Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joyous Proverbs Sheba



For peace, we need a next layer of social order.

Here's a start.

First some short background. After Rome fell, the forests kept the perpetually raiding/warring tribes apart. Then came the hermits, and then the monasteries who cleared the land, and sharecropped it out, but the problem became that the boundary (incarnate horizon ?) was too permeable, and a new one was needed, and so came things like the Truce of God which also were models for formation of cities and guilds. No killing pilgrims, no fighting Saturday-Monday, no fighting during Lent...

(ERH, Berman).

Our story is similar. We enter a neo-tribal time. Nets and Jets, 5th generation war, etc.

In a word, small groups can destroy unprecedentally. We have the advantage, 5th Word-wise, that our small groups have built PRECEDENTALLY.

I have whole massive tomes (tones! bequeath, if you know what I mean)to articulate.

I'll do it in the 4 unto 5 way of JBJ (law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact) and ERH (imperative, subjective, narrative, objective). Best read is Chapter 5 of Gardner's Beyond Belief where he limns the national revolutions of the West.

Anyway, #4 as It came to me is a calendar, rhyming. A shaping liturgy that might make a resonant field that could replace the failing institutions now--Creveld, Barzun.

It starts with JBJ's 49-book Bible. Of course I retune it.

Then on this is rhymed/rhythmed at least 30 things--Elder Roorda has an email I sent that is the only remnant, except in my head, for 'C' did not protect my crash as we did Opus 22.

I write this 49/jubilee on the year, Resurrection to resurrection (exodos (sic) to Exodus--the booksheba) and this weeksheba/7oath is Proverbs in the Mo'ed/Season of 'Blessed are the Pure in Heart, and Woe of Matt 23:25-26).

Here we would at least run the sermon topic (suffering) through the days as they relate to the 7 eras of the 7, yea 8 churches--and a bunch of other rhymes.

Then we take this out typologically in service, unto comprehensive beauty (dressing the Garden) toward New Song as chiastic glorification of exnihilation.

More to come, this is definition by extension.

Love in King Jesus,

Cash (Conducting A Symphonic History)
Joyous Proverbs sheba to all
PS: Evaluation/narrative is on this wise: Remember those analogy tests in school. Here's one.
Liturgy is the Heavens Above as Scientific Method is to Waters Under the Earth as ____________ is to The Earth Beneath (people made of dust)
#2 comes from personal experience sent through the maturing fire to become How To Make Your Communities Better, and #1 I'm struggling toward the name.
PPS: I'm running this on 3 or 4 tracks. My fellows at work, bloogging unto JVs, all you all, etc.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cash Hartman, Conducting A Symphonic History (Peace)

Using 5 Cs. Call into new situation--Newton and apple. Cleanse: --Newton: I don't know how it works, but it can be found out. Consecrate: Look at books of nature and previous publications. Commune: Test the hypothesis in at least 2 ways. Commission: Take the theory out. As ERH has said, science is THAT ARM OF THE CHURCH that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead. Also, once The One True God was established over 'gods' of sea, and lightning, and wind, etc., then we could investigate creation and not have to charm or placate such as Thor, or Poseidon, etc. Everything is covenantal. Oriented toward heavens above, liturgy. Toward the waters under the earth, scientific method. Toward the earth beneath (people made of dust), the symphony of peace. A BRIEF explanation of the art form of the next era. Great for evangelism and discipleship.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu38m1EAjrw&feature=channel_page And since the good is the enemy of the great, I will be concentrating on this as potentially engendering the organization of better conducting (train, orchestra, electricity) a next layer or more of social order in history, following tribe, empire, Israel, Greece, He Who Reversed The Trend (omegalphic), Church, Nation-State/Science.... . What we must do now is glorify the tribe, such as to keep small, enthusiastic groups, but rid ourselves of perpetual war of the tribes, as the nation-state glorified the empire and rid us of slavery, and the Church glorified Israel, but rid us of exclusiveness. Models--from forests keeping raiding tribes apart after Rome fell, to the Truce of God. The opposite of the nets and jets of 5th generation warfare, a situation in which even smaller groups than tribes can wreak havoc with such things as biowar carried around the world by airplanes, etc. Love in King Jesus, Chuck (CASH--this provides the currency, and it's Conducting A Symphonic History [Peace, the explicit reconciliation of opposites, HERO: Help Explicitly Reconcile Opposites]. Start with a calendar that does such, as the Fact of Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact. TSOH is narrative, How To Make Your Communities Better is Lyric, and Comprehensive Beauty is the Imperative. The Calendar (House of Singing Times) is the example.

