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1--Wait until asked, on specific things.
2--In the meantime, develop skills and penetrate culture by finding 3 mighty men (Peter, James, and John) somewhere in the world to partner with, making things profitable so that they will continue without one.
3--Rejoice always, with thanksgiving. Tribulation worketh patience, and patience experience, and experience hope.

I'm late.

Love in King Jesus,


Monday, June 27, 2011

Godparents for Eldsters June A. D. 2011 [2 Cor. Smyrna861]

Godparents for Eldsters
Summary, Conversation with Friend, Short Suggested Ceremony. Conclusion

1--Summary: You know how some churches have godparents for an infant being baptized, so if something happens to the parents, there's somebody? This is like that for eldsters, a more honoring term for oldsters.

2--Conversation:Godparents for Eldsters conversation with co-worker, with whom I had not worked for a while.

CW: Co-worker: What's new?

CH: Chuck: Godparents for Eldsters.

(Quizzical look)

CH: Eldster is a more honoring way than saying oldster.

CW: How does it work?

CH: You know how some churches have godparents for an infant being baptized, so if something happens to the parents, there's somebody? This is like that for eldsters.

CW: Is this established already, or is it your idea?

CH: As far as I know, it's mine..

CW: Get it going, people need it.

Love in King Jesus,

3--Short, short ceremony


Witness: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Participants: Amen.


I am Rev. _____, here on this ____ day of ____, A. D. _____, in _________ to witness the establishment of this covenant before God.

The participants have been asked by ________ ________ to be ___ Godparents for Eldster (____self), in a way similar to that of Godparents or Sponsors for infants in some churches.


James 1: 27: King James Version (KJV)
27Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
Deuteronomy 5: 16: King James Bible
Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Oaths and Sanctions:

The one to be protected will introduce the Godparents for Eldster to be, after which I, the witness, will ask them to vow to be such, under God:

One to be Protected: I introduce _______________, and _______________ (as many as have been asked).

Witness: Do you ________ accept the commission of Godparent for Eldster for ________, to protect ______ in ______ possible enfeeblement, vulnerability, and befuddlement as ___ ages, or otherwise needs protection, so help you God?

And, do you ________ accept the commission of Godparent for Eldster for ________, to protect ______ in ______ possible enfeeblement, vulnerability, and befuddlement as ___ ages, or otherwise needs protection, so Help you God?

This completes the reference to James 1:27.



Having now completed this covenant that I have witnessed, the Lord be with you. Go in peace.

4—Conclusion. The Fourth Time Around. Another way to ‘Inherit the Earth’. Evangelism, Discipleship.
--Godparents for Eldsters June A. D. 2011 [2 Cor. Smyrna861]

Will There Be War?

'Will there be war?' You jest. It's permanent, 3 at least now, bases all over the world, Codevilla's ruling class vs. the productive. Tax eaters and tax payers. Debasing of currency (in war, you counterfeit the opponent's currency). These are birth pangs.

Old institutions are destroyed by great technological change. The Amish forbid electricity for that reason, I believe, for that reason--it destroys the group. Our calling is to be technological, with the appropriate new and old group(s). A hospital management company once 'ruled' much of Europe (Knights Hospitaller)., I have read. Agriculture was the key to wealth for barons, counts, etc. The Hapsburgs made their money building towns and renting out parts (Berman, 'Law and Revolution'). We have digital CONTINENTS emerging just recently.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Calendar for Now

Couple of thoughts. 1--JBJ mini-Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer. Take his 7 churches = 7 eras (or 'ears'!) concept and trace the theme of the sermon through these 7, one per day.

2--Even more important: From Rev. 5:12-7:12, we see the changes in order from before Ascension to after Ascension. 1234567 by circle of fifths becomes 4152637, basically our Sun (4th from earth), Moon, etc 'days.

BUT there are other significant ('singificant') days after that, Pentcost and A. D. 70.

