Monday, November 6, 2017


Were we to take the big gifts we’ve been given (to name two: electricity and planetary division of labor) and trace their development we’d find some gaps that we could fill.
Note: Deut.8 (You’ll go into the land and forget that I, God, have given it to you, with houses, fields, wells dug, etc. [paraphrase})
RJR in ‘Politics of Guilt and Pity’: History is God’s theater. CHH—Don’t you think it’d be creational and sequential?
So, a task would be to relate these gifts to the creation days, and echoes, with the stages by which we got them (and that might yet be to come.
For instance, electricity might be from light, the first day. Planetary dividion of labor might be from the 5th day, to start.
Where MADJAN fits is tougher. Moore’s law x 4 in biological knowledge expansion. Abundance, the book. Decentralization/Centralization. Jordan crossing, the greatest since the 3rd century in the 3rd world—Christendom rising. Artificial intelligence. Nanotechnology.

What do you think is happening?
A set of stages for the planetary division of labor might use one of ERH’s lectures on successive organizations, augmented: After Rome fell, and tribes weren’t kept from perpetual warfare by Rome, forests, for instance, were what kept them apart.  But then came hermits, and then monks, and peasants who paid attention to the farming wisdom of the monks, and after 700 years or so, the Truce of God—‘No fighting during Lent, or from Friday through Monday, etc.’. Thus LAND was organized (and cities by mutual oath-taking (Berman, who also says in ‘Law and Revolution’ that medieval cathedrals, literally, had budgets for 1000 years).
OK, LAND. Then SKILLS, as 153 were needed for knights. Knights, among other things, protected the highways, which could take 10x the traffic, because of the invention of the horse collar.
MARKETS were next.
I propose that the MISSIONARY movement was next.
Now might come recognition of GIFTS?
So, would Land be Law, Skills be Lyric, Markets Fact, Missions be Evaluation, and Gifts be New Torah?
Others will do better.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘to business now’ Hartman

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Thanksgiving, Electricity+, Remembering, Church Calendar...

Dear Gentle Ones:
Thanksgiving, Electricity+, Remembering, Church Calendar...
Some traditions remember certain people--their lives--throughout the year.
I'm thinking that each of these people fits into an historical sequence, similar to the big sequence JBJ outlines in 'Crisis,, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,' namely, Law-Lyric-Eveluation-Fact-New Torah.  One could ues ERH's Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service, and/or North's (THEOS, for example), or Bull's CDATMCG.
Rushdoony, in 'Politics of Guilt and Pity: 'History is God's theater'.
Thus doing, we would 'remember' better.  When we forget God's gifts, He takes them away: Deut. 8 (You'll go into the land I gave you, and think YOU have done it--thus the Pella high school graduation ceremony).
So, in our improved church year, what would we add to our Thanksgiving season and daily prayers?
Some examples: '...: '...what other pillars of civilization do we need to remember, as we do electricity? Reading (the alphabet--thus the great move to phoneticize Chinese with pin yin), sanitation/clean water/some medicine, the automobile and engines, trusts vs. corporations, jury system, liturgy/scientific method/Symphony of History, etc?'
What would you add, Thanksgiving-wise?'
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'tired, concentrating on a few' Hartman
PS: And Prayer of the Church.
PPS: After we get (refine) the list, we can start with Wikipedia and find the persons carrying these gifts, and put them into the sequences, and respons, for God's gifts are 'more, and new every morning'.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Incorporating Axial Age--I Ching 4 and 64


Incorporating Axial Age--I Ching 4 and 64

Jordan said that while Israel was in Exila, God raised up Buddha, Greece and Confucius (Lao-tse), so that when we became mature enough, we could incorporate them.

Thus, a therapist of mine and I are working  on something that may not work. My Inner Phiysician (cranio-al-sacral therapy) was given 'yes-no' for each of 1,2, 4,8, 16, 32, and 64. The reply was '4 and 64'.

I looked them up, here they are, with a little of Aquinas, who was tackling Greece/Aristotle.

