Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fifth Generation Warfare

'...If China had announced that it planned to send
multiple field armies to Angola to assist with security
and construction there, the UN would at least have
opened up a dialogue. yet a Chinese company has
signed a contract to do just that, except that it will
substitute 850,000 armed and unarmed contractors

Monday, July 25, 2011

History is maturation, and more

New technology destroys old groups. We maturing ones have the task of making new, better groups.

We should be technological Amish, that is, we should not worship the technology, but use it to make better groups. This maturation is difficult.

Example: Creveld says that the nation-state came about when the organization was separated from the person. The nation state had great advantages. Now it is failing because of lack of justice and because of lack of stable currency for retired people (Barzun).

What group(s) might replace the centralized nation-state organization? Dr. North suggests local, local, local--counties.

It could be strong men, as happened after Rome fell. (And after the horse collar increased by 10 the amount a horse could pull, thugs around these strong men were turned into knights, protecting travelers, I've read. How did this happen? Apply it to present situations).

Monasteries were incredibly important. Each was founded in a 'desert'. Forests were cleared, swamps drained, etc.

A hospital management company ruled much of Europe--Knights Hospitaler--someone has written.

'Organized crime'--as some would see them--might carry the burden. Renegade History of the USA.

Great families. Rockefellers are only, what, 4 or 5 generations old.

Start one of these organizations.

Cassiodorus was a secretary of state in the declining Roman Empire. He saw what was coming, retired, turned his lands into a monastery, and set the monks to copying ancient books. He outlived many of the first generation, and at 90, I've read, ended up teaching spelling to the next generations of copyists. [We can save that many documents on a laptop computer].

CONCLUSION: To repeat, new technology destroys the old group, while increasing the space over which we can operate, and decreasing the time needed to do things. Our job is to know this so as to keep the good of the past, and plant the seeds of the future new organizations. Someone recently wrote that the Black Death brought in 'the saints'. And within a few centuries, the Reformation. The Reformation's 30 Years War killed half of Germany, but brought in Westphalia, and then the organization separated from the person of the ruler, the nation-state. Now the nation-state is failing, but corporations are here, each of us has more horsepower than tribes had horses. There were 3 million in colonial America, 300 million in contemporary America.

Let's use these great Providential gifts, first by being thankful for them, and then by remembering what bad happened with previous technological advances.

In a way, history is maturation.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Importance Of Right Naming Of Days

The Importance Of Right Naming Of Days -- Appropriate Art Forms For Eras Soon

'Under' a pagan god of war, it's 'Tuesday' (Tiw, Tir).

Or use the re-retuned order, re: Pergamos, Moses/Wilderness period. Pergsymmm (taste good?) or better PergamosBmoY, 'moY' being The Day.

The past and the future cause the present.http://chuckhartmanhistorycond​​ing-days-in-rightimely-way-for​-our.html

Don't fight the Holy War by using a flyswatter to try to down a B-52! Calendar!

Psalm 90:12, Psalm 34:8

Monday, July 18, 2011

Discipling Communities by Commissioning

Psalm 19:14, coda to all Psalms of Book One.

Dear ____:

You have helped. I thank you. Something good has emerged.

Remember that memory place town square (GoForth+!) creation where events were paralleled by parts of the Heidelberg Catechism? It has, after years, been glorified into a tool for discipling communities.

We add things. Because we thanked, we thought. Thinking is thanking.

The series of additions begins. What we add is Wayne Larson's 'Everything is liturgy' and JBJ's/ERH's covenant sequence of history.

Then we add 3 things from Pastor Nolder's sermons. 1--The consummation must be greater than the creation. 2--You are given gifts, in order to give them. 3--Christianity is the only religion in which you are to become more and more what you are.

This also uses the great tool that we have of the tourists, both in normal times and during Tulip Time.

We would hand them out a small booklet that explains the above, and applies it, and offers our services in helping do the same for their community.

We start west of the southwest corner of the square in Holland, and move to the southeast corner, 1847. This is the Call and Cleanse segment of the liturgy of history.

Moving North, we get to 1922, when The Souvenir History of Pella was written. Consecration. Or, as JBJ calls it in Crisis, Opportunity..., Lyric. ERH calls this subjective, new persons, new speech. [A side note: The Libertarian Party candidate for President, John Hospers, born in Pella in 1918, spoke Dutch at home.]

Then, moving west, we get to 2011. Tulip Time started in 1936. This is the Evaluation section for JBJ, the narrative/new institutions for ERH. Communion, a sharing, for the 5Cs.

It is now 2011, and what are we going to give (part 2 of Pastor Nolder, above). The greater gift (parts 1 and 3).

