Saturday, October 29, 2016

What inventions do 'we' 'need' now?

What inventions do 'we need' now? Take a look at what was invented just before, during, and just after The Great Depression, and figureout what could and should be invented NOW. This is not a Marxist technology determines civilization. It seems to me to be common sends. Note: It has come to me a capital good, that is an invention that helps invent, as a capital good helps make other machines. Ask me about it.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Judge Judy (2012) makes $123,000/day--Christian Court TV Good News

Judge Judy Christian Court TV Good News
Judge Judy, $45 million/yr. (2012). I'll invest in your Christian Court TV Good News

Dear Gentle Ones:

Here's a link: Judge Judy Sheindlin Makes $123,000 A Day, Roughly $45M Salary And $110M Net Worth For 70-Year-Old

Now, a smart phone, Jordan/North/Frame resources and some scenarios could result, as a start, in YouTube videos of various lengths, books of cases, etc.

A business plan would plot these revenues per month and expenses. Janet Switzer has a list of 52 (there'd be more now) ways that 'Guerrilla Marketing' author Levinson used--he said he meade $20,000 on his book and millions on these other 52+.

You could use court as a way of determining How Should We Then Pray? in corporate worship. That'd be taking it to a higher court.

Or you could imagine how courts would be in a Christian society.

Restitution, corporal punishment, capital punishment, Cities of Refuge--make a plan and tell me (us) what capital would be needed.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'investor' Hartman

PS: I was once walked intentionally to start a game.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rich Bledsoe Expand BH

Rich Bledsoe Expand BH
Dear Rich:

You asked for some expansion from my mention of work as Air Force Weapons Controller (similar to Air Traffic Controller, but NOT the same—we were tasked with shooting down Russian bombers, and took over after the aircraft left ground control, and until they acquired the target). And Iowa politician.
Most of my work has been an exercise in failure after failure.  I have written much at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor, including 50 years after my philosophy degree.
My athletic stuff might be valuable in another letter.  Creation of pool game (Avalanche) and ‘World Championship’ of it, 2 no-hitter in slow pitch, and only making 3 outs in 10 games in our league.  Then my dad claimed to have gone 2 for 3 against Bob Feller, who was, Feller was, in the majors between his junior and senior year in high school. Others in my family were much better.
The main thing I think might be valuable I a next ‘revolutions’ in the ERH sense.  I’ve filled in something in each of his 5 categories of Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, and Planetary Service. And then I add an exponentialization.  These 5 resonate with JBJ’s Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah, and North’s Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and Sanctions, and Succession.
The came about after we moved to Pella, and because of the mistreatment of my mother.  We moved to Pella for Christian care, and got the opposite. I should have moved in with her—if possible.  ‘Family’ failed.  She had her house paid for, and enough money, but they ‘would not,’ though 5 sons and daughters lived in town, and grandchildren too.
My Godparents, Cure Team members, and Rescue Team members don’t use ‘Alzheimer’s’—it elicits almost a Pavlovian response--Drug ‘em!’ (Without informed consent)
When we moved to Pella, I had the beginnings of the Symphony, and the calendar.  They were like the Tabernacle and the High Priest’s clothing, inside out, as JBJ pointed out, I think in his Exodus audios.
(I was honored to listen to all of JBJ’s tapes, and ERH’s, while working at the Post Office, and I’d discuss them with co-workers.  That was until the Big Disappointment that this was of less than no interest to most in church)
Anyway, to work things off, I began to walk around the Pella square recounting what had been done to Mom, as a memory palace, and this became ‘How to Make Your Communities Better,’ the Subjective/2nd part. It was 80 days after Easter/Resurrection for this Confession part, and on July 4, I’d have a Conference, inviting, virtually, Rene Girard, Thomas Szasz, Ibsen 9’AnEnemy of the People), etc. It may be that this prayer was answered with the hospital contracted out care to Arminians—Wesley Life. Or not.
Some I remember. SW Corner, we join church,  July 4. Middle South, Mom to Pella, doped up immediately with no informed consent. March 3, they say she ‘fell’—actually attacked my another inmate (sic). Then Ethics Committee, Doctor’s Strike, Girardean Funeral, and, as going out, Godparents for Eldsters, etc.
Many years late, 153Culture (sic came in as it used the 49 books (JBJ: ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament), with JB’s 3 (from Dr. Leithart’s ‘Constantine’ applied from each book—maturity, holy war against devil and his angels, redemptive history.
This was the Objective.
The Planetary Service was Godparents for Eldsters.
Now the exponentialized Planetary Service is the ‘Levir’ System.
Most of these, and more, can be found in my Facebook Notes, and at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
Search “chuckhartmanhistoryconductor  and Better Summary’ for links.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘ca$h now and Trinity-ity seeking’ Hartman
PS: Levir. Dear Gentle Ones:

A next 'social order' might encompass the re-formation of all institutions flowing down from the church, including medicine, civil government, etc.  See 'How To Make Your Communities Better'.

It would be like the Levir who raised a child for the dead man's name.