A recent Jenkins work 'The Lost History of Christianity' tells of a missionary to China who translated Buddhist texts.

Love in King Jesus,


4: Youthful Folly

Be on guard for the careless or rebellious attitudes characteristic of inexperience. Just as a youth requires instruction, this is a good time to focus on learning lessons from a patient teacher or life experience. Is there a circumstance in your life that you have failed to comprehend, perhaps because you didn’t appreciate its inherent complexities? Be respectful of anything or anyone who has something to teach you right now. If you are focusing on a relationship, ask yourself which of you is the student and which of you is the sage right now. If you are a parent, ask yourself: Who is being the teacher — you or your child?
In order to be ready for challenging times, let education be an ongoing part of your life. Develop the strong mind and will necessary to carry you through confusing times. The wise realize that experience, especially difficult experience, is a most powerful teacher. But we cannot be forced to learn, even from experience. Be the humble student who delights in learning, the one who nourishes an expanding awareness.
Examine your attitude for factors that would limit your openness. Observe how you deal with the mistakes of others. Let people live their own lives and learn their own lessons. You may offer them your wisdom or advice, but do so only if they are receptive. Otherwise, give up trying to convince others that you are right — which is exhausting and counter-productive. If people are not receptive, let them proceed, even into difficult or dangerous circumstances. It may be the only way they can learn and, without learning, no one can achieve success. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care, but trying to take care of someone else can sometimes actually be harmful. Live and let learn.
[This has all 64, but it doesn't copy and paste]

64: Nearing Completion

The situation is incomplete, but the chaos of the past is giving way to order, and the goal is in sight. Nevertheless, you are still treading on thin ice. The way ahead is unobstructed, the goal is clear, but a cautious and careful attitude is still important, lest you slip and fall.
Nearing Completion is the last hexagram of the I Ching. It suggests that the ever-spinning wheel of life never reaches a final conclusion. Just as a hidden sadness resides in the heart of true euphoria, just as the seeds of great achievement can sprout in a caldron of adversity, so too no end is ever really complete without a new beginning stirring inside it. Though we divide life into categories in order to understand and manage it, experience itself is seamless. With this reading, the Tao’s sixty-four-spoked, timeless wheel of change is ready to spin onward, ever evolving, ever staying the same.
The situation represented by this reading can be compared to taking a lengthy trek over a high mountain. At some point before reaching the peak, you can see in detail exactly how much farther you have to travel. You will have a good idea what it will take to reach the top, because of the climbing experience you’ve accumulated thus far. However, when you do reach the peak, which has been in sight for quite a long period of sustained effort, you will have done only that. You will have reached the top — achieving your initial goal — but now you must still descend the other side. This last critical segment is what remains before completion.
You may have little information and no experience of what it’s like descending the other side of the mountain. All your attention has been focused on the path going up. The coming situation may seem very strange to you, unlike anything that you have experienced before. The other side of the mountain is where the true mysteries reside. Proceed carefully, cautiously, and alertly — and you will arrive at the completion of your goal.
--Dear Sandy:
I'm leery of this, and we need to remember the context(s)--1--Does this glorify the urim and thummim? Compare it to the zero and one of the computer. Also, this is at attempt to incoprorate ('eat') the Axial Age institutions, as Aquinas did Aristotle.
Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'calendar' Hartman

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Eternal Calendar/Church Year: 'Lectionary, 'Jubilee,' or both +?

Dear Gentle Ones:

Eternal Calendar/Church Year: 'Lectionary,' "Jubilee,' or both +?

Most know the lectionary/colors type of our respnse to the life of Jesus Christ.  Search 'church year colors pictures' for some alternatives. And it would seem that wearing thewse colors as appropriate would be a glorification of the gems on the High Priest.  We would need to be more 'poetic' and comprehensive in our respons.  For instance, we could see how Ignatius of Antioch fit into the JBJ sequence of Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact New Torah.

