Saturday, July 31, 2010

SRS, $20K?

SRS, $20K.

Did you very recently have the JV course for $20? I asked head man Michael Senoff. I'll report back.

So SRS only needs $20 K?

Maybe 'we' should find someone or someones who will do a JV deal for us (joint venture) to get it?

Joint Venture is where X and Y are joined together by Z for mutual benefit (that they didn't know about) and Z gets some of the money X and Y would not have made without Z.

Not I, at this time, for I claim to be organizing the next era, the maturational rituals, based on the work of giants such as JBJ and ERH.

But someone could be found, or someones.

Consider it like marrying people, economically.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'buy from me eye salve' Hartman

'It's All About What They Don't Say' [Deep]

'It's All About What They Don't Say': Thoughts on Kevin Bywater's Post

“It’s all about what they don’t say.”

What's in the news is not the news. What's not in the news, is the news.

This isn't all bad, for it is for our maturity.

Consider: A baseball team here in Iowa has won the state championship of a smaller class, but they only have one player on the team who is from that district. It's open enrollment. Not mentioned in sports media.

Even better, Theodore Sturgeon in 'Sturgeon is Alive and Well'--about 1 cent on Amazon--has a story about a scientist who is pursued by the intelligence agencies because he works out the implications of the fact that sometimes the hole is stronger than the paper, as when one tries to tear a paper along the perforation.

And here is the key thing: The transition is more important than the steps transited. Thus, why does God go from the First Word to the Second, and so on--the First Beatitude to the Second, etc. There is a gestalt there, something that we are supposed to figure out as part of our maturity, so that we can, in His image, speak those transition-making words, under him. The psalmodic response IS the transition.

Love in King Jesus,


Nine-Eleven Celebration?

The big question here is concerning what events qualify to be part of a church calendar?

I'm still waiting for an answer to one of ERH's most opaque statements (to me) namely that before Luther the death days of 'saints' were celebrated, and after Luther the move was toward birth or inception (not the movie) days, or something such as that.

To partially answer my own questions, the present church calendars (including the Eastern, and varieties in the West) is a big Life of Christ and Our Response, so all such celebrated 'days' should fit into a maturational if not 'lining out' pattern, somehow.

In my view at this time, there is much thinking and praying to be done on this whole thing, calendars.

Are we 'Hearkening, we Israel? What are we strongly remembering in the first part of the year, Advent through Pentecost, maybe Trinity, and I propose, PV, such that we fill in responses in the 2nd half. At the present, it seems un-patterned, though I am not a scholar.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: To repeat, what types of events qualify to be strongly remembered in the pattern of psalmodically responding. Does God say, Ascend with me, for Ascension Day, and we respond with days of types of ascension. as 1. walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, is amend by 2. standeth not in the way of sinners, and 3. sitteth not in the seat of the scornful.
PPS: Frank D'Ag said once the kalends was when the tithe was brought in in the Middle Ages. This would fit.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Creation to A. D. 70 (Ussher-like) on on page.!/album.php?aid=165329&id=670039772&ref=mf

This might be helpful. Creation to A. D. 70 on one page, a chart, with places to put significant dates.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Psalms No Hope

No Psalms No Hope

Not metrical.

And in whole context.

Suppose 146 Psalms (2 + 144). Add 22 'breaks'--also, Ps. 119, and the Hebrew alphabet.. Add 14 for explanations, summaries, structure. 146 + 22 + 14 = 182. Do it twice, line out. Chant, and know why it was such a big deal to move to hymns.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Need Lectionary Historical

Need 'Lectionary Historical' Takes periods of time, and studies 1/49th per week, during year, with summaries at the right times. For instance, A. D. 70-Now has a period of study per week of 40 years. So, what happened in the first 280, form A. D. 70-A. D. 50: Conversion of Roman Empire? In the latest 280, Industrial Revolution? Watch this space:

We also have periods of 81 years for Ussher's chronology, and 121 years for Ussher Creatin to Now, and it gets very complicated for the 'fictive' eras, such as the Mayan Calendar, 'science'
and Stapledon's 'Last and First Men'.


