Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Celebrating 'Circumcision and Name of Jesus' saved several sanities, but...

Celebrating 'Circumcision and Name of Jesus' (we didn't call it that then) saved several sanities, but...
next year I'll do more shorter-term mutual indwellings. Cash, I mean.
That is, cash--let the credit go.
It's all in the cloud, and some researchers think that they can put the whole internet in a test-tube by putting information into DNA?  I don't know.
'Circumcision' led to much, and the completion, in my/future terms, of a 5-step ERHian sequence that, with an app, might spread the benefits of the Revolutions of the West worldwide.
But who cares? (I do! That's why this new path)
The 5:  The Symphony
Calendar of Peace Prejected
Godparents For Eldsters, and now For Society
I only had The Symphony and the start of the Calendar before we celebrated 'Circumcision' @ a decade ago.  At it, I asked one of our church leaders if I were crazy.  Answer: No.  The other was cod=nducting the service.
I decided to do a memory palace around the square, remembering the 'treatment' of Mom. That then became MaeDay80--confessional around the square 80 days inclusive after Resurrection, and conferences on July 4.
First conference guest, Stockman of Ibsen's 'Enemy of the People'. Later, Girard, Conrad 'the terror, the terror,' Szasz, Girard (all in my head). Pella Sauared or How To Make Your Communities Better.
A few years later, Aug. 26 A. D. 2011 was the GFE ceremony.ThyatiraYMMM!, First Peter Sheba.
HOST (TSOH reversed, as the garments of the High Priest, he lying on his back to the tabernacle) did the COPP thing.
153Culture, with the Big Six came from each of the 49 books (JBJ) in redemptive history, maturity, and holy war against the devil and his angels modes.  'The devil is God's devil': Luther.
GFE is a plea for help, and I have good ones. Much to do, though. And the whole 5 is for Society, Lord willing, as always.
This latest insance situation in which I have been placed, will, I pray, work out similarly.
Love in King Jesus, 
Charlie 'Arminians handle the elderly now--Wesley Life--here' Hartman
PS: More could be written. It has been. You know where.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Abrahams Project

New Abrahams Project.

I'm thinking I should go ahead and attempt to do it myself, and depend on mimetic desire to get it to be more widespread, with the exception of a few with whom I might joint venture. It's spreading the benefits of the revolutions of the West planet-wide. It's a scientific method analog for the next era, sociological method, or better 'irology' method, for 'ir' is city in Hebrew, and Rosenstock thought that the word 'origin' had great power since it had a base in each of two eras. But David Bostrom, Tim Gallant, Mike Bull, Mark Horne, email me at, and I will outline in return a reading fee I will pay you to read my stuff (see: "If I get hit by a deer' in my Facebook Notes) for reading and 3 joint venture monetizing proposals. This will reduce stress for me, and ldet me do that at which I'm best--Im currently suffering the loss of central vision in one eye from that already.

I call this the One Anothering Revolution. I have an entry in each of ERH's (and other 5-sequence thinkers' respective) categories. 'Symphony' in Imperative, 'PellaSquared' in Subjective, House Of Singing Times/Calendar Of Peace Prejected (sic) in Narrative, 153Culture in Objective, and Godparents for Eldsters/Society in Planetary Service.

Per JBJ in 'Crisis, Opportunity...' we can be New Abrahams, setting the course for thousands of years.
Peter Leithart, James B. Jordan, Clinton Gardner, Rich Bledsoe