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SETTINGS: These have good links and a great quote re: What I'm trying

A BRIEF explanation of the art form of the next era.  Great for evangelism and discipleship. (@ 2 minutes in, history conducted)

SuperCalendar, LectionaryHistorical, MaeDay80, Rhyming Covenant Sequences
If you
ever in your life had a bright idea, or a new instinct, or a
new change of heart,
Sir, make this the cornerstone of your understanding
of the universe and you
will understand that the universe begins with creation. And
it ends in incarnation, because that's the experience of every potent and creative
man in the world.
But you look outside and try to deduce by your little brain,
not by your experience of your heart how the world begins, and how it should be
run. You'll never
solve it, gentlemen. You'll remain a selfish, inarticulate
animal. If the spirit moves
you, you will see how simple
things are, gentlemen. Love begins, and hope
keeps you going, and faith. And in the end, your grandchildren
will bless you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Serious. Baptisciple These 2 ElectroniContinents!

Baptisciple These 2 ElectroniContinents!

We start with Matthew 28, and eventually we will ask:  Are these ElectroniContinents ethne (if I have the Greek right)? 

Then, if they are,  how should someone proceed to baptisciple them?   Maybe I should give money for a missionary?

[A few notes will interrupt the argument, in order to give background.  A—Someone has quoted Webster’s 1828 as defining a nation as ‘blood, soil, covenant’. B—Baptisciple has shades of ‘going, disciple, baptizing, teaching,’ and ‘Build A Peace Tribe (a Facebook Page, little used).  Also, Hugo (the Hugos) Gernsback’s ‘scientifiction,’ and of course, ‘deliverdict’.  That’s context. Oh, I don’t use ElectroniCountries because we are not at that stage now, and do the 200+ countries in the UN qualify as ‘ethne,’ or would it be more like the Kurds, who live in 3 countries, that is an ‘ethne’—Bledsoe says Boulder and Cambridge are the frontiers, for we know how to evangelize tribes.]

#1 candidate is from Joran Lanier’s book ‘Who Owns the Future?’.  He is worried about Big Data, and wants a system in which participants in social media are also direct owners and/or profiteers.  I would say that he’s worried that Big Data will railroad us, the future.  He has a great example of a privatized community using the legal contracts used for apps for a lemonade stand.  It’s scary.  Using 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, a person might get to someone who could do something here.  But the question is, about this #1 and the upcoming #2 ElectroniContinents, are they Matthew 28 ethne, and if so….

#2 is below.  Hat Tip, Blacklisted News.  What caught my eye was the talk of ‘start-up government, or an electronic nature.. 

Here’s more.

I comment: I think he's talking about self-governing communities:CHH

From the article: He gave the example of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC), which he described as a “start-up government” that wants to provide basic services to its citizens and manage resources in a more efficient, democratic way than the state.
The article’s URL:

The Cooperative Integary Catalana’s URL:

Finally, yes, this is a serious question, maybe one of the Big Six in the 153Culture.

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What are the benefits? A Prayer in Symbol: Next 4th of July/Make command!... Prophetic Theater also.

Benefits: It’s a prayer, it’s prophetic theater, it moves toward the imperative, it demonstrated psalmodic response…and more. You won’t waste another 4th.

Being Chapter 3 of HartmanBook:NextLayerOfSocialOrder

Introduction:  Next 4thWalk your community’s square/heart as prophetic theater +.

In a haiku—Next 4th, make command.
Circumcize community.
Start around, do good!

[A better haiku is at the end, better understood after having gone through this next writing, which I pray that you will do. The start of it is the title. Yes, encourage one another. It’s also a 6th Word duty.]
Here are a few statements, from which I will draw conclusions, in a way similar to the deduction game that I think is derived from Lewis Carroll which allows one to find out who is Mr. Jones’ son, given that Mr. Green lives in the 2nd house from the corner, and Mrs. Smith bakes cookies, etc. 
After that, I’ll give some history about how this came about, and show both some results in this case, and how it might be a surplus-producing ministry.

Th, the statements:

You are your holidays.

Many have missed the opportunity that the 4th of July offers in America.

But people ‘buy’ cures rather than prevention.  Thus, this is posted after the 4th of July celebrations for Anno Domini 2014 (PhiladelphiaCoram861).

A holiday is when the whole people celebrate one thing at the same time together: ERH

Also, maturity is the one of the three (Holy War against the devil and his angels {The devil is God’s devil: Luther}, Redemptive History, and Maturity) that, I say,  involves reversing the trend.  Jesus is He Who Reversed The Trend. Examples would include Constantine’s remodeling pagan temples into Christian churches, the transformation of Saturnalia into the Feast of the Nativity, etc. Turning liabilities into assets is the mark of the Christian Era: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

We have another such opportunity here and now.

