Sunday, November 11, 2018

Make billions helping billions--liturgically

Make billions helping billions--liturgically--MTP (Diamandis, see webinar with Robbins)

(Liturgy is from the Greek for 'service')
A Massive Transformative Purpose.
The art form of the next era of history
 Rosenstock, Jordan, Bull, Cascione, +
The Vision:  'Everyone' world-wide, one anothering and helping one another, in a 5-step process
This 5-step is seen in relation to nature in the scientific method.
In history, is is the shape of the national revolutions of the last 1000 years.  Papal, German, English, American/French, Russian.  This is best described in Chapter 5 of Clint Gardner's 'Beyond Belief'
For Rosenstock: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary  Service.
Jordan, in 'Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future': Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah.

(This is also seen in the creation process, the sacrificial system in Leviticus, the institution of the Lord’s Supper, and in the 5 Cs of worship (Jordan): Call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission)
Eventually, get the I Ching, it's 64, digital from broken line and unbroken line. (Hindu concept that number are NOT only zeros and ones, but have their own natures).
In-Transform-Out, but to the 5 of North's THEOS, Bull adds at 3, Prophet-Priest-King to make 7.
It must be an app, but can be played/incubated around a tabernacle/table, as 12 Days, Conductor being 1, 8, 12, others training. (Not for the first effort of 'Contagious Disciple Making, but maybe later).
See also: 'Sing A New Era' and 'How and Why to Conduct History' by Hartman.

[All speech is in the 5-step form?  The first sound brings in the hearer, and the next thing known is that the hearer is cleansed unto participation—is not left out. Then communication happens, unto eating –incorporation into the hearer, and the hearer must respond because changed. Thus we remember microcosmically, a tool, a mnemonic artifact (Wolfe, ‘Kingdom of Speech’) and we retrace Rosenstock’s ‘Me, I, We,They’.]

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Peterson's foreword to 'Gulag Archipelago'--excerpts

Peterson's foreword  to 'Gulag Archipelago'--excerpts
 “I am indeed thrown arbitrarily into history....' [I would say Providentially]
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
'It is a matter of pure historical fact that The Gulag Archipelago played a primary role in bringing the Soviet Empire to its knees. Although economically unsustainable, ruled in the most corrupt manner imaginable, and reliant on the slavery and enforced deceit of its citizens, the Soviet system managed to stumble forward through far too many decades before being cut to the quick. The courageous leaders of the labor unions in Poland, the great Pope JohnPaul II and the American President Ronald Reagan, with his blunt insistence that the West faced an evil empire, all played their role in its defeat and collapse. It was Solzhenitsyn, however,...'
'For Marx, man was a member of a class, an economic class, a group—that, and little more—and history nothing but the battleground of classes, of groups.'
'The first question you should ask him is what class does he belong to, what is his origin, his education and his profession. These are the questions that will determine the fate of the accused. '
'It is much more preferable, instead—and much more likely to preserve us all from metastasizing hells—to state forthrightly: “I am indeed thrown arbitrarily into history....' (read the rest of the paragraph)
'Is this not a or even the essential point of difference between the West, for all its faults, and the brutal, terrible “egalitarian” systems generated by the pathological Communist doctrine?'
' “Heaven is worth any price”—but who pays? Christianity solved that problem by insisting on the sacrifice of the self;...But it was and is the opinion of the materialist utopians that someone else be sacrificed,...'

Friday, November 2, 2018

Nov. 10: Tell 'em about 1 Timothy!

Nov. 10: Tell 'em about 1 Timothy!
Simple: Lord's Day 45 (Heidelberg) is 1 Timothy in Parallel God Wrote Books
Some use 'the' lectionary.
Heidelberg's Lord's Days start first Sunday after Jan. 1.
East and Hartman start Resurrection Sunday.
Some start 'the' church year at Advent.
Let's keep it simple.  What book of JBJ's 49-book Bible is #45? It's 1 Timothy
Keeping it simple, then, tell 'em about 1 Timothy!  This is appropriate, given the US elections and 1 Timothy 2: 1-4.
There's much more in my 'book' on Google Sites, 'How and Why to Conduct History,' which has a Psalm a day (JBJ's 144 +2), Jeremiah prophecies, and the 49 forward, unretuned, and backward, re-retuned.
But, simple is this:  Tell 'em about 1 Timothy.God Wrote Books.
Love in King Jesus,
Chuck 'giving it away' Hartman
PS: Are your lectionary readings complete, in accordance with Cascione's Hebrew Cadence (marching, Brian) in 'Repetition in the Bible'?

