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Imperative Stem Beauty! And!

Imperative Stem Beauty! And!

This essay works with what we have been studying, Garden of God, and what we will study this next Lord’s Day, Logos of Beauty,’ by attempting to follow and integrate certain Biblical patterns, so that we may act more in the Biblical pattern of imago Dei.

1—Dress and keep.  2—Psalmodic response.  3—Redemptive history (Garden, example),
4—Revolutions of the West (Rosenstock), 5—Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, unto New Torah [Instruction] (Jordan), 6—Comprehensivity of going forward by going backward,
Creation Week as an overture, and more

Lead with the benefits, follow with the proof.
In addition to studying, we will be doing.
Doing what?
Discipling the nations and the eras.

Rosenstock (Rosenstock-Huessy, ERH) claims, in ‘Magna Carta Latina,’ that Latin verb forms are derived from an imperative stem.  That is, the imperative comes first in language.

This fits in with what the Bible tells us of creation: God spoke and it was so.

In the image of God, we, too, make things.  We by speech and hands, He by speech.

There are at least two more instances of imperative in Creation Week.

One is that God put Adam in the Garden to ‘dress it and keep it’. Genesis 2:15. This can be translated also as beautify and guard.  Adam named the animals as part of this beautification, as was given Woman as liturgical helper (Jordan on Trinity House Institute website writes of this liturgical helper in ‘Deaconesses’). And ‘dirt’ became ‘fire’-glorified, says Jordan, a pattern for acts of future covenants, when God lights a fire on the altar (of dirt).

Adam was supposed to guard the Garden, including Woman. He failed on the 7th Day, but was redeemed in some way, and named Woman, ‘Eve,’ then.  There’s more to this.

My point (‘pont’ in French, ‘bridge’) is that

Add this ‘beauty as command’ to the Rosenstock/Jordan view that revolutions/new covenants begin with a command (Imperative for ERH, Law for JBJ), and add that verb forms (interrogative, declarative, etc.) in language (Latin), if ERH is correct, start with the imperative and we see the importance of the imperative.

Further, according to the paper ‘The Logos of Beauty,’ Jesus Christ is Beauty personified.  We are to be ‘in Christ,’ and thus ‘in Beauty,’ you see, Lord willing.

The Son, the Trinity, created. We are to be in the image of God. That’s a command. Therefore we are to …

Imperative Stem Beauty!
That is, we are to make beauty the stem from which grow
the rest of the covenant processes.
We are Called in to worship—that’s a command.
We are Commissioned out of worship—in order to command, to disciple.

One could say that in order to be commissioned best, God, seeing/judging the end from the beginning, calls us in, so that we can and will be transformed by His service/our service (Meyers: Gottesdienst) through the liturgy (service).

[In addition to the patterns of sequences in history mentioned above, both JBJ and ERH have more patterns, and so does North, and Arthur Kay, and Mike Bull. Jordan sees a parallel in successive respective emphases (not modalistic or subordinationalistic) of The Father, and then The Son, and then The Holy Spirit—Tribes, Nations, Cosmoplolitan before the Incarnation, and Church, Christian State, University {and now Jeremiah, Waiting}. This is in ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’.North sees THEOS (‘Crossed Fingers’) which has become Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and sanctions, Succession—think the first 5 Words. ERH sees a chiasm of Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece and after the Incarnation, Greece a companion, never an Order {we’re far too Greek today}, Israel is glorified in the Church by getting rid of exclusion, ERH says, and Empires are glorified in the nation-state by getting rid of slavery, and now we are in the struggle (see ‘Universal History 1954’ lectures) to glorifiy the tribes by keeping the small enthusiastic groups, and getting rid of perpetual warfare.
Sayers has ‘parrot, pert, poet,’ if I recall correctly. Jordan adds ‘cuddle’ and ‘story’ to the front of this.  And there are many others, in fact, any meeting has people coming in, being confronted with problems, moving on to discussion, then resolution, and then leaving to do. Liturgy, Scientific Method, The Symphony of History all follow this pattern, and by the respective emphases of these latter 3 on Heavens Above, Waters Under The Earth, and Earth Beneath [names, numbers, words: ERH] history since the Resurrection could be seen as something in a part of Psalm Tone D.]