This gives liberty for another retuning., and flip, for we are those who have turned the world upside down.

The present order, I claim, is 8531642, adding earth in, and using the social firmament of Eph. 2:6.

I've done other changes, and it is now Smyrnsymmm (SmyrnaBmoY), where we see/hear through Prison, Abram to Moses. I've written this up somewhere.

I actually try to do all 3--1234567, 4152637, 8531642. I must get to this daily. PS: We are no longer under the moon, i. e. 'moonths'. Use JBJ's 49-book Bible from #80 Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament. The seasons are Beatitudes and Woes.

This is another layer of Psalmodic Response, not a replacement for The Life Of Christ And Our Response, i. e. 'Church Year'.

Church Militaint

Each church should have sitrep, Situation Report, articulated frequently.

The Big Picture (Churchill),

and the battle briefing (Battle of Britain daily sorties).

A Shepherd has as much, ormore, authority to commission as he does to forgive sins, in the stead and by the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for the liturgy is transformational, and later on it the liturgy, we are more matured.

From Facebook Notes--look there for more Charles Howard Hartman

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Write a note from your future self to your current self

Write a note from your future self to your current self, and describe what you've accomplished.
Research has shown that positive thinking leads to positive results, and that just thinking about success can make success happen! It's easy to think something is out of reach, but telling yourself you've already succeeded at something makes it feel real before you begin.

Daniela Kunz

You did well. In all covenants.

Your calendar is selling.

People are doing symphonies in churches yearly.

Commissioning is happening in churches and communities.

The Speech/Covenant pattern is being applied.

We have the imperative!

Good work.

PS: And GodparentsForEldsters is going great too. All on Kindle and apps.

And others are doing it, and improving it. The torch has been passed.
You were ready for the big liability to be turned into an asset.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Specific Commissioning in the Congregation, as Holy War

Specific Commissioning in the Congregation, as Holy War

1--There's as much authority to commission as to cleanse.
2--Maybe even more, for commissioning comes at a more 'adult' part of the liturgy, after call, cleanse, consecrate, commune. Jesus is the First Adult. We were slaves and children under tutors before Jesus, etc.
3--Start slowly, small, using military briefings before a battle as an example. Where will the enemy strike, what strongholds of the enemy must we take? What must be held at all costs? What will our allies do? What weapons shall we use? Who will do what? Think Battle of Britain.
4--Dear Pastor: I'm thinking there should be a time in the Church Year for a Situation Report on the condition of the War. This could then drive the articulation of strategies and tactics. Maybe the 11th Lord's Day, inclusive, after Pascha/Easter, Pentecost being the 8th. You could have influence were you to write such a sample sermon? I'd be much interested in reading it, listening to it. Please. Love in King Jesus, Chuck PS: The beginning of the history would be like it is in the Heidelberg, and much could be added about A. D. 70/Public Vindication, worship as liturgical warfare, commissioning, etc.
5--It should all be agreed on beforehand, as baptism ceremonies. It need not take long. Just an announcement, and a prayer, and a command that all pray for this commissioned effort.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: a. Each individual has a unique talent. b. We need to find it, and pray for it, one anothering one another. This would include partnerships, families, and other groups. It would include long-term plans. b’. It would include helping other congregations. If the Baptists are better at feeding the poor, maybe a talent of one of our congregation would be to be Ambassador to the Baptists--Matthew 25 comes to mind. a’. To put it another way, there are many instruments in an orchestra, many to ‘join with us their voices in the triumph song’.

Exegeting a City, Discipling a Community by Commissioning

Exegeting a City, Discipling a Community by Commissioning

I think this may be useful in exegeting a city, though I've missed the talk so far.

1--This takes off from the position that the pastor (church rulers) have as much authority to commission (in the 5 Cs of JBJ) as they do to cleanse.

Yea, even more, for worship is transformational, and we should be more adult now that we have gone through the process of being Called, Cleansed, Consecrated, Communed...

