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Thanks, Rich Bledsoe re: Science, Polanyi

Thanks, Rich.  I propose this, that the scientific method is the covenant oriented toward the Waters Under the Earth, thus:  Newton was 'called' into a new situation by the apple.  He 'confessed' that he did not know how it worked, and was 'cleansed' by some message that he could know how it worked. He was 'consecrated' by consulting the books, the Book of Nature, and what others had written about their researched into same. 'Communion' came when his hypothesis was tested, one in the all-in-all, with two witnesses. And having been tested, the now theory was commissioned to be taken out.

ERH's 4 of imperative-subjective-narrative-objective can be rhymed, as can JBJ's law-lyric-evaluation-fact unto new torah.

I'm attempting the covenant applied to the Earth Beneath (people made of dust/dirt).

It's a high calling.  I'm doing a chrestomathy on it on BH and chuckhartmanhistoryconductor and Facebook Notes.

Thanks for your writing!

Love in King Jesus,

PS: ERH: 'Science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead'.
JBJ: 'Liberals deny that God talks'.

Key: What do you want to get done?

Key: What do you want to get done?

This has helped me. 

Pretend you're a space trader, like Van Rijn of Poul Anderson's books.

You can't change a lot of the alien society.

But you can work to make a deal, live and let live.

What do you want to get done?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Short: Advantage To YOU Of What I'm Doing--'100 Words'

Benefits: It would be good, in a neo-tribal era, to have the benefits of small, enthusiastic groups, WITHOUT the perpetual war of the tribes. We need an institution to do this.

Proof:  It worked for ‘7’.  That is, empires old and new were conquered because Israel Old and New worshiped each 7 days, in effect saying that the god of the empires (stars, planets, sun) were deficient because The One True God Trinity made them in 6 days and rested on the 7th, and we amen that by worshiping each 7 days.

I attempt a ‘49’.  A Jubilee glorification and application. From Luke 4, Isaiah 61, Leviticus 25.  Christ said, after he returned from the temptations in the desert, that He had fulfilled the Jubilee, after He read from the Scriptures.

We amen the 49, and they amened the 7.  We start with the 49-book Bible, literarily done.  Then we rhyme other structures with it, within it,  and around it.

I explain these in a short essay or two a week, for the year from Resurrection to Resurrection.

How did it start, that I would try to make/amen another layer of social order?  Well: Universal History 1954. ERH tribes w/o war (CH: Where are the small enthusiastic groups? I explain and articulate more and more as the time rolls on. TSOH with app electronically is one such—there are many more.)

Another way of saying what I’ve said above is this.  ERH (Rosenstock-Huessy) says that after the Resurrection, the church is Israel without exclusion, and the nation-state is empire without slavery, so we seek an institution that is the tribes without perpetual war BUT, JBJ says ‘don’t play God,’ in ‘Through New Eyes,’ so we do the 49, like unto the 7—and we’ll expand this planet-wide and beyond..

Psalmodic response as ultimate theological dynamic, and maturation, Holy War, , whole redemptive history and patterns., etc.

There have been 7 or 8 layers of social order in history. JBJ: Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan, and after Jesus, in parallel, Church, Christian State, University.  ERH: Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, and after Resurrection, Church, Nation-State, and we await the glorification of the tribe…well, ERH says we should work toward it, sociologically. What is next?

Can we respond and make another in a time of 5th generation warfare, in which small groups or even individuals can destroy things through networks and jet planes, for instance, to carry biowar agents world-wide quickly.?

Heres a background: ERH: Technology destroys old group, while expanding spatial reach, and shortening time it takes to do things.

We ARE in great technological change.

In Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’, he traces the European revolutions on ERH’s patterns. After each Imperative, there is a Subjective response of new persons and speech, and then a Narrative response of new institutions, and an Objective response of planetary service. After Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.

James Jordan’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ tells it as Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, leading to new Torah.

Calendars are what remains of old orders. Tribes, community celebrations, Empires, business work schedules and product development and marketing, Israel, church calendars, Greece, educational schedules. We try to reverse this, and have the calendar first, the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar/House Of Singing Times.  It is what we present first. It is our Sheffer Stroke, from which all develops.

About mathematics as another illustration: Whitehead and Russell, 5 operations.  But Sheffer, only one—not both the one and the other—from which all can be derived.

Yet Goede’s Incompleteness, etc.  Some things are well-formed formulas (statements) that CAN NOT be derived.

Thus, First Beatitude in all.

