Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Imperative Stem for 3 John

Imperative Stem for 3 John

Dear Gentle Ones:

Imperative stem for 3 John.  Background. JBJ's 49-book Bible, makes a jubilee of new speech, persons, institutions, when we take the imperative stem of each book, and develop this imperative stem into other verb forms, as ERH writes in 'Magna Carta Latina' that all Latin verb froms are thus developed.

Thus we pray (thinking is thanking) for/that the next era be Christian, for ERH has written that the next era is small enthusiastic groups (tribe-like?) without the constant warpath of the tribe, as the Church was Israel without exclusion, and the antion-state was empires without slavery.

For true speech, make them oath formed, and add profitable in there--however that's defined, currency-wise.

Now 3 John is VERY short.  Maybe that's the pont (sic, 'bridge' in French).

Samuel took 2 scrolls, so did Kings.

But we have examples of small things being large. The comma, non-capital Hebrw\ew, Hebrew vowel points, the decimal, the zero. Fuller, in 'Critical Path,' points us to physics and chemistry compared to mechanics. Diamandis in 'Abundance' points/ponts us to the demonetization of things, such as the tremendously decreased cost of features on cell phones.

Responeo etsi mutabor.  I swill/must respond though I will/must be cvhanged.  And Sturgeon has a grat short story on the strongerness/strangeness of the place without paper on a sheet being stronger than the place with paper. And homeopathy, and the tremendous ability of a small aspirin to cure a large headache.



Love in King Jesus,

Charlie '49' Hartman

Congregational liturgical garments business--let's go into it?!

Let’s go into congregational liturgical garments business?! JBJ spoke on this in an audio years ago, and my brother Greg ‘Imperativity’ Hartman preached on it. I propose construction worker vests.  After Absolution, put on white, after Sermon, garments of high priest (printed on vest in a picture). After Communion, full armor of God. After Benediction, Bride Adorned. Parament colors appropriate in pocket. % of tock, etc. to JBJ. Ebook might be the best way to go, with colored illustrations. Explanation included. Basically, this diachronic sequence put us where we should be.  We haven’t kicked down the ladder up which we’ve climbed (Chesterton).

Stuart Wooden Nickel Highway

Stuart Wooden Nickel Highway. How nice to get a dime for each vehicle going through Stuart on I-80! Use wooden nickels (@13 cents) with offer(s)—Always test, says Jay Abraham—that get people off road and into town. Pictured mostly tourist family. Wooden nickels for hundreds of miles.  Probably, second meal of equal of lesser value free, not including drinks? On back, link to website with more deals and videos of attractions—Buck Shaw. Coach of world football champs, road built to Dexter one Saturday, Bonnie and Clyde, artists working, Stuart, The Musical,, Roseto Effect, videos of merchants deal. Sell nickels for a quarter, they use ‘em for 50 cents in change? See Wikipedia on Highway 6, search ’50 shades of Jay Abraham. ‘Before the U.S. Highway System came into being in 1926, roads in Iowa were maintained and promoted by local organizations which sought to drive traffic into their communities.’ From US Route 6 in Iowa, Wikipedia).  The contents of the wooden nickels must be tested. Brochures could be in addition. Send tourists on to next place in town.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Jubilee persons, speech, institutions

Dear _____:

Yes, old groups are being destroyed.  ERH said this happens with new technology, which also increases our reach, and decreases the time it takes.

I propose that we can find in each book of JBJ's 49-book Bible, an imperative stem, from which we can develop other verb forms. (In Magna Carta Latina, ERH says that every Latin verb from is developed from a shorter imperative stemm).

Thus, as in the Revolutions of the West (Gardner, Chapter 5 of 'Beyond Belief') we create new types of persons, types of speech, types of institutions--by oath, behind which we put our lives, thus 'true speech'.

Last week ws James--what is the imperative stem of James.

Love in King Jesuc,

Charlie 'Where's the money in this?' Hartman

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Schliemann Option Update

Schliemann Option Update.
Heinrich Schliemann had made enough money by age 36 to retire, and to search for Troy. ‘No one else’ thought it existed, but he had read Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and he thought he could find it.  He did find it.
I’ve been working for decades on something that seems to me to be significant, but I have had few who also thought so.  I’ve thus now decided to make money and pay for it. [The essentials are done, and if ‘the internet is forever,’ someone will find them, if not my great to the nth grandchildren.]