2--The second thing is rhyming covenants. Here we rhyme the covenantal history of a community with the covenant of the worship service. Lay them side by side, or one atop the other.

3--What then? We find that we are in a commissioning stage with the community. And we commission.

4--Give an example or two? OK, Pella. Called to Iowa by the situation in Holland. Cleansed by getting here. Consecrated by a sacrificial life (cut apart from the home country, worship, etc.). After 1922, when a Sourvenir History of Pella was written, Communed, in that people were invited into the history via community celebration of Tulip Time. And now, 2011, Pella will be commissioned, that is sent out, for Pella has been given much, and should then give to others.

5--Of course, with all this there are deaths and resurrections, as technology destroys the old group, while allowing action over more space and in less time (ERH).

6--In what ways, commission. Well, Pella is easier, since the name means refuge. How give refuge? In 4 aspects: Community (tribal), Business (empires), Religion (Israel), Education (Greece).

7--I have imperatives, but I'm thinking it more important to do it with many members of the community participating, so that it can be owned by them.

6'--One could share this method of community renewal with the tourists. The businesses could be revitalized, but even more one could work on sources of new income from working from home, or a web business, like unto earlier Pella with tradesmen. In Religion, if we take the 26 churches we pray for and multiply by 200 in attendance regularly, we find that 5200 is about half of Pella. Thus, revival, or something? Missions with our money--or bring in an African (!) to show us how Africa went from 10% Christian in 1900 to 46% today? Education--Well, there is much home schooling, the college has gone liberal, the internet beckons, etc.

5'--Were we to put this history around the town square, we could put types of technology on each side, and someones could explore changes in community. The pioneers came by sailing ship and covered wagon, from 1847-1922 it was railroads and telegraph and telephone. 1922-2011, big technology with movies, radio, TV, internet. What's after 1922, and how to keep community amidst the big changes?

4'--We should also go backward from either/or the future and the present. A Looking Backward. Greater Things Multi-Generational Family Projects would help here, but basically we travel the memory palace of the town square backward. Finding roots for our fruits, we find new roots.

3'--The commisioning could be done by one pastor or church (Gregory VII), or by agreement beforehand and a meeting in the football stadium (Uganda after Amin) and maybe a real covenanting with signatures on a new document. Whoever covenants IS the community. That's how whoever articulates the imperative makes the revolution. Gardner's Beyond Belief, Chapter 5, has great summaries of the national revolutions in the West. Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective. Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact.

2'--This would reinvigorate worship, for we would be commanded as we went out, specifically. ERH says history moves from plural to individual. And these commanded things are worked out in advance. We are a team, even better, we are militarily organized as in a war, a Holy War, unto maturity, within redemptive history, psalmodically responding. The orchestra and chorus, the baseball team, needs all player, each is important.

1'--What WAS the process by which Domine Scholte (pastor who led emigration) did it? What documents are there as to covenants? How can we do analogously, but with greater maturity, given our greater great Providential gifts?

I pray this makes some sense.

As usual, this is off the top of my head, after much digestion, and I realize that I am not an administrator, but I believe this could be a local local local way to build up to larger units of covenant, and I think it is entirely possible that we may be forced to more local local local actions by the destruction of idols that is coming, with debts and deficits, etc.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Boulder is ripe for commissioning in a way because the rock of the federal government on which the governors relied had turned into sand in the gears of good governing.
PPS: St. Louis could recover what it is to be a 'saint,' and a Crusader, after the 12th C. fellow it was named after.
PPPS: PROPR--Participatory Recovenanting Of Pella Refuge. Names are important. We are commanded to be what we are, made in the image of God. (Several memes/themes here from Pastor Nolder's sermons, nuancedly applied)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Basics In Pattern Of Law Lyric Evaluation Fact


Covenant. Or: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective leading to new Imperative.

