Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Farm to City

The 3 mandatory feasts of Ancient Israel were designed to drive them (obedient) from the land to the city. And what we are commanded to do now, We New Israel, is designed to drive us (obedient) to the New Jerusalem. Another example of discipling by calendar.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Revolutions of the Wast: Gardner, Rosenstock-Huessy

From 'Beyond Belief' by Clint Gardner

First, the complete cross of reality
The Complete Cross of Reality is a diagram at the end of ‘Beyond Belief’. It starts at the southwest corner of a square, and heads east. Thou.  This is the Forward/Imperative.  It heads north as the In/Subjective (I) , the west as the Back/Narrative (We), and south as the Out/Objective (They).
This is BRIEF.  For the full wonderfulness, please see the book.
[Yes, I have the same structure in The Pella Square.  We both got it, somehow, from Rosenstock-Huessy. I emphasize the historical and liturgical aspects, and mine can go both backward and forward as I seek a solution to discipling a community. Matthew 28.  The solution is to get oneself into the position that a shepherd is in when, after leading through the service, he sends the flock out with a command—in my case, a specific set of commands that summarizes this history, and fulfills the name of the community.]
Second, the revolutions of the West
This is Chapter 5 of ‘Beyond Belief.  My summaries will be too short.
Here are the revolutions: Papal, German, English, American, French, Russian.
‘Revolutions do nothing but readjust the equation between heart-power and the social order. They bring about the Kingdom of God by force, and reach into the infinite in order to reform the finite.’
Each went through four phases.
Imperative. Each revolution’ leaders felt called as a Thou..
Subjective reply: New speech, new persons, new Is.
Narrative/history, new institutions founded by these new persons. We.
Objective.  These new became commonplace in the nation and over the planet. They
This is a recapitulation of any significant human experience, as we see in
The Cross of Reality.
The Papal Revolution. Gregory VII. 1076. It wound up the clock spring to which the others responded, releasing the energy. (The power of the Church over Europe’s kings and emperors—CH: Investiture, who would appoint the bishops?) This was a unified planetary institution aimed at converting and liberating the whole human race. Crusades, universities, cathedrals, the beginning of science…world history.
1517, 1649, 1776, 1789, 1917. Each leaves unfinished businees, each shows how the Holy Spirit acts in history, as our gift of speech, as our gift of high speech that calls us to a new future.
The Papal Revolution (1076) Imperative: Realize the Kingdom of God on earth by emancipating all humankind.  The first transnational institution.
New Speech. Theology (argumentation) and prayer, via plainchant and more elaborate worship.
New Persons: Crusaders, Franciscans, Dominicans, members of craft guilds, university professors, captains of sailing/exploring ships over the whole world.
New Institutions:  Where the above worked.
Result: Christendom in Western Europe with outposts over the whole planet.
The German Revolution (1517). Freedom of conscience. New life in the secular world. Individual believer free from dictates of Rome, which was no longer a source of renewal.
New Speech: Secular literature, music and are, plus the Bible in the vernacular. Experimental science.
New Persons: Hymn writers, musicians, artists, public school teachers,  civil servants, scientists and academics. Conscientious laymen, secular priests, who felt themselves equal  to pastors.
New Institutions: Especially public schools, civil service, and academies.
Results: Public education, scientific investigation, bureaucracies (civil service as religious position in country—as non-corrupt).
The British Parliamentary Revolutions (1649-1688). Imperative: Political freedom. Freeing the civil society from the dictates of kings and princes (Cromwell)—and from lingering royal and Catholic influence.
New Speech: Law, debate, argument.
New Persons: Aristocratic gentlemen, lawyers, parliamentarians.
New Institutions: Parliaments and courts.
Results: Over the planets, parliamentary democracies, states under the rule of law, reliable legal systems. (Commonwealth—Chancellor no longer needs to alternate between Church and State, but Commonwealth is united).
The French Revolution (1789). Imperative: Elevate the bourgeois citizen to power—liberty, equality, fraternity. Free from church and king. Bourgeois entrepreneur, and Reason, rule.
New Speech: National literature and arts. Journalism.
New Persons: Entrepreneur, and novelists, newspapermen, experimental scientists.
New Institutions: Corporations, newspapers, institutes of technology.
Results: Capitalism, competitive markets, free enterprise, free press, planetarily.
The American Revolution (1776). Drawn from both French and English. Christian-inspired English combined with anti-Christian Enlightenment of the French.
New Speech and New Persons, as in the English and French.
America is the ongoing source of the ‘planetary revolution’. More below, (CH: This is why I have the Lectionary Chronological Historical from 854-3170).
The Russian Revolution (1917). Imperative: Freedom from economic exploitation.
New Speech: Quantitative.
New Persons: Proletarian (including union workers).
New Institutions. Soviet union, dictatorship. Western democracies: Government agencies that sought to control national economies and to prevent exploitation of labor.
Result: Industrialized Russia, elsewhere: Social democracy with alphabet bureaucratic agencies.
Gardner: Captured French new rationalist and objective language, and Papal’s messianic belief in glorious future.
Rosenstock-Huessy wrote that all revolutions recreate both public law, and private manners, and lie between them in an open immediacy. Thus are hated.
The Planetary Revolution (1945, Forward). ERH in Christian Future—We will live for centuries in the fields of force of these revolutions.  The world wars had ended the 1000 years of (CH: this kind of ) Christendom. Negative side of revolutions: World Wars. Positive side: All brought together, all strands. ERH: Great Society heir of Church and State. (CH: Elsewhere in Universal History 1954, ERH says that our challenge is to gain the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribes, without the perpetual warfare, as the Church glorified Israel by gaining inclusiveness, and the State got rid of the slavery of the Empires—Greece should remain a companion, never a social order, ERH said and wrote)
Imperatives, then: ‘…work toward the emancipation of all humankind by achieving freedom of conscience, political freedom, freedom of individual enterprise, and freedom from economic exploitation. …)
In the Third Millennium, it is the Spirit, Who has always been at work, that unifies.
Christianity has been now expressing Herself (CH) in more secular language, and is oriented toward change, not the past (alone).  Constant renewal, freeing the captives, active outside the church). New Heaven and New Earth. ‘Christianity created today’s one world, our global society.’

