—absences—are as important as notes—presences.)
"Come, let us return to the LORD; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up" (Hos. 6:1), and John 6: 44No man can come to me, except the Father which hath senHt me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

A hero is the man between times, the First Sufferer, the Protagonist. He Explicitly Reconciles Opposites.
Critical notes (More:

Penultimately, this works of opera (plural of opus in Italian?) aims toward ERH’s nest 1000 years, however long that is, and JBJ’s ‘new Abrahams, as I propose a next level/exponent/father that reworks previous social orders to glorify them, as in my step two of five, How To Make Your Communities Better (see ’Better Summary chuckhartmanhistoryconductor and links in previous posts, all TSOCHI on BH, chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman). Godparents For Society, a Levir.
Finally, or firstly, Now you can conduct your won symphony, and train conductors.
App it. (I’’ be initiating a universe or responding to one frequently, and I work and think, Lord willing and other things being equql)

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie Hartman September 19, Anno Domini 2106 (House Of Singing Times to come, Lord willing)

PS: Keep this in front of you, with the other two TSOCHI, as we go along.  You can plan! Suggest!

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50 years since my philosophy degree—still in recovery.TSOCHI49A Page 2

50 years since my philosophy degree—still in recovery.TSOCHI49A Page 2
Margery Watts was kind enough to post in Kristy Lonsdale’s Stuart Herald that I had graduated from the U of Iowa on August 10, A. D. 1966 with a degree in philosophy.  There are two things to know about that. 1—Louise got me through. 2--I’m still in recovery.
The rest of this will be a development on one key: Goedel’s Incompleteness Proof in Symbolic Logic (Dr. Addis), especially his mention that all 5 of the Russell-Whitehead operators in “Principia Mathematica’ can be derived from the Sheffer  Stroke, which is ‘not both the one and the other’.
Goedel’s Incompleteness Proof, if I remember it correctly—I memorized it at the time--says that any axiomatic system is incomplete.  There are Well-Formed Formulas (truth statements) that are well-formed and true, but which cannot be derived from the axioms.
Thus, incompleteness. Scientists sometimes say that this is true of scientific truth. Surely theologically, there is a big gap between the Creator and us. We’ll get into inter-personal relations later—my imperative. Many ‘new’ discoveries cast theological formulations in other forms, of course.
And the Sheffer? Let’s ring some changes on that.  We know that the I Ching is based on an unbroken line for yes, and a broken one for no.  Yin and Yang are an attempt at intermixture. The Urim and Thummim of the High Priest in Ancient Israel are thought by some to be stones—one for yes, one for no. Computer work is based on zero and one.  Surely there are more.
Now, with the Three Chief Symbols, the Logos-Made-Flesh is said to be both the one and the other, without mixture, separation, confusion or something else (division?), if I remember correctly.  We’re talking Creeds of the Church here. Logos in the Symbols, and Symbolic Logic—there’s a word play!
Then there is Rosenstock-Huessy (Rosenstock). A refugee from Germany, he taught at Harvard, and better, at Dartmouth.  His students recorded him, starting in the 1940s. He had much to do with the Peace Corps. See his entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. I listened to him, James Jordan, Gary North, Teaching Company and other audios at work—what an education!
Rosenstock said that the Christian Era is when liabilities are turned into assets. One becomes the other.
Also, ‘Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites,’ and ‘America will lose/is losing the ability to speak’ by which he meant true speech, where one’s life is put behind one’s words (CHH: vows). ‘Every Latin verb form is based on a shorter imperative stem’ (paraphrase: ‘Magna Carta Latina’). Combining some of my own with ERH’s; The peacemaker is a hero, Helping.Explicitly.Reconcile.Opposites. And American Social History can be seen as the re-integration of the veteran into peacetime society, but we have lost both war declaration, and thus peace.
His historical work states that the national revolutions of the Christian Era are in 5 steps: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, and Planetary Service. Papal, German, English, American-French, and Russian.
And his big thrust of history is a chiasm, there and back again. Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, and after He Who Reversed The Trend, Greece became, not a social order but, a companion. The New Israel is the church without exclusion, the Nation-State became the Empires minus slavery, and we await the next 1000 years, however long they are, which will be small, enthusiastic groups (tribes) without warfare—also, everything of that time will be a word starting with ‘socio-‘.
Jordan sees history as successive emphases on the Father, and then the Son, and then the Holy Spirit. Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan before Jesus, and Church, Christian State, and University after. (Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah).We now await, per ‘Through New Eyes,’ though ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ challenges us to be new Abrahams, setting the course. ‘We are witnessing the end of Western Civilization.’ So North: Who’s in charge?—the one anotherers of the earth beneath. To whom do I report? What are the rules? What happens if I obey—or don’t? Does this outfit have a future?
So, my work accepts incompleteness, but aims more toward liabilities into assets, or as the New England Primer, the most-used textbook in American History puts it: ‘What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and fully to enjoy him forever’. (Full bucket)
Thus, I have an entry for the new era for each of Rosenstock’s 5—which I claim, are secularly put for his academic audience. The many 5s will be intros to each week, forward and backward. Start with ‘What will your verse be?’ from Robin Williams in ‘Dead Poets Society’ on YouTube—that’s where we’re going, the final cause. ‘You can’t teach about the Holy Spirit in Sociology courses, Professor Rosenstock,‘ said Harvard, around 1935.
Mine can be found elsewhere, or you can email me at, or I’m Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook. When I’m ready, a website.
Here’s a fill-in-the-blanks version of the imperative (JBJ’s Call, North’s Transcendence): The rest of mine can be found by searching “Better Summary chuckhartmanhistoryconductor”
The key conclusion from what I’ve worked on for decades is that the Godparents For Eldsters that is the #5 Planetary Service portion is to be exponentialized into Godparents For Society—Persons, Types of Speech, Institutions. (Levir glorified) See my #2. Pella, refuge given, could become expert on refugees. Stuart, founded along the Big Mover—railroad—to serve farmers, could serve urban and other farmers along the internet, our big mover. Society: 1, Church—3rd world, greatest evangelistic success since the 3rd century. 2, State—Creveld, university—see below. 3, Marriage—Spengler/Goodman : ‘How Civilizations Die’
As Rosenstock put it, when we don’t take care of the unfinished business of previous social orders, they come back worse than ever (paraphrase). To do this exponentialization is to do that, I pray, while we wait, thanking thinking, arguing with GodTrinity using His own words, as I’ve attempted to do with this page  that highlights some of my previous 50 years, glorifyingly, Lord willing, and other things being equal..
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie ‘With page 1-4 you could conduct your own symphony and conductor training’ Hartman
PS: The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive: TSOCHI
PPS: Comprehensivity, since Goedel and Shroedinger. ‘Bare particular’. Two red dots on a page, ‘Why are there two rather than one?’ More Faulkner: ‘… I decline to accept the end of man. It is easy enough to say that man is immortal simply because he will endure: that when the last dingdong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless in the last red and dying evening, that even then there will still be one more sound: that of his puny inexhaustible voice, still talking. I refuse to accept this. I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail…‘. Less Wittgenstein (though more than ‘2 red dots’ and yes ‘language games’) : ‘Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.’. Even more ERH/Rosenstock ‘Chanting, how men first cried out to God.’ (I remember some incomplete sentences at U of Iowa philosophy).
PPPS: After Sputnik (1957) the federal government wanted to encourage science, and passed the National Defense Education Act.  I borrowed the maximum, $250 a SEMESTER, NOT a semester HOUR, and ended up owing $1800 for the whole 4-year education. Question: Do you want more doctors? Something similar would be better that many alternatives. After now: University—, 100% online, no tuition, accredited and Khan Academy, and all MIT courses are free online (credit maybe later), and I pray that TSOCHI will be made into an app played world-wide.