We can disciple our respective communities.

Use the Cross of Reality, modified.

Next, here’s BACKGROUND TO what happened to me.
[A haiku in the middle, especially for those following the definition of :’nation’ in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, that it involves blood, soil and covenant.)
Me RespondNation
I bleed in our soil planted.
Corn death to their life.
Here’s the Walk, applied to Pella, and omegalphically to Stuart and Guthrie Center.
Start at the book store west of the southwest corner of the square, and walk to the southeast corner and you get Forward to 1847, when the Dutch settlers arrived at Refuge/Pella.  Important chronological events are on flags along this path. 1847 Pella means refuge. We will be glorifying refuge, making it heavier, more applicable at the time.  Timing is key to our exegapp of history and The Bible/Revelation.
Then go In north to the northeast corner, to 1922 (history book written)/1936 (Tulip Time town celebration started).  Again, chronological flags.
We are building a Memory Palace.
The go west Back to the northwest corner 2014, along these memories.
Going Out is going south. Having received Refuge, how can we give Refuge?  That is the question that results in the New Torah (JBJ, ‘Crisis…’).  Also, Planetary Service (ERH). The Forward is Law, Imperative. The In is Lyric, Subjective.  The Back is Evaluation, Narrative. The Out is Fact, Objective…in this iteration. Iter is road, ‘Ite, missa est’. Don’t forget all of North’s 5s, especially THEOS—Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and Sanctions, Succession. Etc.
For Stuart, we start in 1871 with the foundation of the town along the Big Mover of the day, the railroad, to serve food growers locally. 150 years later, if Stuart Feeds Her Hungry? works out, in 2021 we will have glorified that by being a town along the Big Mover of the day, the internet (sic), with a website and YouTube channel helping food growers around the world feed their respective poor and others with locally grown food.
Guthrie, a county seat, might become a center for Christian Court TV?  I don’t know.

What could you do? [Email me, I can help in a small way for a short time].  How/when was your town/community/neighborhood/periscope—area of Biblical revelation in which you specialize---…founded.  How can it be heavied, glorified, made timely.  Example, who was St. Louis, and why?  Is it applicable?

Even deeper is ‘America’.  How/when was it founded, and why?  How can she be glorified, for we know that ‘…it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. …’This, I cannot take up at this time.

But, it is maturity to be imperatived by all these holidays, from all layers of social order—tribal, empire, ecclesiastical, educational…and the next layer of social order to come. (Posts on these may be forthcoming, Lord willing). Tribal, community. Empire, day off work. Israel should have been, perhaps, some sermon on the relation or non-relation of America to Christendom, Greece/education, no classes?

For instance, as I walked PellaSquare, which search, I recalled the origin. Also search ‘How To Make Your Communities Better’. Wise ones like these, and one could even have a surplus-producing ministry helping communities in this.

Here’s a haiku about the origin and early impact.
The knives of my feet
Cause  cutoff of tpower
Do a PellaSquare?

WHAT DID HAPPEN TO ME? We moved to Pella to get Christian care for my mother.  To put it euphemistically, it didn’t work out. Now, a very wise one who knows me well thinks that I am many bricks shy of a load, and also stupid.  But, I was asking for a sanity check when we celebrated The Circumcision of Our Lord on New Year’s Eve, 2005-6.  Am I crazy? I asked. I got an answer. It was, walk around the square, putting the chronology of care along the sides, and calling the sides Guilt, Grace, Gratitude, and GoForth+. Thus the religious heart of the community would be contrasted with actions not in accordance thereof.. Join, No Informed Consent, St. Wjlesa (SomeTimes We Just Let ‘Em Slip Away), Ethics Committee, Circumcision, Doctors’ Strike, Girardean Funeral. From 2007 on, I have done this…alone, yearly.  That’s OK, for MaeDay80 was two days--80 days inclusive after Resurrection, and the 4th of July (4th of July is very significant in Hartman history). Whichever came first was Confession, above, the Walk.  The latter was Conference.  I ‘invited’ special speakers.  Ibsen, of ‘An Enemy of the People,’ Thomas Szasz of ‘Ceremonial Chemistry,’ ‘The terror, the terror,’ I think, of, I think, ‘Heart of Darkness’. And more.

ANY RESULTS? Has anything eventuated from this Prayer in Symbol? They subcontracted eldercare to the Arminians of Wesley Life…was that a consequence?  Godparent For Eldsters should be of value someday, with Rescue Teams and Cure Teams—I call in the fourth time around.

The knives of my feet
Cause  cutoff of tpower
Do a PellaSquare?

[Yes, having both ‘t’ and ‘p’ is deliberate, a way of saying both ‘power,’ and ‘tower’.]

