Monday, July 27, 2015

Jude of Building a Civilization of Peace


Jude backward and Kings Forward.
ERH wrote that the past and present do not causethe future, that’s heresy.  The past and the future cause the present. PEACE IS THE EXPLICIT RECONCILIATION OF OPPOSITES.
So, I go through the Jubilee Matrix Bible  forward 1-49, and backward, re-retuned 8-2 from 49 to 2.

This gives a perspective of a book.  What is the Call, the AHA!, the essence, the Spirit, the Imperative, the Gift that we are to use as the first part of a 5-step process, akin to the order of worship and the scientific method, and the new Symphony of History (TSOCHI)?  And how are we going to weave 3 strands in each cord—Maturity, Redemptive History, and the holy war against the devil and his angels (The devil is God’s devil: Luther).
So, 49 x 3 is 147. A BigSix (MADJAN—Moore’s Law that computing costs have been/are cut in half every 18 months since 1890—and that biological information increases 4x as fast now—Abundance (the book)—Decentralization/Centralization—jordans being crossed, multitudes, the greatest number in history, entering Christendom—artificial intelligence—nanotechnology) equals 153, remember the fish?
And this is all in a 5-step process of spreading the benefits of the revolutions of the West (Rosenstock summarized in Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief) to the world, probably through an app for The Symphony (TSOCHI).
These 5: TSOCHI/The Symphony OfComprehensive History Interactive, the analog to the scientific method for the next era, the earth beneath, people made of dirt, thus filling the 3-decker world, is the first.
Second, How To Make Your Communities Better. We are given, we give, thus Pella refuge and Stuart, helping farmers along the Big Mover.
Third, House Of Singing Times (to TCOH/SCOCHI and the garment of the High Priest lying down on his back are inside out to the Tabernacle). AKA COPP, Calendar Of Peace Prejected.  The aforementioned beginning of 153Culture.
Fourth, 153Culture.  Take off from Hall’s map of culture in ‘The Silent Language,’ only it’s 7x7, the Days, the Books, the Beatitudes, Churches in Revelation as ages of forming history, etc.  .
Fifth, omegalphic, Godparents For Eldsters, as the  whole 5 is godparents for society.
But, back to Jude. I’ll look at New Bible commentary and others, and especially Bullinger’s Companion Bible, etc. . I’ll get back to you.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Forming and Filling

A thought. It seems that history is filled with failed institutions, especially religious ones. This may relate to the pattern of forming and filling that some see also in the Creation narrative. Day 1 light filled with Day 4 luminaries, etc. 2 and 5, 3 and 6. COULD it be that the Big Forming is done also when the Bible is done, and that we are to do the Big Filling, and that our task, under Trinity, continues? Keep this in mind, please?

Friday, July 24, 2015

3 John of Building A Civilization of Peace BookBrick

Working on 3 John this week in Building A Christian Civilization BookBrick By BookBrick. I find the essence, the key, the Spirit, the AHA!, the Call of each book of the Jubilee Matrix Bible, and then now and in the future I will build on the imperative beauty in a 5-step process that Rosenstock used to tell the stories of the Revolutions of the West. There are 3 strands in this tower of 5--maturity, Holy War against the devil and his angels (The devil is God's devil: Luther) and redemptive history.

Added to the BigSix, with the 49x3, we get 153 culture, after the 10x10 grid of E. T. Hall in 'Silent Language.' See Biblical Horizons' 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' for the Bible, see Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' Chapter 5 for a summary of the Revolutions.

So far, two things stand out, and remember that each book is written for a purpose at a time, etc. Mike Bull might say that these were 'formings,' and I might say that my work is 'filling'.

Anyway--1--Why are there much shorter books near the end of the Bible (compare Koran and verses?), and somehow, 2--If network marketing is so big, and if money is a form of communication, and if we are experts in The Word, then, if some monies are going to can we be ready in each community to have something ready when economies forget how to speak, go aphasic? Could we be profitable now with barter, hour money, community building, so as to be ready then? I do not mention 'organized crime,' well-limned in Poul Anderson's 'Day of Burning,' and, some say, as much as 25% of world economic ptoruct.

