Friday, February 27, 2015

The Last 7 Books Before Easter/Pascha, Through The 'EAT' Lens

We're in the Last 7 (books bevore Pascha) and this year/coram I'm taking'EAT' as the lens through which ti see them.  Judges is Timing (and then we build liturgically from this command/imperative/Law/Call to come in), Deuteronomy is 'digest and apply'--as in ruminate, the rmminants who chewed the cud were clean. Etc.Next year/coram, or when the Spirit moves, we'll get into lyric/subjective, etc. unto New Toarah and Planetary Service as we Build A Christian Civilization BookBlock by BookBlock: Facebook Page.  Love in King Jesus.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mike Bull Asked About My Mind

Mike Bull​ asked about my mind, and recently he commented on a mutual friend of ours something like 'he (the mutual friend) has the big picture, he combines big pictures'. 

Well, how I obtained my present situation of odd weirdness is that I didnt do serious Bible study until very late, and then I listened.  I listened to tapes, while working at something similar to using a 10-key machine.  I'd listen for 4,5,6 hours a day, and talk with regular people about it on breaks, etc.

Mike--all of JBJ, until I was discouraged.  All of ERH.  Mount Olive Tape Ministry, GKN...

This allowed me to get basic world big pictures in through the ear gate, which differs from the eye gate.  You can move your eyes and daydream when reading, but you can't shut off your ear as easily.

So I got several big pictures, and I have now combined them.  A lot of material is on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, and/or on these Facebook Pages of mine. One of the best things is another layer of calendar. A different friend hinted to me that the Kalends (beginning and end of month in Rome) was when tithes were brought in, and a calendar is an encapsulation of a social order Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy​ is big on social orders, but see the entry on him in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) and social orders succeed one another, and our task --Universal History 1954, soon free online -- is to keep the small enthusiastic groups of the tribes, while getting rid of the perpetual warfare. [We did the Israel, and Empire social orders similarly].

So, I'm in the implementation phase.  I sum up much work so far in 2 parts.  Here's part one of two:

It's a fill-in-the-balnks version of what I call 'the art form of the next era' --answering ERH's challenge above, from UH 1954-- and I claim that it is an application of 'the covenant' --think 5-steps: THEOS, Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah (JBJ), and ERH's Imperative-Subjective-Narrative-Objective-Planetary Service --.  It's an application of the covenant to the earth beneath, people made of dust.  The liturgy is oriented toward the heavens above, and the scientific method to the waters under the earth.  Names, above and words, people and numbers, below.

Love in King Jesus,

Comprehensivity begets heterosis.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Toward Peace With The Axial Age

Well, in-out-forward-back.  

Rosenstock-Heussy (why don't my tags work sometimes) describes whole social orders on these two time axes (forward-back) and two space axes (in-out).  

Too much emphasis on in => mysticism, on out => revolution (?), forward (is that revolution too), backward => decadence.  

I think this is something to ponder. 

What I've done is to put it into a calendar of named days, as was done to consume/digest the gods/planets of Rome, Greece, and Norsemen in our Sunday-Monday... .  

So, AlreadyDay (Sunday, Lord's Day), JesusAllTimesDay (forward, this from 'The Christian Future, or The Modern Mind Outrun), LaoTzuDay (inward), AbrahamDay (backward--all these persons from an essay by ERH in TCF), BuddhaDay (outward ), and here I add and interpolate to 'outward#2) Greek, especially Theater vs. ChristianPropheticTheater, then NotYetDay.  

So, the in-out-forward-back, mostly in historical persons, is sandwiched between the Already and the NotYet.  

This could be valuable for peace, for what Norse or Greek or Roman gods are inspiring fighting and wars today?

Rosenstock, above named, says that the Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered the astronomical/astrological empires by worshiping one day in 7, amening that The One True God (Trinity in the New Israel) made all the gods/planets of the empire, what the empire worshiped, in 6 days and all very good, and rested on the 7th.

James Jordan mentions that the religions, great men of the Axial Age were raised up for the church to deal with later, and that they were raised up during the time that the church was in Exile, as the Israel of Old.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Would You Do Me The Honor? A brief handout for prospective godparents?

Would You Do Me The Honor Of Considering Being
One Of My Godparents (For Eldsters)?

What is a Godparent For Eldster?

Each eldster with godparents, and none shall be afraid.

Godparents for Eldsters -- This brief conversation illustrates the benefits. 

CW: Co-worker: What's new? 

CH: Chuck: Godparents for Eldsters. 

(Quizzical look) 

CH: Eldster is a more honoring way than saying oldster. 

CW: How does it work? 

CH: You know how some churches have godparents for an infant being baptized, so if something happens to the parents, there's somebody? This is like that for eldsters. 

CW: Is this established already, or is it your idea? 

CH: As far as I know, it's mine.. 

CW: Get it going, people need it. 

Love in King Jesus, 


What does a Godparent for an Eldster do?  Where’s the Manual?


Where’s the Godparents For Eldsters Manual?  That what a harsh critic asked.

