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Short: Advantage To YOU Of What I'm Doing--'100 Words'

Benefits: It would be good, in a neo-tribal era, to have the benefits of small, enthusiastic groups, WITHOUT the perpetual war of the tribes. We need an institution to do this.

Proof:  It worked for ‘7’.  That is, empires old and new were conquered because Israel Old and New worshiped each 7 days, in effect saying that the god of the empires (stars, planets, sun) were deficient because The One True God Trinity made them in 6 days and rested on the 7th, and we amen that by worshiping each 7 days.

I attempt a ‘49’.  A Jubilee glorification and application. From Luke 4, Isaiah 61, Leviticus 25.  Christ said, after he returned from the temptations in the desert, that He had fulfilled the Jubilee, after He read from the Scriptures.

We amen the 49, and they amened the 7.  We start with the 49-book Bible, literarily done.  Then we rhyme other structures with it, within it,  and around it.

I explain these in a short essay or two a week, for the year from Resurrection to Resurrection.

How did it start, that I would try to make/amen another layer of social order?  Well: Universal History 1954. ERH tribes w/o war (CH: Where are the small enthusiastic groups? I explain and articulate more and more as the time rolls on. TSOH with app electronically is one such—there are many more.)

Another way of saying what I’ve said above is this.  ERH (Rosenstock-Huessy) says that after the Resurrection, the church is Israel without exclusion, and the nation-state is empire without slavery, so we seek an institution that is the tribes without perpetual war BUT, JBJ says ‘don’t play God,’ in ‘Through New Eyes,’ so we do the 49, like unto the 7—and we’ll expand this planet-wide and beyond..

Psalmodic response as ultimate theological dynamic, and maturation, Holy War, , whole redemptive history and patterns., etc.

There have been 7 or 8 layers of social order in history. JBJ: Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan, and after Jesus, in parallel, Church, Christian State, University.  ERH: Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, and after Resurrection, Church, Nation-State, and we await the glorification of the tribe…well, ERH says we should work toward it, sociologically. What is next?

Can we respond and make another in a time of 5th generation warfare, in which small groups or even individuals can destroy things through networks and jet planes, for instance, to carry biowar agents world-wide quickly.?

Heres a background: ERH: Technology destroys old group, while expanding spatial reach, and shortening time it takes to do things.

We ARE in great technological change.

In Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’, he traces the European revolutions on ERH’s patterns. After each Imperative, there is a Subjective response of new persons and speech, and then a Narrative response of new institutions, and an Objective response of planetary service. After Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.

James Jordan’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ tells it as Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, leading to new Torah.

Calendars are what remains of old orders. Tribes, community celebrations, Empires, business work schedules and product development and marketing, Israel, church calendars, Greece, educational schedules. We try to reverse this, and have the calendar first, the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar/House Of Singing Times.  It is what we present first. It is our Sheffer Stroke, from which all develops.

About mathematics as another illustration: Whitehead and Russell, 5 operations.  But Sheffer, only one—not both the one and the other—from which all can be derived.

Yet Goede’s Incompleteness, etc.  Some things are well-formed formulas (statements) that CAN NOT be derived.

Thus, First Beatitude in all.

Chrestomathy (play /krɛsˈtɒməθi/ kres-tom-ə-thee; from the Greek words khrestos, useful, and mathein, to know) is a collection of choice literary passages, used especially as an aid in learning a foreign language.
In philology or in the study of literature, it is a type of reader or anthology which presents a sequence of example texts, selected to demonstrate the development of language or literary style.
So, since the 4th of Hartman is the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar, which rhymes within it his other 3, we present a chrestomathy, one for each of 53, so that at the end of the period, we will have covered the basics.

There’s a lot more.  We travel through this calendar, tuning our empathy, saturating our intuition.  We have uncovered much to better articulate in practicality already, in only 4 postings. See Charles Howard Hartman Facebook Notes, and

[Note: Talk this out, change per questions and discussion AND next year, I’ll do a chrestomathy with The Symphony of (Peace) History! Comprehensive beauty, a proleptic recapitulation of all.]

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