More to come. 3 John.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sorites and Memory Palaces--Raw: First Corinthians of Building a Civilization of Peace



What would you tell a rich person whom you wanted to convince to help do good?

I ask that as I begin to attempt a summary of Sorites and Memory Palaces, First Corinthians in Building a Civilization of Peace, followed by The First Fourteen in Building a Civilization of Peace.

What would you tell a rich person whom you wanted to convince to help do good?
You ARE a rich person!


There will be an electronic augmented reality analog, for apprehending the history and future of something in the present on the way to a beatific vision-type knowergasmic experience—an upgrades of things already here.  Will it be like a Dewey decimal system, or based on all things cohering is the Word Inscripturate, a Jubilee Matrix Bible?

For a sorites of this, a heap that in my thinking got us to the above, see Sorites Wikipedia, and, among others: [Please note that I’ve claimed that Mike Bull is travelingTAP heuristically through a variety of memory palaces, poetically, which see,  Both derived from JBJ’s work, which is based on that of others, as he says in ‘Apologia,’ and ‘TAP,’ above is a self-conscious language move (grammar, ERH, is the self-consciousness of language) to help enableTAP us to better sacrifice the creation (‘sharper than a two-edged sword), in peace, the explicit reconciliation of opposites, in this case one acts and Trinity All Powerful.  Remember the history of the comma (recent), the novel, the detective short story, Zeroes and Ones as language, various mathematical operators (Sheffer Stroke), etc.

So when we ‘see’ something, can we not attempt to see its history, its future, its all? Summed up, see here on Charles Howard Hartman Facebook Wall and Notes, and in chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
Here is an example showing that the "middle term" can be expanded and redistributed so that self-canceling pairings aren't immediately obvious. Lewis Carroll's famous puzzles were presented in this form (taken from Law of Form, pp. 122-23):

The only animals in this house are cats;
Every animal is suitable for a pet, that loves to gaze at the moon;
When I detest an animal, I avoid it;
No animals are carnivorous, unless they prowl at night;
No cat fails to kill mice;
No animals ever take to me, except what are in this house;
Kangaroos are not suitable for pets;
None but carnivora kill mice;
I detest animals that do not take to me;
Animals, that prowl at night, always love to gaze at the moon.
-- Now, my ‘heap,’ my sorites. [I suppose one could look at the order in chaos theory too?] Question:  Is the whole ‘Building A Christian Civilization BookBrick By Book Brick’ a sorites AND a tour?

