Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dicipling With History: Getting Into The True History

Discipling with history.

Your great grandchildren will know the answer to #2 better than they know #1.

#1: About how many weeks are there between Independence Day and Labor Day.

#2. About how many weeks of @ 81 years each are there between Noah's Flood and The Exodus of Moses, when one writes the cored history (Ussher's Creation to @ A. D. 70) onto a year with 49 weeks named after Bible books, and 4 holiday weeks? Approximately. http://www.preteristarchive.com/Books/1650_ussher_annals.html

This gets people into the core history of salvation.

Using it at work.

The ‘4000 years’ is on my photos, the calendar of the year, CalendarHost, is too.

Soon to be a major website.

Some help: Ussher says that the Flood occurred in (Year of the World) AM _______?
Ussher says that the Exodus of Moses occurred in AM __________?


PS: Or, you can try ChronoZoom, and answer the question: What core history lessons are learned here: http://eps.berkeley.edu/~saekow/chronozoom/

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Psalms for Week/Sheba 22, James


Psalms for Week/Sheba 22, KolCoram 861 (August 28, A. D. 2010)
[Psalms continue even through the holiday weeks]

KolBmoY (WholeYumm!) Ps 125 --Sunday, Aug. 28
SardisBmoyY (SardsYumm!) Ps 126
PergamosBmoY (PergsYumm!) Ps 127
EphesusBmoY Ps 128
PhiladelphiaBmoY (PhilsYumm!) Ps 129
ThyatiraBmoY (ThyraYumm!) Ps 130
SmyrnaBmoY (SmyrnsYumm!)PS 131

Doxology for all, Psalm 150:6.

KolBmoY is 'Sunday'.
I 'rhyme' several other things too.
I write moY because the present is caused by the past and the future. It's an attempt to represent that.

I call it not a week, but a Sheba (7, oath) for this is a covenant sequence, retuned.

I believe in dragvolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us.
As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: JBJ is doing a Psalm a month, and he's up to 49, I believe.
PPS: ‘Coram’ is a pun. Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi, and ‘presence,’ or ‘face’ in Latin. ‘Kol’ is God ‘kol’ing down the Ten Words in Exodus, I believe. A pun also, Kol-Octave-Laodicea.

Remember the FLOOD! 1657 AM (Anno Mundi--Since Creation)

Remember the FLOOD! 1657 AM (Anno Mundi--Since Creation)


Divide a modified Ussher Chronology by 49, get @ 81 years per 1/49th.

With one holiday week between Easter and tomorrow, Aug 28 (James Week/Sheba) we have reached that 81-year block including 1657 Anno Mundi, the year of the Flood of Noah.

Picture of this photo file. @Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook.

Put together by Doug Roorda. Based on Biblical Chronology work of James B. Jordan. Apprehend big chunks of time.www.biblicalhorizons.com.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

To: Calendarofthefuture.com

Thanks for this. I've been working on one for a while, inspired by the mid-century lectures of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy at Dartmouth. Universal History 1957, Universal History 1954.He says that 4 major calendars are derived from 4 major layers/orders of society. Community calendars, tribal; work calendars, empires (Egypt, e.g.); ecclesiastical calendars (Israel); academic calendars, Greece.History is chiastic. Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, The Reverser of Trends, Church, Nation-State, Neo-tribalism. Each of the last 3 revisits one of the first 3, and eliminates a major failing. The church had unity, not exclusiveness, the nation-state eliminated slavery, and we are in the neo-tribal era to eliminate perpetual war. The Greeks are companion, with a sense of wonder, but never in charge. They had all the problems of the other orders, plus.We dare not forget these earlier eras, else their problems come back to plague us in a bigger way.Let's start by renaming the days of the week by retuning the retunings, and adding other features. For instance, from the core history, we would not take a tour of the solar system, retuned, but a tour of the social firmament/in-between of the core history. Oddly, ThorsTag/Thursday (referring to Jupiter, Deus Pater) is better, in peace, PhilsYumm!/PhiladelphiaBmoY)..More later. Much more buried in Notes on my Facebook profile too. Charles Howard HartmanPS: I believe in dragvolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us.As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

PPS: Don’t forget Stewart Brand’s Long Now. He was a big buyer of ERH’s Out of Revolution early on. Also www.argobooks.org for ERH, and his student before WWII, Clint Gardner, and ‘Beyond Belief’PPPS: http://snipurl.com/thenext1000years

[Mentioned in information given to identify me before post: http://chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 23, 2010

Psalms tattooed on the body of the year/time--twice.

Psalms tattooed on the body of the year/time--twice.


146 Psalms, 22 breaks, 14 days for structure.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Short and Sweet--Our Task

If Rosenstock-Huessy is right in 'Out of Revoltuion' that each major nation-state forming revolution was based on a different part of the Bible. Germany, the cross. England, Judges. These USA, Exodus and Noah. France, before the Fall. Russia, matter in motion--formless and void. Our task is to go from 'In the beginning...,' hopping over formless and void to 'And God said...'. We need to speak the right words of His after Him, in the right tone to make, under Him, the next, as He has foreordained. It's a task for adults, even ancients. pp. 752-3. Chuck. (Also see Clint Gardner's Chapter 5 in Beyond Belief for the speech structures of each nation-state formation. Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective.) [Clint is incorrect about panentheism]. http://clintgardner.net/

Read Chapter 5. Read Out of Revolution.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Open Immigration, Equality Before The Law. Citizenship?


Valuable in showing that open immigration and equality before the law were two principles in Ancient Israel that have come to the West. And be sure to read the last two paragraphs on granting citizenship before you make conclusions.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Discipling With History At A Glance

At work. When see during week.

History is not chronology. History is the record of those events that happen once, for the first time (forever). There are few.


