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Start of next year's (coram's) calendar--includes 'cryonics missionary, not for me

HostA1111 SardisCoram 862  HostA736A KolCoram862 2NEWEST2 cuz Word fouled up
From HostA736 KOLCoram862 Oath Forming Mobys Schedule 2017 2018
The idea as I started was to find works or art and/or literature, etc. that echoed books of the Bible, as James Jordan has written that ‘Moby Dick’ does with Leviticus.
It morphed/changed into finding oath-formed, small, profitable, enthusiastic groups for each book of the Bible, and perhaps the holidays (kolisheba) written liturgically on the year (coram—Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi). Use Jordan’s 49-book Bible, literarily conceived, on line at Biblical Horizons as ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’.
KEY FINDINGS: 1--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John may forma ‘Cross of Reality’, and may echo the first 4 of Rosenstock’s 5-step ‘revolution’ sequence. Each should be studied to come up with another layer of the eternal calendar, the life of Christ and our response. Luke has been started—the 49, written across the span of Resurrection (Easter) to Resurrection.
2—Ofspeg for these respective books: Deuteronomy—Christian Court TV, Leviticus—this Jubilee Calendar, Genesis—The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, Joshua—How To Make Your Communities Better, Numbers—The 49 (or more) ofspegs, Exodus—Godparents For All (enlarging Godparents For Eldsters).
3—This CORAM, I add 1-49 to the 49-2 shebas (weeks), and Psalms twice. Sheba is ‘7, oath’. ‘Coram’ means ‘face, presence’ I Latin. I also add the names of the days of the week, two ways. This is another layer of eternal calendar. Use lectionary readings and church year of your choice also, as we work toward more layers.
October 1, A. D. 2017—Here’s a 7x7 of what is below, for a different year/coram:
TO RESTATE THE PLAN: April 23, A.D. 2017. Many have also been posted at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman
This is my plan being filled.
abofseg is Jubilee applied, as Jordan's 49-book Bible literarily conceived ('Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' at Biblical Horizons) is Jubilee Inscripturate, and Jesus is Jubilee Incarnate (Luke 4 hearkens to Isaiah 61, which hearkens to Leviticus 25, Jubilee--'fulfilled in your ears').
sbofseg = applied by oath-formed small, enthusiastic groups. For 'seg' see Rosenstock's Universal History 1954, free online at ERH Fund. Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
April 12, A. D. 2017—One Kindle ebook per week ( plus one per holiweek and one total = 53). Second, Psalms later, and Jeremiah prophecies (Bullinger) as additional layers. Bullinger holds that there are 49 prophecies in Jeremiah, and he lists them.  If this is ‘Jeremiah Time’ (JBJ) it would be wise to study these. Bullinger’s ‘Companion Bible’
Toward True Speech, A Calendar Heurasm
‘We will lose the ability to speak in America’: Rosenstock Dartmouth class lecture.
By ‘true speech’ he meant words behind which one puts one’s life.
Therefore: Toward True Speech, words behind which you put your life: oaths
In this schedule for A. D. 2017-2018, Easter/Resurrection to Resurrection, I ‘write’ the 49-book Bible, literarily conceived, of James Jordan’s essay ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ at Biblical Horizons, onto the Resurrection/Easter to Resurrection/Easter year as a liturgy, with mountains in time for equivalents of Confession and Absolution, Readings and Sermon, and Bread and Wine.
Each book is studied for a week, with the goal of finding something that can be formed by oath.
When we have 49 such derivative oath formed institutions, or types of speech, or types of persons, or types of planetary service we will be more on our way to a fully-realized Christendom.  Berman’s ‘Law and Revolution’ shows the Truce of God in medieval times as formed by mutual oath, and cities in @ 12th C. as derived from such mutual oath-making.
(I take the books backward, and retuned from 1234567 through 4152637 to (8)7531642, which latter, using the churches in Revelation, I also use to name the years, or Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi—CORAM, Latin for ‘face, presence’. There’s more to this, for this is derived from the 3rd part of my 5-part sequence, ‘narrative’ as Rosenstock calls it, House Of Singing Times, a calendar of peace that has many other features. I also use various ‘fives’ in my ‘A Next Era Prayer’/The Symphony Of CHI—Comprehensive History Interactive.)
Let’s get to it. This is K.O.LCORAM862, the first year of the 862nd set of 7 years since Creation in this task-specific calendar. See my other essays for the justification of this, but surely we live in many calendars, ways of organizing time for good uses—academic, ecclesiastical, work and business, community… . And GOD WROTE BOOKS.
After Eliot Anselm Time (EAT) made us stay on Ruth for 3 weeks (shebas: 7, ,oath) to get the final 7 weeks to match us so that at the end of them, we come to Resurrection/Easter, we finish SmyrnaCORAM861. (Added: For EAT—an ‘In Jointing’ Time Device, so we won’t act when ‘Time is out of joint’?)
[Earlier options, which I don’t think are as good now]43—Judges—Perhaps ChristianCourts 3.0?
44—Deuteronomy—Perhaps, per Dorsey, something new, as Deuteronomy took care of Jacob’s family troubles? March 20, A. D. 2017—Christian Court 3.0?
45—Leviticus—The work of Theopolis Institute comes to mind. Liturgical.
46—Genesis—How speech makes new times. North’s view that McCloskey’s ‘Bourgeois Dignity’ and its recounting that great economic benefits accrued after trading and innovation began to be honored by rhetoric and money @1750 in North Europe, and my view that his recounting that his definition of calling is now only possible in that new prosperity sphere is worth noting. ‘The most important thing you can do at which you would be most difficult to replace’ 2 hours a day. March 20, A. D. 2017—No, the Stuart Local Foods Feed Local People group, see 2018 notes below.