There isn’t one, I replied. Here are 4 things, yea 5, on which to concentrate--and a plan.

Why? Remember the paradigm of a godparent/sponsor for a youngster.  They step in to help when the parents of the youngster aren’t there to help.  Something similar might happen with eldsters.

Because the main thing to know is that something new is needed.  The system must be improved. A new element needs to be added.  Search: Nursing Home Problems. Search: Eldercare Issues.  Search: Elders In Poverty.  Etc.

How can a Godparent For Eldster help, then?

1—A Godparent is that new element.  When Mom was in trouble, and we called around to various agencies, we heard the remark ‘It’s always the daughter-in-law that calls’. This may not always be true, but it is true that there is a distance from the loved one that allows the daughter-in-law to be the one to act, to not deny.

2—A Godparent’s chief first action is prayer.

3—‘First, Do No Harm’ is a Godparent emphasis.  This should prevent much doping up.

4—Concentrate on what the loved one CAN do, not what the loved one CAN NO LONGER do. [That’s a good way to treat everyone, it seems to me].

OK, those are 4 things, what’s the plan.  The plan is, in part, to have a central source of history and information, a website for example, on which Godparents can post situations encountered, actions taken, suggestions for the future.

What’s the ‘yea, 5’?  The 5th is to act BEFORE the crisis.  Prevention, preparation…

O Lord be with (Exodus 3:12)

Charles Howard Hartman

What’s the ceremony for becoming a Godparent for an Eldster?

Here’s one we’ve used. It’s short.

Here’s a transcript.

This VERY short ceremony, 6 minutes, also exhibits the value. 


Witness: ‘In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.’ 

Participants: ‘Amen.’ 

Hierarchy: (Witness speaking) 

‘I am Rev. _____, here on this ____ day of ____, A. D. _____, in _________ to witness the establishment of this covenant before God.’ 

‘The participants have been asked by ________ ________ to be ___ Godparents for Eldster (____self), in a way similar to that of Godparents or Sponsors for infants in some churches.’ 

Ethics: (Witness speaking) 

‘James 1: 27: King James Version (KJV) 
27Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. 
Deuteronomy 5: 16: King James Bible 
Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.’ 

Oaths and Sanctions: (Witness speaking, then the One to be Protected) 

Witness: ‘The one to be protected will introduce the Godparents for Eldster to be, after which I, the witness, will ask them to vow to be such, under God:’ 

One to be Protected: ‘I introduce _______________, and _______________ (as many as have been asked).’ 

Witness: ‘Do you ________ accept the commission of Godparent for Eldster for ________, to protect ______ in ______ possible enfeeblement, vulnerability, and befuddlement as ___ ages, or otherwise needs protection, so help you God? ‘ 

Witness: ‘And, do you ________ accept the commission of Godparent for Eldster for ________, to protect ______ in ______ possible enfeeblement, vulnerability, and befuddlement as ___ ages, or otherwise needs protection, so Help you God? ‘ 

Witness: ‘This completes the reference to James 1:27.’ 

Succession: (Witness speaking) 

"Heavenly Father, we thank you for the truth of your Word that nothing in death or life will separate us from your love in Christ Jesus and that whether we live or die we belong to you. By your gracious Spirit strengthen those who have now committed themselves to ____name______ in this confidence and guide them should they face difficult decisions concerning ____his/her_____ care so that their actions may be in agreement with your holy will. Do not forsake them, but uphold and keep them in your love and peace through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen." 

(Witness) ‘Having now completed this covenant that I have witnessed, the Lord be with you. Go in peace.’

Were this more of an official church action, a more particular commissioning based on Matthew 28, and this particular work would have been better. The above script works well when a friend who is a Shepherd helps by witnessing.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Art Form Of Next Era?

I may have something for you in the future related to an app that could be part of the art form of the next era.  

I've claimed that the covenant oriented toward the heavens above is the liturgy, the first 1000 years, and to that was added the orientation toward the waters under the earth, the scientific method, possible after The One True God Trinity conquered the other gods so that they did not need to be charmed, and could be treated by the scientific method, science being (ERH) that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead--numbers as opposed to names in Heaven Above, you see--.  

So, what is left?  

The Earth Beneath, people made of dust/dirt. Words.  

Conjective truth, learned in discussion: McCloskey, Bourgeois Dignity. This is like a test, A is to B as C is to what? JBJ knew very few who could even play this, but I have a fill-in-the-blanks version, for an app playable in the connected-by-electronics world, on google sites.  Were I to die before it is 'out there, being used' something should be done with it.  

