Monday, October 22, 2012

22 key points toward planting 80,000 churches in 15 years

The 80,000 churches in North India guy--  Start @ 25 minutes.
1—How YOU met the Lord, etc. is part of your cultural background, and does not apply to those who grew up in other cultural backgrounds.
2—Huge barrier if we try to make others do as we did.
3—Identify barriers that keep people from coming to Christ.  Lots about church that people don’t want anything to do with. Muslims saw 200 barriers, traditional Christians saw 8.
4—Traditional vs. Biblical.                               
5—Pagan Christianity? Barna. We are to redeem people and cultures.  But a redeemed culture is not the way to redeem cultures.  One does not have to become a European to be a Christian, CHH says—Constantine. Is not the only way of church and culture. Much of ‘culture’ had little to do with the Bible.  Example: Pray with bowed heads and closed eyes.
6—We pass culture on without thinking about it, unless we think about it and choose not to pass it on.
7—Make a conscious choice about what to do.
8—Form has not place in missions, i. e. the form from our culture. Form transmits the culture, not the Gospel.
9-Musch of what we hold dear in our tradition, is detrimental to church planting in other cultures.  Causes death to the movement of the Gospel.
10—How do we move the Gospel without the transport mechanisms of our individual cultural expressions of church.
CHH—Compare English is Anglo-Saxon plus the church. Spanish is Catalan (?) plus the church.  But do English and Spanish understand each other.
11—See what happens in Acts as minor compared to what the speakers are saying.
12—Gospel offends everyone, we remove the additional offense of traditional Christianity.
13—Church planting is the end game, much must happen before that.
14—He’ll show framework/strategy.
15—20 hours, needs 200.
16—Church Planting Missions is not a methodology, but a way to get your methods for your situation.
17—Deculturalize the Gospel, external guy. It’s the inside guy to take this pure and contextualize it for the new group.
18—Example.  White paper for gift to baby is ‘death’ color in China, and stork is scavenger who takes away dead baby.  We want to not give the Gospel with the wrong packaging. God loves you and you can be part of His forever.
 To minute 52.
19—Based on the directives, but differs because Jesus did not select everyone to go, He selected leaders and held them accountable. Accountable, that’s the key.
20—You 2 are responsible for 100 million people, and large has come out of that! Gojipori in India.
21—Accountable, with out it, church planting won’t happen. E. G. Some say, my responsibility is imams. Imams and priests become believers first!
22—Research.  Minute 55. Lots of it. More from this :

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