Thursday, January 12, 2012

Symphony of Peace as Psalmodic Response to Psalm 1:1, typology of Helping Explicitly Reconcile Opposites, HERO

The whole 'Symphony of Peace' as art form of the next era, I'm thinking, is a psalmodic response to Psalm 1:1. it has 3 parts, similar to those analogy questions on tests. Fill in the blanks: Heavens Above/Covenant applied=Liturgy, Earth BeneathCovenant Applied+ ________, Waters Under the Earth/Covenant applied=Scientific Method.

Better, as the Liturgy is the Covenant applied to The Heavens Above, and the Scientific Method is the Covenant applied to The Waters Under the Earth, what is the Covenant applied to The Earth Beneath (People Made of Dust?

But who psalmodically responds, who listens and applies?

Most are ‘one note Johnies’.

The Symphony of Peace should be Standard Operating Procedure. SOP should be SOP, or SOP +=> SOP.

It’s a typology of explicitly reconciling opposites. How Explicitly Reconcile Opposites HERO?

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