1--Use the imperative as part of the speech method of the covenant(s), especially as articulated by ERH.

2--Commission, that's the subjective response to the imperative.

3--The calendar(s) of a society show what she is, as a man's schedule shows what he is. Change the calendar, by psalmodically responding to the Word, and you disciple. Example: Worshiping every 7 days amens God's creating and demolishes worship of creation.

4--Join with us their voices in the triumph song. The covenant applied to the earth beneath, people, is something such as The Symphony Of History (Peace), as the scientific method is the covenant applied to the earth beneath, and the liturgy is the covenant oriented toward the Heavens Above.

[More to come]

Love in King Jesus, Chuck

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Is The Imperative For This Age To Come?

What Is The Imperative For This Age To Come?

The question is, what is the new imperative for this ‘revolution’? Could it be ‘Speak in imperative, formal speech behind which you put your life. Incarnational speech, ERH might say.

Better: Use rightly the speech process. Then we go to subjective, narrative, and objective.

Subjective: Commission.

Narrative: Calendar (House Of Singing Times0. On this, ERH says ‘Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is.’ I say, ‘Show me a society’s calendar(s) and I’ll tell you what she is,’ or better ‘Write a society’s calendar(s) to mature them.’.

And finally, the objective: The ChorusOrchestra. The Symphony of History (ERH: Fruit of Lips). The covenant oriented (northed—God’s throne is in the north, we no longer are ‘oriented’/’easted’) toward the earth beneath, people, as liturgy was/is the covenant oriented toward the heavens above, and the scientific method was/is the covenant oriented toward the waters under the earth.

Here’s a brief video on the Symphony: A BRIEF explanation of the art form of the next era. Great for evangelism and discipleship. Love in King Jesus, Chuck

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Fiction and Biblical Horizons Theology--A Start

Psalms 19:14

You are far too kind.

I will attempt something this AM, and then think on your post today at work.

The first thing that comes to mind is world-building. This seems to be something that SF has in common with BH/theology. For instance, in 'Through New Eyes' we see that men,under God, have built a series of world modelling buildings to go with the words that have been given them. JBJ has said that the words to the tabernacle are the Decalogue, the words to the Temple are the Psalms. The arrangement of the prophets, especially The Twelve (not arragned chronologically) may be a retuning also.

So, world-building. There are books, Poul Anderson has written something such as this, on how to build a world.

Second, Anselm. Some SF guys say that 'the universe is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can possibly imagine'.

Third, comprehensivity. From the Big Bang to the Heat Death, SF is set in the total universe, SF writers think. They attempt it. Creation to Consummation is better, with glorification.

Fourth, Psalmodic Response. We followers of the Way, respond to His words, of course, all of them. SF writers attempt something similar with nature. We have the true 3-decker creation. One good difference, bringing in ERH and Galileo, is that while Galileo says that the language of science is mathematics, ERH shows us that the heaven above are about names, the earth beneath about words, and the waters under the earth are about numbers--God claims them all, from before Day One to the name for each of us that only He knows, that we grow up to be.

Fifth, sense of wonder. There is more. Coast to Coast AM, I have said, is more about 'news' than the news, for that reason. Reverence is Goedelian.

Sixth, ERH's four fronts as psalmodic response buildings. This is best set out in a couple lectures before the end of Universal History 1954. We can compare them to the 4 of the tabernacle, too. For instance, the tribes are in: dancing green (marriage), out: warpath, forward: altar, back: totem pole (portable grave). This morphs into the empires: in (economy or consanguinous intermarriage, I believe), out: fortresses, forward: the little marketplace that there is, and back: settlement time (?; this I need to look up). One can compare this to the morphing of the Tabernacle to the Temple. ERH gets very wonderful when he speaks of the next era from this one, and his cross of reality is a torn-ness ever-present to Christians, and to those of us on the cusp of change and being changed

There is more. I will attempt to reply psalmodically to your other questions, for writing tonight ('in English' as a wise one has asked me concerning an expansion and articulation of the commissioning part of the 5 Cs of covenant renewal worship).