SEE A. D. 2018 FOR WHAT WE’RE DOING IN A. D. 2017 Mar 20, 2017

47—Joshua—Axial Age Calendar for incorporation of those raised up during Israel’s Exile, as Sunday-Monday reflects Rev. 5:12-7:12 retuning? AlreadyDia, JesusAllTimesDia, LaoTseDia,
AbrahamDia, BuddhaDia, GreekThinking+HistoryAsGod’sTheaterDia, NotYetDia. (I’v also written about this elsewhere) Also see Adelaja ‘Church Shift’—calling as one’s Promised Land. April 10, try one—Sandy.
48—Numbers—The whole ERH ISNOSP, Jordan LLEFNT, as outlined in the latest ‘Symphony’ comment on Google Sites. Mar 20, 2017—network as 4th/5th generation warfare
49—Exodus—Something about transitions. No, with whole ISNOP is here, not Numbers. April 10, try ChristianCourts 3.0, with 3 BH churches, @ $500?
We begin SardisCoram862.  The second ‘year’/coram of the 862nd set of 7 years, since creation. (I have other renderings in the body of my work that use the 15 billion years or so—I also have some things that use the 64 (binary) I Ching categories.
1—April 1, Anno Domini 2018, Hebrews (49-2)
Genesis (1-49)
Monday, SardisYMM!!!, JesusAllTimesDia
Tuesday, PergamosYMM!!!, Lao-tseDia
Wednesday, EphesusYMM!!!, AbrahamDia
Thursday, PhiladelphiaYMM!!!, BuddhaDia
Friday, ThyatiraYMM!!!, TheaterDia (Greek ‘out,’ per ERH/Rosenstock, and ‘History is God’s theater,’ per RJR/Rushdoony
Saturday, SmyrnaYMM!!!, NotYetDia
Psalm Week 1 (see end of document for what’s included—one per day, generally)
And here:
Use Jordan’s Psalms work online at Theopolis.  Use the final lines of each book as the final line(s) of each Psalm in that book. 41:13 for Book 1, 72: 18-19 for Book 2, then 89:52, 106:48, 150:6)
Psalm Weeks, general structure, uses JBJ’s 146 Psalms from BH Conference
1—Week for studying All Psalms: Whole book structure (Bible in miniature, Luther) then, respectively Book 1, 2, 3, 4 5, and then Whole book structure again.
3—8 (9 and 10 are one Psalm) 11-15
6--30,31 (32 and 33 are one), 34-37
7—38-41 ends Book 1] (42-43 are one Psalm) 44, 45
11—67-69 (70 and 71 are one Psalm) 72] 73-74
16—103-106] 107-109
22—145-150 plus Write Your Own Psalm Day (?)
23, 24, 25—Study Something About Psalms And Apply (?)
26 =1, etc.
Explanation of additional names of days of the week. 1—the ‘Dia’ is an attempt to use Rosenstock’s outline of 4 key persons in history to illustrate his ‘forward, in, back, out’ sociological fronts thesis. This is a way of converting the Axial Age figures that came up when Israel was in Exile, for our later incorporation. I add Rushdoony.
The other names of the days illustrate that we incorporate them (YMM!!!, eating, they taste good) and is a retuning of the retuning that happened between Revelation 5:12 and 7:12, per JBJ’s Revelation commentary, picturing the ascension. Is it how we got the names of the days of the week, and were Northen, Greek, and Roman figures thus ‘eaten’? 1234567 as attributes of Jesus became 4152637, and when this is applied to the plantes and/or respective gods thereof (in English world) we got the names of our days of the week. ‘KOL’ is a multilingual acronym, and also is similar in sound to how God spoke (kol) fromSinai). Pctave and Laodicea are the others, and the self-acknowledgement of earth is meant to be included.
I will leave some comments from KolCoram862—but not all. I’ll use
1-- 2017 April 16—Hebrews (possible oath-forming Moby: Don’t reject ‘Abundance’ by
Diamandis.  This is the first of K.O.L.CORAM 862 ‘From 40 years average life span @ 1900 to @ 80 @ 2000, and this for Hebrews, April 10.

