Sunday, May 20, 2018

But Otho Died Homeless

a.            I repent.
b.            Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.
c.             But Otho Died Homeless.
d.            I could have given him an intellectual home, for I memorized Goedel’s Incompleteness Proof—than any axiomatic system has true sentences (Well Formed Formulas) that cannot be derived from it.
d2. In Russell’s and Whitehead’s ‘Principia Mathematica’ there are 5 basic operators.
d3. The Sheffer Stroke (/, ‘not both the one and the other’) I was told, from it could be derived                     
        all 5.
d4. But we believe in both/and. The particle and wzve nature(s) of light is an example, and that
       could be seen to be derived from Jesus Christ being fully God and fully man, without         
       confusion, division, mixture, or separation. This would be something from which to derive a  
       new mathematics, a contrast to the Sheffer Stroke, engendering a contrast to the operators
       of Russell and Whithead.
e.            This would be in accord with the First Thesis, ‘When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, says ‘Repent ye,’ He wills the entire life of the believer to be one of repentance.
d’.    This would have been an intellectual home.  I talk profitably with people every day who are
         more difficult to talk with than Otho.
c’.    But Otho was not by me given the opportunity to live in this intellectual home, he died
         homeless—in this way and others, and by others..
b’.    Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. I could have, but didn’t.
a’.     I repent. Perhaps we can do this new … mathematics, for we have other great intellects in
         the family. It would be an ongoing way of continuing to repent. Let us call the key symbol the
  ‘8sterisk’. (Otho is close to Otto, which is close to acht, eight). A ‘+’ and an ‘X’ superimposed
   Would make an 8-rayed asterisk-like symbol, an ‘8sterisk’. Begin, beg in, as Luther’s last words
   were ‘We’re beggars, that’ all. Otho would have understood this, and perhaps that wordplay and
   joking are ‘both/and’ phenomena, ‘8steristic’

