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3 More For Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House: Toward Peace

Word Factory: Must We Supply The Missing Hebrew Words?
Benefit One: Christendom had the word ‘trinity’ and the mutual indwelling thinking behind it.  Rome did not have a solution to the one and many problem, like Trinity supplied.  Rome fell. Christendom rose.
Filioque.  The East did not have it, and was prey to strongman rule.  The West had it, and progressed.
What words do we need now? ‘Use your words!,’ a relative tells her angry and crying, inarticulate child. ‘What does this say?,’ a youngster, eager to learn to read and write asks, after scribbling on a piece of paper.
Are we like these children, are we in Exile, are we the underdogs, as the early Church was to Rome, and as Charlemagne’s Europe was to Islam?
Benefit Two: As we wait in a time of Exile (Jeremiah), can we grasp some hints? For example, James B. Jordan has remarked that while Israel was in Exile, cultures were raised up that Christendom would deal with later. Thus, Greece, Buddha, Confucius/Lao-tse.  Rosenstock-Huessy said that the Israel of Old, and the New Israel conquered astronomical/astrological empires by resting/worshiping one day in 7, thus witnessing that The One True God made all those things the empires worshiped. Can we make a calendar? Another example is that layers of social orders have been given us—can we respond in a way that points to a social order similar.  Thirdly, JBJ has put forth a 49-book Bible, literarily conceived—can we use that, writing it across the year/Celebration of Resurrection Anno Mundi, liturgically, as an addition? Etc.

[Word Factory is one of the six first keys of the Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House. The others are Christian Court, SCHIAM –Self-Consciousness Heightened In A Maturity--,Reorganizing For Battle—Retunings--, the 7th of Deuteronomy, and Philemon’s Rhetoric Of Joshua/Conquest. Lord willing, JWCH will be ready before Resurrection, A. D. 2016.}
Word Factory.  Mozeson’s works are used. ‘Origin of Speeches’ (sic).
He remarks that there are two-letter basic roots.
Let’s suppose that the 22 Hebrew letters he features are put into the total of two letter combinations. This would be close to 484. (Letter order counts).
Now, in an earlier work Mozeson had mentioned the dance of three letter roots.  And even though the first word in the Bible B-R-SH-T has 4 letters, let’s only put a third letter into the matrix/field. (I’ll use matrix/field again below.)
That gives us over 10,000 words, well over. And IR means city, and UR is something like ‘beginnign,’ as in ur-sprache, original language.  And ERH liked it that OR was a root from one era, and IGIN from another, thus ‘origin’. So, vowels do count somehow. This does not count word order in 3-letter words, which would multiply by 6.  Thus, 123, 132, 231, 213, 312, 321.
I use his position that there are 7 basic sounds for the below of ‘L K M’. Gutturals, Sibilants, etc.  More later.
Thus, can we say that there is a field/matrix of meaning in the different word orders of LKM.  K  is both hard (K) and soft (H).
So, (E)l(o)h(i)m, is LHM. Malach (i) is MLH. L(a)m(e)ch is LMK. Bethlehem, house of bread, has LKM as ‘bread’. Etc.  HLM, HML, LMK, LKM, MLK, MKL. This last would be …Michael?
And if f field/matrix has 5 of the 6 combinations of 3 used, when on grasps the whole field, what would one conclude the sixth—previously unused—word to be?
Do all six of these make a field/matrix of meaning?  One could presuppose that, given that Mozeson holds that proto-Hebrew, the ursprache, was intelligently designed. And despite the fact that the nation-state of modern Israel has an institution to coin new words, might we add something to the conversation?
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie ‘concentrating’ Hartman
PS: Remember Ted Williams? He did not want to lose his stroke by trying to punch through the underpopulated left side of the diamond. I hold the same with my oddities, and I think that it is OK to do so, as long as one does not think that one’s own oddity is the sum total of all. In ERH’s terms, too far to the back is decadence, too far to the front is (bad) revolution, too far in is mysticism, and to far out is war.
PPS: I will return to this frequently during the corams of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House. I urge other to consider adding this to each one’s armory of weapons.
PPPS: Schrock identifies 70 phonograms.  And there’s more:

[This too is part of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House. I’ll look at this each Tuesday/PergamosYMMM!!/Lao-TseDay through the coram—Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi.]
Benefits:  This will help us with an Axial Age institution raised up for our maturity.
History: On social media, someone mentioned that the I Ching handled the infinity situation well.
I looked it up, part of it, briefly. This is my report.
The edition one of my consultants lent me is the Wilhelm/Baynes translation, forward by Carl Jung (1923?), Bollingen Series XIX.
Short, from memory mostly.
Jung makes the point that we in the West have abstracted from ‘nature’ in order to make experiments. He also says that the East/China seems to want to see the whole, unabstracted.  He mentions that modern physics tends toward that. (I, CHH, would point to Shroedinger’s Cat, who is there or not, depending on perception—that is, the Perceiver changes what is perceived. Also, Goedel’s Incompleteness work seems to prove that in any axiomatic system, there are well-formed-formulas that cannot be derived from the axioms, but that are true.---it’s been many decades since I memorized this.
Hung also brings in his synchronicity work, mentioning, if I remember correctly, that the goal is to apprehend the moment, and all that is with it.
He used a coin message to produce a hexagram concerning what effect his introduction might have.
--Now, some say that I Ching is a type of fortune telling, and street vendors make it appear thus, but let us remember that such great doctrines of theology as predestination can produce passivity and its opposite.
To the hexagrams. Remember, I’ll be adding to this through the coram, the Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi, Lord willing. This is my na├»ve stroke.
At the beginning, there was a yes and a no.  One was a solid horizontal line, the other had a gap in it.
One view of the Urim and Thummim that the High Priest of Israel used was that one said ‘yes,’ and the other ‘no’. The High Priest would be asked, ‘Should we war against X?’ He would draw a ‘yes,’ or a ‘no’. [Others hold other views].
Note please that as we digest Lao-Tse into Christendom, we learn things also, and one of those things is to contrast how the I Ching developed, and how, if I remember correctly, there was no more casting of lots after Matthias was selected to make the 12 again, after Judas left.
To the ‘yes’ line and the ‘no’ line was added another line, and then, the chronology is unclear, was added the stacking of three lines atop three lines, to make 64 hexagrams.  Somehow, from these hexagrams, over the years, has developed the words concerning the moment.
--As an aside, computer coding has an element of on-off to it.
I will study this more, especially the chronology (what part was during the Exile, during the Axial Age?) and the derivation of the words from the lines, Lord willing.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘and I don’t see the infinity-handling either’ Hartman
PS: Compare the full line and the broken line to the preterit and non-preterit tenses in Hebrew, if I’m calling them the right names.  It could be perfect and imperfect, completed or not completed.  If I recall, the completed may be in the future, known to be the future by context, or the incomplete may have occurred in the past, etc.  Incomplete, non-preterit, imperfect would be the broken line.
The Psalms run all through, including the holidays.
Much material from James Jordan’s presentation at Psalter Conference, 1998, Biblical Horizons
146 Psalms
Psalm 9-10 – alphabetic
Psalm 42-42 – refrain
Psalm 32-33 – no title for Psalm 33   --Psalm 32 says God will instruct; Psalm 33 has 22 pairs of lines (not alphabetical)
Psalms 70-71 – no title for Psalms 71  --Psalms 70 is virtually identical to Psalm 40: 13- 17; the duplication makes sense if Psalm 70 is actually the introduction to Psalm 71 [This after ‘146 Psalms if from Jordan’s presentation]
Numbering is per Jordan’s rendering of 146, above.
NOTE: Jordan is doing a monthly message on Psalms. Get it.  He has also discovered a paper that proposes that ‘Selah’ means something such as ‘Go back to the beginning and sing it as a refrain’ He does that in some of the messages.
Jeremiah Waiting Calendar house attempts to help us discover something about the next social order.  In it are layers.
1—House of Singing Times/Calendar Of Peace Prejected is a writing of Jordan’s 49-book Bible, literarily conceived onto the year (‘coram’ is Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. Coram in Latin is presence or face) from Resurrection to Resurrection.  See Biblical Horizons ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’.

2—Then I retune the retuning and run it backwards for 49 weeks, shebas (7, oath).

3—This coram is liturgical, 5 parts. Kinfe edges at the beginning and end are, respectively, Call and Commission, in Jordan’s 5 step liturgy. After 10 weeks, shebas, there is a mountain out ot time, a holiday, Public Vindication, Cleansing. After 11 more is another mountain holiday, The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (Consecration). After 11 more weeks itTotal Chirst, a two-mountain holiday.