Monday, October 29, 2018

'War ship': Quantum computing and Chalcedon, a challenge

'War ship': Quantum computing and Chalcedon, a challenge
I heard 'worship' mispronounced as 'war ship' and of course it is, given 'the nave' and the ribs of the ship, etc. and the preparation of the crew for battle.
This inspired me to put together Chalcedon (Jesus both God and Man) with the latest news about quantum computing, and to challenge us to a fuller limning on the connection, over time, between the two.
You all know Chalcedon, here's the quantum computing, 'both one and zero' news: 
First Proof of #Quantum #Computer AdvantageScientists have now demonstrated for the first time developed a quantum circuit that can #solve a #problem that is #unsolvable using any equivalent #classical circuit. Conventional computers obey the laws of classical physics. They rely on the binary numbers 0 and 1. These numbers are stored and used for mathematical operations. In conventional memory units, each bit -- the smallest unit of information -- is represented by a microscopic dot on a microchip. Each of these dots can hold a charge that determines whether the bit is set to 1 or 0. In a quantum computer, however, a bit can be both 0 and 1 at the same time.  This is because the laws of quantum physics allow electrons to be in multiple places at one time. Quantum bits, or #qubits, thus exist in multiple overlapping states. This so-called #superposition allows quantum computers to perform #operations on #many #values in one fell swoop whereas a single conventional computer typically must execute these operations sequentially. The promise of quantum computing lies in the ability to solve certain problems significantly faster.König and his colleagues have now conclusively demonstrated the advantage of quantum computers. To this end, they developed a quantum circuit that can solve a specific "#difficult#algebraic problem. The new circuit has a simple structure: it only performs a fixed number of operations on each qubit. Such a circuit is referred to as having a constant depth. In their work, the researchers prove that the problem at hand cannot be solved using classical constant-depth circuits. They furthermore answer the question of why the quantum algorithm beats any comparable classical circuit: The quantum algorithm exploits the non-locality of quantum physics.Prior to this work, the advantage of quantum computers had neither been proven nor experimentally demonstrated - notwithstanding that evidence pointed in this direction. One example is #Shor's quantum #algorithm, which efficiently solves the problem of #prime #factorization. However, it is merely a complexity-theoretic conjecture that this problem cannot be efficiently solved without quantum computers. It is also conceivable that the right approach has simply not yet been found for classical computers.Robert König considers the new results primarily as a contribution to complexity theory. "Our result shows that quantum information processing really does provide benefits - without having to rely on unproven complexity-theoretic conjectures," he says. Beyond this, the work provides new milestones on the road to quantum computers. Because of its simple structure, the new quantum circuit is a candidate for a near-term experimental realization of quantum algorithms.…/first-proof-of-quantum-computer-ad…/…/n…/press-releases/detail/article/35001/ Chuck 'Challenger Hartman' Hartman

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Reading Day Holiday

Leslie Lehr--Maybe Tom Wolfe's death day, as we remember an ancient saint on his or her deathday, when life was completer, for in 'Kingdom of Speech' Tom Wolfe wrote that language is a mnemonic artifact, a tool for remembering, and when we remember by reading what others wrote so that we would remember and respond, we honor that. Re: Your proposal for a day set aside, a holiday when the whole people does on thing together (Rosenstock) is a good one. Let's you and I and whoever wants to,start it on a Monday--I'll get the exact date later. I propose it be 2nd Monday in May, that would be closest to his day of death, May 14

And one to read would be Lafferty’s exquisite short story ‘What was the Name of that Town,’ which portrays a machine that eliminates writing about events that would remind one of trauma. Maybe Velikovsky’s ‘Mankind in Amnesia’ also, and Barzun’s remark in ‘From Dawn to Decadence’ that we will relearn how to read from monuments. Mozeson and Tenen might be helpful.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

I revise calendars

I revise calendars. 1234567 -> 4152637 -> 8531642.

Also, the GodWroteBooks Jubilee Calendar/Liturgy/Lectionary.

Further, the Axial Age EatingInto/Incorporating Calendar: AlreadyDia, JesusAllTimesDia, LaoTseDia, AbrahamDia, BuddhaDia, TheaterDia (the 'out' of Greece, the 'History is God's Theater' of RJR, NotYetDia.

We live in fragments of old social orders by calendars (ERH): Education, Greece, Ecclesiastical (Israel),Work/Business (Empires), Community (Tribes).

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Axial Age from JBJ remark on audio that during Exile God raised them up for us to handle later.  Sequence from ERH in 'Christian Future'.  If this is Sunday, it must be AlreadyDia and K.O.L.Ymmm!! K.O.L. is a trilingual pun, and Ymmm!! Is related to eating time.  I think God likes puns. God ‘kol’ed from Sinai, Octave is one more than 7, and Laodicea is the 7.

To Get Rid Of Slavery

To Get Rid of Slavery
The whole arc of Israel is being delivered from bondage (slavery) in Egypt, so as to deliver all others from slavery. (Note: The founder of AME denomination was a slave. He was instrumental in converting his owner. Shades of Philemon!) So, to understand this transition, Exodus 21-23, the principles, would be good to apply, since there are more slaves (not as a %), and more kinds of slavery--ideologies, drugs, etc. I'm working on it. Death Wish is the Daughter of Guilt.