Cash Hartman, Conducting A Symphonic History (Peace)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Warriors of Light


Wouldn’t it be great if …we could have more emphasis in worship on how to battle better--that is, if worship formed us up, and shaped us, as does band practice, athletic practice, sales training, boot camp?

Here’s how to get that.
First some English, later some Symbol.

Tom Woods (yes, the ‘Meltdown’ guy) writes in ‘How the Roman Catholic Church Built Western Civilization,’ p. 112:

‘…Cathedrals in Bologna, Florence, Paris, and Rome were designed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to function as world-class solar observatories. … Each such cathedral contained holes through which sunlight could enter and time lines (or meridian lines) on the floor. It was by observing the path traced out by the sunlight on these lines that researchers could obtain accurate measurements of time and predict equinoxes. (They could also make accurate calculations of the proper dates for Easter—the key initial function of these observatories). …’

Let’s work with this.

Now, several keys to Dr. Jordan’s work include: Maturition. Redemptive History. Holy War.

Were we to apply Dr. Woods’ report using these 3, what might result?

I give you A First Possible Liturgical Battle Formation For Warriors of Light. A few implications of this formation follow.


Top is liturgical east, toward the front of the church. This is a 7x7 grid that did not come out in this format.

1--Genesis 2--Exodus 3--Leviticus 4--Numbers 5--Deuteronomy 6--Joshua 7--Judges

9—Ruth 10—Psalms 11—Job 12--Proverbs 13—Song 14—Eccl-esiastes

16—Kings 17—Jere-miah/Lam-entations 18—Ezekiel 19—Daniel 20—Esther 21—The Twelve
22—Greater Chron-icles

23—Matthew 24—Mark 25—Luke 26—John 27—Acts 28—Reve-lation
29—First John

30—James 31—First Peter 32—Second Peter 33—Jude 34—Second John 35—Third John

37—First Corinth-ians 38—Second Corinth-ians 39—Galatians 40—Ephesians 41—Phil-ippians 42—Colos-sians
43—First Thessal-onians

44—Second Thessal-onians 45—First Timothy 46—Second Timothy 47—Titus 48—Philemon 49--Hebrews
Sources: http://www.biblicalhorizons.com/biblical-horizons/no-80-rethinking-the-order-of-the-old-testament/
Additional lectures and writing by James Jordan
Hartman supplied the grid
© A. D. 2011 (SardisCORAM861) by Charles Howard Hartman. Use freely, non-commercially, linking back.


1—There is a Battle Formation Two. It’s retuned and flipped to show our more mature situation. Ideally, both would be used together.

2—Since most are seated in church now, we resonate more with Ephesians 2:6, ‘…seated with Him in the heavenlies…, and we are lights, as several places tell us, such as the one that says ‘…Let your light so shine…’.

3—What I am saying is that in one milieu it made sense to study nature by using a church as an astronomical observatory, but that it is more mature to add a layer in which we church members are the light. We do not only study other light, we radiate light. And as this light is shaped, one anothering, under shepherds, we are trained for shining as warriors of light also, outside.

4—How so? Here’s one way, a start. The back of each chair could be labeled with the appropriate book in the above formation. The congregation, part of her, would be ‘formed up’ in battle array, such that one person sat in each of the 49 chairs. That person would be that book, that book’s light, light. (Adjust for congregation size, etc.)

5—A first application might be to the sermon within the liturgical context. How does Kings relate to the sermon subject, how does First John…? Potentially, each chair would write something about the relations and one another each of the others with it.

6—A second application might be to use Elder Roorda’s HAAG, the best articulation version so far of Lectionary Historical. In History At A Glance, the Ussher-Jordan time from Creation to A. D. 70 is placed within a 7x7 grid, each grid being of the size of approximately 9x9 years, 81 years. (Extra years are used at the end and the beginning). Thus, Genesis fits with section 1, the first 81 years (plus extras).

7--It would be better, however, to use the whole number of years until now for one grid. It would have approximately 121 years per section, and as a congregation got more used to this way, the future should be added. A first suggestion would be to have 242 years per section. (One could well use the 16 billion years, by stacking 49ths, starting with @ 320 million years per section of 7x7 grid, and getting down to about a minute for the whole grid. Using a future grid also, one would be able then to begin to ‘read’/’hear’/’sense’ the Rosetta Stone of Time, that is, the language, respectively, of the past, and of the present, and of the future, each of which is different and all of which say the same thing, like the Rosetta Stone. I’ll post on that.