4—To make the year coram fit the 49 and the Resurrection (Easter) to Resurrection, there may be a squeezing or a lengthening after week 42—Eliot/Anselm Time. Thus’we know the place for the first time, after our wanderings, ‘ and ‘God is greater than we can possibly imagine’.
5—I also rename the days after the Psalm, 8-2, and Conquering the Axial Age.
6—Bullinger’s 49 prophecies in Jeremiah are gone through one per week.

More will be shown as we go along. This structure below to Week 26 is repeated after week 27 is Psalm Week, something special.

Week 1—The Structure of Psalms. Complete, Day 1. Books 1,2,3,4,5, respectively. The Structure of Psalms.
Week 2—Psalms 1-7.
Week 3—Psalms 8, 9-10 ( 9 , Jordan, hereafterJ), 10, Aleph of Psalm 119 plus Book 1of 49, Psalms 11, 12, 13
Week 4—Psalms 14, 15, 16 (remember, Jordan, 9-10 is ‘9’) Beth of Psalm 119 + Book 2 of 49, 17, 18, 19
Week 5—20, 21, 22, carry on with parts of Psalm 119 + next book (3) , 23, 24, 25

Continue through Week 24, at which time 139 Psalms will have been done, one per day, plus all 22 parts of Psalm 119 + all 22 OT books.
--Remember: 146 Psalms
Psalm 9-10 – alphabetic
Psalm 42-42 – refrain
Psalm 32-33 – no title for Psalm 33   --Psalm 32 says God will instruct; Psalm 33 has 22 pairs of lines (not alphabetical)
Psalms 70-71 – no title for Psalms 71  --Psalms 70 is virtually identical to Psalm 40: 13- 17; the duplication makes sense if Psalm 70 is actually the introduction to Psalm 71 [This after ‘146 Psalms if from Jordan’s presentation]
Numbering is per Jordan’s rendering of 146, above.—
Week 25 is Psalms 140-146.
Week 26 has the same topics as Week 1.
Week 27 is Psalms Week, something special.
Weeks 28-53 repeat Weeks 1-26.
Note, from Jordan’s presentation at the 1998 Biblical Horizons Conference on the Psalter, that each of the 5 books ends in a doxology. Psalm 41:13, Psalm 72:18-19, Psalm 89:52, Psalm 106:48, Psalm 150:6. ‘Probably the doxology belongs at the end of each psalm in its book’

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Christian Court: Maybe Money, Surely Political Influence

Louise pointed out this thread to me. Benefits:CONCLUSION: You'll train yourselves, other churches, 'the world,' and maybe make some money with a miniscule investment, andmaybe make some money with Christian Court --maybe compete with Judge Judy later -- YourTube videos. You might want to consider Christian Court (TV, I thought at first). It's part of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House. But then I nixed the emphasis on the TV, and I said, why could not some church use her authority to do things. 1--Excommunication is a more severe penalty than death, so use a smart phone, have someone write a script, and have some excomm trials. Put 'em on YouTube with Adsens and make some money, train others and your own congregation. 2--Then there are discussion about how to pray, that is, sending a case to a higher court. God wants our reports on the situation. Gene Wolfe's 'West Wind' is the best fictional treatment of this that I've seen. 2b--I know no church that prays 1 Timothy 2: 1-4. It seems wisest. 3--If two members have a dispute, 'let the least among you decide it,' as theBible says. 4--If non-members want your wisdom, go through the Case Laws of Exodus in either Tools of Dominion, or Jordan's Exodus audio set, with notes. CONCLUSION: You'll train yourselves, other churches, 'the world,' and maybe make some money with a miniscule investment, andmaybe make some money with Christian Court --maybe compete with Judge Judy later -- YourTube videos. But what do I know?

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Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House, Part Five

Dear Gentles:

I must learn to type this and then past it.  I lost a couple of paragraphs.

Don't fear that I think this will have significant societal impact soon, but it is joyous to explore.

2 things today (Bullinger's 49 prophecies in Jeremiah await, and the whole brochure, I pray, Lord willing, will be available before Resurrection/Easter)

1--Since we have seen the suprising conquest/liberation in the 7th iteration of Joshua (Conquest?) in Philemon--rhetorc is liberating!--is there something similar with Leviticus?  Here is my grid, made from JBJ's work on 'Rethinking the Old Testament,' ind inspired by Hall's map of culture in a 10x10 grid from 'The Silent language'. lt is there, but must be copied and pasted to be seen. 
 Leviticus, Psalms, Jeremiah-Lamentations (the leviticus of Leviticus!, that is, the 3rd iteration as Leviticus is the 3rd book), Mark, 2 Peter, 2 Corinthians, 1 Timothy. Mike Bull, could these correspond to CDATMCG?

