Sunday, November 27, 2016

Temporary Deterioration

I'm watching myself deteriorate, in some ways, temporarily. It is very difficult for me to take on new things. A break in the routine is difficult--for example, getting up at a different time, going to a different place. My b/p and various tests such and blood and for heavy metals are good. I'm walking better, though my left knew remains week. I'm in good medical care as 'The Patient as CEO'. But I've temporarily decided to work more overtime and holidays and use the money to pay people to write things for me, such as a manual (10-20 pages) of The Symphony, maybe YouTube videos of various Christian Court TV attempts (see later), and summaries of my 5 ERH-like steps in spreading The Revolutions of the West world-wide. Fear not. I think this is a transition. Maybe Providence wants me to camp here for a while.

With Whom Should An ET Trading Company Try To Make A Deal?

Standing Rock and Syria--are the both about pipelines? If George Carlin was right when he said 'The US is an oil company with an army,' to whom would you speak when wanting to get something done, if you were an extraterrestrial negotiating a trade treaty--big companies that do business world-wide, and/or those at the top of Bloom's (The Genius of the Beast') symbol stacks?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Megatrends MADJAN CA$H

Megatrends? MADJAN CA$H

Moore's Law applied 4x more powerfully to biological knowledge. Moore's law says that since 1890 the cost of computing has halved every 18 months.

Abundance, read the book, look at Peter Diamandis' work


Jordan, more crossing the Jordan (joining Christendom) than ever. Read North's 'Beating the State'. 3rd century Christians and Christianity in the 3rd world--the greatest evangelical movement in history.

Artificial Intelligence.


--The above is part of 153Culture, a calendar that uses one book of Jordan's 49-book Bible, literarily conceived (see 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament @ and for each book, attempts to make cultural outgrowths for each of Redemptive History, Maturation, and Holy War against the devil and his angels ('The devil is God's devil': Luther [CHH]

And 153Culture is step 4 of Rosenstock's 5-step revolution process. See 'Beyond Belief' by Clinton Gardner, or 'Revolutions of the West' at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.

The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive--TSOCHI--Imperative
How To Make Your Communities Better--Subjective
'371'. Formerly House Of Singing Times--a calendar. Narrative
Godparents For Society (also, for Eldsters)--Planetary Service, uses the 'Communities Better' system, on the basis that if we don't adequately handle past social orders, they'll come back worse and stronger
[An earlier version with links is at chuchhartmanhistoryconducter, June 24, I believe, 2015 or 2016, under 'Better Summary}

CA$H will be used to pay for propagation of these memes. Proposals solicited, with business plans. I pay money. Treatments, scenarios, etc. See Janet Switzer's earlier '52 ways to make money--Levinson of 'Guerrilla Marketing' is quoted as saying that he made $20,000 on the book, but millions on these other methods--and there are more now!

O Lord be with (Exodus 3:12)

Charles Howard Hartman, Thanksgiving, A. D. 2016. November 24
PS: 'Making money' is a trinitarian enterprise. Each participates, mutually indwells, the transaction.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Railroads, Time Zones, Discipling Into Christendom

Dear Gentle Ones:

Railroads began 4 time zones (US) Nov 18, 1883--1883, who knew? The key thing is, it was those who had something to do--business--that did this?

What business do you have, do you have to do, that necessitates a big change?

Days of week to bring Axial Age into Christendom? Already, Jesus All Times, Lao-tse, Abraham, Buddha, Greek Theater, Not Yet? (See Rosenstock’s ‘Christian Future,’ and Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’.)

Retuning the retuning of Revelation 5:12-7:12? 8531642, with Biblical Eras corresponding to churches( K.O.L.Ymmm!! is tri-linguistic, I pray not a snafu). Yes, this homophone of 'yom' is 'saying' that we eat time, take it into ourselves, for time is made by speech, as the respective books eaten by Ezekiel (?) and John.