The Lord be with you.

Love in King Jesus,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

How To Disciple A Community By Commissioning


We will ‘rhyme’ some sequences. A & B.

A is the sequence in a worship service.

B is a sequence in history.

Then we will show how to disciple in A.

We will apply this to B.
[Then there will be additional material, for background. Please bear with me. Others will do better: Proverbs 18:17, nuanced.]

How to disciple in A, sequence in worship service--See ‘What Would A Commissioning Minister Do?’ here:

Here are 3 examples of B, sequence in history. 1—North’s book ‘Crossed Fingers’ has many sequences of events that follow a 5-point pattern. 2—Jordan’s booklet ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ has a 4 sequence, and a 3 sequence. When we add ‘in’ before, and ‘out’ after, we get 5 from 3. 3—Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ shows how the revolutions of the West have followed a 4 sequence.

So, when we write the history of a community, we will write it as a sequence, and show that we are now in that part of the sequence that is similar to the commissioning (benediction, sending out) of the worship sequence.

Example: Pella, Iowa. The founders of Pella were called out of Holland by the conditions there, and got new life in America, arriving in 1847. The first two in the sequence.

Until 1922, when ‘A Souvenir History of Pella’ was written, and 1936 with the first Tulip Time community celebration, they were living in the word, let’s say. The third in the sequence. [I have better resonances in some of the other analogous sequences. For instance, in Jordan’s Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact, the Lyric stage is happily living, and the Evaluation is highlighted by the book and celebration.]

Until now, A. D. 2011, the residents of the Pella community have been a community with celebration. (And there is much eating!). Similar to Communion in a liturgical service, as getting out of Holland was like being Called, and getting to America was being Cleansed.

So now we are in the Commissioning stage of the 5Cs of worship, applied to history. Again, see ‘What Would A Commissioning Minister Do?’.

Here we put forth two principles from Pastor Nolder. 1—As you are given, you are to give to others. 2—Christianity is the only religion in which you are supposed to be what you are, that is, created in God’s image, the image of God.

Putting these two things together with the fact that the name ‘Pella’ means refuge, and that since the founders and followers of Pella have been given refuge, we ask this: In what way(s) can Pella now GIVE refuge, since that is what those made in the image of God would do, give as they were given.?

Here are 4 categories in which refuge might be given. These 4 are based on Rosenstock-Huessy’s book, ‘The Multiformity of Man,’ available free on line, here:

Shortly, for our purposes, we can list these 4, in some sense corresponding to orders of society. Tribal, Empire, Israel, Greece. Community, Business, Ecclesiastical, Educational.

I invite discussion on the forms of refuge to be offered under each of these headings. I have good ideas, but perhaps they are not the best, in that as a pastor dies for his flock (hands laid on at ordination, etc.) so one who will commission a community must so identify himself with it that he knows what technological innovations have caused the community to be able to act over greater distance, and in shorter time, but at the same time have destroyed the old society, a new one being reborn, in a sense.

In Universal History 1954, in lectures around 23 and 24 (a Dartmouth course) ERH recounts the 4 fronts of in-out-forward-back for each of the orders of society, and their post-Resurrection glorifications.

One who would commission Pella/Refuge would do that, for each of the 4 sides of the town square, on which the chronology of Pella is written, the historical turning points being when the direction of travel in this memory palace is changed.

The first side starts west of the SW corner, and proceeds to the SE corner, 1847: Arrival in Pella of the 100. Going north, we reach 1922 at the NE corner. Going west we reach A. D. 2011 at the NW corner, at which time we commission Pella to be what she is, Refuge, as she is sent out from this time, with a blessing command.

Here is a table to be filled in:

To 1847, community, business, religion, education, altering technological innovation..
To 1922, community, business, religion, education, altering technological innovation.
To 2011, community, business, religion, education, altering technological innovation.