The neatest is 500 years = from Columbus to Now, backward and forward, and 500 years + from Now until a Looking Backward/Christian—looking for set of events to put into covenant sequence. Got any?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Responding to the whole revelation appropriately and with right timing

Responding to the whole revelation appropriately and with right timing.

We have the whole revelation, the Bible, the questions are timing and application. We must respond as the 2nd and 3rd parts of Psalm 1:1 do, taking the spirit of the first part, and applying it rightly, with right timing, to those new situations God puts us into, for our maturity.

Example: With the death and resurrection of Israel in the desert (only 2 made it to the Promised Land) the decalogue was appropriately modified, keeping the spirit. How so? Sabbath because I brought you out of Egypt, not creation. Live long and prosper, for the Levites would have no land. And wife before the house, not as part of the house.

We are to go and do likewise.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Websites for ex-Muslim, now Christian evangelist in India. Recommendations?

Websites for ex-Muslim, now Christian evangelist in India. Recommendations?

A fellow at work asked me to recommend some websites for messages (written or spoken) for a convert from Islam who now is a motorbike-riding evangelist.

II recommended a couple.

Are there any questions I should ask, to help narrow the choices.

The fellow at work and the evangelist are in email communication.



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free. For you. How to help the Slavic Reformation Society, ‘The Movement in Russia’.

Free. For you. How to help the Slavic Reformation Society, ‘The Movement in Russia’.

Free. You. This benefits YOU. It’s FREE.

Intro. Did you know that James J. Hill, who built the Great Northern Railroad without federal government subsidies, gave money for Roman Catholic seminaries in the NP’s area? Why—A moral population is a productive one. From the article linked: Hill was also a major philanthropist. He supported the Roman Catholic seminary in St. Paul and endowed the Hill Reference Library, which operates to this day. Link:

See ‘d.’ below.

Further. Also, in Chamberlain’s ‘The Enterprising Americans’ -- free online at you read about things such as this: Did you know that a fellow bought ice rights to New England ponds, harvested the ice, and took it around the south of South America to INDIA and sold the ice at a profit?

[Advertisement: 1--Let’s get together at my house and talk some things through, to action plan what we can do. Some Wednesday around 7, or is Thursday better? 2—I’ll hire myself out to do ‘ora et labor’ thinking. Make an offer.]

It’s ‘A Serrated Edge’ though. Free online here:

I’ll be a little rough on you, for your own benefit. But remember, beloved, that Christ the Redeemer is dong good things. Can do better. Thus, this.

Two Only. Today, a couple of suggestions, @30 or so that came to me during ‘ora et labor’ Thursday. I give myself something to think about all day, and as they appeared, I wrote them down.

This will be short.

1—We need a book. We have it already is stuff Blake has recorded. Use ‘Naturally Speaking’ to turn it into an editable manuscript, then turn it into an ebook that can be used for the below. Ebooks can be constantly updeated, and profitable and educational links can be put it, so when it goes viral, we benefit even more.

Or we could interview Blake, and others, and record it for transcription—or let iTunes or someone download it, or put it and videos on YouTube.

2—Use a variation of Jay Abraham’s ‘Icy Hot’ campaign. He had a pain-reliever for arthritis sufferers. Unless a cure was found, people would buy it 6x a year until they died—let’s say an average of 10 years. He made, let’s say, $2 on each sale. So, a customer would give him an income stream of 6 x $2 x 10, or $120. It sold for $3, cost to him to fulfill, $1. Would you pay $1 for $120? He would. He gave anyone who would advertise Icy Hot the whole $3, all of it. Radio stations would do it in off-time, when they couldn’t sell ads, for some reason. Newspapers, magazines—anyone. He got on the phone with a pitch he’d tested, and it worked tremendously well, until he and his employer had enough sales to sell it for big money. You see it traditionally advertised on TV now.

How could we use this?

a—Get the ebook above, and an ad, and pitch to people such as Jay did. I’m thinking of Christian radio, especially. Legal Aoom, ProFlowers, PajamaGram—I think they all use ‘promotional codes’ to allocate commissions to radio show personalities.

b—Warren Whitlock and many, many others who will promote one’s book.

c—We could hire someone or some company on commission only. Or make it a church or homeschool project?

d—Holmes’ ‘Dream 100’. I have some extras of his main book for our use.

