Sunday, January 1, 2012

Surprisingly Good Result From Celebrating Circumcision

How To Make Your Communities Better is a result of a decision made 5 years ago on circumcision day to show what was done to my mother in the guise of ‘care’.*

The idea was to contrast the ‘care’ to the ‘Guilt, Grace, Gratitude’ of the heart of Pella, the Heidelberg Catechism. ‘Go Forth+’ was added as the 4th side of the square.

Here are the events, starting at the southwest corner, and going east, then north, then west, then south. Join, Nuremberg, St. Wjlesa (Sometimes We Just Le ‘Em Slip Away’), ‘Ethics,’ Circumcision, Doctors’ Strike, Girardean Funeral.

Each year since the first 2006, I have had a guest speaker at the conferences. The conferences are at the latter date of 80 days inclusive after Pascha/Easter/Resurrection Celebrated, and July 4. These have included Dr. Stockman of Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People,’ Rene Girard, ‘Heart of Darkness,’ Thomas Szasz (‘Ceremonial Chemistry’) and one other I don’t remember—it’s in my documents somewhere.

The first date in MaeDay80 is the confessional and cutting circumnavigation of the square. It’s a tattoo, it’s a zero, it’s a fish, it’s a stitch—it’s in Symbol, the Language.

BUT THE KEY THING IS THIS: In doing this, I have added, protagonistically, first-suffering-wise, the following: Rescue Team, Cure Team, Godfathers for Eldsters (search), the Tennessee Declaration of Mental Health Treatment that an M.D. of stature says he will honor in my patient file, and more.

These should help those who come after also, for with these there are several centers of help available.

Here’s the link to the How To Make Your Communities Better, which a wise one, an urban evangelist, says should be done by every community.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: This is also an example of ‘psalmodic response,’ the ultimate theological dynamic. I took the gist and applied it, and then I applied it again. It’s all covenantal.

*I have confessed my major responsibility to a called an ordained servant of the Word, and been forgiven, based on what Jesus did. This is an Acts 2 situation, done in the Providence of God, the ‘care,’ but woe to those who have done it. More will be written on this later, and this is a good deep explanation of some important things, a Girardean explanation: See ‘How Jesus Saved the World’ by Jeff Meyers on Biblical Horizons blog on Wordpress.



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