So, Imperative Stem Beauty! So, And!
You don’t think a conjunction can be used as an imperative, meaning ‘guard’?

This all has been a Psalmodic Response.  What is a psalmodic response?
A psalmodic response is what God wants us to do.  He wants us (I got this from JBJ) to take the essence, the Spirit, the Geist, the gist of what He says, and then to apply this to the new maturational experiences He sets before us, so that we can be better equipped (have all our furniture) to fight the Holy War against the devil (God’s devil: Luther) and the devil’s angels, in redemptive history.
[I can’t get rid of this line!]

Going backward by going forward.  We’ve seen ‘the end from the beginning’  We used it all the time.  When we want to arrive in Chicago by a certain date, and it takes 5 hours, we go backward to the time we must leave,  5 hours before, to start.  Thus: A:  Arrive at Chicago, B. Takes 5 hours, B’ Start 5 hours before, A’ Arrive on time at Chicago.

ERH sees the history of Europe as going backward as we go forward.  Thus, Aquinas and Aristotle, Dante and Vergil, the Renaissance and Plato, Erasmus toasting ‘St. Socrates,’ Nietzsche and the pre-Socratics, Schliemann and Troy…and now we go further back. [Variations in order may be a tune in the making, as I limn The Tune Of The Twelve in the Strawbridge Conference one-pager}.

One More VERY Strange Thought
This is about ‘imperative stem’.
Imperative stem may be in the very first word, and word-letters of the Bible. It is said that each letter of Hebrew is also a word.  A list of these is at the end of Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament, by Jordan, here: As I understand it, the first word of the Bible (‘In the beginning’ is one word in Hebrew, again, if I remember correctly) is composed of these letters, which I write forwardly: B, R, SH, T.  Jordan’s paper says that these mean, respectively, House, Head, Fang/Eat, Cross.  Were that so, and were we to have discovered some patterns from the rest of the Bible that we can use to figure out more of what happens earlier (this seems to be done frequently), if ‘House’ is in the imperative, we are commanded to be a house, build a house, come into the house, etc.  Then, liturgically we bow to and listen to the ‘Head,’ ‘Eat,’ and are commanded to bear our ‘Cross’ as we go out.  [Fit these into the JBJ and ERH and other patterns of the liturgy/symphony of history?]

Is the time from Creation to Consummation run in a parallel way, or is it chiastic?  That is, is the pattern of history Beauty, Guard, Guard, Beauty?  Is it Beauty, Guard, Beauty, Guard?  If the latter, after we have beautified, that is, after the Spirit has led us to all truth, and the Bride is ready for Her Husband, then the last words of Revelation are spoken.  But, could it be that the Son/Guard comes at last to finish the Beautification? Could it be both, as JBJ’s paralleling and ERH’s chiasming both seem to work in multi-perspectival harmony? Could it be something else?

Another pattern, the Victory/House-Building pattern may fit in also.  How does the V/H-B work? God defeats the enemies of his people.  With the spoils, His people build Him a House.  He moves in and lights the fire.  His people administer the conquest.  This is seen in Exodus very clearly, and the spoils of David from the Philistines were materials in the Temple, and then there’s Esther, and, I say, The Revolutions of the Christian Era (ERH).
[I can’t get rid of this line either!]

Ite! Missa Est!
Go! You Are Sent Out!
[And it could be: ‘Be the road, you are sent out’ for Bonaventura, I’ve read, wrote that we are the bricks who lay themselves down on whom others travel. Violence Unveiled.]
These are the words used, if I have read correctly, at the end of the Latin Mass.
I pray that, Lord willing, they are an imperative stem among imperative stems.
This is an attempt to summarize a beginning of a next revolution:;postID=5763330214447787916;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname (Has names of parts) (For ERH, see Stanford Encyc. of Philos.)

This is a use of Imperative Stem, re: Strawbridge Conference:  Tiny URL:

I attach a Chapter of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ that well-summarizes the Revolutions of the Christian Era.  My summary of his summary is here:  Tiny URL:

Charles Howard Hartman
November 21, A. D. 2013


Page 145 of This Side Jordan Revolution


This will take serious work.  It’s worth it.

Origin: In neo-tribal times, how stop the perpetual warfare of tribes?
Need a ‘revolution,’ as in ‘Revolutions of the West’.