Friday, July 27, 2012

What's Next: The Challenge of the Era

I reverse-engineer, using calendar and new song.

Actually, ERH (Rosenstock-Huessy) writes and says that after the many gods were defeated after the first '1000' years, then we could do science, since we did not have to charm the god of the river, etc. to investigate the river. Thus, 'science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead'. And in a 3-decker universe, now that we have the same sequence of steps applied to the Heavens Above (church, liturgy), and then the Waters Under The Earth (science, state), it is time to do so with The Earth Beneath (people, made of dust). Thus, The Symphony Of History--I'm working on it. The Church is Israel without exclusions. The nation-state is empires without slavery. And the sociological effort is to have the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribes without the perpetual warfare of the tribes. That's where we are, Jim Shawvan. And we will miss the good parts of the state (Creveld, 'The Rise and Decline of the State') as we go into 5th generation warfare with little hierarchy and the ability with technology to have small groups wreak great havoc--nets and jets. I'm working through TSOH and it cognate, House Of Singing Times (calendar of calendars) to world-build, as the science fiction writers do, in the image of the Creator, and his various world models told about in the Core History of Humanity's Childhood, the Good Book.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Song Project

Writing the psalmodic response that becomes the algorithm for the chiastic glorification of creation speech into New Song. It'll take two seasons to fill in the blanks, docecaphrenically.

Mega-Jeremiah Time Of Exile Prepares...For What?

Very Important!
We may be in a mega-Jeremiah time of exile.
Jeremiah’s time was one in which we were to work for the good of the city, and also prepare to return, for Jeremiah bought a plot of land in Jerusalem.
At that time, it was the Axial Age.  Jaspers.
Confucius, Buddha, Lao-Tse, Greek Philosophy all emerged.
As the Cosmopolitan Age of the Diaspora happened during and after Jeremiah’s time, and this and other things prepared the way for the spread of the Gospel, are we shown that we must do the same type of thing, that we must spread out into these other cultures with the right message (work for the good of the city…) for the Constantine-ization of all these Axial Age systems?
Toward Peace.
Someone should preach for a year on Jeremiah's @50 prophecies.
See Bullin[ger's Companion Bible for a list.]