The possibilities are limitless. Wilson has a Naturally Speaking I gave him to put my lectures on Scribd. That didn’t work out, but we could surely use it.

@ 50 More.


These are in no particular order and are very brief.

1a. Jay’ The Sticking Point Solution has a section on becoming the leading one in your field.

1b. My summary of Jay’s work: JREBUILTNNEEWW. Joint ventures is the first.

1c. We missed an opportunity when we did not get the names of attendees for our list.

1d. Janet Switzer helped market the biggest selling book series in history. Get her list of 52 ways to profit from a book at The Guerrilla Marketing guy made $20,000 on the book, millions on the other 52 ways.

1e. Gospel Participation. Pastor has preached on this, it should go in the book. So should something I think I remember from a BH Conference at which Pastor Purcell spoke, something such as ‘participation in missions is sacramental’.

1f. North has a free section on business start ups at Open to the public. Much wisdom. We are in an ‘oikos’ ‘nomos’.

1g. Someone (Joe?) could read a couple of books, with an eye toward using successful methods by applying them to SRS. Home school project? I have on ’50 Greatest Companies’. Chamberlain’s ‘The Enterprising Americans’ is free online at Did you know that a fellow bought ice rights to New England ponds, harvested the ice, and took it around the south of South America to INDIA and sold the ice at a profit?

1h. VERY IMPORTANT! Who benefits more by the success of SRS (‘The Movement in Russia’?) than SRS? They’ll help us, it’s in their best interest.

1i. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action: The formula.

1j. How to use Social Media—a great opportunity. Many free helps online.

1k. Of course, we need an Unplanning Commission, for when we get successful, we’ll get fat, and fail. Hat tip, Don Kaul.

1l. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT. We’re big on telling our story and it’s important, but ‘who cares!?’. What is the BENEFIT to them?

1m. Influence. Cialdini’s book in an acronym. R-CLASS. You get influence in 6 ways. Reciprocity, Commitment and Consistency, Liking, Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity.

1n. To succeed, we must get the imperative. It starts with that. ‘Let there be light via the movement in Russia’ echoes GodTrinity, does it not?

1o. Find experts to help us.

1p. Pastor Korver’s prayer methods could help.

1q. We have liabilities. Each can be turned to assets. Sacks’ ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.’

1r. Put Joe onto Abraham Case Studies too.

1s. Get a marketing expert from local businesses (or Michael Senoff, but he costs). Maybe they can get a tax deduction. Hahn went Roman after he taught patristics in a seminary.

1t. Did I mention giving the radio stations 100%? Or, test various levels. Maybe 90%, and sell the right to give them 90% (the buyer keeping the 10%) for $X? Costco makes a lot of its money on membership fees.

1u. Business plan, yes we need it. Cathedrals had 1000-year building plans, and Pastor Purcell mentioned the question, ‘If Saudi Arabia opened up, would we have 3000 missionaries?’ Use SRS’ past to show how.

1v. A St. Jude deal. A % of marked products sales go to SRS. Hey, could this be adapted for Ralph Smith?

1w. Are there books on Christian Fundraising?

1x. Sponsor a pastor, like sponsoring an orphan. $24 a month or something? OK, a % of a pastor.

1y. Xurrency, shares of enterprise, square inch of Yukon.

1z. What did the East India Company and Hudson’s Bay and early colonial adventurers do?

1aa. Do a Joint Venture TODAT! Who has access to those to whom we want access? Give ‘em a %. American Vision?

1bb. American Vision as a ‘Dream 100’ or as someone who gives advice?

1cc. Rick Warren is following on Twitter.

1dd.Tim Galeazzi is a salesman. He’d have much to offer. Maybe the director?

1ee. A director, have more than one.

1ff. O Lord, teach us to budget our time. Ps. 90:12. Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll show you who he is. Holmes: Marketing Calendar, re model year cars.

1gg. TEST EVERYTHING, low-cost or no-cost. If it works, brings in more money than it costs, you have an ‘unlimited’ budget.

1hh.Spaced repetition learning. A plan.