Another alternative is to take what Jesus said in Luke 4 as announcing Jubilee, and then to write the 49 books of JBBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' on the year from Resurrectin to Resurrection, with liturgical mountains in time. The Psalms could go on there twice, with summaries of portion and total taking up the rest, and a book a day in a sequence could be done.

The advantage of the Jubilee response is that it is such, and that the whole Bible is covered yearly, book by book, and that there are sequences of books per week and per day. For instnace, I retuned to retuning from Rev. 5:12-7:12 and went backwards with the retuning, and forward too.

I've been using the backwards to find imperative stems for ERH's small (profitable--CHH) enthusiastic groups (oath-formed--CHH),

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'calendar' Hartman
PS: It's a nice/nike grid! To see an earlier Jubilee search 'Retuned 7x7 PergamosCoram861' at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, or go here

Monday, October 23, 2017

Summary of church year work, with Axial Age, poetic response improvements

Summary of church year work, with Axial Age, poetic response improvements

Dear Gentles:

Progress--Poetic response Eternal Calendar, Axial Age

I wrote this to Dave as an introduction to my 'Participate in the Eternal Calendar' recent work.
Summary: 1--The @ 8 pages, also sent to him. I'll send them to those who ask me at Two pages work will at work for evangelize 'What is Pentecost?' some ask, and for reassuring believers.
2--A more poetic response is valuable. (see below). 3--Incorporating Axial Age institutions, a start, is worthwhile.

Search 'church year colors pictures' for what rives the attntion, the color wheel.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlis 'calendar' Hartman
Oct 23, to Dav Salyer, BH: Dear Dave:

There's some good material here. The 'eternal calendar' concept is VERY useful, and the other calendars mentined, as derived from different social orders.

I'm recently adding that, per Rev. Keuning, of Zion Dexter (LCMS, Iowa) we can divide the Season after Pentecost into Apostles' Tide, Martyrs' Tide, Angels' Tide and End Times.  This fits somewhere into the White horse of Gospel proclamation, the Red horse of dying fot that, the Black horse (JBJ says Joseph's color, and bread was black, and 'angels' in Revelation are pastors o, and the green (pale) horse of Levi, gauardians/killers.

Other sequences don't fit as well. THEOS, CDATMCG, churches-trumpets-scrolls-bowls. The liturgical structure of In-Confession/Absolution, Readings/Sermon, Ciommunion, Out Blessed DOES seem to fit.

This week I'm working on two things.  One has to do with an Episcopal remembrance of Ignatius of Antioch, which needs to be placed into JBJ's Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact NewTorah sequence (and/or ERH's Imperative-Subjective-Narrative-Objectiv-Planetary Service, etc.). As RJR wrote in Politics of Guilt and Pity,' 'history is God's theater'. Thus the response will be heading more toward a structure, nmany layered poem ('poiema' in Eph 2, 8-10--we are his 'poem,' ERH says).

A second is the conquest, incorporation, 'eating' of the Axial Age institutions brought up by God during Israel's Exile--Buddha, Greece, Lao-tse/Confucius. Now Aquinas produced the 'straw' of his work with Paul and Aristotle, and per Jenkins' 'Lost History of Christianity' in China early on a missionary translated Buddhist texts, and I will be attempting something, cursorily, with the I Ching, a 2 to the 6th group of 64, which is not the heir to the Urim and Thummin. I'll use my cranial-sacral therapist who can 'sense' yes/no conditions within me of which I know little. Is it 1, is it 2, etc., up to 64. Well see. Re: Senses, a man namedRitchie lists 51 that some creature or other has.

The links to 'church year colors pictures' might need to be followed.  I don't think the wheels come through, computer-wise.

I've used a 2 or 3 page condensation well in witnessing at work. Some ask, 'What is Pentecost?' when they see the wheel. Believers are reassured.

Colors make the exegetical and hermeneutical discussions take another direction, away from preconceived thoughts on applicability of feasts and laws/

I'm hoping someone will start a church year colors business. I use t-shirts and rubber bands now.