And now, how are we to be more and more our name, the consummation being greater than the creation?
What is our name? ‘Pella’ means ‘refuge’.
In all the areas in which we commission, how are we, who have been given refuge, to offer refuge to others?

Here we work in 4 areas, corresponding to types of social order. In the tribal/community, the covenant structure outlined, and the offer to help would be an addressing of the pain of many, who lack community. We teach them by our example how to have community through these covenant rhymes. This is the community holidays calendar. REFUGE offered: How to be a community, gathering up all a community’s history unto the new (imperative, commission, torah, instruction, authority)?

In the empire/business area, the crying need today seems to be the ability to navigate the economic stresses. We have transitioned in Pella from self-employed workers, to big companies, but have kept some fine features. Also, the internet offers ways to sell one's self-employed wares. That kind of thing. This is the work schedule calendar--each of these 4 is …

---I lost my message, I had saved this part. I continue.—

…represented by a calendar. REFUGE: How to live in service, loving one’s customers, making new helping, helping one’s neighbors with the fruit of one’s work, hospitality evangelism?

In the religion/Israel area, we have the covenant applied here, and the history of Pella and the Heidelberg, and Central College as originally Baptist, then reformed, and now gone to what it is. We have the missionary movement having planted native churches in each and every land, Africa from 10% to 46% from 1900 to 2000, Sunday Adelaja, ‘Sustained Revival’—search, televangelists, etc. Pella less than half churched? REFUGE: How to bring more and more into the household of God?

Education/Greece overlaps a lot here. Khan Academy and on-line tutoring, Open Culture, MIT’s courses free on web. Home schooling (compare Grandma Covault graduating from pre-1900 high school, taking a 2-week course, and teaching a dozen + farm kids in country school, grades 1-8. REFUGE: How to teach, morally, more and more.

These categories from ERH’s Multiformity of Man.

This would be put in a pamphlet for tourists, with supporting websites, webcasts of Tulip Time, social media, offers to help, iPhone apps—whatever works. Partial hints. Boulder, CO: The D. C. governance the ‘liberals’ idolized is not now the rock upon which they can base the helping they do through local government, but has become sand in the gears. St. Louis: He was a Crusader, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. What is the crusade now (crusades recover lost territory, evangelists go into new territory)? How do we understand the separated out ones, differently, and more appropriately?

This would be a great ministry—even for a small church--, for with the unprecedented new technology, we have a corresponding breakdown of the old communities –they need to be transformed through Pastor Nolder’s 3, above – as our spatial reach increases, and the time taken to do things decreases.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Also, Clint Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ 5th Chapter, traces the national revolutions of the West in these categories: imperative, subjective—new persons, new speech, narrative—new institutions, objective—planetary service. (Trauma makes epoch: ERH. “@DailyKeller: The essence of forgiveness is absorbing pain instead of giving it.” And/Or making new institutions, as Jesus did the church. And/or giving joy from pain. -- This is written the week/sheba after the conference, #5 of M’aidezMaydayMaeDay80). JBJ: Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact. Called, Cleansed, Consecrated, Communed, Commissioned.

WE are the commissioners, having understood and applied the covenant. We die and live with the community as it is transformed by technology (check the Greek, please!)

North has 5s of THEOS in ‘Crossed Fingers’. Guilt, Grace, Gratitude, and the other alphabet sequences we did with fun and fervor, after Eric Van Ee added another. GoForth+!

"The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759

Monday, July 11, 2011

Series of mini-eBooks for Kindle @ 99cents

Series of mini-eBooks for Kindle @ 99cents

More on Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer

Spaced repetition learning.

What I do is run through the Bible 'phases' and find iterations of the theme--and then I go to post-A. D. 70 'phases'.

For instance, we are being sermonized on the Psalms of Ascent.

OK, let's do two things -- mountains, and festivals (the went to Jerusalem for 3 mandatory feasts, all males over 20).

Let's do 7 phases, analogous to the 7 churches, symbolically. Garden--To Abe, Prison--To Moses, Wilderness--to David/Solomon, Kingdom--to Elijah, Remnant and Exile--To Ezra/Nehemiah, World Witness--to Incarnation, Communion with God and Apostasy in Jesus' Time--to A. D. 70.

What mountains (and world models, for tab and temple were mountains), what festivals of holy war?

Mountain = 'har'. Festival = 'mo'ed/moged. Thus harmoged, or maybe armageddon? I don't know. Suggestive.

The Garden was below the mountain, the feast was the two trees, Abe had significant interactions with the mountain at Isaac's being sacrificed, and they ate a ram. Moses went up the mountain, came back and they ate an Inspection of Jealousy, etc. Tab as multi-storied mountain, mountain of elders over 10, 50s, 100s, thousands. Etc.