Monday, May 14, 2018

2 years since my stoke-stroke-versary report

Two Years Since My Stroke, ‘Stroke-Versary’ Report
I will list things.
1—I remain very, very tired, though not so much recently. My supervisor at work, who has been very good, suggest this would qualify for an FMLA condition. I had been so tired every couple of weeks that I could barely get out of bed.
2—My blood pressure has been GREAT recently, though an early measurement by my eye doctor’s office was good. I credit the Life Extension protocol, Dr. West’s protocol of supplementation, and especially the basic exercise of ‘Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve,’ in addition to the Lisinopril. The best thing I do from my b/p is to take it, for then I do the b.e., deep breathing, and Healing Code prayer and other praying. I pray that my body learn this, which seems to be happening, for when I think ‘basic exercise’ during the day, I yawn.  The basic exercise is done with hands interlaced behind one’s head (suggested lying down, I don’t do that), and, with head not moving, one’s eyes are moved to the right for 30-60 seconds (for me it’s almost instantaneous) until one sighs (for me, yawning now) and then to the left.
3—I even get ‘good readings, in the 120x/130s over 80s at Hy-Vee. Dr. Severidt has indicated that below 150/90 is OK.
4--I golfed some recently, going for ambidextrous records (alternating left and right, 15” cups). This was a disaster at Guthrie, when I had to try to walk with a heavy bag on a hilly course.  But I did end up with 93/58 when I got home two hours later! I only lasted 2 and a half holes, and it must have taken me a half hour to get off the course.  There were no carts.
5—I’m walking ok, but I haven’t started running or using the sauna yet. I sleep a lot. I’m still working, commuting an hour.
6—I was very impressed by how Louise nursed our kittens back from their spaying. For 4-5 days, they slept in her lap, not eating much at all.  I’m hoping to arrange for a medical professional to care for me at home in my illness/decrepitude. Maybe I’ll have some online income, but my pensions and savings should suffice, though one never knows what might eventuate.
7—My calling is proceeding. I research many tings at the limits of what is known, and this is what I wrote to my classmates for a reunion:
Son Tom has agreed to curate my work, and it is backed up in several ways.
I pray that Joran Lanier’s vision in ‘Who Owns the Future?’ could come true, that an individual living an interesting and valuable life can monetize that, and make a ‘living’ online thereby.
8—All in all, it’s going well, and my health seems good. My blood tests were ‘perfect,’ and I have no heavy metal problems.  I eat apples (Honey Crisp is staying for sale at Hy-Vee)  and blueberries, with ripple chips for ‘vitamin J’ (joy), at work, with a protein drink. Cacao, and glutamine. Louise fixes something with hamburger for evenings. A banana and coconut oil for breakfast, and the aforementioned supplements completes it.  I’m open to new things. I do get chiropractic help, and cranial sacral therapy.
9—Other stressful situations remain. I’m blessed by having my sins authoritatively forgiven 3x during worship. Esight and Second Sight seem wonderful—the blind see?!--, and the book ‘Abundance’ and the work of Peter Diamandis, for instance, which chronicles the great advances being made are enthusing. My work above (7) is ‘Toward Peace,’ as Rosenstock said, ‘Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites.’  Read the intro to ‘Conduct History’ for ½ page summary.
Conduct History: How* and Why
‘New technology increases our reach, decreases the time it takes, and destroys old groups.’ (Paraphrase of Rosenstock).
We are in a period of the fastest technological growth in history.  What will replace the old groups being lost?
Rosenstock also held that history moves in a chiasm of social orders.  Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, and after He Who Reversed The Trend, Israel without exclusion became The Church, Empires without slavery became the nation-state, and now the next era will be that of small, enthusiastic groups—tribes that are not always on the warpath.
This is a chiasm.
      Greece (a companion only after He Who Reversed The Trend)
        He Who Reversed The Trend
      The Church (Israel without exclusions)
    The Nation-State (Empires without slavery)
  Small, Enthusiastic Groups** (Tribes without  being always on the warpath)
[The best explanation of this is on the web, free, at Universal History 1954, found from]
That’s Step One.  Step Two comes from James B. Jordan, who, we note, believes that history moves in a succession of emphasis on, respectively, The Father, and then The Son, and then the Holy Ghost.
[The best explanation of this is in his book, ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’.]
But Jordan also has put forth the idea of a 49-book Bible, in his essay ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’. Find it at Biblical Horizons on the web. The twelve minor prophets become one book, ‘The Twelve’. Both Kings and Samuel are one book, literarily—each too long for one scroll. Lamentations goes with Jeremiah, and Greater Chronicles includes Ezra and Nehemiah.  These 49 make seven sevens, and can be seen to be ordered after the Days of Creation.
To the Rosenstock chiasm, and the Jordan 49 we add a few more things.  1—Jesus declared the Jubilee fulfilled in Luke 4. 2—ERH said that ‘we would lose the ability to speak in America’.  By that he meant true speech, when one puts one’s life behind one’s words.  3—He also said that each Latin verb form is derived from a shorter imperative stem.
Thus, 4--I seek the imperative stem from each of the 49 books, from which to form by oath a small profitable/productive enthusiastic group.  Some are shown below, as I write the Jubilee Calendar on the year, from Resurrection/Easter to Resurrection, one book per week, with liturgical-type celebrations spaced in.
This is my second year.  I claim it to be another layer of the eternal calendar, which ERH, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, defined as ‘the life of Christ and our response. There are more layers to come. Please see ‘Participate in the Eternal Calendar’ in this book/essay.
[This is a new baby. It’s messy. It’s time is not here, so I put it on the web, and start deal-making: ‘Let’s Make A Hartman Deal!’]
*You already do conduct history. When you know more that you know, you will make more music and less noise.
‘Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!’ (Psalm 150:6). Lord willing.
--Add to ‘Stoke-versary’
a. When I write/create, my blood pressure goes up. Today 151/90-60, but two minutes later, continuing deep breathing, prayer, basic exercise: 128/83-71
b. Bill Sardi’s Resveratrol and Molecular Multi.
c. The Basic Exercise (b.e.) eliminates double urination.
d. I recently created Personhood Day as a Facebook Page. My 75th is July 4, I claim.
e. Many I haven’t mentioned need to be thanked. ‘Let us now pray for all the people of God in Christ Jesus, and for all people according to their needs’. ‘Thy will be done’.
f. Re: ‘Patient as CEO’—we can do better. This is phrased euphemistically.
g. My financial situation is such that neither of us should have to go into a nursing home—but neither did my mother.  I will make additional arrangements.
h. My blood pressure is good, but every 10 days or so I get something such as 146/118. I corrects in a couple of minutes.
i. I’m wobbly if I must get up during the night. I have tinnitus. My left leg is ‘restless’. Dr. West’s supplements got my bad eye from 20/400 (four hundred) to 20/40 or so (forty) through a small aperture.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Do Christian Court TV. Here's why.

Do Christian Court TV, here's why (below) 1--Judge Judy makes $47 million a year.
2--There are books to work from.
3--Maybe churches will send in some.
4--A smart phone and a lapel mike will do it.
5--a--Example to civil government, b--church discipline, c--Take it to a higher court--How shall we then pray?

Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook, and so is CCTV

Love in King Jesus,


Monday, May 7, 2018

Diamandis: Progress

Every year I take the major XPRIZE benefactors (Vision Circle & Innovation Board members) on an Adventure Trip. This time, we went to Vatican City to discuss longevity and regenerative medicine, piggybacking on the United to Cure conference hosted by the Pope. 
The notion that the Vatican hosted this event, and even had a panel on “the morality of immortality” (or the immorality of mortality) is pretty amazing (more on this in a future blog). It’s more evidence that we’re living during the most extraordinary time ever in human history. 
Since I had the great honor to give the opening keynote, I thought I’d use this blog as an opportunity to share my remarks. Let’s dive in. 

Contextualizing Human Progress

It's hard to remember how extraordinary the world is today when we're bombarded 24/7 by news about problems and disasters. History provides valuable context, however.
  • Some 700 years ago, the Plague killed 200 million people in a single year -- 40 percent of England.
  • About 500 years ago, famine claimed 3 million lives in France. 
  • 100 years ago (in 1918) World War I claimed 16 million lives, while the flu pandemic caused 50 million deaths. All in a single year.
If these were our current headlines, we would be in shock.
We forget how much the world has progressed in the past century alone. 
The per-capita income for every nation on the planet has tripled. The human lifespan has doubled. The cost of food has dropped thirty-fold. The cost of transportation hundreds of fold. The cost of communications millions of fold.
The human lifespan is another way to contextualize progress: 
  • During the days of the caveman 100,000 years ago, the average lifespan was in the late 20's. By age 13, humans went into puberty and began having children; by 26, those parents became grandparents. And since food was scarce in those days, the best thing you could do was “give your bits back to the environment,” so to speak, and not consume food and other resources that would otherwise have gone to your grandchildren.
  • In the Middle Ages, the average human lifespan grew to 35.
  • A century ago, it was the mid-40’s.
  • Today, it's around 80.
One of my missions -- which I share with many of you -- is to discover how we can add 20, 30 or more healthy years to our lives. How do we make 100 years old the new 60, and then intercept exponentially growing technologies to extend the healthy human lifespan beyond that?