Chrestomathy (play /krɛsˈtɒməθi/ kres-tom-ə-thee; from the Greek words khrestos, useful, and mathein, to know) is a collection of choice literary passages, used especially as an aid in learning a foreign language.
In philology or in the study of literature, it is a type of reader or anthology which presents a sequence of example texts, selected to demonstrate the development of language or literary style.
So, since the 4th of Hartman is the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar, which rhymes within it his other 3, we present a chrestomathy, one for each of 53, so that at the end of the period, we will have covered the basics.

There’s a lot more.  We travel through this calendar, tuning our empathy, saturating our intuition.  We have uncovered much to better articulate in practicality already, in only 4 postings. See Charles Howard Hartman Facebook Notes, and

[Note: Talk this out, change per questions and discussion AND next year, I’ll do a chrestomathy with The Symphony of (Peace) History! Comprehensive beauty, a proleptic recapitulation of all.]

What is the pleasure experienced in naming without being aware that one is naming?

Is it possible, or is it a raising to a higher level?

This could be big.

James Nickel: 5. Music is the pleasure that the human mind experiences in counting without being aware it is counting.  

CH: Now, if the waters under the earth are number, the earth beneath word, and the heavens above name, then what are the equivalent/analogical activities?

 What is the pleasure that the human mind experiences in ‘wording’ without being aware that it is ‘wording,’ and what is the pleasure that the human mind experiences in naming without being aware that it is naming?

 Seeds and patterns, the future is communicating.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Q. ‘The 12?’ A. ‘5 years of first lens in our Jubilee of Members!’

Q. ‘The 12?’ A. ‘5 years of first lens in our Jubilee of Members!’

This is a snippet of a conversation.

‘Q’ wants to know how much ‘A’ knows about The Twelve, the 12 minor prophets, considered as one book.

The Jubilee of Members is a way to be a vessel, as a congregation, and a way to be individual vessels.

When the pastor’s wave goes out, his voice, his light, in a sermon, each of 49 persons in the congregation ‘plays’ one of the 49 books in the Bible that results from putting the wisdom from Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ into a 7x7 grid.

The responsibility of each is to hear/hearken the wave and to see it through the lens of one particular book.

Comments are made, and applications suggested.  Comments are each under a page. These are collected and distributed to congregation, to visitors, on the congregation’s website, etc.

This is one anothering.  This is being vessels, like unto those in Daniel 5, that judge.

The essay written above is an articulation of Pastor Burke Shade’s exhortation to ‘be vessels.’ (Pastor Shade is not responsible for this articulation)

3 more notes for this 4b of Covenant Chrestomathy. (Written April 28, for 1st Thessalonians, starting April 29.

1—This tour through the Calendar(s) of Peace is producing such good results that, Lord willing, next year, I will be attempting a solo of The Symphony  of (Peace) History, one that lasts all year.

2—The above short Jubilee of Members in Battle Vessel Formation will be lengthened and applied. 1-49 and 49-2 versions available on request, and included in the version sent to email list recipients.

3—I will be doing more with sevens (and other numbers) in all cultures, for rhyming.

Love in King Jesus,


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Covenant Chrestomathy 4a: What is a layer of social order in history

(Long) Covenant Chrestomathy 4a: What is a layer of social order in history?  1 Thessalonians

Examples of layers of social order in history include the following.

JBJ, from ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ – Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan, [X], Church, Christian State, University. (These seem to be parallel, after [X]—Jesus,  and in a large sense echo The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost.)

Rosenstock-Huessy, ‘Universal History 1954,’ – Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, [X], Church, State (national revolutions), Our Challenge: Sociology (Greece always a companion, never an order). After [X]—Jesus/He Who Reversed The Trend, these are chiastic.  The Church is Israel without exclusiveness.  The State is Empires without slavery, and Our Challenge, Sociology, is to have the benefits of the Tribes, small, enthusiastic groups, without the perpetual warfare of the tribes.

Two background situations. 1—Any new technology increases spatial reach, decreases the time it takes to get things done, but destroys old groups.  2—5th generation warfare, nets and jest.  In 5th generation warfare, smaller and smaller groups can do more and more damage. Biowar spread world-wide by jet planes is an example.

How can a small group best help produce peace, the explicit reconciliation of opposites?

Here we get back to ‘what is a (next) layer of social order in history?  Are there examples?