YOUR PRAYER IN SYMBOL, YOUR PROPHETIC THEATER. So, all these could be being brought to mind as you walk your community’s memory palace.  It surely can be improved from this rough beginning of play, and incubation (ERH—10 Commandments of Education, 12 Tones of the Spirit) and preparation to conquer, of which early stuff I am. I’m NOT into the quotidianity, or the quotidiNanity, though ‘Puritan Gift,’ a very good social history that is also very good about management,  has this quote: ‘…that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs. George Eliot, Middlemarch.  Nor am I a closer.

But I have something to contribute, having exegapped: applied exegesis of history and Bible.

Next 4th of July
Make command! Communityv!
Cross Realityi!

CONCLUSION: Don’t waste another 4th. Turn a liability into an asset with a prayer in symbol, prophetic theater—walk the heart of your community, the square, making command, glorifying…and more.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: The ‘v’ is vocative.  The ‘i’ is imperative. No extra syllables.
PPS: Oh! The future comes here.
Past and present don’t cause it.
PandF cause now.
PPPS:, Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook, ,Pages and Notes (follow links, please),

Friday, June 20, 2014

Urban Nations And Illegal Immigrants--Are We Missing Something?

Dear Gentles:
>Steve Schlissel of Urban Nations in New York has
>written that it takes many tens of thousands of
>dollars per year to send missionaries overseas,
>yet, at no cost, God has moved hundreds of
>thousands of people from various overseas
>cultures to the NYC area. And these people are
>already searching for something better. That's a
>focus of his church's evangelism.
>Can't we say the same thing about 'illegal immigrants' in the whole uSA (sic)?
>As a second point, RJR once wrote, if I remember
>correctly, that tithing agencies were big
>helpers of waves of immigrants in the past.
>Thirdly, but now we have the idolatry of the state to contend with also.
>Am I missing something? Is the drift of this
>argument persuasive? If so, what should be done?
>Love in King Jesus,
>Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
>PS: Fourthly, Israel was in the center of trade routes for a reason.
>And fifthly, I think this is tied up with our
>'Joe's Southside Garage' situation. More on the latter, later.
>Sixthly, if we think Social Security, etc. is
>going broke, should the underground economy....well, you know?

Re: 'illegal immigrants'--what to do?

I mean, let's get serious.

1--Seek 'em out.  Many risked their lives to get here. (Many are gang members--learn to tell which is which)

2--But, before that, try to find out what has worked best for Schlissel.  I think he usesa Southern Baptist book about learning English using the Gospel of Mark.  Do free English lessons, no questions asked still make sense?

3--Empathize with them, use Exodus themes, etc. but emphasize that there is a reson it is so much better in these uSA (sic) and that's because of our Christian heritagel

4--The prove it!  How?  'Jesus in Beijing,' as Dr. Bledso has told us, by a Time correspondent, near the end, tells that the highest reaches of Chinese government asked their people to find out what was the cause of the prosperity of the West.  Answer: Christianity

5--There are surely MANY other books and series that tell the details.

6--After you/we get done teaching that, and it should be videoed and put on YouTube, etc., teach that to the Anglos, etc.!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
PS: I know you will have to navigate around the possibility that if the authorities find out, you might be raided, but ERH said in a lecture that the Middle Ages concluded that 1--Just laws must be obeyed, and 2--Unjust laws may be disobeyed when one is willing to suffer the consequences.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Joint Ventures? CHHCJV

Watch this space.

I give you a small portion of the total amount I will eventually give you for writing, on this basis:

1--You give me a business plan for making money/generating surplus
2--  Remember, much of what I want us to do together in information products for a small market, Christians, which is only a billion or so people
3--You should start to get Janet Switzer's material (How Experts Build Empires) and Jay Abraham's free materials at, plus Warren Whitlock, John Kremer and others are good on book marketing
4--You could do this yourself, from the start I give you with the idea, but
5--I cana help
6--I think a 50/50 split, with no further funding from me is a good idea--what do you think?
7--Write up your proposal, send it to Then you get the rest, you operate, and off we go!

Lord willing, this has some potential

Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
PS: Jay says a PS is a second headline, so ... many of what I would want to capitalize on are at, and Facebook Notes (Charles Howard Hartman)
PPS: North has a great site.  It would help your proposal were you to have subscribed to it, and studied the marketing area and forums.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Warriors Of Light June A. D. 2014

I send this before a broad public release.  I can do other things myself, this requires a congregation.

I see this as a surplus-producer, just through ads on blogs and YouTube.  North is among the many who teaches this--he uses Ron Paul Curriculum.  One of his teenagers makes $40K a month now!