To work best, to start, only 10 (‘Symphony’) are needed, maybe a dozen or two in a larger group, to train (like a country school in 19th century Iowa-mid-20th century Iowa.

Start person-to-person by playing, ding, being, composing, singing a SYMPHONY.

Being the end to beginning of ‘Revolutions of the West? I have a next couple’

Conclusion: We’ve gone through the Introduction, page 1.  Then we have ‘144’ (number to be determined) pages comprising, in order, a—The Symphony Of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive)/TSOH/The Symphony Of CHI/SYMPHONY, B—How To Make Your Communities Better/PellaSquare, C—House Of Singing Times/HOST/CalendarOfPeacePriming, D—153Culture.

153Culture is composed of BigSix, 49 Present, 49 Catechism (Modified, Supplemented Heidelberg’s 52), and 49 Books (after JBJ, E. T. Hall) in 3, namely 1-49, 49-2, 49-8 (in ‘tiaras’ of 8531642). Maybe 7 pages.
49 Present:  (Next day) Trinity, Spirit, Jesus, Church, Family. State, University,, Corporations, Books, Internet

HOST is maybe 12 pages.

PellaSquare is maybe 12 pages.

TSOH/SYMPHONY IS300+  pages, by only 90 ‘S-pages,’ so named because each comprises many pages, but can best be navigated by grouping the pages into ‘S-pages).

We continue going backward (in homage to Rosenstock’s/Rosenstock-Huessy’s ‘Out of Revolution’.  Then we will start alternating forward and backward, in a way similar to The Symphony Of CHI.

BigSix.  These are the six biggest challenges, in one sense, of the present or nearer future. See page one, Host17040, for a possible list.  They are still in development.  One would be longevity.  Longevity, Isaiah 65:20, will be a challenge as affluence in the West is now a challenge. A Second? After the State, a next layer.  Barzun/Creveld, Nisbet, Berman. Third? Prisons, War and Peace. Fourth? ERH’s 4 fronts, intelligent machines, currency, life-manipulations issues, the elderly, the continuing poor, Big Data. Fifth? Dependence on systems (EMP, etc.), Covenante, nature/freedom, 3-decker universe/12 dimensions, Beginning/Origins, Communication, 5th Generation Warfare and more, Aunt Lori’s Christian Court TV, order of holidays (Above—start before 49 with TSOH, then at PV do PS, at Tbotmofa do HOST, at Totus Christus 1 do 153Culture, at TC2 do GFE, and at end do Aunt Lori’s Christian Court TV. Discipling nations as covenat groups (Red Sox Nation, BN), I know these repeat: Sexual Thing, given that Japan's young are not having sex, per a recent report, and the whole LGBT thing, with sex robots to be, etc.  A second is Wealth, how to handle the best time in history to make money (and new types of money, Bitcoin, Hour, Digital from metal, accounting entries, printed paper...). A third is Longevity (Kurzweil, Cryonics...) Isaiah 65:20.  A fourth might be discipling something such as The Red Sox Nation.
Sixth? Asymtopic Sysyphus Unknown God unto Seven Incorporates as Days of Week, as ERH’s Conquering Astrological/Astronomical Empires/As Incorporating/Eating Axial Age…
And these ‘layer’ the first Week of Creation, 6 + 1, and are thirdly HoliDays/Holiweeks.
KholiDays and KholiWeeks, as in ‘God kholed, spoke, in Gen. 20, with whole.

Summary of Page 145.  Why should you read further?  Maybe you shouldn’t. I only want a couple dozen serious ones. A first requirement would be desire.  Another would be knowing at least the hint that human speech and hands make time(s), as in declaring war and making peace. ERH, JBJ, North should have made your intellectual acquaintance, Christendom also. If you’ve been ‘over-seminaried,’ probably not.  I don’t choose you, but you choose to read and ‘play’/’incubate’ along. O Lord be with (Exodus 3:12).

We write the last page first, the end so we can begin. It outlines the parts and the numbering, and that we will alternate coming from the end backward with starting at the beginning and going forward.  Introduced are The Symphony Of History, How To Make Your Communities Better, House Of Singing Times, and 153Culture.  These are 4 stages of a next revolution, as in the Title: ‘Revolutions of the West? Yes, I have a next couple. Come aboard!’