8—More to come. Thanks. Chuck

PS: It is too weird to think that Jeremiah-Lamentations may be the Leviticus of Leviticus. That is, can the heptamerous chiasm of the first 7 days be seen in some type of iteration going down the grid? And can Samual-Ecclesiastes be seen as an ‘Exodus’/Second Day’ iteration of this heptamerous catechism. That would be a jewel! One would need a prismator. A lensman, Doc, for a shepherd.

Thanks, Doug! The more one-anothering, the more 'kabod,' if each interaction adds weight.


[Add to Woods, Facebook/Newt, Nov. 30, 2011: ‎'How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization' was great. I took the cathedrals as observatories and added a self-reflective battle formation for we who are the lights now, Eph. 2:6, 'Let your light so shine before men'. Liturgical Battle Formation For Warriors of Light.]

[Add: ‘living epistles’. 2 Corinthians 3:2. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: This adds credence to each of the 49 ‘being’ a book of the Bible, for one anothering and discipling]

Redeemer Hour

o Basic idea. Need $200,000 to buy church building. Find someone to buy 20,000 Redeemer (name of church) hours @ $10/hour--maybe they'll need 25,000 to compensate for the risk, and administration. [Also, some hours are worth more than $10, some less. A computer guy, maybe 2 Redeemer hours per hour of work, a leaf-raker, maybe .75 per hour of work]. The members of the church would pledge a certain number of hours, say 5 a week (Saturdays?). So, to get to 25,000 hours, @ 50 weeks a year, 5 hours a week, that would be 250 divided into 25,000, or 100 member/years. That is 100 members x 5 hours a week, x 50 weeks, would equal the 25,000 hours.
o My math may be off. The principle makes sense to me. Could circulate in community as alternative currency, see Time Banks and Labor Exchanges.

Could use this to get people into the narrative of God’s history, that is, who will help with this and see that it is a good idea and manifestation of Biblical principles?

Deeper Psalms, Deeper Response

Since psalmodic response is the ultimate theological dynamic, knowing the Psalms in order to respond to them is.....

This is valuable for some, and should be more valuable for many and we follow Weber's dynamic of 1--Charismatic leader, 2--What would the leader do, 3--Rationalization, 4--Substantial rationalization.

I copied this conclusion:

'The acrostics utilize sophisticated literary techniques unparalleled in the
ancient Near East70
and perhaps in any non-prophetic literature. The
interpretive strategy presented here, as an alternative to impulsive textual
emendations, has helped in explaining the other anomalous acrostics and
has shed much light on other psalms which employ word counts and other
intricate literary techniques. This article is the first in a series that will
attempt to explicate all the acrostics in Psalms and Lamentations. The
missing Nun in Ps 145, the reversal of the letters ע and פ in Lam 2, 3, and 4,
and the twenty two letters of Lam 5 are all explained as literary techniques
using the same system we set out in this paper.'


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lord's Day Haiku

To start, assemble.
Worship to resemble Christ.
Go in peace to war.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Symphony of Peace as Psalmodic Response to Psalm 1:1, typology of Helping Explicitly Reconcile Opposites, HERO

The whole 'Symphony of Peace' as art form of the next era, I'm thinking, is a psalmodic response to Psalm 1:1. it has 3 parts, similar to those analogy questions on tests. Fill in the blanks: Heavens Above/Covenant applied=Liturgy, Earth BeneathCovenant Applied+ ________, Waters Under the Earth/Covenant applied=Scientific Method.

Better, as the Liturgy is the Covenant applied to The Heavens Above, and the Scientific Method is the Covenant applied to The Waters Under the Earth, what is the Covenant applied to The Earth Beneath (People Made of Dust?

But who psalmodically responds, who listens and applies?

Most are ‘one note Johnies’.

The Symphony of Peace should be Standard Operating Procedure. SOP should be SOP, or SOP +=> SOP.

It’s a typology of explicitly reconciling opposites. How Explicitly Reconcile Opposites HERO?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hero = Help Explicitly Reconcile Opposites: Peacemaker

Hero = Help Explicitly Reconcile Opposites: Peacemaker

Also, man between times/ages, first suffer, protagonist.