--I write these notes in a little notebook during the week as I contemplate the AHA!, the gist, the essence, the Spirit, the imperative, the beauty of the respective book of the Jubilee Matrix Bible.—
They are a heap.  They’ve resulted in this, so far-- There will be an electronic augmented reality analog, for apprehending the history and future of something in the present on the way to a beatific vision-type knowergasmic experience—an upgrades of things already here.  Will it be like a Dewey decimal system, or based on all things cohering is the Word Inscripturate, a Jubilee Matrix Bible?
1—1 Corinthians
2—History of the word ‘Trinity (undecipherable scratches)
3—Do mathematical, comma with other
[I think what I was getting at is the idea that when we see a word, or something such as a  comma that helps us, we should somehow apprehend the past of it, and the future.  For instance, the comma is very new, 13th C.?, and Bible chapters and verses are from the 12th Century and the 16th, respectively, I’ve read. We do not want to be is a narrow historical area, but comprehensive, toward Beatific Vision?]
4—Early days (we are in, later) in that way
5—Speak first, in the image of God, Who spoke first—He in everything, we in a new area.
6—Or, new words and ways of speaking will come upon us—teenage slang.
[Later, add zeros and ones as important language, and behind all this is Rosenstock-Huessy’s saying in ‘In Defense of the Grammatical Method in ‘Speech and Reality’ that ‘Grammar is the self-consciousness of speech.  What I’m getting at is to change the grammar for more articulation, explicitly, of reconciliation of opposites=peace.]
[If we don’t speak first, as we should, others will do so—that we don’t want]
7—Speak (your) peace  Explicit reconciliation of opposites.
8—Guilty vs. shamed.  The guilty get their day in court, thus peace (above) can be achieved—later, this latter.
9—Unreadable (ornd One?)
10—MAST Wycliffe. (Re, no: What’s really happening—a way to double the speed of translating the Bible into new languages)
11—Cecil (Jim, Jay Abraham speaker) summary: The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you ask of yourself and others.
12—Chuck the Closer.  I’m the initiator my whole life.  Maybe ‘grow up’? Re: Missing winning pool shots
13and 14—Botanists named plants.  Adam named.  Should we not do the same?! Instead of using a language some other has already invented?  (Later, but re-define, as Pella accepts refuge and now gives it, as Stuart helped farmers around railroad, now around internet?)
15—He is goingyr to do it. ‘You’re Responsible’—a grammatical innovation, similar to ‘SELAH’ as ‘Go back to the beginning and use the beginning as a refrain’ in 1864 Theological Journal, an acronym in Hebrew.
16—Begin a tribe of grammar makerstap. Tap= trinity all powerful.
18—Mutual indwelling, exponential self-conscousness across/on all wavelengths
19—Get help!  Who?
20—True Speech. (ERH said we would lose the ability to truly speak in America, by which he meantto put our lives behind our words, to put flesh on them, incarnate)
21—Whatever grammatical form (Hebrew) Adam used for Woman
23—Like searchable e-texts
24—E. G. Jim’s ‘Through New Eyes’ covenant forms.  Here we are on the road=X
That’s the start                                             X                                     and ends here
25—Comma Novel Verses Chapters Detective short story Sonnet
26—Better tools with which to cut up creation as a sacrifice to Trinity
27—Examples—aha! A verse 1551, Stephanos. A mystery short story Poe 1840. Our old adversary in the trees.
28—Cf. grammar of commerce, shekel of Temple.
29—Gospel terminism or whole body of histyr + future (Chuck, end of week, see structure of l Cor 15. 
a. Gospel
b. Jesus died and was raised
c. Body, more
b’. (Your) corruption will be raised incorruption
a’. Your work is not in vain in Christ
30—Super footnotes (Wikipedia) augmented reality
31—Web organized vis 7x7?
32—Back -> presuppositions—now break free? (This referred to what I see as this, that I’m going through, looking for new HARTMAN: Herovolution, Advolution, Revolution—These May Advance Newness—but I seem to come back to what I presupposed.  Now, the 20th, maybe it’s Eliot’s ‘We shall not ceases from exploring, and the end of our exploring will be to return, and to know the place for the first time’ (paraphrase?)
33—Let’s make some grammar!
34—Kings begins with construction of Temple and ends in destruction. 1 Cor Gospel dead and raised at end sown in corruption, raised in incorruption, therefore, works not in vain
35—Augmented reality—see all thins past and future as the detective goes to past via effects to find out what happened -> justice in future
36—By 7x7 or Dewey or creatin good—maybe in 10s?
37—Any (?) minted (?) packets (?) us see sructures
38—As tour memory palace (BIBLE) creations, reminde of who you are made (that is, 20th, see who you really are, it’s cdrawn out by sorites and memory palaces?) Comprehensive
39—(I have) no position of authority, so I author authority!
41—Sum up at 14 (the AHA!s of each book)
42—All the connections, word studies, periscopes, sentences, (structures), types (building, lamb, etc.)

After all, this: There will be an electronic augmented reality analog, for apprehending the history and future of something in the present on the way to a beatific vision-type knowergasmic experience—an upgrades of things already here.  Will it be like a Dewey decimal system, or based on all things cohering is the Word Inscripturate, a Jubilee Matrix Bible?
And next week, we capture the AHA!, the gist, the Spirit, the imperative, the beauty…of 3 John, and start to build on it with a 5-step sequence, akin to the liturgy and/or the scientific method, in maturation, in the Holy War against the devil and his angels (The devil is God’s devil: Luther), and in redemptive history.

What say you it is?