1gg. Do a Symphony on it, much later?

1hh. Definitely get all involved, women and children.

1ii. For advertisers, maybe 80%, but share pool of a big % of rest, depending on number of ads. Only if needed. We are after names, to send messages to.

1jj. Who is successful, copy them? Africa went from 10% to 46%, 1900-2000.

1kk. List all sources of funds that can be thought.

1ll. We will do poorly, but how many successes do we need.

Feathers, Advantages, Benefits.

1nn. Are we amillennial formalists, or are we after victory by carrying our cross?

1oo. A quick business plan. We’ve gone from X to Y. Figure to do Z. Get A% of pastors part-time by ___. Electronic missions like Pashtun (?), _____ by ____. Book by 2011, Jan. 1. (or in 30 days.) Etc.

1pp. Get Bledsoe involved. He’s studied it, and hey! He knows one of the richest men in the world! Our James J. Hill?

1qq. Keep on starting, always initiating, not hindering.

1rr. Home school project? [We need a survey by telephone of who is unchurched in Pella too].

1ss. North would like the 1—Personal relationship, 2—Christian walk, and 3—THEN academic.

1tt. From Science Fiction. One who traveled faster than light saw the changes in societies. British rewarded innovation by knighthoods, etc. Americans organized it by baseball team-like competition. Russia? Party cards.

1uu. Just came to me: Less Mowing, More Growing. Money saved by the Backyard Farming enterprise.

1vv. Patrons in history: Women, wealthy, students, disciples.

1ww. I should ask North’s forums.

Long URL for A Serrated Edge, free online:

If pols neither hear (us) nor speak (true speech) they are idols to be bracketed. And converted.

If pols neither hear (us) nor speak (true speech) they are idols to be bracketed. And converted.

Pols are the parasite class; they are not an addition to society, but a subtraction from it. They are the pirates, the predators, the ones who live by taking rather than making. Thus Mark Horne posts concerning the Bell, California situation, as reported on by Mish Shedlock.

Summarizing some words of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy (Universal History 1954,

If they neither hear nor speak, they are idols, and should be phenomenologically bracketed, as were the supposed gods of the first millennium, as The One True God Trinity conquered them. CH, before the comma. (Phenomenologically bracketed is as if one were sitting at one's window, watching the scene outside. Now, bracket that, and see oneself sitting at one's window, watching the scene outside. When one brackets that again, one sees oneself seeing oneself sitting at one's window, watching the scene outside. Continue bracketing.)

After this conquest, science could develop as 'that arm of the Church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead': ERH.

Nature is reality minus speech, he said. Also, he said, that we will lose the ability to speak in America, by which he meant true speech, vows behind which one puts one's life (incarnating speech--CH). Thus we are on the brink of a new era, one concentrating on tribes, and we must have the best of the tribal life, but without perpetual war.

This is just as we had the best of the empire type of social order--nation-states--but (supposedly: CH) ended slavery. And the best of Israel, without the exclusivism. Bracket them, but also disciple them by realizing that their howl could become true speech. 'That man hates me, I must convert him,' said ERH in Universal History 1954, about lecture 23.

The 'liberals,' who do not believe that God speaks, are trapped in these last 1000 years of science, mistakenly lumping The One True God Trinity in with the gods/idols.

Thus Mish's declarative is transitioned into a series of imperatives.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Pols could be pirates of the superstructure, first explorers of the cashing in on civilization. ERH does say that the next era is based on civilization. He also says that inwardly, we must have the integration of the tribal membership and enthusiasm. Outwardly, initiations, continual initiations, the paradigm being baptism, and forward we go with the whole man, a typological totality ( 'tt' a translation, application by CH).

PPS: Re: Schlossberg’s ‘Idols for Destruction’ pols then would not be in history, since history is the record of those events that happen once for the first time, forever (thus we conduct history by strongly remembering unto action based on these historical events), they are nature, reality minus speech. But, as we avoid tornadoes and floods, we must act to protect—where’s insurance against political destruction? To ask that is to ask the 1776 questions, at a new level.