ERH maintains that the previous social orders remain with us in calendars. (CH: Thus we are given more to handle as we mature). Tribes have community celebration calendars,  Empire have business and work schedules. [Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll show you what he is.  Show me a society’s calendars and I’ll tell you who she is]. Israel remains in the eternal calendar (ERH) of the life of Christ and our response. (CH: Our response can be articulated better). Greece remains in educational schedules and calendars—semesters, class schedules, etc.

Now, the key question.  How to make a calendar of peace, especially in light of JBJ’s admonition in ‘Through New Eyes’ that we should not play God.

Answer: By psalmodic response to the Word and to history.  Historically, things advance, per COATF via Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact, unto New Torah.  ERH puts it is terms of speech: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective unto Planetary Service.*

Psalmodic response is legitimate.

The model is the theory that be worshiping every 7 days, Israel of Old and the New Israel, the Church, both by this action said/confessed that The One True God/Trinity, made all the gods that the empires worshiped, stars, planetary objects, etc. in 6 days and rested on the 7th, and thus The One True God Trinity is over all those that He made, and that the empires falsely worshiped, misunderstandlingly.

And over time, this 7ness resulted in Christian institutions, for Transcendance is the first point (or ‘pont’/bridge).

The 4th part of this covenant sequence (calendar) is being used to reverse engineer peace, for most calendars  articulate significant historical events (once, for the first time).  This HOST does it backward.  First calendar, then significant events and institutions toward peace.**

In The Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar many covenants are presented, rhymingly, in rhythm.  This is a t.h.e., typological.hospitality.evangelism. It helps us cope with the blooming, buzzing confusion of our lives.  It’s a concert from chaos, seeming chaos. Life is a chaos concert.

SUMMARY: This is preparatory for the 4th week of 53, 1st Thessalonians, which starts April 29. It explains how and why the search for a next layer of social order in history—toward peace—which does NOT replace other orders, but helps in the present situation.
Previous entries are touched upon, and a reference is made to a retuned renaming of days. (Psalm 90:12 may obliquely apply). I am teaching a language by chrestomathy. I may be far beyond the recounting from rich Bledsoe: the neurotic who builds a fantasy house, a psychotic who moves in, and a psychiatrist who collets rent on both.
WHAT SHOULD BE DONE?  Start by trying out the new names? Email me for a set of the 49s, the 7x7 grids, that I use.  Read the next entry, 4b, coming soon:  

This is Friday, or as I rename and retune per the present (coram) social firmament (Eph. 2:6, ‘we’ being the glorified churches in Revelation (!?)), Friday is ThyatiraBmoY!, or ThyatiraYMMM!-- (Posted February 13, A. D. 2011)

*Hartman’s 4 are: Imperative—Comprehensive Beauty, Subjective—The Pella Square (claimed to be the community discipling analog to individual evangelism via The Romans Road and/or The Four Spiritual Truths), Narrative—The Symphony Of (Peace) History (now also chiastically working unto A New Song as chiastic to Speech of Exnihilation?!), Objective—House Of Singing Times/Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar. This latter is what I am traveling through, and it is producing, via tuned empathy and saturated intuition in this young one, the Covenant Chrestomathy essays—53.

**This is aided by The Rosetta Stone of Time. The theory is that God is everyWHEN, and communicates with us from everyWHEN.  We are ‘in Christ,’ right?  The Holy Spirit lives in us, right? But we don’t know the language from the future as well as we do that from the past and present, but since we have the other two, we can decipher the third, as was done with The Rosetta Stone from Egypt.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Singularity And World-Building

 Juliette Ward is having a discussion of suspension of belief in worldbuilding (science fiction—search for her ‘Let the Word Take Me: it’s great!).

 I wrote: Thanks! This reminds me that I'm doing something similar in trying to help organize the better conducting of a new layer of social order in history--toward peace.

 Usually events happen and they are 'remembered' in a calendar. I'm trying to do the calendar first, at least as it is presented, the 'face' [Latin 'coram'] and to work through a 7x7 [7s in many cultures, 7x7 an exponentialization, fits into @ a year] as some historians say the worship every 7 days conquered the empires built on worshiping stars, moons, etc., since those 7-daying said by that that their god was higher, having made what empires worshiped in 6 days, and rested on the 7th.

 It'll take a while.

 I'm doing a chrestomathy, calendar-building wise, to help suspend belief. I guess I'm stefnal!

 And…I’m explaining it in a series of short essays, 53, one per week, thus: Yes, a chrestomathy helps teach a new language. I have at least a pidgin, if not a creole--per McWhorter's Teaching Company material. Thanks for this, and again for the GREAT 'Let the Word Take Me.'