This would also bring to bear actions on the old orders, which, as ERH said, will come back to bite us worse if we don't take care of their errors.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Trinity-ity' Hartman
PS: Not only institutions, but types of speech also, and types of persons.
PPS: Do you want a couple of smaller, simpler examples? (Towns, Stuart/Pella, singitiation/responsong a la deliverdict/ 7 sounds-Mosezon, Bull’s Matrix and finally TSOCHI conductors [ within TSOCHI, as Levir is exponentialization of Father in JBJ, and Heavens Above in other])
PPS: Mine is one of the 12 signatures on the Libertarian Party of Iowa founding application, 1976, I believe.  I’m now more anthropological, and see the above, with corporate prayer litanies being key.

Also, Cryonics, which is now superseded by transhumanism, posthumanism, which is not as blind to Isaiah 65:20 (area) as we in the church who have read it.  But the May 10, 1968 Christianity Today piece by John Warwick Montgomery still seems valid. This is reprinted at Alcor’s website. (I sold my Trans Time stock).

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Liabilities into assets: Stroke Singitiation Schilder

Liabilities into assets Stroke Singitiation Schilder
Exegesis in Song. Did my stroke camp me toward singitiation and Responsong?

As ERH said, 'The Christian Era is when liabilities are turned into assets'.

I’m thinking that Providence gave me this stroke to slow me down and so that I would stop a while and realize that a singing initiation (singitiation) and a response in song—a responsong—was important. For instance, in The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, the group sits around a table in the form of a tabernacle and Day 8 asks, in order, Days 7654321, respectively, he is singitiating ‘Joy To The World.’ 

Ad what is the tune of 4152637 (days of the week, from the retuning of the universe at Ascension pictured in Rev. 5:12-7:12) and what’s the retuning of that into 8531642 , with days named after Revelation’s churches, and what’s the Eliot Anselm Time 123456789-10-11-12 tune, and, for instance, the Great Song of the retuned 12 minor prophets, etc.? 

Schilder, in ‘Christ and Culture,’ makes a remark about the Gospels not being a history of Jesus as much as a record of fulfillment, so in what way is Luke a responsong then, to the house of the Hebrew Scriptures, and what’s the tune of each?

Friday, October 7, 2016

TSOCHI waiting

[Dr.Bledsoe posted 9 additional 'BH must reads.}  I responded thus:

OK, Rich, some of these seem to like a Zen koan, e.g. 'What is the sound of one hand clapping?,' and in the spirit/geist of that (and I still must read Hegel, though later comments in this thread are not so Zen-ische) I will answer your list, and JBJ's reported statement about God communicating to us via furniture (or 'furn' as we used to say in the trade) with the below.

One of the advantages of having almost NO energy, and being tired all the time, is that it makes me 'camp' somewhere (as JBJ used to say on audios).  What used to be done in a day takes weeks.

So, I am camped at Day 8's initiations in week one, Law/Imperative/Transcendence.  Oddly, I'd decided that 87654321 was the way to order the sequence.

Now I remember that Eric Robinson pointed out to me that 'Joy to the World' goes right down the scale.

Synesthesia alert!  I'm seeing order of speaking as music heard. (The length of notes varies--see 'Tune of the Twelve' later.)

How is 'Joy to the Word' to be answered?  Sunday, Monday...--the days of the week. JBJ says that at the Ascension (Rev. 5:12-7:12) the universe is retuned!

Other tunes will be put in, e.g. 'The Tune of The Twelve (minor prophets) seems to be 4 all mixed up and then 8 that remain chronological.

Better ones than we are will come later and improve these.

But, TWO, since in The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive ('symphony of history,' ERH, 'Fruit of Lips') I sit people down around a table in a Tabernacle In Conversation/Tabernacle Of Conversation (TIC/TOC--it's about time), THE TABERNACLE BECOMES A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

As I pass out the initiations, I touch various parts of the tabernacle. See JBJ on Exodus and the 7 speeches that make 7 parts of the tabernacle related to the days of creation? Thus "Joy to the World' is played with the tabernacle as a musical instrument.

THREE, God is singing to us in history, how should we respond? ('Joy to the Word' -> 'Sunday, Monday...' in TSOCHI.  How so.  Liturgy is the covenant sequence facing The Heavens Above.  The scientific method is the CS facing the waters under the earth, so, mayb,e TSOCHI is the covenant sequence facing The Earth Beneath, people made of dirt?

Thus, Psalm Tone D, He sings.  And we are not only supposed to sing back the same thing, I propose, but to be poets. He has made us 'poiema' (sic) (ERH) workmanship.

We must respond, though we will be changed.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Zen' Hartman
PS: Also separately posted in TSOCHI (new topic) waiting.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crashes test who is greatest social structure maker, Bloom,TOSCHI


Howard (not Harold) Bloom is an atheist, and his book is an exercise in the naturalistic fallacy, but one can interpret the sentence on page  127 theologically: 'She tests us with crashes to discover who is the greatest social structure maker.'

He shows fission/fusion, exploration/digestion, exploration/consolidation, decentralization/centralization n many forms, from physic to economics.

'The Genius of the Beast; A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism'

It's worth reading, especially if one remembers that all Creation bears the marks of The Creator, as some can distinguish the compositions of Bach from those of Steve Allen.

The above statement remind me of someone who said, 'You can't beat something with nothing'.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'TSOCHI' Hartman