So, I’ve set out on the quest. Jay Abraham has much free material that is great., search for ’50 shades’. Tom Woods and’ have free things that are good, and affiliate links.  Check ‘5 ways of making money online,’ for one thing.
Many other have ways to make 6 figures, but I believe I should search for a Trinity echo, a mutual indwelling in a transaction, that is related to my key thing, and that, in essence, is marketing. (‘Market,’ I claim is a metathesis of ‘et mohar’ (hard h =K) as butterfly to flutterby, a metathesis.

So, I’m investigating digital marketing.  This would  be another language, and I can learn it.  Ecommerce things are not my key thing.

More later.

Monday, August 7, 2017

If I had already 'Schliemanned'.

Dear Gentle Ones:

If, IF, if I had already 'Schliemanned'.

Schliemann retired rich at 36, Wikipedia says,. and then found Troy, which most thoght was foolish.

I am much older than that (this year it's 50 years since Congress passed a law making me 'an officer and a gentleman'!) bu some projects are worth a try.

If, if I had already Schliemanned, I'd ask how much it would cost me to get someone to work on the basic 243 words of Hebrew--or some variation of that.

Starting with Mozeson's 7 sounds, putting them minto 2-sound roots, using a grid, and then adding a third dimension of 7 would give us 243. This is in 'Origin of Speeches'.

But, his 7 sounds include in each one, several consonants.

And, the first word in the Bible has 4 consonants: B-R-SH-T. (That I think this makes a mini-liturgy on the 'first mention' principle seems to await further discussion.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Schliemann' Hartman
PS: What's the imperative stem of 2 John?
PPS: What are these words?!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Funeral Outline

Funeral outline 

A miserable sinner saved by grace.

The 5 Solas.

Ephesians 2--Yes, he was 'created in Christ Jesus, to do good works that God had foreordained' (paraphrase)

1 John 1, 9 and 10 (from the Service Book)

Son Tom is curating my Faceboo Notes (800+ now), and there is good information in chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and stored by Dymin and in my computers, and some good summmaries are at google sites, but I think that, unless I get going after this date, August5, A. D. 2017 (SmyrnaYMM!!!, 1 Corinthians Sheba, K.O.L.Coram862) it might be up to the great grandchildren of my great grandchildren to get 'er done. 

Hit 'Home' and let it load:

Now I'mm off, Lord willing as always, to, to help people, and to provide.

Anthropologically, it appears that some kind of even more natinalized medicine is coming.We already spend a trillion dollars a year, federally, on health, and 100 million people are on Medicare and Medicaid. But experts say that there is always a two-tier system. Those with more money can be medical tourists (Patients Beyond Borders) or pay privately (even in Mexico, etc.). So, as Frost wrote, 'Provide, Provide'. [It's difficult!]
Provide, Provide - Poem by Robert Frost
The witch that came (the withered hag)
To wash the steps with pail and rag
Was once the beauty Abishag,
The picture pride of Hollywood.
Too many fall from great and good
For you to doubt the likelihood.
Die early and avoid the fate.
Or if predestined to die late,
Make up your mind to die in state.
Make the whole stock exchange your own!
If need be occupy a throne,
Where nobody can call you crone.
Some have relied on what they knew,
Others on being simply true.
What worked for them might work for you.
No memory of having starred
Atones for later disregard
Or keeps the end from being hard.
Better to go down dignified
With boughten friendship at your side
Than none at all. Provide, provide!

Love in King Jesus,

Charle Howard 'happy earner helper' Hartman
PS: See Schliemann Option.  Make money and subsidize others to do.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Entire Range Of Human Experience, 7x7 or 8x8?

'...formed into sixty-four examples of different ways of life, ways that covered the entire range of human experience.'

From Reifler 'I Ching: A New Interpretation for Modern Times'

So we have an 8x8 to contrast with James B. Jordan's 7x7 from 'Rthinking the Order of the Old Testament' at Biblical Horizons dot com.

Yhis is pregnant.