I'll revisit this next coram (celebration of resurrection anno mundi). This year I'm going through JBJ's 49-book Bible, literarily conceived, as another 'church year'--one book per week. Search '7x7 retuned Pergamos Coram861' at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor for a grid.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'calendars are more important than we think' Hartman
PS: This is too long below.  Please revise it as needed.

Participate In The Eternal Calendar
I wear this week's color.  People ask, 'What does that mean?'  I explain. We all live in many calendars. 
Septermber 26: Wear something green until Reformation Day, people will ask why, you'll say 'It's the eternal calendar.' They'll ask, what is that? You'll say, 'the Life of Jesus Christ, and our response to that most important event in history, after the Creation.'
Colors are in the Bible. High Priest’s stone, e. g., Revelation. Since we're the priesthood now (1 Peter) we should wear colors appropriate.
Rosenstock, Dartmouth professor (Peace Corps, speech thinker, ‘Out of Revolution’-- said that our educational calendar is from the Greeks. Our business and work schedules are from Empires. Community celebrations are from the Tribal social order.  And ‘the eternal calendar’ (his name for it), the ecclesiastical calendar of the life of Jesus Christ and our response, is from Israel. Sports seasons combine several. Each calendar ‘pays,’ Trinitarianly via mutual indwelling in the transaction—community celebrations, community; business and work schedules in profits and wages, Greek educational calendars in credits, degrees, knowledge; and as one said, ‘the eternal calendar in…eternity—maybe sanctification is better?
Rosenstock believed that history was a symphony and a chiasm. Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, He Who Reversed The Trend, then, going back to the first, Greece became a companion only, NOT a social order, Israel without exclusions became the Church, Empires without slavery became the nation-state, and we are working toward the next era, Tribes without perpetual warfare—small, enthusiastic groups.
Lord willing, join us in this most basic of calendars—the eternal calendar, as ERH named it, the Church Calendar. It shows the life of Jesus Christ, and our response. [Changes can be made! And why can't we have something with all 12 colors of tribes, similar to what was on the high priest's breast? The calendar is still abuilding.]

What follows is from the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Others can be found by searching ‘church calendars--pictures’. The French Revolution changed a calendar. Comte had a calendar, etc. For different colors from different calendars, wear ‘plaid’ swatches?
A good link that has explanations for the meanings of colors.
 [Note by Hartman. When the LCMS worshipped in German, @ the 10th week after Easter, the destruction of Jerusalem was celebrated, reading from Josephus. Also, ‘Season after Pentecost’ is also called ‘Season of the Church, or including ‘Martyrs’ Tide,’ ‘Apostles’ Tide, etc. The 22 to 27? Weeks can possibly be improved with respective weeks devoted to some one or two of these books of Jordan’s work?]
See the one-pager from the Service Book that is attached at the end. It shows the church year and colors in another way. Find the dates and readings here:
The large number of ‘green’ weeks is peculiar, but it initiates a response ‘Why so much green?/Green doesn’t fit your fashion? And so it’s good, while we await a high priest’s breastplate/rainbow of colors in the church year/eternal calendar.

