Monday, October 29, 2012

What's my calling, you ask?

I'm trying to help establish a next institution, one that is in addition, not in substitution. One I follow says that this is to keep the good of the tribal social order, but not keep the bad--perpetual war. A start, for now, on this is Peace Tribe. It's blurry and vague at this time, but it involves following the 4-step sequence of Imperative-Subjective-Narrative-Objective of Rosenstock-Huessy as best told in Chapter 5 of Clint Gardner's 'Beyond Belief'. Imperative, Comprehensive Beauty. Subjective, Pella Square. Narrative,  The Symphony of History, especially Opus 47: From Creatin Speech to New Song, Singing. Objective: House Of Singing Times, a calendar to engender peace, rather than the other way around. A second way is from another, which is a following of a pattern of emphasis (not subordiationist not modalist) of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. This fellow (Joradn, Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future) says that after He Who Reversed The Trend, it was Church, Christian State, University.  Now we wait.  I am analogizing that to Jeremiah Time, a time of exile, for we have not been doing right in Sabbath/Rest in Jesus.  Then comes the Fifth Word, honoring father and mother (in many ways: history, GodTrinity, genetic fathers, Paul-Timothy, etc.) and I think Godparents for Eldsters would be key, and something about not stealing, for 5 and 8 are Adam's sin, 6 and 9 are Cain's, and 7 and 10 are the Sethites.  Adam dishonored his Father in the Garden by stealing--5 and 8. Cain killed his brother in the land and bore false witness--6 and 9, but I'm not there yet.  Soon, a couple of Facebook pages, and much of my stuff in my Notes on Facebook, at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor and GodparentsForEldsters.  Thanks for asking, iron sharpens iron.  Love in King Jesus,  New Charlie PS: One should have specific commands, so for Peace Tribe, name the days rightly, and for GodparentsForEldsters, be a Godparent for Eldster or get  one, a younger person. Today, Monday is ‘Exile’ or SardisYMMM! (SardisBmoY!)

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