 Then I communicated this to Wilson Roorda, whose prof had just indirectly touched on the Singularity, and which Singularity I have a proposal to help handle, calendrically, House Of Singing Times, thus:

I have a plan for that, Wilson.

Developed a little more Sunday at potluck when talking with Elder Roorda.

 You know that in HOST we have 10 weeks, Public Vindication celebration, 11 weeks, Battle of Mountain of Festival Assembly, 11 weeks, Totus Christus [2 weeks}, and 17 weeks.

 The idea is that if we had had a celebration of A. D. 70, PV above, over the centuries, we might have avoided to odd views of hyperpreterism and extreme dispensationalism.

 Aha! We apply this, bymaking new holidays we should celebrate at TBOTMOFA, above.

 How legitimate?

Amos 3:7, we are all prophets in the heavenly council, heaven and earth join in worship, and Rosetta Stone of Time [since God is everyWHEN, He communicates with us from each of the past, present, and future BUT we need to use the past and future languages to decipher the future language] which means that we do hear from Him from the future, for surely the Lord does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets, and Eph. 2:6.

 ERH says that a prophet is taken past the end of time and given the words to speak to bring about that end. [Can be eras, I think, not the whole end of time--which continues in some way--and also hands we use.]

So, TC has these possible subjects, to link up to the Singularity above.

Singularity, end of nation-state, transhumanism, panENtheism [the Church is God]. Etc.

 Thus we safeguard the future by prayaing about these things NOW.

 This fits in with death and trauma and wholeness/completeness as necessary for a holiday, and 'something that happens once for the first time' because we have the communication from the future, as from the past for the death of a 'saint,' let us say.

 Love in King Jesus, Chuck
PS:  It’ll take a while to get this done. We are in the ‘one’ phase of Rosenstock-Huessy’s one-few-many-all sequence of events that produce change.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Benefits from retunings. Chrestomathy 3/53. 1st Timothy, April 22 (Bonus: Summary)

--Benefits from retunings. Chrestomathy 3/53. 1st Timothy, April 22 (Bonus: Summary)

Summary: I’m traveling the 49-book calendar, seeking peace. The theory is that we can echo the wonderful changes brought about by worhiping every 7 days. That worship flowed out, and helped engender great Christian institutions. It amened that The One True God Trinity made all those stars, and planets, etc., that the empires worshiped, and that therefore He was greater than they.

Usually, we remember via calendar the great gifts and traumas of society. Here, we do the calendar first, and as we move through it in comprehensive beauty, many covenant sequences rhyming, we are praying for peace.

Howard (not Harold) Bloom, atheist, in ‘The Genius of the Beast.’ Tells of his time promoting music, and how he was very successful because he got out amongst the music buyers, and developed tuned empathy and saturated intuition. I’m working in that way also.

Now, for the 3rd of this tier of 7 books, ‘within the general ‘season’ we get by following the First Beatitude (and rhymed Days and Churches, forward and backward), here is what occurred to me as I worked and thought. (Note: Using this 49 focuses me on a particular part within the whole, and all the covenants of which that part is a part. I then ‘JayAbraham’ what comes to me during my (work) by writing it down.

Summary over.

This week a lot came to me about retunings. The Tune of the Twelve, the Song of Ascension, and A Retuning by an Ancient.

The Tune of the Twelve works this way. Imagine the 12 minor prophets as being arranged chronologically on a keyboard. 7 white keys and 5 black ones, I believe. But in the Bible, the 12 are NOT arranged chronologically, but theologically, one article saying that they are a Unity seeking Theodicy: His mercy last forever, etc.

What tune would they make then, being struck not 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12, but in the other, retuned order?

And JBJ has pointed out that from Revelation 5:12 and 7:12 there are differences. A circle of fifths retuning, use of the definite article, and instruments. Between the two is Ascension pictured.

This guy asked this question: What would happen were we to retune the retuning in the same way? This is legitimate because ‘psalmodic response is the ultimate theological dynamic’. I did it and flipped the sequence, using tuned empathy and saturated intuition—others have more of each and will do better.

Thus I got various covenant sequences that I will explain later, for I still have 50 weeks to go!

1234567 > 4152(3)63(2)7 > 853(2)1642(3), unto a 12 in The Symphony Of (Peace) History.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck, who believes that the social firmament is now the glorified churches in Revelation, including the 8th, retuned, Ephesians 2:6.