A little bit about the worship service, the liturgy.
In liturgy, The Divine Service—we are torn apart and cut up, individually and corporately, to be put back together, transformed by the battle, for the battle. Hartman calls it ‘redressment’. White robes as we enter. Some churches have a picture of the Last Judgment above the entrance. Garment of the High Priest as we arise, forgiven. Then ‘the full armor’ after Readings and Sermon. The Bride Adorned after Communion. Hopefully, we’ll go out, wearing the appropriate color of the eternal calendar, the Church  Year. [Hartman believes that the imperative stem [‘Magna Carta Latina’: paraphrase] of every Latin verb form is derived from a short imperative stem] of each of the literarily-conceived (by Jordan) 49 books (jubilee!) (Bible) can be what leads us to a jubilee (49) of oath-formed small, enthusiastic groups, of which ERH [] (Rosenstock) spoke. Jordan: [Samuel, Kings each too big for one scroll, 12 minor prophets had one theme, Lamentations goes literarily with Jeremiah, Ezra and Nehemiah unto Greater Chronicles.] What to use to wear the eternal calendar? Wrist bands, scarves (what comes out of the throat should be appropriate) t-shirts, skirts, shirts, pants…varied…, swatches pinned…rubber bands. Different colors from different traditions could be ‘plaid’ swatches.
 For more, see ‘Build A Peace Tribe’ on Facebook, Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook, Hartman @, and This effort to ‘put flesh/action on’ was inspired by 1 John. 3 John, last week, inspired ’ephemeralize’.
This sequence is seen in many places. Leviticus, Rosenstock’s revolutions of the West (Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’), Hartman’s ‘Symphony,’ and especially startling for many is to see it in the scientific method.  Consider this following, the scientific method (nature) compared to liturgy. Newton is brought into a new mental state by seeing the apple fall, compared to coming into the worship area—as I wrote, some churches have pictures of the Last Judgment above the entrance. Then Newton may have said to himself, ‘I can’t figure this out now, but I can later’. Confession and Absolution. He studies previous thinkers (Readings) and proposes his own hypothesis (Sermon). The hypothesis is tested, 2 witnesses, Bread and Wine. Then the new theory (not hypothesis any more) is taken out to the world, as we are sent out, transformed and Blessed individually and corporately. Herovolution.
For a summary of each of Hartman’s submissions in the respective ERH categories, Imperative—TSOCHI, Subjective—How To Make Your Communities Better, Narrative—House Of Singing Times (HOST) calendar, Objective—153Culture (now limited to the jubilee above mostly, Planetary Service—Godparents For Eldsters becomes Godparents For Societies, see
Clint Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ has a tremendous summary, in Chapter 5, of the Revolutions of the West.
Toward Heaven—liturgy. Toward Nature—scientific method. Toward one another—The Symphony of Comprehensive History Interactive. TSOCHI—Click on Home, and let it load. There are only 90 pages, the rest is preparation for initiations and responses (ir).
[Dr. Bledsoe had suggested that it would be good to flood society with pastors wearing collars. I asked, ‘What should members of the congregation wear?’ Perhaps the rainbow of light in the colors of the Church Year is a part of ‘the fire next time’?]

September 23, Anno Domini 2017: It occurs to me that we could try to determine and apply the tribes of Israel and the respective colors of the stones on the High Priest by adding colors to the green portion of a Church Year color wheel above.  There must be some complete inventory characteristics in the descriptions of the tribes.  How, we could ask, are these transformed into the 12 minor prophets, the disciples, and representative outstanding humans?  An ofspeg (oath formed small profitable enthusiastic group) could be formed for each, and these 12 colors/statements/persons/groups put into the green portion above. Using ‘Loomy’ rubber bands of #33 ones (search Amazon) could be done economically.  In this scenario, a green band and another would be worn. We do know, however, that 12 tribes changed—see Bullinger’s Companion Bible. Here are some images:
For general search results, see:
The use here would be to get people to participate in the eternal calendar by getting them to wear the colors, and after that, to continue to teach them meanings unto ofspegs!
[In Revelation, Wikipedia goes for 4 colors, thus (and see specifics above this): ‘Whether there is any pattern to the choice of gemstones depends on their identity. Taking the majority view of scholars in regard to the identity of the gems, and including the implication from the Book of Revelation that the Onyx at the end of the fourth row was a Sardonyx, there are four colours – red, green, yellow, and blue – each represented by a clear gem (red – Carbuncle, green – Heliodor, yellow – Chrysolite, blue – Amethyst), an opaque gem (red – Carnelian/red Jasper, green – green Jasper, yellow – yellow Jasper/yellow Serpentine, blue - Lapis Lazuli), and a striped gem (red – Sardonyx, green – Malachite, yellow – pale golden Agate, blue – sky-blue Agate).[4] The four colours of red, green, yellow, and blue, are the first four colours (apart from black and white) distinguished by languages, and are distinguished in all cultures with at least six colour distinctions (the other two being black and white).[37] These colours roughly correspond to the sensitivities of the retinal ganglion cells. (The retinal ganglia process colour by positioning it within a blue to yellow range, and separately positioning it within a red to green range.)[37]’]

Join us in this most basic of calendars, the Church Calendar. It shows the life of Jesus Christ, and our response, unto peace/concord—the explicit reconciliation of opposites.