Summary of Page 1 of ‘Revolutions of the West? Yes, I have a next couple. Come aboard!’
A—See page 145.  B—Let’s play, do, be, become, sing, compose a version of The Symphony Of History.  We start with you, in training to be a Conductor.  The present Conductor finds the Talent, Trauma, or Troubling that you bring to the orchestra.  Example (from Host12047—Opus 47 [Years Of Marriage]

Sing A New Era/S.A.N.E
Praying without ceasing. On your smart phone.
You receive this starting universe of questions on your smart phone during the week from other Symphony members Your ‘Big Thing’ is HEALING.You are Day 5, Sans and you have one other name.
ASIDE, IMPORTANT. (S.A.N.E. WAS ALL ABOUT REMEMBERING.  Now we must factor in forgetting unto peace. [Chardin and ERH from ‘Planetary Service’]
Add this to the corpus of this, from Lanier’s ‘Who Owns the Future,’ page 32.  Information technology involves design judgments about what to remember and what to forget.  Chuck:  Put this in, for ‘money forgets,’ he says earlier in the book, and God remembers. The rest of the book elaborates on the peace of forgetting that allows enemies to have used the same money—it forgot—and the information technology that does not forget the paths money has taken.

4 Could demented/Alzheimered persons, already in nursing homes, etc., be healed, so that they could go home and function well?  How?  Have there been any cases?

1 Did something like Sheldrake’s morphic resonance fields ‘hear’ or communicate my YOHAD cries? If so, what did it do?


2 Where is the light of the world? Do they ignore us, then laugh at us, then fight us, and then we win?

6 ‘Light of the world’ and ‘all things cohere’:  Marriage and children, do these help healing?

3 Week One:  From the Fact, what new Instruction will there be, as you look toward the end? That is, what succession, what planetary service, what new Torah, what poem will you and the Symphony utter, or better, sing? We’re looking for some New Instruction based on Fact—what do you have?

7 Tell me what I must do to be healed. Is this true, the following? ‘At X church, we heal you, under God, by killing you and making you alive in Christ, by Word and Sign—and all your relationships, Lord willing.’ Thus you can go and help us do likewise in the Kosmos

Day 8, Chuck, Resurrection, asks Day 5,  Sans, Healing/Unity & Diversity,:: What imperative impacts your talent Healing, from the Resurrection?  Impacts you or someone else. (This Initiation is forwarded also to Page 17, for Day’s 5’s Response

9 How does the Ascension change your view of healing?

What does this mean?  It’ll take only a few pages to become VERY clear.

AND How can you benefit from this? Or, in the words of a venture capitalist, being asked to invest his money )time is your only capital: Long): If you do what I’m writing, and it all goes as I say, what do you get in the end, and what do I get? You’ll know in less than a page—when you are the type of reader/doer to whom I’m writing! FILL IN THE BLANKS, BECOME A Conductor.

The Art Form of the Next Era
It’s ‘Scientific Method’ : As liturgy is the covenant oriented toward the heavens above, and the scientific method is the covenant oriented toward the waters under the earth, The Symphony Of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive) is the covenant oriented toward the earth beneath—people, made of dust.

Here’s the key.
We help each player by asking him/her questions.
The questions repeat the stages of history and maturation.
We one another one another to maturity.
In redemptive history.
This conquers, under King Jesus.
There are 4 stages.  These are some sequences.
Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact
(Jordan, ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’)
Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective.
Cuddle, Story, Parrot, Pert, Poet (Jordan’s adaptation of Sayers)
Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and Sanctions, Succession. (North)

Rather speak the truth than have a friend?  But...please consider this?
1--The advantage of a person as a friend is that you are not omniscient in your knowledge of truth. And bearing false witness 'against your neighbor' means hurting your neighbor. 
2--A friend, also, in one with whom you share all truths.  Thus: John 15:15 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.
3--Also, McCloskey in Bourgeois Dignity writes of conjective truth (vs. subjective, objective?) as that truth that is found by conversation.

Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook, (@ 2 minutes in, history conducted)

Eager ones may want to start conducting each his own symphony.
First, catch one of your ten.
Tomorrow, November 19, A. D. 2013 I continue with pages 144 and S1, Lord willing.