You can run this 1234567 or in our days of week 4152637 (a retuning, Rev. 5:12-7:12) or a re-retuning to 8531642 to work backward from what God has revealed of the End. I wrote on this somewhere. This would make a good eBook--I must get going?!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Algorithm For Art Form Of Next Era

Reminding myself that I must work on the algorithm for the art form for the next era. The most important thing one can do at which one is most difficult to replace--or, one of them!

Liturgy, Scientific Method, The Symphony Of History/Peace.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Public Vindications A Holiday A. D. 2011


Benefits: We would know what time it is. It is not hyper-preterism time—there is still a Great Day of Last Judgment to come. It is not that Jesus is coming soon to rule in Jerusalem for 1000 years, for instance—for we now worship in Heaven, there is no central worship place on earth after A. D. 70.

Public Vindication is a holiday. A holiday is when the whole people are to celebrate one historical event at the same time together. (An historical event is something that happens once for the first time).

In a new layer of calendar, Public Vindication is celebrated starting at the 71st day after Pascha/Easter. The 11th Lord’s Day.

It is celebrated for 7 days, and the days are also named after books of the 49-book Bible. The 4th book of each of the 7 sevens is what the name of the day also is, in the order 4152637 (similar to Sun-day, Moon-day, etc. like our the present predominant names of the days in American English). Thus, we have the typical-ness of the 4th day, when the greater light (sun), lesser light (moon), and stars were made. Each typifies a 7, thus another 49, as the 49 book Bible, and as A. D. 70 typifies the victory.

One could follow the book of Revelation in some way on the Lord’s Day of Public Vindication.

BEFORE we get to Public Vindication, we have a ‘22’. From Pentecost through Public Vindication is 3 weeks, 3 sevens, plus one more day. Thus we can prepare for Public Vindication by using these 22s.

a—The 22 books of the Hebrew scriptures, literarily conceived. See Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’. Forward and backward.

b—The 22 parts of Psalm 119. Forward and backward.

c—The 22 ‘selahs’/breaks in Psalm of Day in House of Singing Times new layer calendar, Forward and backward.

d—The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet (see ‘b’), and the respective word associated with each. ‘Beth’ means ‘house,’ for instance. Forward and backward.

e—A ‘22’-ness’ of the Greek scriptures, with the first day of the 22 encompassing 6 books, and each of the last 21 having one book. Forward and backward.

To get the full effect of Public Vindication, it would help to listen to Jordan’s exposition of Revelation, with notes, from He says that Revelation is preterist, also futurist, also idealist, also historicist. It is summational of the whole Bible, liturgical—a worship service, for John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day--, and transformational—the attributes of Jesus in the beginning are transferred also to the Bride adorned at the end. I believe it also teaches us Symbol, the Language, for Revelation is written in Symbol.

Thought Revelation specifically tells us of the events from Pentecost to A. D. 70, it is both thus recapitulative and proleptic—it tells us the form of what will happen in the big transformations to come, all culminating in the Great Day of Final Judgment.

It is in covenant sequence, which we amen in covenant renewal worship, and which also is the form of historical transformation. Thus, Jordan’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ and Gardner’s summation of the revolutions of the West in Chapter 5 of Beyond Belief,’ and Gardner’s chart of the complete cross of reality at the end of that book.

So, Public Vindication is after 10 (weeks), and after an 11 is The Battle of the Mountain of Festival Assembly, and after another 11 is Total Christ/Totus Christus, and there are 17 more weeks until the end of the year, or coram—Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. There is much more to this layer of calendar, HOST, House Of Singing Times, on which I write the covenant sequence and in which I rhyme ‘30’ covenant sequences. In miniature, PV is A. D. 70, TBOTMOFA is something such as the conversion of Constantine and the Roman Empire, and TC is the Christianization of Europe around A. D. 1000. Or, Red Sea, Sinai, Conquest of the Promised Land. Etc. Or Cleansing (confession and authoritative forgiveness), Consecration (sermon), Communion (Lord’s Supper).

More footnotes and references to come.

More to come.

Celebrated A. D. 2011 on July 3.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MaeDay80 for A. D. 2011


Benefits first, then proof.

This year, the 6th of M’aidezMaydayMaeDay80, we’ll walk through the memory palace backward and forward. We should have a song as the two groups meet at the southwest corner.

Benefit 1—PROPR, a method of recovenanting/recommissioning a community. More on that later. Here it is briefly, in a haiku from Host5065:

Disciple. Hist’ry
Is liturgy. Commission
Your community.

Benefit 2—Godparents for Eldsters. As some churches help infants by helping to designate someone, or a couple, to be responsible, especially if the parents die, or are unable, so to with eldsters-to-be. An eldster is an honored older person, a better name thanoldster.