September 25, A. D. 2017: HostA822 Twelve Color Ofspegs
[Put in KolCoram862—Revelation—and Participate in the Eternal Calendar = Build A Peace Tribe]
(What benefits, proof? What cure? What pain or fear? Who’s the ideal ‘buyer’?—mutual indweller in the transaction)
Twelves in Bible into 5s of North, Jordan, Rosenstock
These into Season of Pentecost (after Trinity Sunday, excluding A. D. 70?)
Imperative, Transcendent, Law—12 on the breastplate of the High Priest, with colors, and descriptions of tribes.
Subjective, Hierarchy, Lyric—Twelve Minor Prophets (points out 12 is one, theodicy—12ness of Israel is key—Cascione)
Narrative, Ethics, Evaluation—12 disciples/apostles
Objective, Oaths and sanctions, Fact—Who has fulfilled these so far, in part? See Saints of Day, Martin of Tours and Martin Luther. Example: Issachar, knowing signs of times and what Israel ought to do, see Asimov Foundation, and Flynn, ‘In the Country of the Blind’. In Flynn, ‘everyone’ was doing math, but they ended up with music (mathematics, music in Quadrivium?) In Asimov, mental ‘pushing’—controlling another’s will, and Arkady’s having her mind formed early for later non-detection, the Mule, and the robot-human melding?
Planetary Service, New Torah, Succession—Here we pur 4 colors x 3 types, clear, opaque, striped, onto the greens of Season After Pentecost (excluding Trinity Sunday and A. D. 70?) with the information above, and this calls us to a new setoff 12 Peace Tribe (one and many).  Use ‘Loomy’ rubberbands from Amazon, and. For instance, weave a clear with a color, and have two of the same clor for opaque, and twist a black with a color for striped.
See Wikipedia on High Priest colors, to start.  Bible descriptions—Jacob and throughout by actions. See Bullinger, for the 12 is sometimes 13, sometimes in different order—this would be ADDED from the base in Wikipedia, and pictures too. Ask BH guys and gals.  Keep going each year/coram, improving.
Searched ‘High Priest stones colors Wikipedia
To BH Short. Added stones in Revelation to 'Participate, Eternal Calendar' unto ofspegs
This is at chuckhartmanhistorconductor, comments and in Facebook Notes of Charles Howard Hartman.
Developing. An early morning first attempt.
I'll report back how this works with co-workers, etc.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'keeping on keeping on' Hartman
--Response to Sarah Wilson and Wesley Bruce at ‘Build A Peace Tribe’ on Facebook. 2012! And on Wall—5 years late, but now I have something to say
And, the 12 is one, again!
Yes, Sarah Wilson and Wesley Bruce, I'm using tribe as a small, enthusiastic group, as Rosenstock does in 'Universal  History 1954'--see links from ERH Fund, this is a recording, transcript of a Dartmouth course from 1954. He sees history as a chiasm of Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, He WHo Reversed The Trend, then after HWRTT, Greece becomes a companion, never a social order. The Church is Israel without exclusions, the Nation-State is empires without slavery, and, chiastically, remember, the next 1000 years, however long that is, is tribes without perpetual warfare--small, enthusiastic groups.  I call them ofspegs. Oath Formed, Small Profitable Enthusiastic Groups.