PPPS: Constantine was a false god, worshiped as god in the Roman system. He converted. Thus, we are to convert the pols. Hirohito abdicated his godhood after WWII, but did not convert—or did he convert to ‘modernism’?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Discipling The Nations

Nations, the 'modern' nation-states arose in the second millennium after the Resurrection in reaction to Pope Gregory VII's claim of total eschatological authority.

Eugen Rosenstoc-Huessy writes wonderfully about this in 'Out of Revolution'.

The word in Matthew is something such as 'ethne' in Greek, and is, it seems to me, obviously in contrast to Israel. Of course, in Revelation it's nations, tribes, people, and tongues, as people groups in different times in history.

Now, whatever civil magistrate authorities we have should vow to rule under Jesus Christ, who has all authority in heaven and earth, or else they are out of touch with reality.

And it's a timocracy--who has the riches, rules--and we in Christ are joint heirs with Him, and so we rule by prayers and actions, such that as we disobey God's wisdom in handling of money, God gives us civil rulers that do so also.

So, we rule already, and our calling is to make this more articulated.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Economic corporations are the riches-accumulators now, and we are in transition. Search 'New Dark Ages Army War College' for a valuable paper on this. Also Creveld 'The Rise and Decline of the State'.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Xurrency Options

Xurrency Options


SUMMARY: Were current currencies to become more inadequate, Xurrency might become of more use, at least temporarily and in some places.

OK, this is a paradigm.

It won’t work in all cases.

It probably might not work well in most cases.

It’s a thought experiment.

It would work better in an ‘Argentina,’ or a ‘Weimar,’ than in a Japan’s Lost Decade.

BACKGROUND: Currencies seem to be related to death. Dead Metals, Dead Beaver Pelts, Dead Sea Shells, Dead Saints (indulgences), Dead Presidents.

Xurrency is based on ‘My life for yours’: Mutual Self-Sacrifice. While still alive. A church congregation. One anothering—there’s much of it in the Greek Scriptures.

A ‘timmie’ is a play on a Greek word for riches, as I understand it. ‘Time,’ two syllables.

Further background: An index of costs of skills in the otherwise very odd book ‘Walden Two’ by Skinner. Something similar in Hazlitt’s ‘Won World,’ I think. Depression scrip in the U. S. Depression. East India company money, and Hudson’s Bay’s. Barter exchanges. Emperor Norton. Muslim ways of transferring money without banks.

A SCENARIO. A church wants to plant a building. Though joint-heir of all things, she has no money. Could she issue some, based on the pledged talents of her members?

‘Would you take 1000 ‘timmies’ to lay the foundation?’

‘What’s a ‘timmie’?’

‘Each timmie is worth about $20 now, an hour’s work. However, it takes 5 timmies to buy an hour of work from any of our lawyer-members, while one timmie will buy 2 hours of lawnmowing. A current list of prices and services and products is maintained by us.’

[That’s it in a nutshell. Non-members might be allowed onto the exchange. Timmies might be also called ‘one anothers’. They might be backed by donations of other cashes (sic) or goods.]

[[Someone in the church would need to be an entrepreneur of this project. That’s not all bad, for an ancient priest, I have read, was a bridge-builder, a ‘pontiff,’ ‘bridge’ being ‘pont’ and ‘iff’ a shortening of a form of the Latin for ‘make’ as in ‘facer’ (?). “Entre’ is ‘between,’ and to ‘pren’ something is to grasp it, as in ‘prehensile,’ or ‘apprehend,’ or ‘comprehend’. So, the entrepreneur brings two parts together, as the pontiff made the way over water between two parcels of land.]]

Love in King Jesus,

PS: This is probably most possible in megachurches. I’ve heard of at least one such that has a McDonald’s franchise in the church complex. Hey, there used to be cathedral towns, and monks invented many mechanisms of the modern economy. How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Woods. (Inexpensive from booksellers, and mostly free online here:

PPS: I had told myself at the beginning of work today to think about ‘cash,’ meaning how to turn what I write into money, but it seems that what came out during the day was something about ‘meta-cash’! Ora et Labor, since thinking is thanking.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Toward ABCs of Time--Apprehending Big Chuncks (sic)

A. D. 70-A. D. 350: 'God' converts, Constantine make Christianity Roman Empire's official religion?
A. D. 1730-A.D. 2010: Industrial Revolution?

