Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Congregational liturgical garments business--let's go into it?!

Let’s go into congregational liturgical garments business?! JBJ spoke on this in an audio years ago, and my brother Greg ‘Imperativity’ Hartman preached on it. I propose construction worker vests.  After Absolution, put on white, after Sermon, garments of high priest (printed on vest in a picture). After Communion, full armor of God. After Benediction, Bride Adorned. Parament colors appropriate in pocket. % of tock, etc. to JBJ. Ebook might be the best way to go, with colored illustrations. Explanation included. Basically, this diachronic sequence put us where we should be.  We haven’t kicked down the ladder up which we’ve climbed (Chesterton).

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