Yikes, how do I avoid the blue underline?  Written April 17. The poetry of ‘Hebrews: Don’t fail to enter the new heavens and earth, and the echo of ‘Don’t fail to enter the new longevity’. People Unlimited: @ 1900 lifespan 40, @ 2000, lifespan 80. (Yes, in USA? And fewer childhood deaths—what lifespan after 20) Biology 4x as much as Moore’s Law.  Lenin: Communism is Soviet power plus electricity. Now, X is Y plus biological knowledge. But in Bledsoe’s Alinsky book, someone said no need for Christianity now that there’s electricity.  And we Christians ARE the original transhumanists, ‘a body like His,’ and Isaiah 65:20.  What small, enthusiastic, oath-formed group?

May 8, 2012 ·
I've been thinking that we have a class of 'problems' caused by our ability, now that we are affluent, to do 'new' things, that we haven't thought through. Mass schooling is one. Strange sexual relationships is another (the Pill). Good-tasting but un-nutritious food is another. What else? This could be a type of how things might be near the end. It's also Deut. 8--we think we have done these things, and don't remember that God sends things to mature us
Note: Cryonic missionary is not for me, but it may be for some, and a key thing would be that it is similar to the 1000 year budgets for cathedrals during the Middle Ages that Berman discusses within the first 100 pages of ‘Law and Revolution’. These 100 are ‘the best scholarship…ever read,’ said one wise man. 
Read about it here from the May 10, 1968 Christianity Today—yes, almost 50 years ago. John Warwick Montgomery, the author, is considered a conservative Lutheran. He’s still writing, and someday I’ll read one of his books that is written in the style of one of Wittgenstein’s.

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Oates'' book claims that children talk backwards first

Oates' book claims children talk backwards first

He has recorded audios.

Download free here:

In Sheldrake's 'Science Set Free' he writes of what a scientific attitude is: If one is confronted with anecdotal evidence that people are living longer (hundreds of years) in India, or Western convents or monasteries, what is the scientific approach.  If science is a method of inquiry, one goes and takes a look.  If science is a belief system, one says that it can't be.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'novavore' Hartman

Start With One: Mentally Ill, and I Repent

Who was the mentally ill one here?
What to do about the mentally ill, now that we can't put them in jail, is that the question?
1--Some variation of 'A family for every baby, a church for every single mother' might work.
2--Start with one. The police will tell your church about various candidates.
3--As you act, put it on video, similar to what Christian Court TV would do. This might inspire others.
4--Start with one.
5--The much-maligned 'Dismissing Jesus' might be a start, in addition to Glasser and Adams. There's a story in that book about a bishop who built a city to house refugees from famine in the 4th C.
6--Start with one. Sunday Adelaja ('Church Shift') worked first with the outcast in Kiev (I believe) and after these outcast had been restored, their 'successful' relatives came to Jesus, as is said, joined Adelaja and the church.
7--Start with one. In Jenkins' work ('The Next Christendom' is one) he tells that 3rd World worship services are healing services. ('Medicine' as we know it ain't there). In mny liturgies, there is the term 'salutary gift'--translation: 'healing grace'. Believest thou this?
8--Did I say to start with one?
9--Who heals, as Pastor Jeff might put it?
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'start with one' Hartman
PS: Report back to us. PPS: Pastor Burke's church was helping a single mother, iirc.
I failed, I repent re: Start With One
Dear Gentle Ones:
He was brilliant, yet obstinate. I could have talked with him and though I'd probably have died before now, we might have done good work.
He worked with Dr. Teller, he taught college math.
Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. (Frost?)
I was so much younger then, I'm older than that now.
He was my brother-in-law, beset by a brawling woman who somehow got authorities to abet her.
He died homeless.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'Matthew 4:17, Luther's First Thesis' Hartman
Proverbs 16:4

# of days in the year changed twice

# of days in year changed twice?

He writes 'The fact that I hope to establish is that from the fifteenth century (B. C.--CHH) to the 8th century before the present era the astronomical year was equal to 360 days; neither before the fifteenth century, nor after the eighth century was the year of this length. ...'

