Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conscious Capitalism Proposal


1—Bucky says that capital is the past was based on force, namely the lands granted to his favorites, who helped him win, which became the basis for stock in banks.

2—Who Owns the Future? Opines that ‘money is a promise.’

3—Rosenstock says that the past and the future cause the present.  He also says that peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites, and that peace between perpetually warring neo-tribes is out challenge for this era.

4—Incidentally,  I have put together such an explicitness-making Symphony—TSOCHI.

5—Bucky also says that PIRATES were part of the British Empire, based on control of supply lines of the sea, with the British Isles as the ship-building base.

Proposal:  We should have a money based on the promise of peace, that is non-violent persuasion at the beginning, in the future.  We need to find someone like Moses or Paul who is in the present establishment and who can lead us to the new one.  We have the new supply lines of the present, the internet, which is like the sea lanes that the British established control of at Trafalgar, the WWI was about, that the Trojan War was about (vs. land lanes). Start with consideration of something such as GlobAllShare.  Invitation Link
 It’s not the complete answer. Various time-based currencies could help in ways also.

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