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video Of (short) Godparents For Eldsters Ceremony


August 26, A. D. 2011

ThyatiryYMMM!, First Peter, PergamosCoram861

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Institution, Downstream From Creedal Statement

This could get me into trouble. That's why I submit it to wiser ones. Downstream from the statement in the Creed about ... in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord,
Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost,
Born of the Virgin Mary,...'

could there be an application such as (a new institution, a new room in the Lord (Jesus), in Whom we live and move and have our being, and in Whom all things cohere) this, that this new institution is conveived by the Spirit of the times (sons of Issachar) to be born of the Church (to be presented a pure Virgin, Paul) , as all are to images of the Trinity in Heaven (Ephesians about the family), just as tribes, nations, cosmopolitan situations, the Church, the Christian state, the University, etc. we downstream?

What will this be? We don't know. We may, per Amos 3:7 (...the Lord does nothing unless He reveals his secret to his servants the prophets) 'sodeprehend' (grasp the secret) by responding as in Psalm 1: 1, when God gives us the pattern first, and then the application of the pattern to a new situation, in which new situation we now are, with 'the decline of the state' (Creveld), and 5th generatin warfare (very small groups can wreak great havoc).

A peace tribe? (Grodin, 'Tribes')?

--On the same topic.

A 'torn-ness' thing, Pastor. Yes, we are to be imitators of Christ, but we are torn in that we are also to respond and it would be as he mentioned about the middle ages, that they made budgets for 1000 years when building cathedrals apply, as the Bride, for Christ has done what He has done. So, a response, in this sequence might be something such as Creveld and his 'Rise and Decline of the State,' at the end of which he says that other 'artificial men'/corporations, etc. could be the expressions of the form(s) that arise to do what must be done. (I'd put a Declaration of Independence spin on it, '...whenever...it is our right, it is our duty...'. But, more deeply, it is downstream from '...conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary...' in the sons of Issacharian sense that the spirit of this time may overshadow a virgin church (Paul, 'I present you...') so that she gives birth to a new social order form, as she gave birth to the Christian state, the university, etc. Berman says that the scholastic approach to developing 'law' was the form for developing science! And Berman also writes that in the middle ages, they had budgets for 1000 yers (a thousand years) for building cathedrals.

Friday, July 6, 2012

House Of Singing Times An Even Better Symphony Of History

House Of Singing Times An Even Better Symphony Of History

The first ways HOST and TSOH are related is in the initials of each:  As the garments of the High Priest were the Temple, inside-out, were the High Priest to lay down on his back, so TSOH is to HOST.

But here’s the neat thing, the new thing!
There are 4, yea 5 HOUSES in history, and each has a SONG, and this moves through TIME.

The LAW house is the Tabernacle, and its song is the creation speech.
The LYRIC house is the Temple, and its song is the Psalms.
The EVALUATION house is the city (walls rebuilt) and its song is the TUNE OF THE TWELVE. House
The FACT house is Jesus, and its song is the RETUNING done between Revelation 5:12 and Revelation 7:12.

Then there is the NEW SONG.  First, ‘God is our song’. Second is the musical exegesis question of whether harmonizers or flippers, or both, is the way to go. Third is the composing of a new song by the conductor, from the universes asked and the specifics answered in each of the 4 times above. Fourth is that it is possible that the whole process of TSOH in HOST, the calendar that aims to reverse engineer a next layer of social order in history—toward peace, is a New Song.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Science: Arm Of The Church

Rosenstock-Huessy: "Science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead.' 

Most who worship science are lost in the last 1000 years, and cannot see the next (however long it is).

 Only after all the gods of sky, and river, Zeus, and Poseidon, etc. had been defeated by The One True God, He Who Reverses The Trend, could mankind approach dead nature in a 'scientific' way ('science' word coined @ 1834). 

The future must deal with, not the heavens above of the first 1000 years, nor the waters under the earth of the last 1000, but the earth beneath, we humans, made of dust, of earth beneath. 

We must be more comprehensive. The joy is that there is more.

Tune of The Twelve and Axial Age

Dear Doug Roorda and Hannah Roorda: Tune of the Twelve may be more important than I had previously thought.  Why? Because during that time (Exile) occurred The Axial Age http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axial_Age . JBJ said on an audio something such as this:  God raised up enemies for us to fight later.

And now it is later.  The church is growing rapidly in many areas, but we still must confront Greek philosophy, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.

Could it be that this 'tune,' first sung to those who wondered about God's Providence, could also be addressed to those other enemies raised up at this time?