Monday, January 16, 2012

Redeemer Hour

o Basic idea. Need $200,000 to buy church building. Find someone to buy 20,000 Redeemer (name of church) hours @ $10/hour--maybe they'll need 25,000 to compensate for the risk, and administration. [Also, some hours are worth more than $10, some less. A computer guy, maybe 2 Redeemer hours per hour of work, a leaf-raker, maybe .75 per hour of work]. The members of the church would pledge a certain number of hours, say 5 a week (Saturdays?). So, to get to 25,000 hours, @ 50 weeks a year, 5 hours a week, that would be 250 divided into 25,000, or 100 member/years. That is 100 members x 5 hours a week, x 50 weeks, would equal the 25,000 hours.
o My math may be off. The principle makes sense to me. Could circulate in community as alternative currency, see Time Banks and Labor Exchanges.

Could use this to get people into the narrative of God’s history, that is, who will help with this and see that it is a good idea and manifestation of Biblical principles?


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    FWIE: Money as true speech, that is, one's life (or part thereof, or one's unique talent in life) put behind one's words, put into a currency form. 'When a good man dies, great power is released into the field of time,' and thus, when you pledge a part of your life/talent, great power is released....?