Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate: Helpful Resources Format

Climate: what resources we need 

Something like this '4 views' would help.

 Dear Jack and Bob: [Bob will be copied via Facebook] 

What we need are recources like this '4 views of wealth and poverty'. What could the 4 views be?

 I'd suggest (1) stewardship, by The Cornwall Alliance Fellow, 

then (2) a global warming/climate change/climate chaos view, 

then (3) a sociological perspective which would include everything from Michael Crichton's observation that 'environmentalism is the religion of urban atheists' to a couple of Sturgeon SF stories--one about a hippie who discovers free energy and gets 'power to the people,' and another about how a fellow convinced a great businessman that climate was changing because aliens needed it changed--and the Lyell/Darwin view of gradual change vs., let's say, the Velikovsky Affair. 

A 4th view would include a history if Ice Ages and astronomical observations, such as that Mars is warming--and there are no humans on Mars. Underlying all that is Sheldrake's comment in 'Science Set Free' about inedia. Inedia is the hypothesis that people can go decades without eating, as anecdotally reported in both Western and Eastern religious traditions. Sheldrake suggests that we first observe these people, and asks 'Is science a method of inquiry, or a belief system?'. In regard to that latter, we have the strange view that we must eliminate placebos when doing, e. g., a drug efficacy test. That's odd, because it assumes that placebos have a positive effect. Providentially, there are many doctors now who say that we should increase whatever mental things help a patient get well, as witness the book 'Mind Over Medicine,' which a friend of mine battling cancer recommended. They use the term 'mojo' where she went for treatment--;more joy'. That's why I stopped off in Newton and played 18 tonight before coming home.  On that subject, an M. D. recommended to me the book 'The Health of Nations'. It proposes that the prospect of improvement was the key cause of improved health in the past century or so. He has the facts, and presented them in a lecture. 

Love in King Jesus, Chuck 

PS: Of course, when you take abortions into account, the average life span in America in now 38. Books are out that show that a baby in the womb can learn 100 words before birth, and the state of South Dakota sends out audios with music to those who are pregnant ( I think), because of the Mozart effect, and LCMS ministers hold to learning liturgy in the womb, in a way. PPS: Speaking of churches, many churches have large swaths of lawn (see Veblen, 'Theory of the Leisure Class' and conspicuous consumption) that they could be using to grow food not lawns to feed the hungry. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Helping Make Homestead of the next 1000 years, however long that is.

Helping Make Homestead
of the next 1000 years, however long that is.
[Buy some land, Jeremiah!]
‘…many cathedrals…had budgets, literally, for a thousand years. …’
Berman, ‘Law and Revolution, page 6
Free online here:
[HIGHLY praised by North]

Model: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and the revolutions of the West, per Gardner's Chapter 5 of 'Beyond Belief'. Copies available.
Imperative--The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive (CHI) -- soon with a simpler modification to reach The Five Billion via mobile devices [Rhyming 5-phase covenants in Calling(s)]. , see ’80,000 churches in 15 years’:
Subjective--Pella Square, aka How To Make Your Communities Better
Narrative--House Of Singing Times/Calendar Of Peace Priming [Thus TSOH and HOST!]
Planetary Service--Ps Of Peace, or Particular Planetary Peace Pirates Priming Period/ March 21, A. D. 2014: The 5th in the sequence is not just pirate—one outside the regulated area—but the pirate He Explicitly Reconciles Opposites, the peacemaker, hero, homestead helper.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'TwelvePages' Hartman,, Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook [Your descendants will understand.]
PS: I also have ‘blinked’ JBJ’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ and his vision, which  in a parallelism in contrast to ERH’s chiasm, would need something related to the 5th Word (Godparents for Eldsters, I propose) and the 8th Word (Christian Court TV, I propose).
PPS: All my material starts the time budget. Imperative Law, and in North’s 5-points, Transcendence. Yes, you can mix labor with ‘the land’ and homestead an era of time.
PPPS: The next big project is a simplified version of The Symphony Of CHI—Comprehensive History Interactive, for The Five Billion, newly with smart phones. It will feature 5s, North’s, Rosenstock’s (ERH’s), Jordan’s, and others. It will help people find and refine particular callings, individual and group. [l i n k s   h e r e]
The above is Host21236MakingHomesteadOfTheNext1000Years

