Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dicipling With History: Getting Into The True History

Discipling with history.

Your great grandchildren will know the answer to #2 better than they know #1.

#1: About how many weeks are there between Independence Day and Labor Day.

#2. About how many weeks of @ 81 years each are there between Noah's Flood and The Exodus of Moses, when one writes the cored history (Ussher's Creation to @ A. D. 70) onto a year with 49 weeks named after Bible books, and 4 holiday weeks? Approximately. http://www.preteristarchive.com/Books/1650_ussher_annals.html

This gets people into the core history of salvation.

Using it at work.

The ‘4000 years’ is on my photos, the calendar of the year, CalendarHost, is too.

Soon to be a major website.

Some help: Ussher says that the Flood occurred in (Year of the World) AM _______?
Ussher says that the Exodus of Moses occurred in AM __________?


PS: Or, you can try ChronoZoom, and answer the question: What core history lessons are learned here: http://eps.berkeley.edu/~saekow/chronozoom/

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