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TSOCHI Symphony49A Overture

TSOCHI Symphony49A Overture

Next:  12 days with each respective one's Question, and Crossing, and Person.  Then the order of singing.

Love in King Jesus,  Chuck

OVERTURE  :  R just wants to be heard. It’s a difficult situation. [Until the app, conduct your symphony this way]
A R is a co-worker, a Bernie Sanders supporter (even at precinct), frequents Catholic Worker House, a vegetarian, a runner, an ‘occupier’.  I asked R what R wanted, and R said ‘We just want to be heard’
B As 11 other ‘days’ interact with R over the course of 5 weeks, R will learn and be taught to solo, and to help others solo, in a version of the art form, The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive.
C We’ll go through a 5 step sequence, echoing Rosenstock’s view of the Revolutions of the West. See  summary of same at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
D We pray that the ‘or’ of (light, Hebrew) of R will be the ‘ur’ (beginning, base, foundation, Hebrew) of R’s help in building the ‘ir’ (community, city). Each day initiates toward each other day in each movement
E It would be better if this were like the chant that Rosenstock holds in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ was how men did when they first cried out to God. E’ And also an imperative stem, again in ‘MCL’ that Rosenstock  held was a short form of all Latin verb forms.
D’ Let R’s aria of words or verbs reach the ear of the era so she hearkens. Hartman will either articulate an initiation of a universe each day at work for several months, or respond as one of the days initiated toward for several months. Work and think (learn to pray) pretending to be a group meeting as a tabernacle around a table.
C’ Other 5-steps will be appropriately mixed in to Rosenstock’s Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, and Planetary Service, such as those for liturgy and scientific method, and more, which Hartman claims are related respectively to The Heavens Above, and The Waters Under The Earth, so that, as Psalm Tone D is sung, Rosenstock’s ‘Universal History 1954’ statement that the next era will be one emphasizing ‘socio-‘ words, or as Hartman articulates, The Earth Beneath, people made of dirt/dust, interacting.
B’ The 12 ‘days,’ with respective persons, North Questions (‘R’ just wants to be heard) and Jordan Crossings will be shown next, followed by the order of seeking/singing each week,  and this will lead to training conductors, and also to the Final Cause of Tsochi49a’s conductor, a proposed next institution, Godparents For Society/Levir, an exponential move. Hartman’s 5 to fit into Rosenstock’s schema are Imperative: TSOCHI, Subjective: How To Make Your Communities Better, Narrative Calendar—House f Singing Times, 371 and Objective: 153 Culture, Planetary Service: Godparents For Eldsters. [As R’s plaint is writ large, so does Hartman’s GFE become GFS. Search ’Better Summary chuckhartmanhistoryconductor’.
A’ So as Hartman listened to his co-worker, and spoke/sang, this echoes the ‘poiema’/poem (Rosenstock) of Ephesians 2: 8-10, the poem becoming a poet. About 90 pages of interactions, a fill-in-the-blanks version being at
 SYMPHONY SUMMARY  : Thus R is heard as he learns to pray as a member of the Heavenly Council, using the words and forms given in the Word, as GodTrinity wants us, toward maturation in redemptive history in the Holy War against the devil and his angels (‘The devil is God’s devil’: Luther). Players, Composers, conductors (electricity, trains, orchestras…) who come after will do better, all Lord willing. {Won't it be nice/nike to have players in symphonies all over the planet, helpingly interacting toward better conducting the era!?]
--Notes to be added.