Friday, October 7, 2016

TSOCHI waiting

[Dr.Bledsoe posted 9 additional 'BH must reads.}  I responded thus:

OK, Rich, some of these seem to like a Zen koan, e.g. 'What is the sound of one hand clapping?,' and in the spirit/geist of that (and I still must read Hegel, though later comments in this thread are not so Zen-ische) I will answer your list, and JBJ's reported statement about God communicating to us via furniture (or 'furn' as we used to say in the trade) with the below.

One of the advantages of having almost NO energy, and being tired all the time, is that it makes me 'camp' somewhere (as JBJ used to say on audios).  What used to be done in a day takes weeks.

So, I am camped at Day 8's initiations in week one, Law/Imperative/Transcendence.  Oddly, I'd decided that 87654321 was the way to order the sequence.

Now I remember that Eric Robinson pointed out to me that 'Joy to the World' goes right down the scale.

Synesthesia alert!  I'm seeing order of speaking as music heard. (The length of notes varies--see 'Tune of the Twelve' later.)

How is 'Joy to the Word' to be answered?  Sunday, Monday...--the days of the week. JBJ says that at the Ascension (Rev. 5:12-7:12) the universe is retuned!

Other tunes will be put in, e.g. 'The Tune of The Twelve (minor prophets) seems to be 4 all mixed up and then 8 that remain chronological.

Better ones than we are will come later and improve these.

But, TWO, since in The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive ('symphony of history,' ERH, 'Fruit of Lips') I sit people down around a table in a Tabernacle In Conversation/Tabernacle Of Conversation (TIC/TOC--it's about time), THE TABERNACLE BECOMES A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

As I pass out the initiations, I touch various parts of the tabernacle. See JBJ on Exodus and the 7 speeches that make 7 parts of the tabernacle related to the days of creation? Thus "Joy to the World' is played with the tabernacle as a musical instrument.

THREE, God is singing to us in history, how should we respond? ('Joy to the Word' -> 'Sunday, Monday...' in TSOCHI.  How so.  Liturgy is the covenant sequence facing The Heavens Above.  The scientific method is the CS facing the waters under the earth, so, mayb,e TSOCHI is the covenant sequence facing The Earth Beneath, people made of dirt?

Thus, Psalm Tone D, He sings.  And we are not only supposed to sing back the same thing, I propose, but to be poets. He has made us 'poiema' (sic) (ERH) workmanship.

We must respond, though we will be changed.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Zen' Hartman
PS: Also separately posted in TSOCHI (new topic) waiting.

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