Thursday, August 12, 2010

Discipling With History At A Glance

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History is not chronology. History is the record of those events that happen once, for the first time (forever). There are few.


1—Adam’s Chart of History,5482,224.aspx [I get some from Half-Price Books]

2—History At A Glance [separate sheet] For ‘science,’ see and and and more chronozoom. Annals of the World by Ussher, free online at

3—HostCalendar for this ‘year’ [separate sheet] This lets us go through the books of the Bible. It also shows us seasons of Beatitudes—and this helps with ABCs of history--Apprehending Big Chuncks (sic)

4--…being brought into the life of the community. Here, the community is history, one man in all times and places. Bible History is Core History. [For 16 billion years see secular ‘Zoom’ website. Maya and Stapledon perhaps later.]

5—If biology is biography, that is, our traumas manifest themselves bodily, then History is sociology, and learning patterns can assist toward healing toward harmony.

6—See Jordan’s ‘Through New Eyes’—one of the great books—free online at Purchase from, or at Amazon: ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ is a great short book that could help too. Annals of History would help(Also at Answers in Genesis) :,5194,226.aspx

7—We may do the times from A. D. 70 through the present as opportunities present.

8—‘I believe in dragvolution. God drags us into His future, changing us. As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.’

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