Are there any questions?
November 19, A. D. 2013 (HOST date to come)

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Burnout And Christendom And Revival Duties


Burnout and Christendom

Compared to all this, a proposal to find the (20%) unchurched in the 50219 zip code  seems trivial (I LIKE the Trivium!).  Giving a hundred to each church, we take 300...and having them be traded if one of the cards we give the Methodists looks like, if the Methodists think so, it would be better to have a Baptist follow through,,,well, it seems do-able.

Here's one of the best plans I've seen:

This is pretty neat too--80,000 churches in 15 years: Of course, Pastor Cho's million-member church in South Korea (24,000 small groups) can't be done, nor is David Field's 'Evangelical Defeatism is UnBiblical' worthy:

Here's why there's no revival?

'These ministries must be run by laymen. This is the key to sustainable
revival. A revival puts enormous pressure on pastors. They cannot handle it alone.
They must be supported by trained, dedicated, self-sacrificing laymen. '

Or is it this too?

'...pastors who know the history of revivals know
what a traditional revival brings.
More attendees (temporary)
Unruly children of visitors
An extra morning worship service -- maybe two
Extra mid-week services
Parking problems
Free-riders (few tithers)
Greater teaching responsibilities
Extra spiritual counselling (unpaid)
Church splits
New-member attrition after one year
A burned-over district for 30 years'

'Our' particular problem is a compounding of 'we have the church we want for our children,' plus the tension between being pure and correct and in charge, and becoming more coordinative of laymen with responsibility--and managing.  It's the E-Myth thing:  Working IN your 'business'--'Occupy until I come,' or working ON your business.  It's a vision thing, as shown by the lack of response here to the Vishal Mangalwadi's plans in Malaysia, Brazil, and Nigeria to turn each church into an online university during the week. 

But, take a look at this, please.  We could begin with an expansion of our prayers each week for a church in the area by including a prayer for their specific ministry, the one they do best. This would also help prepare Pella Christendom to help people locally, in disruption.

But what do I know?  I've given up on this here, and will try to get something going 'back home,' and in the Internet Archives. Search 'Druthers'?

I gave Kit, my high school buddy and college roommate,  a copy of a chapter of Gardner's book, 'Beyond Belief,' and it was about the Revolutions of the West.  He said, 'Revolutions of the West'?  I replied, 'Yep, and I've got the next two.'  We take each persons Talent, Trauma, or Troubling, and through the same sequence, we develop that, such that each sings a solo in The Symphony of History, and is trained to be a conductor, and the Conductor does write the Symphony of this time.  This follows the 'Revolutions of the West' stages.  The Symphony of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive).  More to come.  I have a 283 page 'fill in the blank' model, but it needs tweaking.

Here's one of the best plans I've seen, again.

To repeat: Compared to all this, a proposal to find the (20%) unchurched in the 50219 zip code  seems trivial (I LIKE the Trivium!).  Giving a hundred to each church, we take 300...and having them be traded if one of the cards we give the Methodists looks like, if the Methodists think so, it would be better to have a Baptist follow through,,,well, it seems do-able.

Burnout and Christendom

Love in King Jesus,


PS: 'Don't have time'?  Speech makes time and times, imago Dei.  That is, God spoke, and evening and morning were Day One, etc.  And we speak times when we declare that a state of war exists, an/or sign peace treaties, make vows, etc.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day: ‘I’m glad they didn’t use my bomb sight.’ [True speech brings peace, Lord willing.]

Veterans Day:  ‘I’m glad they didn’t use my bomb sight.’

‘A holiday is when the whole people celebrate one thing at the same time together’: Rosenstock-Huessy (Rosenstock, ERH) It should celebrate a specific event, such as Armistice Day, rather than a general idea. A completion.

The themes of an ERH-taught a course on American Social History was the re-integration of the veteran of war into the peace-time society. The veteran voted both for himself and for those who died.

Hero:  The hero, he explicitly reconciles opposites.  Now ERH said that peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites.  When will we have peace?

There was a difference between war-time and peace-time, and there were some standards of conduct that prevailed even in war-time.

Rosenstock said that we would lose the ability to speak in America.  By ‘speak’ he meant words that one put one’s life behind. Vows.

Now, we in America have been unable to declare war since 1941.

Instead, we are in a kind of ‘perpetual war for perpetual peace’.