Thankful? Make Lists. Start Here

Thinking is thanking, and for what are we thankful to The One True God Trinity?
We need to make lists. I'd start with the GREAT FACT (that we live 100+x better than our ancestors a couple centuries ago, and that McCloskey in Bourgeois Dignity says that it was because of the rhetorical and financial support given to bourgeois virtues and the merchant/traders in NW Europe @ 1600 and thereafter, Holland and England. A great book, second of 6 projected. When innovation is praised, innovation comes about. 2% improvement per year starting around 1750, a great mystery. But BD is subtitled: Why Economics Can't Expalin The Modern World. Bourgeois virtues--prudence, temperance, justice, courage, faith, hope, charity.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FREE New Calendar Of Peace

FREE New Calendar Of Peace

FWIW, I'm trying a reverse.

Usually, calendars are made to remember things that have happened.

I've put together one with several layers, many things in it, that I hope and pray will engender a state of affairs of peace.

I'll send one to you by email.

PS: Benefit--As I move through it this year, I am overwhelmed by practical and creative applications.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will humanity make it?

'...what do you think, will humanity make it?...'

Yes. I've been working with the seed of an idea: The Rosetta Stone of Time. The idea is that we are communicated with from the past, from the present, and from the future, but that we have not yet sufficiently deciphered the language with which we are communicated with from the future. But, Amos 3:7 says that 'Surely the Lord does nothing unless he reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets.' The center of the church has changed throughout time--Jerusalem, Antioch, Constantinople, Rome, across northwest Europe to England, to America, and now to the South, perhaps. A GREAT book, McCloskey's 'Bourgeois Dignity' traces the reason for The Great Fact, that we live 100x or more better than our ancestors a few centuries ago, to the increased support, financially and rhetorically given the the merchant, starting in Holland and England @ 1600 or so, not very long ago at all. We are in the midst of great technological change, which enables action over a larger space, and in much less time, but it destroys the old groups. Our task is to get replacement groups going. It's been done in the past. Watch my Chrestomathy postings, please, for I have a 'calendar' that allows for the 'rhyming' of many time sequences, that aims at producing these peace institutions, in addition to having calendars that help us remember the traumas and triumphs of the past. The future goes as in Revelation, which basically tells the story of events between A. D. 30 (Pentecost) and A. D. 70 (Destruction of the Temple), and the pattern is that of all changes in history, and we amen the pattern on the Lord's Day, by doing it. Love in King Jesus, Chuck PS: Thus I do more articulation of 'anticipatory holidays.' one of Public Vindication, The Destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70, a second of the challenge of panENtheism and transhumanism--to do what should have been done re: A. D. 70, in order to avoid dispensationalism and hyper-preterism, and a third, in the center of the year, that encourages the making (by speaech imago Dei) of anticipatory holidays.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vessels, Daniel 5: In What Week To Put This?

Vessels, Daniel 5: In What Week To Put This?

Dear Pastor Shade:

This is a psalmodic response, an amen that builds, re: your sermon on Daniel 5, and your exhortation to 'be the vessels'.

It seems wise to me to do a stream-of consciousness exegesis of the vessels through the Bible, one era per respective day during the week, but then, on what we now call Saturday, one would seem to be thrown by the thrust of the Bible and history into also doing a stream of consciousness recounting of the vessels we have built in psalmodic response (the church-forms, mostly) unto the great and terrible task of building likewise micro-vessels, and macro-vessels NOW and into the future.

Thus, using eras Jordan says are in Symbol language, linked to the 7, yea 8 churches in Revelation:

Garden--the vessel of the ark of Noah elicits comment
Prison--Abram, Isaac, Jacob, but especially Joseph as the vessel of the Spirit
Wilderness--Vessels made
Kingdom--Improved vessels, improved inspection for they are in a house of prayer for all nations
Remnant and Exile--School of Prophets, but especially vessels and young-men-as-vessels carried away TO the nations
Restoration and World Witness/Diaspora--synagogues, still in the metal man
Apostasy in Jesus' Day--The Vessel of Vessels in the Flesh, or as JBJ has said, The Holy of Holies Made Flesh--at least He tabernacles
A. D. 70--a key here would be the speech in written form left with which to build, ameningly, the new vessel-world, or at least a new clothing, for the old is rolled up as a vestment
BUT, the hint is left to us that we will continue to build, the vessel being more and more the men, both male and female, the 'letters written,' as Paul says, etc. Some of these include the early church, then Constantine's remodeling of pagan temples, and the building of the creeds, Augustine's works as words by which to build worlds, the problems that cause Islam to arise--maybe iconodulity (?), failure to agree on the date of Easter, etc., perhaps 'The Hidden Origin of Islam' thesis, Charles Martel, and then his grandson (?) and the filioque, and later 854 is the last common holiday (holidays are vessels in action, remembering and applying), then Gregory VII, Investiture, Concordat of Worms [in all this some book such as 'The 100 Most Significant Events in Christian History (?)], the various revolutions of the West (Gardner, Chapter 5, 'Beyond Belief), nations as vessels with new persons, speech and institutions, KEY: HOUSE/VESSELS OF SCIENCE as possible when the old gods no longer need to be charmed: 'Science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead', monasteries and convents, peace movement of the 12th C. (Berman) and associated covenantal oath-making guilds and towns, the organization of land, skills, markets, missions, gifts, and our tasks involving what spoils we want--what came with A. D. 70? persons, Bible, etc.,one key being the worship every 7 as destroying worship of all things that The One True God Trinity made in the other 6 days, and so on.

As Battle Formation, each person in the congregation who would be formed up IN and AS the Bible, a book thereof, and similarly assigned an era of time, to include for children the 4000, then for adults, from A. D. 70 until now, and for Elders the whole sweep, and for Ancients to include both the far end (where it appears to me that chiastically a New Song is a glorification of exnihilatory speech, after the first task, dressing the garden is completed after guarding--all in maturity, Holy War, and redemptive history. This is a Lectionary Chronological Historical task, this child-adult-elder-ancient thing. An Ancient knows WHEN, when to do the artist-child thing, the adult-fighter thing, the elder-(Isay) speaking thing [latter Jacob], the ancient-timer thing.

What shall be bequeathed, what vessels?

And this does not include retuning and much more that I will be discussing in Chrestomathy on BH, one thing per week. I don't know which week this might go in.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Art forms, celebrations that liturgically disciple communities, comprehensive rhyming in the 49 of Jubilee and other forms should be included, as well as a calendar as coram.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Covenant Chrestomathy--2 of 53

A Covenant Chrestomathy--2 of 53

Here’s how it goes at work.

Dave, what week is it?
I don’t know.
It’s Hebrews, and it makes the start of a liturgy of 7 weeks, I’m thinking. At least the Hebrews works.
How so?, says Dave.
Here’s one way t ‘see’ Hebrews. Christ is greater than Aaron, Moses, the angels and the prophets, and he’s made a new creation, and Hebrews says, ‘Come in!’
That’s neat, thanks, says Dave, hermano en Cristo.
Next week, Titus—second place in the liturgy of 7.

So, Dr. Bledsoe, I not only psalmodically responded with a neurotic fantasy house, I have moved in—and I’m inviting others! Typological Hospitality Evangelism.
In Week 14 we’ll get into the anlog of the psychiatrist charging rent, when Chrematistics is a topic.
One more major thing for Titus Sheba: This House Of Singing Times/HOST has a liturgy down the side also, featuring the Beatitudes and Woes. The Beatitudes make a liturgy in this way: The poor in spirit know that they are Called to come in, and when they Mourningly confess, they are comforted, and Meekly inherit the earth—thus they are Cleansed. The Sermon fills them with righteousness, Consecrating. The offertory is their response, the merciful obtaining mercy. Communion is for the pure in heart, seeing God and for the peacemakers, in the blood. Commissioned? The persecuted go out to receive heaven chiastically with the poor in spirit, and in solidarity with those of the past.

Thus in these two ways, to start, BloomingBuzzingConfusion => Concert. It’s like chaos theory discoveries in that there’s a providential beauty of order underneath that can be discovered.

Yes, I’m in search of a name for the whole thing. Comprehensive Beauty is what I have so far. Rhyming Covenant Sequences, putting them all into a structure. This kind of chiasm unto Beautifying the Garden(ers), People, and a new song glorifying exnihilatory speech is elusive, but will be explained more in weeks 21-25, and a version of in an incomplete Symphony of History is on YouTube.

Here’s someone who could write: "The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759

Next week, and I hope to have these out by Wednesday (EphesusYMMM!), Hebrews, Titus, 1st Timothy, 1st Thessalonians, Philemon, 2nd Thessalonians? How does that fit into a 3rd slot in a progression of Gottesdienst, liturgy, service? Titus is about pasturing, and once one is called and comes in, then someone is administering—that’s what I have so far.