Developing Callings In 3rd World 3rd Century Christians—And Others
Calling:  The most important thing you can do at which you would be most difficult to replace.  Lifetime. What you want to do with your life.
App it, for these? ‘…the largest, fastest evangelism explosion in the history of the church. …’
Assemble a group of people together.  5 weeks is best.  5-point covenant model, and time to let it work. Each helps each of the others, and the group, by asking questions referring to that week’s part of the sequence.
Here are some sequences.
1 Transcendence, 2 Hierarchy, 3 Ethics, 4 Oaths and Sanctions, 5 Succession
1 Who’s in charge here, 2 To whom do I report? 3, What are the rules, 4 What happens if I obey them, disobey them?, Does this outfit have a future?
1, God owns everything, 2 God delegates ownership, 3 Ownership carries responsibility, 4 Value is imputed, 5 Mankind increases dominion
(See other sets of 5 below) For more on the 5 point covenant model, read Ray Sutton’s ‘That You May Prosper,’ free online at

There will be a video of one calling development group.  There will be a link to a webpage that has a much more complete Comprehensive History Interactive fill-in-the-blanks program, of which this is a very simplified version.

To start, the leader (conductor) asks each to write down what each thinks his or her calling is.  Then, the first week or session, each asks each of the others a question (inputs).  Then each responds to all the questions, in the spirit of that first week’s 1s.

Before the next week/session, each should have a question ready for each of the others. For ease of doing this, all work will be done at the weekly sessions, unless variations using smart phones can be done. Responses should be written down, 300-500 words, or 2-3 minutes of speaking, in turn. Also, sum up in 10 Words, +70, +153, to @500 by the end of the 4th week.
Week 5: What to do?! Especially Group Calling—We need a trombone player, we need a shortstop…
Other sets of five.  Call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission (Trinity House Institute, James B. Jordan). And, Meeting starts, agenda, discussion resolutions, adjourn
Also Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service.  Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Revolutions of the West, best explained in Chapter 5 of Clint Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’. Also, Priest, King, Prophet, Man. Moses, David, Ezra, Jesus. Some renderings of the first five Words/Commandments. See Bledsoe in ‘The Glory of Kings’ for a writing of 5 Revolutions of the West. Jordan in ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future: Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah. Also One, Few, Many, All. And, Churches, Seals, Trumpets, Bowls.Hartman’s Stuff: The Symphony Of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive), Pella Square or How To Make Your Communities Better, House Of Singing Times or Calendar Of Peace Priming, 153Culture, Particular Planetary Peace Pirate Priming Period. See Charlie TwelvePages, and complete Symphony with fill-in-the-blanks. And  from “influence’ by Cialdini: RCLASS? [Link]
The above is Host21245DevelopingCallingsIn3rdWorld3rdCenturyChristians
Chuck:  When you revise the Symphony, to start with the above CALLING, then into a response, then examples of Sans response, then the 12 with 4, then order of singing, and then the whole raw data of 250+ pages, start with something such as this—

This is an early work.
It needs editing and revising.
But a diligent reader can use it well.
It has the whole fill-in-the-blanks of a complete version of
The Symphony Of CHI—Comprehensive History Interactive
and the importance of it.
It has links to more.
See Host21264CallingTheFiveBillion

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conscious Capitalism Proposal


1—Bucky says that capital is the past was based on force, namely the lands granted to his favorites, who helped him win, which became the basis for stock in banks.

2—Who Owns the Future? Opines that ‘money is a promise.’

3—Rosenstock says that the past and the future cause the present.  He also says that peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites, and that peace between perpetually warring neo-tribes is out challenge for this era.

4—Incidentally,  I have put together such an explicitness-making Symphony—TSOCHI.