Benefit 3—Rescue Team for eldster, Cure Team, and the beginnings of KOHEN (Knights of Helping Elderly Neighbors).

HOW THE MEMORY PALACE WORKS. We place along the sides of the town square the events of Mae Hartman, in chronological order. And we also place along these sides, the ‘Guilt, Grace, Gratitude’ of the heart of the theology of the town, the Heidelberg Catechism. Originally this was to show the differences. It has grown.

The 4th side is ‘Go Forth,’ contributed by Jeff Harlow, who is not responsible for my errors.

So, the benefits were the Go Forth, as we go backward from south of the southwest corner to the northwest corner.

Simultaneously the other group has met us at the southwest corner, moving from west of the southwest corner. They will go from Pella Books to the pro-life Pregnancy Center.

South of the southwest corner represents the future into which we go. West of it is the past from which we have come. Past and future cause the present.

[‘The family’ and all that came before will be handled later. It is much more difficult.]

Forward. The southwest corner of the forward group is July 4, A. D. 2004. We join the church, Mom, my wife, and I. Thus begins yohad, Years Of Hell And Death. But tribulation worketh patience, and patience experience, and experience hope. Thus the benefits, first mentioned above. Better: Romans 5. 3And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; 4And patience, experience; and experience, hope: 5And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

In the center of the southern side of the square is ‘Nuremberg,’ in this case off label antipsychotics without informed consent, after ‘agitation’ by showering practices—typical.

At the southeast corner is St. Wjlesa. Some Times We Just Let ‘Em Slip Away. Said to us soon after Mom was in the emergency room, having been crippled by being attacked by another resident. They told us she ‘fell’. This was Guilt Street. [I confessed to a called and ordained servant of the Word to the present-day equivalent of ‘manstealing,’ a capital offense, and was forgiven in the stead and by the command of Our Lord, not because of what I did, but because of what Jesus did.]

We return now to the backwards traveling group. After traversing Go Forth Street, we come to the Girardean funeral, after Mom died at 10:20 PM on November 15, A. D. 2006. The ‘family’ who abandoned her now told everyone how much they had loved her. Those who killed the prophets erected monuments to them, and claimed them—later.

From the northwest corner, traveling the memory palace backward along Gratitude Street, we have the doctors’ strike. You cannot yell at doctors, even when they allow such things as what I have called Nuremberg, and the other things. Thanks to Louise and Karissa we did get Mom off the drugs.

A history: In Guthrie hospital after her reaction to drugs for heart—or heart attack: ‘I don’t want to die.’ After the crippling: “I don’t want to die yet.’ After off the drugs: ‘Keep me alive,’ and ‘I want to go home’.

[I have MomPoem and another recounting of Mom speaking at another time. Host9301 for MomPoem. I should post this at ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor.]

The backwards group arrives at Circumcision. The northeast corner. The idea for this memory palace came to me as I was doing a sanity check at our church’s celebration of Circumcision of Our Lord (New Year’s Eve) A. D. 2005/6.

The forward group is traveling from the southeast corner (St. Wjlesa) up Grace Street, going past ‘Ethics’ Committee. They wanted to dope Mom up more, so they got together with us—some of us refused permission to come in. The first statement was typical: ‘You can’t prevent falls’. The wicked flee where no man pursueth.

And so we are all together, both groups. Another song, and then each travels the portion of the square it has not yet traveled.

The square makes a tattoo (we were tribally treated, the altar being the future: Rosenstock-Huessy. ‘They’ did not know that.). Also, on top of the others, we have a zero for confession and cleansing, a fish for Jesus Christ God’s Son, Savior ( I X TH U S), and a stitch for the new clothing, Hebrews 1:12.

On the 80th day, inclusive, after Pascha/Easter, we have the conference after this confession of square walking memory palace. This year, PROPR, as above. Previous years had featured Stockman from Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People,’ Rene Girard, Thomas Szasz’ ‘Ceremonial Chemistry,’ Heart of Darkness—‘The horror, the horror,’ and maybe one other.

Next year, Psalm 138:2b.

[This is the first year that July 4 has come before the 80th day].

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Since this is in Public Vindication Week, the name of this ‘Tuesday’ is the 4th book of the third iteration of the sets of 7 books in Jordan’s literarily ordered 49-book (Jubilee!) Bible, or Jeremiah-Lamentations.
PPS: All religions enshrine (I’d say manifest, CHH) their truths in a calendar: Rosenstock-Huessy. I attempt to do it before, to write a calendar HOST, House OF Singing Times, for the next era, another layer. I rhyme 30 covenant sequences. Here’s part of the representation. Host600Kolcoram861.
PPS: A great quote from ERH, summing up.

"The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759