[When this doesn’t quite work, we can fall back on the first 7 books as a simpler version, and add that we are to be more mature now, to handle both the challenges and the ‘not quite fitting,’ knowing that since there are 7, we are invited to compare, and that there is retuning.]
And…3 The Song of the Twelve, People as Notes/As John is a Tour of Tabernacle

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Chrestomathy: A selection of passages from an author or authors, designed to help in learning a language

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Covenant Chrestomathy53--For Records


Titled on BH: A Covenant Chrestomathy--1 of 53

Show me a man’s schedule, I’ll tell you who he is.
Show me a society’s calendars, I’ll tell you what she is.

Peace. Another layer of calendar can help.

How? Here’s an example from the past.

A wise one says that worship every 7 days conquered empires.

How? The One True God Who made all things in 6 days, and rested on the 7th, MADE those star-objects worshiped by empires, and is above them.

What now? We’ve matured, have bigger challenges.

Can an echo of 7 help toward peace?

There are options.

A good one seems to be based on JBJ’s 49-book Bible. It fits nicely into an Easter to Easter coram—Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. [Yes, a trans-lingual acronym].

Add four holiday weeks, mountains in time, and you have 53.

I’ll be writing one thing a week about it, following this calendar of 7 x7.

This week is Hebrews week*.

God wrote books. What are the themes of these books, and can the themes be put into a covenant/liturgical sequence, so that one is in covenant in another layer, in another way, for the 7 weeks?

Hebrews fits with Call, for since Jesus Christ is greater than Moses, Aaron, the prophets, and angels, and has inaugurated the new creation, we should come into the new creation.

But what about the next 6: Titus, 1st Timothy, 1st Thessalonians, Philemon, 2nd Thessalonians?

I don’t know.

This whole thing is like the worshiping every 7 days of the Israel of Old and the New Israel. We do it, GodTrinity blesses us—sometimes with chastisement.

More later. The whole 53 schedule will be out soon. It will include new speech, new persons, new institutions, but especially it will include a 4-fold process akin to JBJ’s ‘Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact’ from ‘Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future. These will each, these 4, be rhymed into the calendar, for the CORAM [Calendar=Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi] is the coram.

I pray that what will be produced is a new layer of social order in history, toward peace. A help toward the better conducting. Not a substitute. Keep your community celebrations of tribes, your business and work schedules of empires, your eternal calendar of Israel of the Life of Christ and Our Response, your educational calendars of Greece.

What might providentially emerge would be akin to the scientific community, the Christian State, the university. It could fit into JBJ’s progression of The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit in history—and moreso were I to relate something to that progression in the Ten Words.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: *Yes, I ‘retune’ the order of the books, psalmodically responding to JBJ’s note of the retuning from Revelation 5:12 to Revelation 7:12. Tuned empathy, saturation intuition (Howard Bloom: The Genius of the Beast). And I call the ‘week’ ‘sheba’—7, oath.
PPS: No, I don’t know what I’m talking about. It will depend on readers who have the right aesthetic distance to know it.

