Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Through the year with Ussher's chronology.

Through the year with Ussher's chronology.

Here's a good resource.

Here's where we are as we work through the year, Resurrection to Resurrection, correlating it to Ussher's chronology. We'r in the 18th 'ordinary' week. We had one holiday week, which we don't count in the 49. Each week is 81 years of Ussher time.* So, since this is the 18th week, we've had 17. 17 x 81 is 1377. So, 1377-1457. (The Flood, per Ussher, started in 1657, but Noah started building earlier). One can look in this FREE PDF file of the book to see what is happening, for Ussher has chronicled the happenings by year, and even more closely.

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  1. 1056 AM (Year of World, since Creation), Noah born.
    1536 AM God sends Noah to preach for 120 years before Flood.