'Each eldster with godparents, and none shall be afraid'

This could be very useful for life near death. godparentsforeldsters.blogspot. A good exercise for the minds of theological students, too. I'd sure appreciate feedback. 'Each eldster with godparents, and none shall be afraid'

So What? Who Cares? The two key message questions.

So What? Who Cares? The two key message questions.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Believe in Herovolution

I believe in Herovolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us.
As we are chosen to be torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.
(Faintly: Rests—absences—are as important as notes—presences.)
"Come, let us return to the LORD; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up" (Hos. 6:1), and John 6: 44No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

Critical notes. Started out as dragvolution, compared to evolution, the helkovolution, then herovolution.

Looking a Blue Letter Bible, we find that ‘draw’ can be better rendered as ‘drag’.
No man 3762 can 1410 come 2064 to 4314 me 3165, except 3362 the Father 3962 which 3588 hath sent 3992me 3165 draw 1670 him 846: and 2532 I 1473 will raise 4500 him 846 up 450 at the last 2078 day 2250.

Lexicon Results
Strong's G1670 - helkō
helkō Pronunciation
he'l-kō (Key)

Part of Speech
verb Root Word (Etymology)
Probably akin to αἱρέω (G138)

TDNT Reference
View Entry

Outline of Biblical Usage
1) to draw, drag off
2) metaph., to draw by inward power, lead, impel

Thus, dragvolution, and thus helkovolution.
But let’s look at G138 : Root Word (Etymology)
Probably akin to αἱρέω (G138)

Strong's G138 - haireō
haireō Pronunciation
hī-re'-ō (Key)

Part of Speech
verb Root Word (Etymology)
Probably akin to αἴρω (G142)

TDNT Reference
View Entry

Outline of Biblical Usage
1) to take for oneself, to prefer, choose
2) to choose by vote, elect to office

‘Haireo’ is a very close verbal pun to hero.
Thus, the hero is chosen (definition 1) to be (I say) the one between times, the first-sufferer, the protagonist.
We are in the image of the Son, then.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Surprisingly Good Result From Celebrating Circumcision

How To Make Your Communities Better is a result of a decision made 5 years ago on circumcision day to show what was done to my mother in the guise of ‘care’.*

The idea was to contrast the ‘care’ to the ‘Guilt, Grace, Gratitude’ of the heart of Pella, the Heidelberg Catechism. ‘Go Forth+’ was added as the 4th side of the square.

Here are the events, starting at the southwest corner, and going east, then north, then west, then south. Join, Nuremberg, St. Wjlesa (Sometimes We Just Le ‘Em Slip Away’), ‘Ethics,’ Circumcision, Doctors’ Strike, Girardean Funeral.

Each year since the first 2006, I have had a guest speaker at the conferences. The conferences are at the latter date of 80 days inclusive after Pascha/Easter/Resurrection Celebrated, and July 4. These have included Dr. Stockman of Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People,’ Rene Girard, ‘Heart of Darkness,’ Thomas Szasz (‘Ceremonial Chemistry’) and one other I don’t remember—it’s in my documents somewhere.

The first date in MaeDay80 is the confessional and cutting circumnavigation of the square. It’s a tattoo, it’s a zero, it’s a fish, it’s a stitch—it’s in Symbol, the Language.

BUT THE KEY THING IS THIS: In doing this, I have added, protagonistically, first-suffering-wise, the following: Rescue Team, Cure Team, Godfathers for Eldsters (search), the Tennessee Declaration of Mental Health Treatment that an M.D. of stature says he will honor in my patient file, and more.

These should help those who come after also, for with these there are several centers of help available.

Here’s the link to the How To Make Your Communities Better, which a wise one, an urban evangelist, says should be done by every community. http://chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-to-make-your-communities-better_28.html

Love in King Jesus,

PS: This is also an example of ‘psalmodic response,’ the ultimate theological dynamic. I took the gist and applied it, and then I applied it again. It’s all covenantal.

*I have confessed my major responsibility to a called an ordained servant of the Word, and been forgiven, based on what Jesus did. This is an Acts 2 situation, done in the Providence of God, the ‘care,’ but woe to those who have done it. More will be written on this later, and this is a good deep explanation of some important things, a Girardean explanation: See ‘How Jesus Saved the World’ by Jeff Meyers on Biblical Horizons blog on Wordpress.