Sunday, May 21, 2017

Remember St.Ansgar--send missionaries to corporations, where the power is!

Remember St.Ansgar--send missionaries to corporations, where the power is!

This  post was caused by a reading of Doug Casey, who proposed ambassadors to big corporations (and privatizing whole African nations, with shares going to residents,
a year ago.

Love in King Jesue,

Charile '49 pirate peace corps' Hartman

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Basics Feed Lodally Stuart Community

 Basics Feed Locally Stuart Community
This is short.
Contact us below, please. Thanks.
1--It started with Todmorden UK—they wanted to become self-sufficient in vegetables.
2-- Kotzebue in Arctic Alaska has figured out how to grow fresh vegetables in the dead of winter.
3—Stuart’s people are hungry. Students, 1 in 8, ‘food stamps’—a National Geographic article. We want to add our help.
4—We propose that more garden more and share. Churches competing more in finding and feeding could be helped by more food grown.
5—‘Winter Harvest’ and other resources show us how to grow year ‘round. (Sprouting too). There are mats to lay down for flowers to attract songbirds, butterflies, etc.—couldn’t we make some for veggies?
6—We’ve started. Community garden, canning school (upcoming), acres donated, seeds too. Presentations by the experienced.
7—Chuck thinks Captain Stuart’s founding of a town to help farmers along the Big Mover—railroad—can be adapted to the present as we help other community farmers along the Big Mover—internet—and that a manual of how we are doing it could include ads for local businesses to sell online.
8—Hey, please just contact us at our Facebook Page or website, Feed Locally – Stuart Community. We’d like your help, and so would the 1 in 8 that are ‘food-stressed’. [I’m at, or Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook (see Notes), or chuckhartmanhistoryconductor]

PS: Seed mats—roll out, water, watch it grow—we could make ‘em for veggies (I repeat). Free Little Library -> Free Little Food Pantries (in Omaha, e. g.). Hunger Trees for every church? Library, New Beginnings Church, permaculture, straw bale gardening, etc.

49 imperative stems toward organizing 'the next 1000 years--however long that is'

49 imperative stems toward organizing 'the next 1000 years--however long that is'

May 13: And now...49 imperative stems heading toward peace corps' and jubilation. Lev. 25, Is. 61,  Luke 4, each of 49 books (Jordan's 'Rethinking...' here: applied by abofseg--applied by oath formed small enthusiastic groups, organizing  the next 1000 years, however ling that is as tribes without perpetual warpath, as the nation-state is empires without slavery, and the Church   is Israel without exclusions, per Rosenstock (and much added) best explained in these Dartmouth lectures: ERH in ‘Magna Carta Latina’ said that every Latin verb form is derived from a shorter imperative stem, so, were we to do something similar with ‘imperative stems’ for each book, we’d have a start of the flowering of speech, true speech, that behind which one puts one’s life.
So, Hebrews: New! (somewhat vocative, a vocative being half an imperative, a naming—live up to it (2nd, 3rd Word?), Titus: Godparent all societies!, 1 Timothy: Author-ity! (sic), and 1 Thessalonians: WorkingWait (sic)?

BR S-H T, ‘In the beginning, Gen 1:1, 1st word) can be seen as an imperative stem iffor worship +, were we to take the letter-words, thus: B “house’  be the house, enter the house, R ‘head’ bow your head in confession, listen to readings and sermon application, S-H ‘eat’, communion (the meal seals the spiel and the deal for real), and T ‘cross’ carry your cross out, now that you have been torn apart/cue up to be put back together, transformed for battle.

Voluntary Taxation (and more): Systematic Computer Digital

Voluntary Taxation (and
more): Systematic Computer Digital
One of many startling quote streams:
'“If we use technology to build an impenetrable network, how can we do tax enforcement” – Barack Obama, SXWX 2016
With new consensus structures, the limitations which were inherent to the previous system are gone. Just like forced marriage used to be the status quo, and then with universal suffrage and new consensus structures that then evolved into voluntary marriage, still called marriage, the vision of Bitnation is that the blockchain as a consensus system will make forced nationality obsolete, which will then be replaced with P2P nationality.
Forced taxation was a natural emergence when the nation-state was used as the consensus system, and with P2P nationality it will no longer be consented to, and so will be replaced with voluntary tax. [2]'
There are several false-to-fact assumptions in this article, especially that the violence-prone will not find a way, but this should be given thought, for I've seen as ad stating that there are 472 digital currencies out.
These folks are thinking systematically.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie '49' Hartman
PS: As light as wave and particle can be seen as an echo of Jesus as God and Man w'without confusion, division, mixture, or separation,' the above can be seen as derived from The Book Of All Truth, in some way that 'we' should explain.