What would be some examples? Change of language. John Hospers, Libertarian candidate for President in a972, I believe, did not speak English at home. He was born in 1918.

The pioneers traveled by sailing ship, I believe, and covered wagon. But between 1847 and 1922 in came the railroad, the telegraph, and the telephone, and radio. 1922-2011 saw airplane, television, moving pictures, etc. From 2011 on it would seem that the internet, etc. would be big.

In education, Central College in town was founded by Baptists, but now is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, and 25% of her students are Roman Catholic. PEACE, a homeschool group is big in the community, and Pella Christian schools are too.

In religion, it is said that this is a Christian Reformed community, but the percentage of church attendance in all types of churches is below 50%.

Businesses include one of the top 100 companies to work for, Pella Corp. (windows), and the Vermeer Corporation, which has 2 full-time chaplains, and brings in religious speakers.

There is more, but this is how one would disciple a community by commissioning her. Put her history in a sequence analogous to a worship sequence, and having written it that way, you are in the commissioning position, the loving imperative that she be her name, when you have died and been reborn in that history, as outlined above.

I invite discussion. I have attempted much shorter such efforts with St. Louis (he was a Crusader, and a saint—and what are these today?) and Boulder, Colorado (briefly, the rock of Washington that the ‘liberals’ governing Boulder thought they could depend on, has become sand in the machinery of good local government).

Your commission: Fill in the blanks.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck Hartman
PS: More can be said. This is pretty good for three pages. In my personal 5-point life, 1 is rhyming covenant sequences, and 5 is this honoring of the past (father and mother) so as to live well and prosper in the future (what the Lord our God has given us). 2 is respectively are Lectionary Historical, in which periods of time are divided into 49ths, one of the 49th for each respective week of the year. 3 is The Symphony of History, which I claim is analogous in orientated to the earth beneath (people) , as the liturgy of the church was, oriented to the heavens above in the first 1000 years, and the scientific method was, oriented to the waters under the earth in the second 1000—this is a sketch. 4 is a calendar that rhymes 30 covenant sequences. Key initial parts are one book of the Bible per each of the 49 weeks of the year, and renaming the days to reflect the new firmament of Ephesians 2:6.

What Would A Commissioning Minister Do?

This is based on the idea that just as pastors have the authority in the stead and by the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive sins--the whole congregation, and individually--in the worship service, pastors have the authority to specifically commission, just as they generally commission, lets' say, using Matthew 28.

So, just before the general benediction and sending out, the commissioning, for those who beforehand have consulted with the elders, and all are in agreement, the commissioning minister could specifically commission, for example, Mrs. Jones to work with the younger wives, Dr. Smith to begin to plan for a pro-life pregnancy clinic, the McGuffey family to begin a multi-generational Big Project of X (I like the Texas-sized ocean of plastic between Hawaii and Japan), Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez to be Ambassadors to the Baptists and their feed-the-poor project. Ambassadors would encourage cross-congregational praying for specific ministries of other churches.

The possibilities are endless.

Even more exciting for the older man in ministry might be his opportunity to use his accumulated wisdom in a Jacob-like way, no longer moving the furniture but speaking wisdom that is acted by others. A big battle plan he could formulate. Are we in Bledsoe's 500-years shift to metropolitanism, JBJ's 3rd of the 700-year shifts since the Resurrection, this one emphasizing the Holy Spirit, ERH's sociological era in which the virtues of the tribe are emphasized, and perpetual war of the tribes is eliminated, as the empire/nation-state era eliminated slavery, and as the New Israel period eliminated exclusiveness?

This is in the Holy War area, and it moves us to specific actions and commissionings.

Think of a pilot's briefing before a big battle. Where is the enemy, what weapons do we have, where must we attack, where defend, where hold until relieved?

Love in King Jesus,