Join us in this most basic of calendars, the Church Calendar. It shows the life of Jesus Christ, and our response, unto peace/concord—the explicit reconciliation of opposites.
]Dodecatotality—that a tribe of tribes has 12 parts, and that the respective red, blue, yellow, green colors mentioned above from Wikipedia, and eah of their respective, transparent, opaque, and striped examples make a 12, that we should fill in dudring the ‘homesteading of the green’—turning liabilities into assets, is a key thought. A past new type person, new type of speech, new type of institution (in, our, forward, back makes another 12) is a way to go, ‘ite’.]
October 1: Dear Gentles:
Rosenstock wrote in 'Magnat Carta Latina' that all Latin verb forms were derived from a shorter imperative stem.
Were we able to find the imperative stem of a book of the Bible, such as John, we could then develop from that.
We could develop a small, enthusiastic group to develop this imperative stem, so that, as new technology allows us greater reach in a shorter time, as old groups are destroyed, we could make new groups, tribes without perpetual warfare.
Were these formed by 'true speech,' behind which we put our lives, we would have the basis for a 49-book, jubilee, society.
So, what's the imperative stem of John?

Love in King Jesus,

ChuckCharlie 'rainbow wearing green for Season of Pentecost' Hartman
PS: If, as Wikipedia hints, the stones in Revelation are red, green, yellow, blue, each with transparent, opaque, and striped examples, that would make a dodecatotality of a new 12and1 tribe of tribes, were we able to find an old example, and an example to come, rainbow-wise.
PPS: As Williams responded to those who said, 'Ted, you could hit .600 against the Boudreau shift if you just dumped the ball into left,' 'But I'd lose my rhythmic swing!,' I say there's a great opportunity to obey The Commission by writing an ebook about Church Year Colors Evangelism, for someone, but not me.
Something’s missing here, but it’s worth a look:

Join us in this most basic of calendars, the Church Calendar. It shows the life of Jesus Christ, and our response, unto peace/concord—the explicit reconciliation of opposites.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Command Somewhat Filled Out--4 Horsemen +

Dear Gentle Ones:

I apologize--'Command' is the word.

Also, I've found out that a denomination divides the Season After Pentecost into 

Apostles' Tide--could be a white horse of Gospel proclamation,

Martyrs' Tide--the red horse of conflict?,

Angels' Tide--the black horse of help, of bread?,

And then End Times--the green of guardian Levites?

That's a start!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'responder' Hartman
PS: Today, Episcopalian-wise, is Latimer and Ridley, and, going back and forth and remembering the future, what past and future persons would fit along this axis in the various sequences, such as Law-Li\yric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shape liturgicall years for millennia

Shape liturgical years for millennia.

This is NOT an option, not a 'study'--it's an imperative.

Rosenstock-Huessy said that 'respondeo etsi mutabor' is like unto 'cogito ergo sum, and 'credo ut intelligam'--a key to this era.

I must respond, though I will be changed.

As the life of Jesus Christ is the key thing and fact in all history, and as the etrenal calendar is our response, we need a better one.  How we respond shows what we think of it, and it was structured, and deep, and fullfilled, and pointing to the future, the life of Jesuc Christ was, and our response should be similar.

Thus, a start: Oct 15, A D 2017—Apostles’ Tide, Martyrs’ Tide, Angels’ Tide, and (Saints’ Tide—look up Rev. Keunings’s email) fit in with white horse (proclamation, Apostle), red horse (battle), black horse (bread, symbol of support) and green horse (Levi kills). Also, don’t forget colors (red/blue/yellow/green within tides—see Wikipedia, which also has clear/translucent, opaque and striped. Third, An Axial Age Axis, e. g., for Aquinas (DO put in representative persons, institutions, types of speech) is Paul and Greece (Aristotle), Chines missionary story told by Jenkins in ‘Lost History of Christianity’ translated Buddhist classics, and I Ching 8x8 of yes/no, yin/yang, solid bar/broken bar compared to 7x7 of Jordan, but we await that, so ‘remember the future.  Give this problem to AI, frame the question which North says that framing is  what few can do.  And…try 22 and 27 as Hebrew and Greek books, put the rest of Trumpets/Atonement/Tabernacles/Purim in, etc. So, a lot is put together, amening/remembering in a ‘meat’ way that the Life Of Christ Jesus is structured, fulfills earlier, is deeper—and so is our response.