Thus, periods of 280 years are apprehended?

What about the next season?

I'll try.

A. D. 350-A. D. 630: Rome falls, Augustine?
A. D. 1450-A. D. 1730: Age of Exploration (but see books '1421' and '1434' that claim the Chinese came).

Using an Ussherian chronology, we still need to do 81 x 49 for the Bible, and 121 from the time from Creation to Now.

And using the 'fictive' @ 16 billion years of 'science' and Stapledon (Last and First Men), and the Mayan calendar, we can add another superstructure to the calendarHOST that runs from Resurrection to Resurrection.

In this calendar, available elsewhere on this blog and in my Facebook Notes, I name each week for a Jordanian 49-book Bible, literarily done with 1 and 2 Samuel one book, also 1 and 2 Kings, and The Twelve (Minor Prophets) as one book, and Jeremiah-Lamentations, and Greater Chronicles including Ezra and Nehemiah.

Then there are 3 holiday periods, of one week, one week, and two weeks, respectively. Public Vindication (A. D. 70), The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (around which a playing composing of a version of The Symphony of Peace/History should be performed), and the two-weeker, Total Christ. These are the writing/tattooing of covenant sequence on the body of the year (CORAM: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi), of time. We also amen the accomplishment of our demise, our exodos, Exodus.

So, the coram is divided into 7 seasons, each of one of the Beatitudes, with her corresponding Woe (Matthew 23). They bunch and the end, and in a complexification (!), the Days of Creation in Genesis, and the churches in Revelation are rhymed, forward and backward. Well, that's for later.

WHAT ONE NEEDS TO KNOW NOW IS ABOUT THE LECTIONARY HISTORICAL. Conclusion. For easy illustration, divide the time from A. D. 70 to Now by this 49, to get about 80 years per week (sheba:7, oath) of the year. So, 7 weeks is a season. The first season is from A. D. 70-A. D. 350, and what is the
BIG GESTALT for that period. And backward, from 2010-1730? And for the next 280s?

See above, at the beginning.

The life, the rhyming, continues.

Rhyming Covenant Sequences (ERH, Sociology, 1922, on Clint Gardner's page from
Lectionary Historical
The Symphony of History (Peace)
CalendarHOST (House of Singing Times)
MaeDay80 (The Fifth Word)

Love in King Jesus,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Superclass and antidote

From review on by Slaughter in Washington Post: 'n Superclass, Rothkopf, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates and an international trade official in the Clinton Administration, has identified roughly 6,000 individuals who have "the ability to regularly influence the lives of millions of people in multiple countries worldwide." They are the "superclass" of the 21st century, spreading across borders in an ever thickening web, with a growing allegiance, Rothkopf argues, to each other rather than to any particular nation.'

But, members of Gary North's site ( would read something that says that, yes, this has been attempted for @ 100 years or more, but that technology-driven decentralization is undermining the nation-state system on which the superclass has bet. And China and then India, these are where the wave of the future is. Barzun, Creveld (Rise and Decline of Nation-State) tell why: Justice is failing and so is the money for the retired.


Possible Progress on Godparents for Eldsters

Talked with fellow about Godparents for Eldsters. Recommended it for his church. Costs them 'nothing'. They'd bought 50 A. in West Des Moines with idea of home for elderly. They need older members too. Developing. This is another step: It's not all the way, for there is evil, and there are evil people, and this ceremony is not specifically tailored as it will be.

Godparent Ceremony for Evangelical Churches that practice Adult Baptism

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tomorrow, 3 John Week* starts the Season of Blessed are the Meek**

Tomorrow, 3 John Week* starts the Season of Blessed are the Meek**. A covenant sequence of 3 John, Jude, 1 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 2 Peter, James (by the themes of the books). Think Worship Service. * Week=Sheba (7, oath). **And associated Woe, Matthew 23:15. [July 17 as I post].

