Monday, June 20, 2011

Specific Commissioning in the Congregation, as Holy War

Specific Commissioning in the Congregation, as Holy War

1--There's as much authority to commission as to cleanse.
2--Maybe even more, for commissioning comes at a more 'adult' part of the liturgy, after call, cleanse, consecrate, commune. Jesus is the First Adult. We were slaves and children under tutors before Jesus, etc.
3--Start slowly, small, using military briefings before a battle as an example. Where will the enemy strike, what strongholds of the enemy must we take? What must be held at all costs? What will our allies do? What weapons shall we use? Who will do what? Think Battle of Britain.
4--Dear Pastor: I'm thinking there should be a time in the Church Year for a Situation Report on the condition of the War. This could then drive the articulation of strategies and tactics. Maybe the 11th Lord's Day, inclusive, after Pascha/Easter, Pentecost being the 8th. You could have influence were you to write such a sample sermon? I'd be much interested in reading it, listening to it. Please. Love in King Jesus, Chuck PS: The beginning of the history would be like it is in the Heidelberg, and much could be added about A. D. 70/Public Vindication, worship as liturgical warfare, commissioning, etc.
5--It should all be agreed on beforehand, as baptism ceremonies. It need not take long. Just an announcement, and a prayer, and a command that all pray for this commissioned effort.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: a. Each individual has a unique talent. b. We need to find it, and pray for it, one anothering one another. This would include partnerships, families, and other groups. It would include long-term plans. b’. It would include helping other congregations. If the Baptists are better at feeding the poor, maybe a talent of one of our congregation would be to be Ambassador to the Baptists--Matthew 25 comes to mind. a’. To put it another way, there are many instruments in an orchestra, many to ‘join with us their voices in the triumph song’.

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  1. Commission each to do something with his/her talent, and see what happens? If failure, 1 John 1: 8-9. That's good evangelism, in church, I'm thinking?