2--Psalms will be written across each 1/2 year (forward only so far, I'm still thinking), by having, in the third through 24 weeks (sheba), these 4 things: a--A return to bhe beginning as a refrain--25 words or so summarizing JWCH, Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House, that is, this temporary calendar. b--One of the 22 parts of Psalm 119. c--One of the 22 books of the OT, d--The meaning of the letter corresponding to the book. This also is in JBJ's article.

Stay tuned for the first 7 or so of the prophecies Bullinger sees 49 of in Jeremiah.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'keeping on keeping on' Hartman

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The NEW of the first week of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House

--Feb 9 to BH ‘Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House’ thread
The NEW of the first week of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House.
Arthur has been kind enough to respond to some of my thinking on the Boulder thread.  I will now have moved a response to this thread, after notification.
Here’s the plan.
Since Last Lord’s Day/Sunday was quinquegesima (50 days until Resurrrection/Easter) I have some time to get this coram’s (Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi) ready.
But I want to give an example of this layer of calendar that may help us bridge from this time to next time—this is like Jeremiah buying a plot of land, because Israel would return.  It would not always be Jeremiah Waiting Time.
Please remember also that this is another layer.  It is built on previous layers, starting with the ur-layer, the eternal calendar of the life of Christ and our response. We also live in a community/tribal calendar, a business/work calendar from empires, says ERH, an educational calendar from Greece, he says—and there are sports seasons, etc.
This calendar writes the 49-book Bible of JBJ’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ with, for each book, a prophecy in Jeremiah, listed in Bullinger’s Companion Bible. Coming in, at Calling,  is one of the 5 Cs of liturgy, and going out Commissioned is the 5th.  In between we have something for Cleanse, Consecrate, and Commune.  Thus, with the latter being two weeks, we have a 53.
WHAT IS OUR GOAL? Within the redemptive history, the maturity and the holy war against the devil and his angels, we’ll attempt to do as ERH’s revolutions do, and respond with new types of people, new types of speech, and new types of institutions. I’d like to call this a Oneanothering Advolutionary Revolution, and oar that moves us.
See Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ or  a summary of Gardner’s summary of the revolutions of the west on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
We go both 1-49 and backward, after having re-retuned each tier/tiara.  These can be seen in links in comments of Better Summary, June 24, 1025 at chuckhartmanhistory conductor.
So, what elements do we have with which to work to get a new type of person, or/and a new type of speech, or/and a new type of institution?
Hebrews is the book of the first wee, when we go backward. Genesis when going forward. Summary of Psalms (all 5, book 1, book 2, book 3, book 4, book 5, all) We also have 3 types of new names for the days.
Now, ERH has taught that the Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered the astronomical/astrological empires by resting/worshiping one day in 7, since The One True God made all those things the empires worshiped in 6 days and rested on the 7th. In our culture, English/American, the geocentric order was retuned by circle of 5ths to be Sun, Moon, Mars (Tir/Tiw), Wotan (Mercury), Thor, Fria (Venus), Saturn. Thus, Revelation 5:12 to 7:12, at the Ascension (see JBJ’s Revelation audios and notes, please). Why are Wotan and Fria switched? We don’t know. 1234567 becomes 4152637, becomes 8531642.
So the first new set of names for the days retune this retuning and add new names, from the churches in Revelation, basically. Thus K.O.Lymmm!!, Sardis, Pergamos, Ephesus, Philadelphia, Thyatira, Smyrna.  The ymmm!! Is my way of saying that yes, we should read, mark, learn and inwardly digest—ymmm!!--.

The second comes from ERH’s Christian Future essay in which he discusses 4 persons, each representing one of the directions—forward, inward, back, out.  I add Greek (theater) to the out, and sandwich them between Already and Not Yet.  This is an attempt to conquer by calendar the Axial Age institution that arose during Exile.  Work needs to be done.
The third names are of the books, here 49-2.  Directions will be changed between each ‘C’ of this layer’s liturgy, and at one other place.
As one goes through these books, and names, and Psalms, something should come up.
I’ve thought of this, and I believe that a good thing would be an institution of word coining.  When new things arise, they must be named (Adam, e. g.). Adam named the animals.
An historical example of the a good new word in the work ‘Trinity’. It was coined by Tertullian.  Cochrane, in ‘Christianity and Classical Culture’ says that Rome could not handle  the problem of the one and the many, but Christianity could, because ChristianityChristendom had the doctrine of theTrinity.
Next week, we have the first 7 Psalms—depending on my re-perusal of JBJ’s work on Psalms, and at the Psalms conference, years ago—and perhaps one of the Twenty-Two, meaning 22 comments on Psalms, so that with summaries and the 144+2 Psalms, we get 182, or through the Psalms in ½ a year/coram.
We have 41-35 as new names of days, in the third instance, and we have the 75h iteration of Deuteronomy as the book (see JBJ’s article, above) and Exodus.
PREIVEW: I’m going to says that an 8th of Deuteronomy would be…Christian Court TV.