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thors Tag (Thursday) or PhiladelphiaBmoy? Ps. 90:12

Thors Tag (Thursday) or PhiladelphiaBmoy? Ps. 90:12

The pagan would say that this is Thor's Tag, or Thursday, but someone has suggested that the pagan gods are not to be followed, even in deracinated day naming. Rather, let's name the days for the true firmament, Eph. 2:6, and show in orthography that the future and the past cause the present, and call it (re-retuned and flipped.....) PhiladelphiaBmoY) . We remember and apply the lessons of the period of world witness between the return from Exile and the time of Jesus.

It's a small thing, and people will ask you why.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: The argument that counts is within the church, the pagans follow--they are downstream. Proverbs 16:7 When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
PPS: And moY is Yom, with Hebrew right to left, and future to past in our word-making. Advolve.

Thors Tag (Thursday) or PhiladelphisBmoy? Ps. 90:12

Thors Tag (Thursday) or PhiladelphisBmoy? Ps. 90:12

The pagan would say that this is Thor's Tag, or Thursday, but someone has suggested that the pagan gods are not to be followed, even in deracinated day naming. Rather, let's name the days for the true firmament, Eph. 2:6, and show in orthography that the future and the past cause the present, and call it (re-retuned and flipped.....) PhiladelphiaBmoY) . We remember and apply the lessons of the period of world witness between the return from Exile and the time of Jesus.

It's a small thing, and people will ask you why.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: The argument that counts is within the church, the pagans follow--they are downstream. Proverbs 16:7 When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
PPS: And moY is Yom, with Hebrew right to left, and future to past in our word-making. Advolve.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cultural impact statements needed for every church practice.

Cultural impact statements needed for every church practice.

Suggest a 'cultural impact statement' for every action of church. Example: We don't wisely handle finances as God tells us, using the whole Bible, He puts us in a culture that doesn't wisely handle finances as God tells us.

[And this could go the other way, from culture to church. A good example: Pagan temples converted to churches under Constantine. A bad one: Feast of the Nativity becomes Santa Claus in stores.]

For the student:
Music used,
practice of confession and forgiveness,
relative emphases of educating and transforming in worship service,
musical paedocommunion,
men and women,
resolution of conflicts... .


Cultural impact statement--look at what is being done, and see what impact it has, in weeks, years, decades, centuries...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Upstream Strategy: Grow Up + Rule With Jesus

Upstream Strategy: Grow Up + Rule With Jesus

I wrote '...maybe we can fight this battle more upstream, with a better strategy?' You asked: 'What strategy do you suggest?'

I've been thinking about this for some time, and my answer(s) would tend to be too long, did I not summarize briefly to start.

Three points.

1--Apprehend big chunks of time--w're 'playing' in a longer game. Thus, Lectionary Historical. [Even better, doing a 'Looking Backward' LH on 'America' is valuable.]

2--Holidays rule, they 'conduct' history, that is, carry events that happen once for the first time forever, into the future. [I propose that A. D. 70 is such, and have proposed a Public Vindication holiday.]

3--Name the days rightly. Our days are named for a type of firmament that is planets and 'gods' of the planets. But Ephesians 2:6, 'WE' are the firmament in Christ. A naming system that also expresses that the present is caused by the past and the future helps.

There is much more. most of it on my Facebook Notes, or at

What to do first?

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Re: Killing babies in the womb, surely the church's actions are echoed in the culture, in that, since we do not let children eat before they prove themselves intellectually, the culture's practices that are based on babies in the womb being less fully 'human' can be seen to follow, in a deep, unarticulated sense?

PPS: Also, seeing Lord's Day worship as liturgical warfare, and not an educational situation would help.

Conclusion: Grow Up + Rule With Christ

Saturday, July 10, 2010

On what death should the next major money be based?

On what death should the next major money be based?

All money is based on death. Dead metals, dead saints, dead presidents, and we, living sacrifices, organized and articulated.