Thus: K.O.L.Ymmm!!, SardisYmmm!!, PergamosYmmm!!, EphesusYmmm!!, PhiladelphiaYmmm!!, ThyatiraYmmm!!, SmyrnaYmmm!!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'it's time' Hartman
PS: If it's Friday, it muxt the ThyatiraYmmm!! and GreekTheaterDia. ('Dia' from Spanish and asin 'through' or should I have used 'die' or 'diem'?)
PPS: Calendars are remnants of previous social orders--cvan they be seeds of future social orders? See 'symbol stack' in my next post on 'Metropolitan' thread.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

How I'm Avoiding 'The Good Is The Enemy Of The Great'

There are many good things to do, but ponder this: The Good Is The Enemy Of The Great.

This means that you should concentrate on the most important thing you can do, at which you would be most difficult to replace. Calling.

Since my stroke (I'm recovering well, thanks) I've had a few new, major thoughts on my calling, including that I sing initiate (singitiate) to the next era, so that those in it will meake a response in song, a responsong.

And, reading Schilder's comment, paraphrased, that the gospels are not a life history of Jesus, but a respone showing fulfillment, I as searching, as part of this calling, for the singitiation in earlier Scripture. This can be made into music, using Jordan's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament'. Literarily putting the books into 22 (search Biblicval Horizons for the above) can be a musical instrument, as an initiation of 87654321 is like unto the music of 'Joy to the World,' you see.

More later.

An early fill-in-the-blanks version of a singitiation to those in the next era of human history is here:

any good money-making and life style changes are subordinate to this calling, so these goods will not be then enemy of my peculiar great, you see.

Monday, November 7, 2016

6 month stroke report summary

6 month stroke report summary
Prayer, of course, is before any numbers.
1—I’m very, very tired. Chiropractor says it’s adrenal.
2—I’m functioning well at work. I was back ½ time in a month, and full time in 2 months.
3—I’m getting improvements still.  Last week it was as if my body told me, ‘Hey, this is how your left ankle and foot is supposed to work, how it’s working now!’ And Cranial Sacral Therapy has helped. Here’s a peer-reviewed journal-published report sponsored by the U of Iowa (I believe) that includes how to do it, and reports about how CST helped people in nursing homes. I found out about it in a book by a meditator, Cranial Sacral therapist from Fairfield:

4—I can run slowly, awkwardly, for a short time.
5—My estradiol (spelling) is a little high.  This can be handled nutritionally, members of my Cure Team tell me.
6—One of my Rescue team members has resigned to help his own father, and I have a new one.
7—I paid for CRP, homocysteine, and other blood tests, and a heavy metal toxicity, and the estradiol is the only one out of normal range. All my blood tests at the hospital were in normal range too. My blood pressures don't fluctuate as much, diastolic (bottom) in low 70s, systolic (top one) 140s. I take 3 and average them. I have a record of them all.
8—It could be providential that I’ve been stopped from filling in the blanks of The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, TSOCHI (the are form of the next era), for it has allowed me to elaborate on singitiation and responsong.
9—Other things are proceeding.  My left knee is still weak.  I’m not happy that winter is coming. Domestic tranquility is still a priority.
10—I’m taking a pharmaceutical, Lisinopril, low dose.  It works. Any statins must be complemented with more, more, CoQ10. Baby aspirins seem harmless. I take a lot of supplements, and CBD Oil seems to have been very helpful. It’s an industrial hemp food product, sold in (health) food stores, NOT medical marijuana.
11—I do believe health is ultimately spiritual. I need to work on that. My experience with hospitals is that they try, but it’s tough. They got us for ‘observation,’ which has been warned about. $10K for 3 days. And my wife handles that with all my good insurances, so it was able to be handled. There’s a new world coming. ‘Patient as CEO,’ Peter Diamandis, etc.
12—I’ll probably do more business, and pay others to do some of my TCOCHI and other work.