Monday, June 27, 2011

Will There Be War?

'Will there be war?' You jest. It's permanent, 3 at least now, bases all over the world, Codevilla's ruling class vs. the productive. Tax eaters and tax payers. Debasing of currency (in war, you counterfeit the opponent's currency). These are birth pangs.

Old institutions are destroyed by great technological change. The Amish forbid electricity for that reason, I believe, for that reason--it destroys the group. Our calling is to be technological, with the appropriate new and old group(s). A hospital management company once 'ruled' much of Europe (Knights Hospitaller)., I have read. Agriculture was the key to wealth for barons, counts, etc. The Hapsburgs made their money building towns and renting out parts (Berman, 'Law and Revolution'). We have digital CONTINENTS emerging just recently.

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