5—Bucky also says that PIRATES were part of the British Empire, based on control of supply lines of the sea, with the British Isles as the ship-building base.

Proposal:  We should have a money based on the promise of peace, that is non-violent persuasion at the beginning, in the future.  We need to find someone like Moses or Paul who is in the present establishment and who can lead us to the new one.  We have the new supply lines of the present, the internet, which is like the sea lanes that the British established control of at Trafalgar, the WWI was about, that the Trojan War was about (vs. land lanes). Start with consideration of something such as GlobAllShare.  Invitation Link
 It’s not the complete answer. Various time-based currencies could help in ways also.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Deep Lent: A Beginning

Deep Lent takes off from the fact that the festival calendar in Israel of Old had 80 feast days, and one fast day, and yet we are asked to mourn and fast in some ways for 40 days, in anticipation of celebrating the Incarnation, Cross, and Resurrection of the New Creation.  It seems odd.

And then I thought, maybe we should mourn that we have done such a bad job obeying what Jesus commanded us.  Let me quote: Matthew 28 (KJV) 18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
It’s been 2000 years!

And we have the Holy Spirit!

Do I propose a transformed 40 days.

A--40 days of mourning for bad things that have been done. We know some are chatisements of sons. We know we sin and flee to Jesus for repentance.  Etc.
B—40 days of wonderful and Providential gifts.
C—40 days of looking forward to more such gifts.
D—40 days of more chastisements unto maturity in redemptive history and the holy war against the devil (God’s devil: Luther) and the devil’s angels.

So, four for each day of Deep Lent.

One can use such books at ‘The 100 Most Significant Events in Church History,’ and ‘Timetables of History,’ etc.

Yes, this requires a maturity, but even though it’s been 2000 years, it’s still early days.  What we don’t fill in this Deep Lent, we can fill in next Deep Lent.

Here’s one that many won’t think about. It has two faces.  The first is that of Providential gift, and the second is that of more chastisements/challenges in the future.  The chastisement/challenge is this:  How do we handle abundance?  The gift is this:  How did The Great Fact come about? Innovation! McCloskey says that fostering innovation (respecting, rhetorically supporting) in a milieu of ethics (7 virtues: prudence, temperance, justice, courage, faith, hope, charity) is what produced the GREAT FACT that we live '100' times better than in @ 1700.  Innovation. 'Bourgeois Dignity'. Holland, England. Destroys other  theories. If we can continue to foster innovation…
In 1800 the world was Bangladesh, $3/day (present value). @1700 it was worse. The Great Fact is that Norway is $137/day now, e. g.

You and we can come up with 158 more and better, right?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Preaching Comprehensively

But Rosenstock writes in 'Planetary Service' that we should preach to form groups to replace those being destroyed by new technology.

Multi-perspectivalism.  IF you want to prime, per Gladwell's 'Blink' and Solomon and the two harlots and one baby. Comprehensivity. But some just want to enjoy the environment of church.  

Lectionaries are OK. Battle briefings are good.

A couple of thoughts.  One could teach Jeremiah 'prophecy by prophecy' for about a year, since Bullinger lists 49 of 'em in his Companion Bible.  Add something for intro and summary and Lamentations, and that's a 52-week/year, and I think it is VERY important, since JBJ says we are in Jeremiah time.

Or, use the 49-book Bible in 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' and teach people the Bible in a year by preaching a book a week, book by book.

Or, Psalm by Psalm (Psalms is the Bible in miniature: Luther). 146 Psalms (JBJ) is one way.  Add in time for summaries of the books (5, per Gen., Ex., Lev., Num. Deut) and summaries of the whole, and you get 182, or 26 weeks.  Do it twice.

Lectionaries are OK. Battle briefings are good.

Multi-perspectivalism. IF you want to prime, per Gladwell's 'Blink' and Solomon and the two harlots and one baby. Comprehensivity.  But some just want to enjoy the environment of church.

But Rosenstock writes in 'Planetary Service' that we should preach to form groups to replace those being destroyed by new technology.