Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why celebrate birthdays, and not death days?

 Here's a thought that I've been pondering since I heard a comment of Rosenstock-Huessy's in his Dartmouth lectures ( 

He mentioned that the church celebrated deaths of saints until Luther. Luther was born on Martin of Tours celebratin day, and named 'Martin'.

Then we started with origins, birthdays.

I'm thinking that it could be that a birthday today is an echo from the future of the heavenly birthday, that was made assured in Luther's theology.

 I don't know.

 I do know that ERH held that to say that the past and the present cause the future is heresy, for the present is caused by the past and the future.

 I've written a poem, 'Herovolution,' on this theme, a short poem. 

Love in King Jesus, New 'torn' Charlie

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