Appendix: The First 14
Here is the start of a list:
Hebrews: OTT 511 (Omegalphic Transition Turn, that is from Exodus at the end of the previous completion, to Hebrews at the beginning of this one)

Titus: The 7th of Leviticus, that is ‘rituals’ to prepare?
1 Timothy:  Parallel to Civil Government? Trotsky, Zero State, Barzun, Creveld, TransHumanis IS Christianity
1 Thessalonians: The Epistles are retuned too, as were/was The Twelve!
Philemon:  The 7th of Joshua, rhetoric of conquest.  Both ‘…not that you owe me anything, I just brought the Good News to you…, says Paul, and a very tightly structured 26-verse letter (Bullinger)
2 Timothy: (I need to look at this again)  What’s new in wilderness, formation (of speech).  Look at 3:16.
2 Thessalonians:  Toward ADodus, not just ‘from’/ex, but toward/AD
Colossians: Mystery, and the figuring out of the Joshua of Judges is another mystery.  Mystery in the book, and mystery in the 49.
[And I still must get the three strands of the rope/cord (chord!?) together with the 5-step.  The 3, from Jordan: maturity, holy war against the devil and his angels (CHH: The devil is God’s devil—Luther) and redemptive history.]
Ephesians: Mystery 2, but revealed, seated with 2:6.
2 Corinthians:  AHA!  In this backward (49-2) 2 Corinthians comes before 1 Corinthians, so maybe a detective is the key.  He sees what now is (clues) and must deduce back to what came before.

And now, Public Vindication.  I have written 3 things on the liturgy of the years/CORAM-Celebration OfResurrection Anno Mundi (yes, I know what the Latin means).  After 10 weeks, outside the 49, is Public Vindication.  Crossing of Rivers, Confession/Absolution, A. D. 70.  After 11 is The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (TBOTMOFA).Sinai, Readings and Sermon, Conversion of Constantine (?). After 11 more is Total Christ/Totus Christus, a 2-week long one. 8531642 by 8s, then 1234567 by 1s. TBOTMOFA was 8531642 by 8s. Conquest of Promised Land, Communion, Conquest of Europe (Iceland @ 1000?.
For Public Vindication it’s 4s by 4152637 (thus, the retuning from Rev. 5:12 to 7:12 per Jordan’s commentary on Revelation.  So Lord’s Day/Sunday is Luke, then Numbers, 1 John, Job, Galatians, Ezekiel, 2 Timothy. In later years, and later this year, I’ll try to figure the relationships of these out.
The full calendar part is on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor at something like ‘retuned 7x7 PergamosCoram861’.
Here is the 1-49.  These did NOTwhgw come out with the grids.  Search BookBricks at google sites, or I’ll try to put Host18077 on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.  For those reading this in the future, there should be enough clues in the other digital records to help you.


After PV/Public Vindication, we have these books:
Romans—‘from him, and through him, and to him’ is the key, and Bullinger says there are 102 ‘and’ words in Gen. 1:1-2:3, so I suggested to a ‘family’ pastor that he assign each ‘and’ area to one family (hey! The 20th, this would be a recruiting tool—we need a shortstop!) to steward, as commanded
Philippians—Rejoice!  Thus, turn where one is into music, glorified speech, including My Life: The Musical, My Workplace: The Musical, My Community: The Musical.  Stuart, The Musical, for our 15th (iowa) and oen can use tunes already written, and change the words.  Musicals or music of the times. Start and end with ‘Captain Stuart/Oklahoma) and in center have ‘Everybody sings Te Deum, with churches interepsersed, and to the tune of ‘I’m getting married in the morning,’ bracket Te Deum with ‘We’ll get to heroes in a minute….Now remember unsolved crimes’  crimes and heroes.  George Hamm beaten to death in alley, fellow shot behind grain bin? Don’t forget ‘We’re loop scoopin,Stuart I—O-Way! To tune of ‘Surfin’ USA’
Galatians—Spreads to all
1 Cor—7x7 to organize augmented reality e-text, footnotes, Wikipedia, or Dewey?

[If I’ve missed anything, it’s on my Facebook Notes (Charles Howard Hartman) or at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, google blog.]

What Would You Tell A Rich Person?

What would you tell a rich person whom you wanted to convince to help do good?

I ask that as I begin to attempt a summary of Sorites and Memory Palaces, First Corinthians in Building a Civilization of Peace, followed by The First Fourteen in Building a Civilization of Peace.