Monday, May 8, 2017

New Lectionary?

There's something to be said for ADDITIONALLY studying a book a week, per JBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament'. I'm doing it backward, Resurrection (Easter) to Resurrection, and, Lord willing, engendering true speech (lives put behind words--oaths) for each one.  I call it Applied By Oath Formed Small Enthusiastic Groups, the latter from ERH's 1954 Univesal History lectures, free on line. ‘abofseg’
This week is 1 Thessalonians.
For Hebrews, the new echo is Abundance. For Titus, unto Godparents for Society, not just to the church with exhorting to good works, being an example and reproof. 
For 1 Timothy, exploration of being an author, authority.
Next year we'll have segs, of.
The best so far was before this CORAM--celebration of resurrection anno mundi, Also see Facebook Page of same name.
Love in King Jesus,  
Charlie '49' Hartman
PS: Lev. 25 (Jubilee) -> Isaiah 61 -> Luke 4 -> abofseg.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 5 A Year Since My Stroke

May 5 A Year Since My Stroke
1—Actually, my right eye occlusion was a ‘stroke-like event’.
2—I’m tired all the time.
3—I didn’t miss any paychecks.
4—The liability has been turned into an asset, because I concentrated on the most important thing I could do at which I’d be most difficult to replace: True Jubilee Speech, the abofmseg. Take one of Jordan’s 49 books per week. Form a small, enthusiastic group by oath in response to a significant/singificant (worthy of song—glorified speech) from it.  Put your life behind these words, that’s Rosenstock’s definition. Thus Leviticus 25 to Isaiah 61 to Luke 4 (fulfilled in your ears), and this response. I don’t put the Psalms (twice, one per day) in House Of Singing  Times calendar, nor do I go forward, only backward, retuned.  Thus, we’ve had Hebrews (I picked out the ‘new’ into which to enter is to be longevity, based on People Unlimited’s observation that the average life span in 1900 (USA?) was 40, and in 2000 was 80, and the observation that biological knowledge was increasing 4x Moores’ Law [cost of computing halved every 18 months since 1890], and I considered to lives of the patriarch’s and Isaiah 65:20) and, though there’s no abofseg yet, the outline is there.
What for Titus? Exponentize the admonition to exhort to good works, reproofing, and being an example to being Godparents For Society.
1 Timothy is shaping up to be something about being an author, authority. 742 digital currencies is a start, and Rosenstock’s observation that any new technology—and we’re in the midst!—increases reach, decreases time, and destroys old groups. An abofseg forms a new group.
The closest to an abofseg has been the effort.
5—I’d run some, but there’s a better way, PACE exercise.
6—I find that disrupting my routine discombobulates me. Where are my supplements? I live here. Supplements and alternative medicine practitioners have kept me going, with on pharmaceutical.
7—These should have been arranged in TheSevenDays (sic).
8—In other words, I ain’t dead yet. Rosenstock is at the lecture Universal History 1954 from Eugen Rosenstock Huesy Fund, Jordan is at Biblical Horizons ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’.  My stuff is at Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman or chuckhartmanhistoryconductor. I need a successor, but son Tom will curate.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘49’ Hartman
PS: My other work is available, but the timing isn't right?

Thursday May 4 A. D. 2017

Per President Sheila Troy Plowman and Vice-President Carl Egger, the Feed Locally--Stuart Community meeting for today, Thursday, is postponed. Saturday and Robert Cook's will be a demonstration and discussion of gardening techniques. I will have not made it to Stuart Thursday either, since I have been stricken with exhaustion, but I do have a large number of gardening books to donate to the FLSC groups, for checking out. Also, I ordered flower mats (5' x 20") from Parade's ad in the Sunday Register--might this be a product that could be made to make it easier for backyard gardeners-only with vegetables? We'll see. I'm also hoping that the demonstration will be transcripted via a speech to text operation such as Nuance/Naturally Speaking, and that as we go forward this can become in out Manual, an advertising medium for local businesses' online sales, as we glorify the vision of Captain Stuart in 1870 of a town/community by the Big Mover (railroad) to serve the farmers (locally) into a community (Feed Locally--Stuart Community) by the Big Mover (world wide web) as an example to farmers/food providers in towns, to alleviate hunger, by 2020, Stuart's 150th.