Friday, October 28, 2016

Judge Judy (2012) makes $123,000/day--Christian Court TV Good News

Judge Judy Christian Court TV Good News
Judge Judy, $45 million/yr. (2012). I'll invest in your Christian Court TV Good News

Dear Gentle Ones:

Here's a link: Judge Judy Sheindlin Makes $123,000 A Day, Roughly $45M Salary And $110M Net Worth For 70-Year-Old

Now, a smart phone, Jordan/North/Frame resources and some scenarios could result, as a start, in YouTube videos of various lengths, books of cases, etc.

A business plan would plot these revenues per month and expenses. Janet Switzer has a list of 52 (there'd be more now) ways that 'Guerrilla Marketing' author Levinson used--he said he meade $20,000 on his book and millions on these other 52+.

You could use court as a way of determining How Should We Then Pray? in corporate worship. That'd be taking it to a higher court.

Or you could imagine how courts would be in a Christian society.

Restitution, corporal punishment, capital punishment, Cities of Refuge--make a plan and tell me (us) what capital would be needed.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'investor' Hartman

PS: I was once walked intentionally to start a game.

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