He adduces much information from ancient documents and in a different book uses only 'science'.

This reminds me of Lafferty's GREAT science fiction short story, 'What Was the Name of that Town,' in which Lafferty gives forth a series of facts in the culture, such that we are driven to the conclusion that, yes, there used to be a Chicago where the Great (is is Dismal or Purple, I can't remember) Swamp is now, but it, Chicago, was destroyed in a trauma so great that we invented a machine to help us not remember--and we don't remember the machine.  I think that's the gist of it.

And in another book, Mankind in Amnesia, he writes--he was a psychiatrist first, that unless we remember rightly we'll bring on such a catastrophic cataclysm ourselves (CHH--as those abused in childhood become abusers as adults?).

Thus, an addition--Not only is it true that 'Death Wish is the Daughter of Guilt,' but it is also true that 'Death Wish is the Daughter of Not Remembering Correctly.'

There's more, but a Laffertyesque fact is that they have mined the Ivory Islands north of Siberia for decades for ivory from mammoths--I always wondered where they got pool balls in Old West saloons before plastics.

Thus an ofspeg, Revelation as reminder of end of age catastrophic cataclysm.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ''I can remember it for you wholesale’ Hartman

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For St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day.

Before Patrick: skulls from belt. After: books 

Cahill's book 'How the Irish Saved Western Civilization' says that before Patrick went to Ireland, chiefs used to wear the skulls of their slain enemies dangling from their respective belts.

After Patrick, it was books they'd respectively copied.

What would be today's analogical change?

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Google wanted to copy all the info' Hartman

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Church Year(s) Color Note Song(s)?

Newton: colors=notes. Church Year tune, then?

OK, various church years have various colors:;_ylt=AwrBT.C3kala010AEWRpCWVH;_ylu=X3oDMTByMDgyYjJiBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?q=church+year+colors&v_t=webmail-searchbox

Could the tune be improved by putting the 4 horsems in the Season After Pentecost (green) as Apostles' Tide (white), Martyrs' Tide (red), Angels' Tied (black) and End Times/Advent (pale green)?

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'looking for songs' Hartman
PS: God is our song and strength

Monday, March 12, 2018

Add to 'Chuck's Calling Explained Not Cryptically"

, I should have added
1—The initiations are in a song, 8-1 to start, then 4152…, then 8531… (retuning JBJ’s note that the universes is retuned by circle of 5ths at the Ascension, pictured in Revelation 5:12-7:12 (change in order of Christ’s attributes, singing, instruments…) and, as the end 1-12 (12 sums up).
2—I started Opus 49 S.A.N. E. on Google Sites. Click ‘Home’ and let it load.
3—Rosenstock’s 5 are Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service. Per Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ these are also the types of speech. Chapter 5. I do some summarizing at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, ‘Revolutions of the West’.  My 5 are TSOCHI, How To Make Your Communities Better, Jubilee Calendar, 49 ofspeg, Godparents For Everything.
4—This is a prayoerganization. ‘Don’t play God,’ writes JBJ at the end of TNE. So, I pray this organization of the next era.
5—This is fuiule without incarnation, putting flesh on the idea. Thus ERH again:
If you
ever in your life had a bright idea, or a new instinct, or a
new change of heart,
Sir, make this the cornerstone of your understanding
of the universe and you
will understand that the universe begins with creation. And
it ends in incarnation, because that's the experience of every potent and creative
man in the world.
But you look outside and try to deduce by your little brain,
not by your experience of your heart how the world begins, and how it should be
run. You'll never
solve it, gentlemen. You'll remain a selfish, inarticulate
animal. If the spirit moves
you, you will see how simple
things are, gentlemen. Love begins, and hope
keeps you going, and faith. And in the end, your grandchildren
will bless you.

6—This is oneanothering one another, of a Greek word for service, spelled, I believe, ‘leitourgeas’.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie ‘walking stroke’ Hartman