The question is this, since we have a militarized ‘state,’ and militarized ‘police,’ who has won the wars we have fought?

Is there a peace-time society, since we do not speak, that is, we do not put our lives behind our words, societally, in far too many cases, and in the most important ones, war and peace.

How then can we re-integrate our veterans into peace-time society?

I give one example: Protestors for peace used to say—‘Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?’ Some now say—‘Suppose they gave an Obamacare, and nobody signed up?’ (Parallels are deliberate).

Finally, a wise one has articulated 4 generations of modern warfare (and others see a 5th).
The 4 are these. 1—Massed armies in Napoleon’s time. 2—Artillery.  3—Tanks. 4—Insurgents with media (Viet Nam?).  A fifth is ‘nets and jets,’ that is that there are no hierarchies, and jet planes and other such methods can carry biowar and nanowar around the world quickly.

There’s also cyberwar, food war, etc. Such misnamings as War on Poverty, War on Terror, War on Drugs, War on Cancer seem to not be what William James and ERH meant by ‘The Moral Equivalent of War’.

This inability to distinguish leads to destroying the village to save it, disregard of rights to maintain freedom, etc.—you know what I mean  The veterans of wars should not want that.

We also miss something when we think that sports entertainment on Sunday should be adorned with war themes, when the reason, I maintain, for the popularity of such is that the church is not militant…but, do I digress, or is that the point, and the pont (the bridge?)?

What follows is something NOT to celebrate: After 9-11, in a Sunday School in a small church in rural Iowa, someone mentioned the 3,000 killed.  A quiet man softly spoke: 'They didn't use my bomb sight, and I'm glad'
'There weren't any more military targets, and we there wasn't any government that could surrender, so they loaded up the bombers with napalm, and the others came after with bombs, and they just created a firestorm'.
'I'm glad they didn't use my bomb sight'.

"The Allies – mostly the United States – firebombed a defenseless German city, day after day, in 1945, a city with no military significance in 1945. At least 25,000 civilians died in the resulting firestorms, with 350,000 left homeless in winter. Our fighting men did this from air in streams of hundreds of bombers, when there were no German fighter aircraft to defend the city. "

'I'm glad they didn't use my bomb sight.'

Everything but the casualty figures is a paraphrase from a bomb sight mechanic in WWII.  Dresden is the subject.

The Norden bomb sight allowed precision bombing, and is widely credited with being very significant in winning WWII.

Yes, all joined together by true speech/vows can declare and celebrate holidays, when the whole celebrates one thing at one time together.  Civil magistrates (civil governments), churches, families, individuals. A wise use naming is that of Martin Luther, born on the day celebrating Martin of Tours.

Speak true speech, put your life behind your words, and we will have peace, Lord willing.

Charles Howard Hartman

PS: I’m speaking true speech by making a 4-phase ‘revolution,’ after the revolutions of the West of ERH, outlined in Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’ and other such.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Druthers Back Home

1--An attitude of gratitude. I really have come to realize the grace of having people send me to the wilderness, as one of the goat was sent. It taught me, thanks to Rev. Dan Dillard’s recommendation of ‘Shame Interrupted’ that the shamed do not get a day in court when they can speak, but the guilty do.  That’s the difference between shame and guilt.  It also taught me that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  Thanks.

2—With this sheet, I include copies of things Clint Gardner wrote in ‘Beyond Belief’.  These show aspects covenant that operate throughout history.  In Gardner’s work, summarizing Rosenstock-Huessy (Rosenstock) it is the Revolutions of the West.
Others whose works show this, in different fashions, include James Jordan (JBJ) in ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’(COATCF) and Gary North in ‘Crossed Fingers’. More could be said, more examples could be given.

3—Given these above, I will be spending more time and mentation back home, working on my calling, which is to psalmodically respond to these, such that the challenge of the next era (the next 1000 years, however long it is), that we glorify the tribal social order, in this neo-tribal time, by keeping the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribes, but get rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes. Rosenstock, Universal History 1954.
3a.  But JBJ holds to more of a 3-phase and parallel view. Elsewhere I have indicated that after the Sabbath/Jeremiah time we are in, something such as Godparents for Eldsters, 5th Word, and Christian Court TV (8th Word) might work. COATCF.