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Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House--Architecture

--Dear Doug Roorda:

Thanks for saying that I should read this.

I apologize.  Someone else must minister to these folds, from a JBJ-BH perspective.

I'm reminded of someothin Asimov has one of his characters say in one of the 'Foundation' books, an early one. 'Such folly smacks of genius; a lesser mind would be incapable of it'

That is, they are far down the path of the saw set at the wrong angle that a Van Til quote gets at--'If you saw is set at the wrong angle, the more you saw, the worse it gets.'

The point of discussion, as far as I got, was between feeling in architecture and idea in architecture.

Contrasting Concepts of Harmony in Architecture
Contrasting Concepts of Harmony in Architecture  
Katarxis N 3     Contrasting Concepts of Harmony in Architecture:   The 1982 Debate Between Christopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman   An Early Discus...
View on 
Preview by Yahoo

But I'm thinking and feeling that the architecture we should be doing is building a house, because God has shown us houses, and He wants us to mature to build houses--appropriate houses.

In particular, I believe, teach, and.confess that the house of this time, one of them, is Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House.

It is somewhat in the vein of the Sunday-Monday-Tuesday... house the came from the efforts, successful in a way, of the Israel of Old and the New Israel, when confronted with an astronomical/astrological calendar.  They witnessed to The One True God (Trinity in the New Israel) by worshiping/resting one day in 7, thus saying by their respective actions that The One True God made all those gods/planets (in the broadest sense, wanderers), for he created the heavens above, the earth beneath, and the waters under the earth in 6 days and all very good, and rested on the 7th.
Caveat: Unless we rightly handle what went before, it will come back stronger.  Thus, Mercury (Wotanstag, Wednesday) can come back as gambling, wealth, good news to be wrongly deemed, and Venus (Fria, Friday) can come back as wrongly 'loving,' etc.

What I propose is another layer, for we are in the layer of the social orders, respectively, of tribes with community celebrations, of empires with business marketing and production schedules and workdays, of the eternal calendar of Jesus Christ, his life, and our response with various aspects of a church year, of Greek education with semesters, etc.

This layer, the Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House takes off from two things JBJ has done/said.  1--That we are in Jeremiah Time (at a conference), and that we wait (end of Through New Eyes).  And more, see Revelation 5:12 and 7:12, retuning the universe at Ascension. Revelation commentary.

So, we write the 49-book Bible onto the year.  We add the 49 prophecies that Bullinger's Companion Bible lists from Jeremiah.  That's a start.

We could add Psalms, 144 +2 = 146, and 22 of what I called years ago, Big Selahs (must be changed), = 168, with that part of Psalm 119 and the particular book of the 22, and the alphabet letter-word. To 168 add 2 weeks, 14 days of structural work, = 182, or 1/2 a year.

3 weeks are for 3 big celebrations, some aspect of quickening with Nativity, Resurrection, and 50.

(I have 53 weeks in my coram--celebration of resurrection anno mundi. Adjustments can be made)

The Heidelberg has 52, so maybe that's a third layer in this Layer.

I start at Resurrection, though, and I have 3 types of new names for days. Retuning the retuning, Axial Age institutions sandwiched between Already and Not yet, and I run through the books of the 49-book Bible 7 times, in different orders.


It's the mature thing, the sane thing (Sing A New Era!).  As one goes through these, 3 types might emerge, similar to what ERH sees in theRevolutions of the West--new types of persons, new types of speech, new institutions.  (49 x 3) plus Big Six =153, as fish in an early structure, you see.

Were my ship to come in, I'd hire someone to do this.

Remember, it's another layer, not a replacement. It's maturity.

That's what can be done toward peace, toward the next 1000 years--however long that is. ERH speaks of this in the latter lectures of Universal History 1954.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'a new thread too' Hartman