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Dear Friends:

Re: Who Wins, Who Loses. ( A pont is a happy mis-typing for 'point'. On an audio, JBJ made a statement, I almost typed point, that out time is one of points of knowledge. I prefer 'pont,' as in bridge.)

1--Goldman, in Science Wars, says that science CANNOT have necessary and certain truth. He founded the discipline.

Science Wars: What Scientist Know and How They Know It.

2--'Science is that arm of the church (arm of the church) in which we are allowed to attempt to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead (universe as dead). (parentheses mine). A paraphrase of ERH.

But the universe is alive.

So to argue 'science' as if it had necessary and certain truth seems counterproductive.

Consider the scientific method (the art form of this layer of civilization, this era) as compared to liturgy, his mother. Newton sees the apple fall, or it hit him. Called. He thinks, 'I don't know how that works, but I can find out' Cleansed. He consults the books of nature and of previous investigation. Consecration. The hypothesis is tested. Communion. The theory is taken out to help. Commission.

Someone once told me: YOU might see that. (paraphrase).

The bigger question is applying a covenant sequence oriented toward the earth beneath, we, made of world by Breath. We have the orientation toward the (name in the) heavens above in liturgy, and toward the (numbers in the) waters under the earth in the scientific method.

Fill in the blanks, and we will have achieved the wonderfulness of tribal life, without perpetual war, peace the explicit reconciliation of opposites.

Love in King Jesus,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Plug and Play Solar?

Plug and Play Solar. When will a person be able to order a solar energy array from his local HVAC person and it be price competitive, I wonder?

Respondent: That one's easy: You can already do that in the third world. We are about three years away on that but may have to wait five for the one with the built in battery. The web has emergency units at a reasonable price. The technology is not the problem its the red tape. What your asking for is called plug and play solar. The best Aussies unit is suncube and there are units selling on conservative web sites in the US The cost is in free fall. That's the point. Subsidies block newer technology by making the obsolete stuff cheaper. There's always a delay getting subsidies applied to something new. by the time Gillard's tax is up and running the price of these things will halve again and the tax and subsidies will be obsolete.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Psalm 144, the fightingest?

Psalm 144, the fightingest? What music goes best with it? I've read at least 3 who state that the Bible, especially Hebrew, is music. Haik-Vantoura, someone who goes with the consonants, and another who says it's the vowels. And more. Secondly, should we sing it ('Is Saul among the prophets?') with the instruments named in Psalm 150? These are serious questions. Thirdly, it might be wise to recapitulate history in the worship service by using the various instruments and methods of music that have been used in the Bible and history -- or maybe not. What instruments are mentioned as being used in Heaven, in Revelation, even if only typologically?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Subscription site. From his Tip of the Week:

... short works of
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For example, Amanda Hocking has nine short fiction books on
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You don't have to be a Hemingway .... Romance, zombie fests, mysteries and
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Bill Myers Online
The official Bill Myers site for Product Developers, publishers, writers, independent video producers and entrepreneurs.

Searched her in Kindle Store on Amazon, here are some of her books:

Candidates for inexpensive Kindle books--Amanda Hocking-like

Godparents for Eldsters, or 'Keep Me Out of the Nursing Home!,' or 'The 5 Best Ways to Stay Out of the Nursing Home'.

A series of fiction novels set in 'Greater Exchange Things' world, where families have multi-generational projects.

'How To Disciple Your Community, Any Community' The memory palace method.

A series of The Symphony Of peace/History.

All the rhymings of The House Of Singing Times.

(There are more)

Is the a way to do the most important things I can do, at which I am most difficult to replace?

Tuesday, March 8, A. D. 2011
PergsYUMM!, JudgesSheba, Blessed are the Peacemakers Plus (and Associated Woe) Mo'ed, KolCORAM 861.

[See previous post on Bill Myers weekly tip]

Candidates for inexpensive Kindle books--Amanda Hocking-like

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Re-Covenanting: A Modal

I'm working on a process whereby the covenant that founded a town can be glorified (applied newly and in a better way in the new situation God has brought us) after the recapitulation of the changes in that community over the years, in a way similar to how Moses did it in Deuteronomy. To start, the Exodus, Sinai, etc. Then the wilderness wanderings, during which Moses digested the lessons so as to be ready to apply them when the Promised Land was reached, and then the 're-covenanting'. This could be a template to use, for it seems to be prevalent in the Bible.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Language(s)?

1--The most important new language is HTML?
2--And all language of transition goes from imperative to subjective to narrative to objective, and up to a new imperative. Clint Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' shows this for the 'revolutions' in the West. Chapter 5.
3--A GREAT fictional depiction of a new language is in Heinlen's (!?) 'Gulf,' which had bar codes in everyday use, in his fictional universe, published 1948, I believe. Each phoneme was a word (any language has 500 basic words) and tones and pitches changed meanings and made sentences.
4--The Hindus in Faifrield Iowa have shown that just the sounds of Sanskrit make physiological changes in hearers. Much more to be done. Of course, we know from agnotology that people do intentionally areas of ignorance, so that should be studied also. Chuck
5--PS: McWhorter has done some work on the move from pidgin (language used for a few limited purposes, to creole, that pidgin becoming a larger language