4—Gathered in peace to my fathers. So, ideally, I would live back home, we’d have a house with a garden, I’d ‘Altucher’ by reading 4 or 5 hours a day and writing 4 or 5 hours a day.  I’d shoot a little pool, maybe play some ambidextrous golf, maybe help with Covault Gardening and/or George Washington Hartman and Great-grandson Hardware, d/b/a, by matching materials from with packets of hardware for sale online and through affiliates.  Maybe. But my main goal would be doing the most important thing at which I would be most difficult to replace, lifetime, namely my Future Four/Five, after the patterns above. 153 Culture (see chuckhartmanhistoryconductor for most of this on the web) is the key now.

3’—You might read these books mentioned. Some may be online.

2’—My Imperative is The Symphony Of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive).  Yes, the many meanings of this are intended.  I think I might be able to monetize the (next era’s parallel to) the scientific method.  I can learn. I ain’t dead yet, though I won’t be running the floor at Sunday night basketball back home until I’m at least 70. (I seem to be in pretty good shape, and now have tried to do Dr. Day’s attitude + and diet, as well as I can, while still working. Subjective, Narrative, Objective, etc.—all rhymed with others.

1’—Praise the Lord. This is all psalmodic response (learned from JBJ) to these good thinkers. I have tried to take the breath, the spirit, the essence of some of what they’ve done, to apply it to new situations.  The Holy War against the Devil (God’s Devil: Luther), in redemptive history, unto maturity. I’m grateful that I seem to have avoided being caught up in marketing before I got to the completion.  And 153 Culture requires more incubation.  I usually do that by giving myself questions before work, and praying that my soul will bring up some answers.  I write them down and incorporate them now, so even the profound acts that discouraged me from listening to more wisdom via the miracles of cassette tapes, iPods, wordMP3, etc. have worked out to the good, I pray.
1a.  More could be said.  All Lord willing.

Love in King Jesus,

Charles Howard Hartman (on Facebook, with Pages)
November 9, Anno Domini 2013 , sometime in EphesusCoram861 (so discouraged that I have not yet updated the Calendar Of Peace Priming/HOST—House Of Singing Times)


153 Culture

153Culture.  That would be 153 ‘orders’ (not just tribes to combat the neo-tribalistic perpetual  war, but nations, cosmopolitians, etc).
I arrive at the ‘temple of orders’ in this way at this time.
Three 49s and a Big Six.  The Big Six are the 6 most important, new maturational challenges put before us NOW.  I have a list of 13 candidates, but they include Isaiah 65:20, affluence, Flood of information, breakdown of structures with technological change, etc.
The first 49 are derived, one from each book of JBJ’s literarily conceived 7x7.
The second is something systematic, similar to the Heidelberg Catechisms 52 AND/OR 49 patterns (mo(k)har, 6 and 1 creation, 3-decker universe…
The third 49 are those that don’t make the BigSix: ‘Bureaucracy as a perversion of Leviticus, a bad priming (‘Blink’), for instance. Proverbs 16:4, Hebrews 12:6.
This is now incubating, this 153.

Love in King Jesus,


PS: E. T. Hall's 'Silent Language' is worthwhile.

Candidate 15 for Big Six

--‘They were post-web and post-email.  You got in touch with them by catchin up with their toon in T’Rain’ page 729 of Stephensons’ REAMDE.  ‘Toon’ is like avatar, ‘T’Rain in the book is a massive online role-playing game—really an alternate reality, a new electronic continent/world.

The question is, what reality, who will make/speak/hand it. Some say we live in one now (‘Matrix,’ Rapoport [or could—Joran Lanier ‘Who Owns the Future?’], etc.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Victory/House-Building Pattern

Victory/House-Building pattern. God destroys the enemies of His people. With the spoils, His people build Him a house. He moves in and lights the fire. His people administer the conquest. Thus Egypt to Promised Land. Thus destruction of Temple in A. D. 70. Etc. More in Jordan . I can expand, I am expanding, for in Gardner's Beyond Belief, there's a chapter on the revolutions of the West that follows this pattern, in 4, yea 5 steps of Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective and out to Planetary Service, and I'm working on #4 of New Era now (my calling) since the first 3 are 'done enough,' and the timing will be more right later for the whole. Love in King Jesus, Chuck