Cymatics and Millennial Positions

Please consider this as a perspective. God spoke (sang) the creation into existence. Call it theocymatics.
Now, the essential theological dynamic is psalmodic response, in which the spirit of the first is applied to another field in the right way, to show that we 'get it'. Psalm 1:1.
Call this ecclesiocymatics.
When will this new song be sung?
Before Christ returns, as he returns (The Great Day), after the Great Day?
Thus, a new perspective on millennial positions.
Love in God our Song,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

'Immigration' : I had to demur

I demur from the spirit of this dialog, friends. Can we distinguish the 'tired, poor, ... yearning to breathe free...' from others? Of course, the big answer is to dismantle the welfare/warfare state, etc., but the 2nd generation becomes the entrepreneurs. They see the system from outside. We must not worship America. Fourthly, it costs much more to send missionaries that to witness to those who have come here. Urban Nations. Fifthly, this is a challenge God has given us for maturation. Rushdoony has written that earlier immigrants were helped by 'tithing agencies'. When one reads George Washington Plunkitt, one sees that he was doing a type of shepherding.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'no nation-state flags but in the back of the church' Hartman

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are our calendars.

We are our calendars.!/pages/Church-Year/115769978433046?v=wiki#content

This has a good summary of aspects of 'church year'.

It's possible that 'kalends' engendered 'calendar,' and that kalends was the time in Rome when tithes were paid, and that thus a calendar is an 'amen' to the powers that be.

Rosenstock-Huessy has done good work with calendars. Each order of society gives us a key calendar. Tribes: Community celebrations. Empires: Work schedules. Israel: Ecclesiastical calendars. Greece: Academic

Show me a man's schedule, and I'll tell you who he is.

Now, here is the important part. If a church calendar shows us the life of Jesus Christ, and our response, there is an area of 33 to 34 weeks that could be better articulated.

It's possible that in the future, these 33 or 34 will be some kind of travel through the Bible--and more--in a way similar to how some in Judaism have a day for each of 49 women, from Passover to Pentecost [they use different names, search Omer]. The 22 days from Pentecost to the proposed Public Vindication can be filled with the '22' of Hebrew Scriptures, and 27 (6 + 21) of the Greek, plus the 22 parts of Psalm 119.

What to do with 33 or 34? Perhaps these 22, plus an 11 of pairs, forward and backward.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: And calendars or ecclesiacymatics in response to theocymatics. That is, our psalmodic response to God's creating Word, which is musical. Search 'cymatics' to see a demonstration of sand being formed into geometric figures by different sounds and pitches, etc.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big debate in the future

Big debate in the future: God spoke/sang the creation, a kind of theocymatics. We must respond, psalmodically. Will it be done before His return, at the Great Day [as a harmony of what we sing as we stand before Him] or later? Ecclesiacymatics.

July 4, A. D. 2010--Szasz' 'Ceremonial Chemistry': Doctors' tribal stuff is pharmaceuticals.


July 4, A. D. 2010--Szasz' 'Ceremonial Chemistry': Doctors' tribal stuff is pharmaceuticals.

Would that have been known, a different approach might have worked better. Best would have been to avoid the tribe more.

Tribes are in perpetual warfare. Our challenge in this era is toward peace. We do this as happened in the first era. Israel without exclusiveness--the Church. The second era was Empires without slavery--nation-states. And now tribes without perpetual war. (The Greeks are companion, never a societal order).

The 6th MaeDay80, Hebrew letter 'He'. 'Lo, Behold'

July 4, A. D. 2010 is KolBmoYy, Galatians, Season of Blessed are those who mourn, and Matthew 23:14.

Our Conference and Festivities is still virtual. This year was Deuteronomy – he (lo! behold!) These from Biblical Horizons #80, Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament.

Next year is Joshua – vav (hook, nail). I'm thinking of Psalmodic Response, and Bloom's sayings in 'The Genius of the Beast' that it's 1. The truth at all costs, and 2. Seeing what is taken for granted that is right in front of one's eyes. We've previously had Girard and scapegoating, and Ibsen's Dr. Stockman in 'An Enemy of the People,' among others.

This is for the record only. Once we get a complete alphabet of Conferences, to go with the Repentance Walk, we may have something that can unite the generations in peace, Lord willing. [I should add the 'vav' section of Psalm 119!].

[And, we do do a '22' between Pentecost and Public Vindication, Days 50 through 71, inclusive. This is somewhat similar to a practice of 'counting the omer' that includes a woman's name for each day, I suppose. I found about this just this year in relation to a new woman's name being used.]

Love in King Jesus,