What would you tell a rich person whom you wanted to convince to help do good?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Galatians Of Building A Civilization Of Peace BookBrick By BookBrick

Thanks, _____:

You're right, maybe, about the choice of show tunes.
In my favor, I'm planting a seed that won't mature until 2021!
I would use medical marijuana if I needed it, but as of the moment when I wrote the post to which you refer, my addiction of choice was Pepsi!  I'm still trying to kick the habit, and maybe one of my alternative doctors and 23&Me can help.

In other news, and to answer your question a second time, a source of my wonderful oddness, if I do say so myself, is that I'm going through the Jubilee Matrix Bible (JBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' made into a 7x7 grid and (here's a new word) ERHetuned--retuned using ERH's 'The future and the past cause the present' added to the circle of fifths retuning that Jim mentions in Revelation 5:12-7-12 (at Ascension), that retuning applied to the retuned itself.

So, each week I try to get the gist, geist,AHA!, Call, essence, Spirit of a book, as a start to a 5-step process of 'revolution,' as ERH limns -- best source of summary, Chapter 5 of Gardner's 'Beyond Belief', second best, search on Google (others don't get it) for 'Revolutions of the West chuckhartmanhistoryconductor' to get my summary ofGardner.

Thus, last week was Philippians, joy, music, festivity, etc.

[These are also shaped by present experience]

Now, light up a cigar or something of your choice, and sing along.  Galatians.  I took it as the Joshua (6th) iteration of Numbers, which would be a conquest.

From that I asked, re: PCA apology controversy, for what do we wish that our descendants centuries from now will NOT have to apologize.  Looking at it from a more mature future, in which our senses of propriety are better, what might we see?  This future, what can it cause in our present, knowing the PCA/civil rights thing?

We could go through the Decalogue to get some ideas, and also the Days of Creation and Fall, the Beatitudes, etc.  We can dredge things from Kurzweil ( and stefnal (scientifictional, science fiction) works.

Here are some from outside the radical middle (Mack Reynolds' term).

I do not characterize their handed-ness, whether right or left.

Corporations, is the daughter taking over from the mother, 'the civil government,' as has been done, maybe, with state from church, university from state, etc?

Is Monsanto waging biowar?

Is Bill Gates depopulating via vaccine, in developed and undeveloped areas?

'A Crime So Monstrous'--can't we see we have slavery today?

MADJAN--What does Moore's Law, that computing costs are halved every 18 months, and have beensince 1890, mean?  And that biological knowledge is increasing 4x as fast? (Will you be against the ability of 'parents' to flood embryos at the right time with the right hormones to produce a selected sex? 'A Crime So Monstrous' is about modern-day slavery, and the Marxist idea of 'wage slavery'--what did we do about it? Should we have been more 'Free Agent Nation'?

Abundance--could we stand prosperity.  Read the book titled 'Abundance'. 'Bold' is good too, by the same author, about the tools we now have, and 'cognitive surplus'.

Decentralization/centralization--where will our descendants with an enhanced sense of propriety say we should have come down?

All the great crossings of jordans in the 3rd world, producing 3rd century Christians--one says it's the greatest revival in history.  Who didn't write book(let)s helping, such as 'What We've Learned and Lost in 18 Centuries'?

Artificial Intelligence.

Nanotechnology.  And N with the biowar capabilities, how did we stand on 4th generation warfare, and 5th ?

That's a start, _____.  We can be the power from the smoke-filled room of this grass, I say.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'TwentySix Four' Hartman (Proverbs--we do too much Five)

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To BH--What Is Really Happening Stuart The Musical

Dear Gentles:

As i go through JBJ's 49-book Bible (also retuned by me to make a Calendar of Peace, I claim), I try to get the giest, the Spirit, the AHA!, the Call of each book, from which I pray, Lord willing, that in the future we can build, so as to have new institutions, new memes, new types of persons, new types of speech (ERH, except for 'memes').

Last week was Philippians, which, per New Bible Commentary, has 16 uses of the work 'joy,' so I went with that and started trying to make music (joyful speech), such as My Workplace: The Musical, Your Life: The Musical, and now, to help disciple a town, Stuart: The Musical.

ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor: Stuart The Musical


Here's a Brazilian 'Facebook' without swearing, etc., put up by evangelicals.  You can get translations, I think. This page, at least: Por favor faça o login - FaceGlória

Search facegloria if this doesn't work.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'TwentySix Four' Hartman