1 A Covenant Chrestomathy—1 of 53
2 In Search of a Name, and 7 seasons of 7 (Comprehensive Beauty and chiasm), this House Of Singing Times—for next 1000 years, however long that is. Rhyme Covenant Sequences, ERH’s ‘Carmen Humanem’ and Blooming, Buzzing Confusion = Concert
3 The Song of the Twelve, People as Notes/As John is a Tour of Tabernacle
4 Covenant as HoliWeeks, Arightnaming the days
5Cultivating Surprise, Stapledon, 3170, Herovolution
6 Blooming, Buzzing Confusion: Another name needed, paisley? Paisleychaosconcert?
7 Pentecost to Public Vindication
8 The Second 7: Did I say we went forward and backward, the forward 49
9 Psalm O Day
10 The Pella Square
11 Public Vindication
12 MaeDay80, Cleansing and Conferences
13 Rosetta Stone of Time: Let’s Learn To Cept and Prehend Communication from Future: Symbol and Dream?
14 Chrematistics, Currency from Death. It’s Pneumatology, ‘became a life-giving Spirit’
15 Lectionary Chronological Historical
16 The Covenant of the Third 7
17 Psalm O Day
18 Godparents for Eldsters: ThyatiraBmoY!, First Peter (ThyatiraYMMM!)
19 The 3 Mountains (Ranges?) in Time: PV, TBOTMOFA, TC. A Larger Liturgy
20 Battle Formation of Warriors of Light
21 T.h.e. Symphony of (Peace) History, 1. Toward Beautifying The Garden/People: T.h.e. =Typological Hospitality Evangelism
22 The Symphony of (Peace) History, 2: Toward A New Song
23 The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (TBOTMOFA)
24 Fourth 7, and TSO(P)H, 3—Remember Herovolution and Backward and Forward, and that the garments of the High Priest were inside-out of the Tabernacle: H.E.R.O. = He Explicitly Reconciles Opposites
25 TSO(P)H, 4—Toward An Art Form Of The Next Era: Heavens, Waters, Earth
26 Summary of Gardner on Revolutions and Complete Cross of Reality
27 From games as first philosophy (Avalanche and OneBall), and Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer—marketing as mohar metathesized
28 Who will claim (year in LCH for this sheba): ‘Greater Things’: Land was created by His speech, and time—and we can claim time (A Christian Era) by echoing and psalmodically responding in application of His speech, era/ear
29 Forty-nines/49s of medicine
30 Deep Peace of Society = A Society that is Deep Peace: Rhyming Covenant Sequences
31 Fifth Tiara (!) of 7
32 Prayer O Day
33 Example of using this for daily know/do/be
34 Toward 12—these are not the end, because they are 7s? 7 and circle of 5ths = a 12. +. A 15 is that we are in the 3rd week.
35 Totus Christus 1 PV might have forestalled ‘full preterism’
36 Totus Christus 2 Not panentheism
37 One-Few-Man-All
38 Fall of Rome, Organize Land, Skills (unto Peace in 12th C.—Berman), Markets, Missions, Gifts…?
39 4th HOST, 5th GFE, 9th TSO(P)H
40 Sixth 7
41 Yes, this is in anticipation of death/calamity: moY!
42 First Thesis of 95, Garard, Pella, 10th Celebration
43 If Chiasm, Great Day is Judgment, PV in Middle is a Death, and How Creation=Death?
44 EAT 1 of PergamosCoram861—may change next coram/year: Eliot
45 EAT 2 of PergamosCoram861—may change next coram/year: Anselm
46 EAT 3 of PergamosCoram861—may change next coram/year: Time, echoing speech
47 Seventh 7
48 One is All, One Anothering You Get Yours. Phenomenology. Comprehensive Beauty: CB>A
49 App for TSOH, in covenant/prayer all day, week/sheba, +
50 So far, GFE, some kind of Transhumanism/Stasis, analogs to Knights Hospitaler and more
53 Me, I, We, They

To add to 1—Sheffer Stroke shows how developed, and ‘Both not both…’ haiku
Go through list of abandoned projects
Other poems
For 49 of medicine—sides: 7 virtues, 7 of light from cells, calling, church, marriage, civil government, society, all creation. Bottom: chakras, Myss Roman sacraments. Work in Progress
RE: Pella Girard—The most difficult truth to act on is the most obvious. O

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


RE: Sunday Schools meeting an hour a week vs. 5 school days a week of Humanistic teaching.

[Oh, and wisdom is information plus imperative}

Dr. Day had a neat history, in which she listed various competitors. Among them were schools, television, video games, social networks. But a key move recently is the growth of free online education, such as Khan Academy, MIT having all its courses online free, Pocket College, etc . One key would seem to be exhortation by ordained ones during the joining of Heaven and Earth during the typological all-in-all structure of Revelationary (I like that! I just made it up!) service of Gottesdienst worship in the Lord's Day 'hour'.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Economics Can't Explain The Modern World: Why did it start in Holland?

Why did it start in Holland? McCloskey's book, Bourgeois Dignity, maintains that Economics can't explain the modern world, but that, as stated in a review: The conclusion: ' became a suitable topic for those in the Western bourgeois class, [and] they began to encourage economic innovations both with their money and with their supportive rhetoric. ...' (Review: Chicago Tribune). the next question is, then this: What were the precursors of this? I continue research, toward the application of the answers via more mature psalmodic response, so as to better fight the Holy War in redemptive history. Hint: A statue of James Watt was proposed for Westminster Abbey. Someone suggested that we thank the Lord for innovations, such as electricity. The Great Fact, as McCloskey writes, is that we live at least 30x better than our ancestors in 1700, 1800. And South Korea did it in decades, not centuries, and India's growth, and China's recently, is due to the same honoring of the bourgeosie by Liberty and Dignity.