But there are many others.  I like How Experts Build Empires by Janet Switzer--she helped the Chicken Soup for the Soul fellows produce the biggest-selling non-fiction series in history, and has a free 7-phase intro.  Jay Abraham has material I paid thousands for, free, on

But even better is the ministry aspect for the many, many new churches being formed in the 3rd world.  Search '80,000 churches in 15 years,' and David Field and Philip Jenkins.

Were I to recommend, I'd recommend that you commission a businessman and a young techie to make this into apps, and many other things.

Switzer has a 56-item list of positive revenue flow possibilities, and it's several years old, so I'm sure she has more.  I'll try to attach it.

Here's the explanation.



21—The Twelve
22—Greater Chron-icles

29—First John

31—First Peter
32—Second Peter
34—Second John
35—Third John

37—First Corinth-ians
38—Second Corinth-ians
43—First Thessal-onians

44—Second Thessal-onians
45—First Timothy
46—Second Timothy

A neat/nike 'word' coined in Symbol has to do with what I call 'Warriors of Light'.  It takes off from the use in medieval times of cathedrals as solar observatories.  Holes would be punched in the roof of a cathedral, and the positions of the lights charted on the floor of the cathedral.

The new, improved Warriors of Light takes off from the fact that WE are the light.  Start with JBJ's 49-book Bible from 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament'.

Two things are done.  1--Sit as the books, in a 7x7 grid.  The neat thing here, the word coined in Symbol, the Language, is that WE are the Jubilee.  If you want 50 instead of 49, add the pastor.

2--Each book/seat/person writes 1/2 a page/a page about how the sermon is seen/heard/acted upon from the perspective of that book.

Put these together, and you have something to show prospective members about what your church does in this way.  The main thing is that each one teaches the others, and as people sit in the formation of the Bible, WE are the Bible and the Jubilee.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
PS: I could provide some money on a joint-venture basis.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

TheTwentyTwo, A Howl In Symbol Language, Dialect Calendar: Demarketing

TheTwentyTwo, A Howl In Symbol Language, Dialect Calendar: Demarketing
Some Advantages
1—Adds another layer to the understanding of the coming of Jesus by putting A. D. 70 as an outgrowth of the Cross, and the Resurrection and Pentecost.

2—Claims, in Symbol, the Language, that the whole Bible was written before A. D. 70

3—Were we to have better understood A. D. 70, we may not have had the hyper-preterists so badly, nor the dispensationalists

4--God communicates with us in Symbol, the Language, and we should psalmodically respond in the same language. The TwentyTwo is in the dialect, Calendar (or is it pidgin?)

5—Since TheTwentyTwo runs forward and backward, we thus amen that the past and the future cause the present. (ERH said that to hold that the past and the present cause the future is heresy!)

6—Do not forget what we learn during Advent about A. D. 70 and other comings of The Lord

7—The Calendar of Peace Priming (COPP) born HOST (House Of Singing Times) is not intended to be another church calendar, but to help produce, in a Gladwellian ‘priming’ way, peace in a new time period, inspired by Rosenstock’s Universal History 1954 call for a glorification of tribes by getting rid of thAne perpetual warfare, and keeping the enthusiastic small groups. [Also see parts of ‘An End to Revolution’ in  ‘Out of Revolution’. This is a psalmodic response to history and the Bible, as we await, during Jeremiah Time, something to follow Church, Christian State, University in James Jordan’s rendering.

8—I realize that this appears ‘flaky,’ and may even be considered wrong.  It’s an attempt, and one could look up PergamosCoram861 and/or “I Believe Herovolution’ in chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.  To form the basis for this calendar I put Jordan’s 49-book literarily-conceived Bible from ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ and retuned it for a second view to be used simultaneously.  4 weeks for holidays that write the structure of a worship service liturgy on the Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi are some of the keys.

What is TheTwentyTwo?  Starting at Pentecost, and continuing for 22 days, we ‘write’ the Old Testament 22 books on these days.  Also, the 22 letters of Hebrew, per ‘Rethinking…,’ and their meanings, and the 22 sections of Psalm 119.  At the same time, we do a 6 + 21 for the New Testament.  And we run these backwards and forwards.  At Day 71 begins a proposed ‘Public Vindication’ celebration that lasts for 7 days (a week, a sheba), and is done in the order of the 4s of the 7x7 grid, retuned to 4152637 (the order of our days of the week now, as the retuning in Revelation 5:12-7:12 shows us—1234567 becomes, by circle of 5ths, 4152637 [generally], and I think an 8531642 should be considered, which I have written onto PhiladelphiaCoram861.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: Yes, this writing is a form of demarketing. It’s a way to seek one or two or a few--those who would turn the howl to music, as some say the howl of the black farm worker became the music of jazz. (Great Courses)