Wednesday, July 7, 2010

'Immigration' : I had to demur

I demur from the spirit of this dialog, friends. Can we distinguish the 'tired, poor, ... yearning to breathe free...' from others? Of course, the big answer is to dismantle the welfare/warfare state, etc., but the 2nd generation becomes the entrepreneurs. They see the system from outside. We must not worship America. Fourthly, it costs much more to send missionaries that to witness to those who have come here. Urban Nations. Fifthly, this is a challenge God has given us for maturation. Rushdoony has written that earlier immigrants were helped by 'tithing agencies'. When one reads George Washington Plunkitt, one sees that he was doing a type of shepherding.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'no nation-state flags but in the back of the church' Hartman

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