1—Adam’s Chart of History http://www.answersingenesis.org/publicstore/product/Adams-Chart-of-History,5482,224.aspx [I get some from Half-Price Books]

2—History At A Glance [separate sheet] For ‘science,’ see http://eps.berkeley.edu/~saekow/chronozoom/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/ChronoZoom/121913871153000 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmwFPEr1lZY and more chronozoom. Annals of the World by Ussher, free online at http://ia310814.us.archive.org/3/items/AnnalsOfTheWorld/Annals.pdf

3—HostCalendar for this ‘year’ [separate sheet] This lets us go through the books of the Bible. It also shows us seasons of Beatitudes—and this helps with ABCs of history--Apprehending Big Chuncks (sic)

4--…being brought into the life of the community. Here, the community is history, one man in all times and places. Bible History is Core History. [For 16 billion years see secular ‘Zoom’ website. Maya and Stapledon perhaps later.]

5—If biology is biography, that is, our traumas manifest themselves bodily, then History is sociology, and learning patterns can assist toward healing toward harmony.

6—See Jordan’s ‘Through New Eyes’—one of the great books—free online at www.garynorth.com/freebooks. Purchase from www.biblicalhorizons.com, or at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Through-New-Eyes-James-Jordan/dp/157910259X. ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ is a great short book that could help too. Annals of History would help(Also at Answers in Genesis) : http://www.amazon.com/Annals-World-Usshers-Classic-History/dp/0890513600 http://www.answersingenesis.org/publicstore/product/Annals-of-the-World-SOFTCOVER-The,5194,226.aspx

7—We may do the times from A. D. 70 through the present as opportunities present.

8—‘I believe in dragvolution. God drags us into His future, changing us. As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.’

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Through the year with Ussher's chronology.

Through the year with Ussher's chronology.

Here's a good resource.

Here's where we are as we work through the year, Resurrection to Resurrection, correlating it to Ussher's chronology. We'r in the 18th 'ordinary' week. We had one holiday week, which we don't count in the 49. Each week is 81 years of Ussher time.* So, since this is the 18th week, we've had 17. 17 x 81 is 1377. So, 1377-1457. (The Flood, per Ussher, started in 1657, but Noah started building earlier). One can look in this FREE PDF file of the book to see what is happening, for Ussher has chronicled the happenings by year, and even more closely. http://www.preteristarchive.com/Books/1650_ussher_annals.html

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anyone have a hundred page model Christian legal code?

Anyone have a hundred page model Christian legal code?

You can't beat something with nothing.

Maybe this fellow? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillaume_Groen_van_Prinsterer

PS: This would be better than political party platforms.

What would be the sections?


Friday, August 6, 2010

He is my enemy, I must convert him.

He is my enemy, I must convert him. But by what tactics? They would differ according to what he is, would they not?

'Ruling class,' how a tribe, a nation...?

How is the 'ruling class' a tribe, a kin, a 'nation,' and how not? http://spectator.org/archives/2010/07/16/americas-ruling-class-and-the/print

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

Startling Szasz On Prohibition And Income Tax

Startling Szasz On Prohibition And Income Tax

In his timeline in Ceremonial Chemistry.

1913 The Sixteenth Amendment, creating the legal authority for a federal income tax, is enacted. Between 1870 and 1915, the tax on liquor provides from one-half to two thirds of the whole of the internal revenue of the United States, amounting, after the turn of the century, to about $200 million annually. The Sixteenth Amendment thus makes possible, just seven years later, the Eighteenth Amendment.

1917 The president of the American Medical Association endorses national prohibition. The House of Delegates of the Association passes a resolution stating: “Resolved, The American Medical Association opposes the use of alcohol as a beverage; and be it further Resolved, That the use of alcohol as a therapeutic agent should be discouraged.” By 1928, physicians make an estimated $40,000,000 annually by writing prescriptions for whiskey. [63]

Chuck: Is it possible that laws are passed for much different reasons than those that are publicly given, and that they have unintended consequences

I believe in dragvolution. God drags us into His future, changing us.

I believe in dragvolution. God drags us into His future, changing us.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pentecost: Linking Ethical lLegacy To Financial Legacy: Make it profitable. Pentecost.

Pentecost: Linking Ethical lLegacy To Financial Legacy: Make it profitable. Pentecost.

Response to an essay on allocating time by Gary North on his site.

At a man's death, great power is released into the field of time.

So, 'Can you link your ethical legacy to your financial legacy?'

Were we to echo Pentecost, we would amen Jesus.

His death was the death of death, and the death of deaths. That is, it was the death of deaths in that it was the greatest of all possible deaths, since he was resurrected.

And it was the death of death in Owens' sense.

The great power Jesus' death released was Pentecost, the leading of us into all truth, and a great truth being that the Spirit prepares the Bride, in an Esther sense: Jordan.

This beautification was Adam's first task (dressing the Garden, naming), and our last, in an ABCB'A' way.

Thanks for this, Dr. North, about time and zero sum and linking legacies.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: There is a sense in which we echo the Creation Days by speaking vows, and making --not creating -- such times as married time, war time, peace time, business partnership time, church membership time, military service time. This also echoes death, for, while living, we give up some life time and/or ledge to do so. One calls that 'true speech,' incarnational speech.

[Who will carry on? Funeral Sermon.]

CalendarHOST from @ Doug Roorda.


All religions enshrine their truths in calendars. Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.

This is one of the many 'rhyming' 7x7s that should be followed as one goes through the 'year'--or 'coram': Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. For instance, we rhyme the time(s) from Creation through A. D. 70, Psalms (twice), etc. Beatitudes, Days of Creation, Churches down the side. More. Thanks, @Doug Roorda.