Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joyous Proverbs Sheba



For peace, we need a next layer of social order.

Here's a start.

First some short background. After Rome fell, the forests kept the perpetually raiding/warring tribes apart. Then came the hermits, and then the monasteries who cleared the land, and sharecropped it out, but the problem became that the boundary (incarnate horizon ?) was too permeable, and a new one was needed, and so came things like the Truce of God which also were models for formation of cities and guilds. No killing pilgrims, no fighting Saturday-Monday, no fighting during Lent...

(ERH, Berman).

Our story is similar. We enter a neo-tribal time. Nets and Jets, 5th generation war, etc.

In a word, small groups can destroy unprecedentally. We have the advantage, 5th Word-wise, that our small groups have built PRECEDENTALLY.

I have whole massive tomes (tones! bequeath, if you know what I mean)to articulate.

I'll do it in the 4 unto 5 way of JBJ (law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact) and ERH (imperative, subjective, narrative, objective). Best read is Chapter 5 of Gardner's Beyond Belief where he limns the national revolutions of the West.

Anyway, #4 as It came to me is a calendar, rhyming. A shaping liturgy that might make a resonant field that could replace the failing institutions now--Creveld, Barzun.

It starts with JBJ's 49-book Bible. Of course I retune it.

Then on this is rhymed/rhythmed at least 30 things--Elder Roorda has an email I sent that is the only remnant, except in my head, for 'C' did not protect my crash as we did Opus 22.

I write this 49/jubilee on the year, Resurrection to resurrection (exodos (sic) to Exodus--the booksheba) and this weeksheba/7oath is Proverbs in the Mo'ed/Season of 'Blessed are the Pure in Heart, and Woe of Matt 23:25-26).

Here we would at least run the sermon topic (suffering) through the days as they relate to the 7 eras of the 7, yea 8 churches--and a bunch of other rhymes.

Then we take this out typologically in service, unto comprehensive beauty (dressing the Garden) toward New Song as chiastic glorification of exnihilation.

More to come, this is definition by extension.

Love in King Jesus,

Cash (Conducting A Symphonic History)
Joyous Proverbs sheba to all
PS: Evaluation/narrative is on this wise: Remember those analogy tests in school. Here's one.
Liturgy is the Heavens Above as Scientific Method is to Waters Under the Earth as ____________ is to The Earth Beneath (people made of dust)
#2 comes from personal experience sent through the maturing fire to become How To Make Your Communities Better, and #1 I'm struggling toward the name.
PPS: I'm running this on 3 or 4 tracks. My fellows at work, bloogging unto JVs, all you all, etc.

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