Exponential Technologies Driving Longevity

We take the technology and the empowerment we have today for granted.
I teach my Abundance community that whatever becomes digitized enters a period of slow, deceptive growth. Next, it becomes disruptive, and then it dematerializesdemonetizes, and democratizes products and services.
Consider storage, which is critical for the genomics world today. 
In 1981, 1 gigabyte of storage cost half a million dollars. Today, it's 25 million times cheaper at 2 cents per gigabyte.
How about computation? In 1971, Intel put out its first computer chip, the Intel 4004. It had 2,300 transistors on at $1 each.
Intel no longer actually tells you how many transistors are on their chips, but the recent Core i7 had 14.4 billion transistors at less than a millionth of a penny each.
This represents a 330 billion-fold increase in price performance in 45 years.
If you have a smartphone, you have more computational power in your hand than all the governments on the planet had just 30 years ago. 
But that doesn't compare to what's coming next in quantum computing. This year, we expect to see ‘quantum supremacy’ -- that moment in time where a quantum computer can solve a problem that no classical computer can do. 
Google recently unveiled Bristlecone. This new quantum computer chip has 72 qubits. By the time it gets to 300 qubits, it can perform more calculations than there are atoms in the known universe. 
We’re about to see an extraordinary revolution in drug discovery.
Pharmaceutical companies today are spending decades and billions of dollars to discover molecules that affect us. But soon, quantum computers will allow us to model molecular interactions at a level like never before. 
Imagine an individual working on a quantum computer on the cloud who is able to look at the interaction of a particular molecule with all 20,000 coded proteins in the human genome. Drug discovery will go off the charts. This isn’t happening 30 years from now, but in the next decade.
What about communications? We take it for granted, but in 2017, we had 3.8 billion people connected on Earth. In the next five years, we'll see the deployment of the 5G global network that Qualcomm has been developing.
We're about to see Facebook and Google with balloons and drones and satellites. OneWeb will deploy 900 satellites leveraging a $1.2 billion Softbank investment, and then layer on top of that 4,425 satellites being launched by SpaceX, and we're about to connect every single human on the planet with a gigabit connection speed.
A gigabit connection for everyone, effectively for free.
That connection represents a lifeline for health sciences. It’s an ability to upload data or enable AI support.
And it doesn't slow down. With the Internet of Things and a proliferation of sensors, by 2020 we'll have 50 billion connected devices with a trillion sensors in the world. By 2030, we’ll see 500 billion connected devices with 100 trillion sensors. 
In terms of health, every single person will have the ability for real-time monitoring. Every single element of their lives -- their glucose, their blood pressure, the microRNAs, their vitamin D levels -- can be uploaded to an AI that can convey their exact health status.
We'll all have a version of JARVIS from “Iron Man.” These personal AIs can collect our data and enable us to be the CEO of our own health.
The acceleration continues with genome sequencing. Back in 2000, the price of sequencing a human genome -- all 3.2 billion letters of your life -- was $100 million and 9 months' time. Today, it’s $1,000 per genome, and within two years, with Illumina's newest machines, it will cost about $100 and be completed in 1 hour. 
We're talking about trillionfold increases in price-performance capability, which is in turn driving a revolution in cellular medicine, stem cells, natural killer cells, CAR T-cells. It’s extraordinary.
I believe nothing is truly scarce. Nothing.
We have the ability, with access to these technologies, to say, “This is the problem I want to solve." 
We often talk about our desires and our abilities.
I posit that we're living in a time a day and age that within our lifetimes, we will truly have the ability to meet the needs of every man, woman and child on this planet. 
You may have heard me say, “The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest business opportunities,” and, “If you want to become a billionaire, help a billion people.”
What is the challenge you desire to solve? What is the impact you want to create?
I believe that each of us should be taking on what I call the Impact Pledge... to stand up and say, “During my lifetime, this is the problem that I want to solve. This is what I stand for.
It used to be that capital was restrictive. Today, we're living in a world of crowdfunding, angel capital, venture capital, and even startups being funded by sovereign wealth funds. But it doesn’t end there. In 2017, the world saw $3.8 billion in ICOs (initial coin offerings) -- an entirely new mechanism to generate investable capital.
And even that is accelerating, in the first four months of 2018 alone, there was $6.2 billion of ICOs. Capital is flowing to great ideas.
What is your great idea?
Each of us has what I call a Massively Transformative Purpose in our lives that motivates us to pursue the seemingly impossible.
What we do with our time matters.
What Moonshots we take on to change the world matters.
What impact do you want to make on this planet?
You have access to everything you need. More knowledge on Google or Baidu, more computational power on the cloud, more capital, more access to AI.
With this abundance, what else do you actually need?
Ultimately, it is the “dedicated, passionate human mind” that makes all the difference.
A mind with the audacity to think thoughts like...
I refuse to allow this disease to go on for a day longer.
I refuse to not have the ability to feed a billion people, or to save a billion women's lives.
We are alive in a time of great capabilities.
The choice is yours. 
Let’s create a world of healthcare abundance.
Let’s make disease a thing of the past.
Let’s make 100 years old the new 60, and then once we get there, we can debate how we get to 150 or even 200.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Temporary ambidextrous golf record

 45, temporary ambidextrous record, 5x80 Country Club.
I golfed Monday.  It was very windy. Alternated right-handed and left-handed. Alone. Imagined 15 inch cups, so if the putt was on the lip or went by slowly, it was in. Twice around 9 holes. Triple bogey max. 1st round, 49—no triples. Second round I parred the 8th hole, which I’d double bogeyed, parred another I’d bogeyed, and bogeyed one I’d double-bogeyed.  I hadn’t played lefty in a year or so, since rehab. Good golfers will do better. I used a lefty 6 iron, about 100 yards, and a 5 wood for putting left-handed.
It wasn’t that much fun, I probably could easily consider this my last round, except for fun tournaments.
Louise says, ‘Sure, it’s a record. Nobody w\else golfs that way’. I say, ‘Anybody can golf the way others do.’

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Opus k.o.l. ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor

Opus k.o.l. ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor

Some kind of summing up on blog/website

A symphony that brings in all my stuff, so far

Make a list, make sure it's checked off

Some Mathematical Help? 10-d and 'minyan'

Some mathematical help? 10-D and 'minyan'?

Here's something for your expertise. From Tenen's 'The Alphabet that Changed the World'. He has us look at a square with 4 circles in it, all touching the sides, but there's a space in the middle where nothing touches, and another circle can go there. Now he has us look at a 3-dimensionality of the same type, with cubes, and a cube in the center. He says that the center cub takes up a higher % of the total space. Then he says that when we get to 10 dimensions, the center is LARGER than the total of the 4 other objects within. Thus he says that the Judaistic requirement of 'minyan' is wise, in that when 10 get together--the minyan requirement for 10 men to worship--the whole is greater than the 10, there's an emergent property. What say you of this mathematics, is a 10-dimensional unit as he portrays it? Thanks!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie '' Hartman