Love in King Jesus,  Chuck 

Takes a while to load. There is a part 2, but it's mostly notes.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Induced Harvesting of Ideas Otherwise Potentially Lost

Induced Harvesting of Ideas Otherwise Potentially Lost. 2 ponts on induced harvesting of  ideas otherwise potentially lost..  (Yes, ‘ponts,’ as in bridges in French, a play on points) First, VMMA, on the other side of the world, would be AWWV, let’s say.  This came to me as I was being gently awakened while sleeping on the couch @ 9PM by my wife having turned on the light over her recliner to do something with her tablet computer—or maybe just the light from the tablet awakened me.  Now, I get ideas when I awake, usually in the morning, but this could be Second, the Newton’s Apple of creativity for people such as I, to be gently awakened in the middle of a sleep cycle, to harvest whatever ideas would be lost otherwise.  And yes, I know there’s a story/movie about Monsters, Inc. (?) which has a harvest when children are awakened by monsters.  But the key is, don’t let this get lost, this whatever it is that produced an idea, out of time (Tesla, Paul—‘Tesla, Man Out of Time,’ and Paul, apostle out of time. How induce other harvesting of other ideas, not only from those who have ideas when awakening?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Musical archeology of ‘Because all men are brothers,’ with electricity implications

Some Very Important Musical Archeology
Thursday, Feb 12. Anno Domini 2015: Musical archeology of ‘Because all men are brothers,’ with electricity implications

Well, first we find that the tune of the IWW, ‘Wobblies,’ International Workers of the World is ‘O Sacred Head Now Wounded,’ it seems

Hears a rendition (‘Render that to me in English, Herr Hartman!’) of ‘O Sacred Head Now Wounded’:

What’s the significance, archeology of music-wise?  I refer you to Velikovsky’s (! yes) ‘Mankind in Amnesia, ‘but more particularly to this great short story by Lafferty, ‘What’s the Name of that Town?’ somewhere in here:

This relates to the bookblock by bookblock funbuilding (Bledsoe ‘Alinsky’) theology of building a Christian civilization.  And to Rich’s joke that the neurotic builds a fantasy house, a psychotic moves in, and a psychiatrist collects rent on both.  Now, a play on premises, and Proverbs 26: 4-5.  If you build on the other person’s logical premises, you’ll live in the Culture House built thereon.  But build on Biblical bookpremises, and you’ll have a better Culture House. (Apologies to E. T. Hall’s Map of Culture in ‘The Silent Language’.)

So, what are the implications?  IWW had some Biblical roots, for they chose that tune.  So also the name Knights of Labor. (ERH said that knights were made from the thugs of scattered castles of strongmen (sic) after the horse collar made 10X the freight able to be moved).

Oh, Lafferty! I put these odd bits together as you did to find out. (Spoiler alert, the answer is at the end).

But, the implications?  Where did IWW go wrong, and Debs (who got two million votes for President while languishing in jail for opposing WWI, about which Wilson  was re-elected on the slogan ‘He kept us out of war,’—until he was re-elected! Who had the moral high ground there?

IWW and Knight of Labor, at best, became just another interest (Barzun: ‘It’s always about the interests’.).  At best.

Why?  I’ll connect all this up with electric lights, and combating societal amnesia, and archeology, given this musical example.

The brief answer is lack of service, lack of leitourgeia (spelling).  That is, they did not follow JBJ’s Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah sequence.  They had the Law, or better, ERH’s Imperative, North’s Transcendence—working with hands, religiously. JBJ, Intro to ‘Liturgical Thinking’ reprint.  We don’t only speak, and it is, we use hands.

But did they more to Lyric—or better, Subjective, Hierarchical?  To Evaluation/Narrative/Ethics (here casuistry!), to Fact/Objective/Oaths and Sanctions? To New Torah/Planetary Service (by pirates, those outside the regulated areas, says ERH in his last book, Planetary Service)/Succession?

So, what I’m trying to do with FunBuilding Christian Civilization, over the years (corams: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi—an acronym in Latin, with the first letters of English words, an echo of ERH’s statement that ‘origin’ is a word from two social orders) is to move along the avenues of service, a brick of life laid down for others to climb up the building (walk the road, Bonaventura).

Thus we retain social memory. An echo of Godparents For Eldsters.

Example:  What was the sequence that led to the electric light, primarily? Well, Tesla’s father was a Serbian Orthodox, and they have a doctrine of energies.  But subjectively, Tesla was a piece of workmanship (Eph. 2: 8-10, the Greek for ‘workmanship,’ said ERH was ‘poiema,’ thus poem. That could flourish in the narrative of America, and thither he went, to factually work with Edison, and behold, a new light-type.

When this type of work is done more, we’ll remember better. Is it zachar?  Is that the commanding word?  [Perhaps we’ll understand ‘as my memorial’ better then too?]

Spoiler:  Lafferty lists facts in ‘What’s the Name of That Town’. Eventually we discover that Chicago was destroyed by a nuclear explosion, but that it is not wanted to remember that, and, if I remember correctly, the machine invented to make sure we don’t remember is itself not remembered.  But I may be mis-remembering.  O praise the Lord that He gave us writing, some say by showing us how by writing with a finger (on His hand?).

‘All my shots may miss, but I hit the target—help others with their respective poems’.

Love in King Jesus,

Hartman, Infrequently #1
I pray this is an armoredgument.
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