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Do You Want To Claim Time?--Two Ways

First, the new calendar has a worship structure written over the year. This is a 'Joshua's Foot Walking Claim,'

Secondly, The Ancient Lectionary Chronological Historical gives equal time (at least) to the future, so that individuals and/or groups can be assigned a time period over which to have stewardship.

Do You Want To Claim Time?--Two Ways

If it's about 121 years per block x 49 blocks back to Creation from 2012, we'd be going equal amounts forward, for dominion purposes, or about 6022 years, to A. D. 8034. That would be a long-term task.

But the key one is walking the covenant through the year!


School Shooting? How To Stop Them Now!

School Shootings? How To Stop Them Now!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rene Girard

Suppose some one is in charge, in the tribe, of administering the rain god. But the rain doesn't come. It can't be the fault of the rain god, or the administrators, so someone with little power, maybe a woman who lives at the edge of the village with her animals, and maybe does a little herbalism, she's chosen as the one who has caused the rain to fail--a 'witch'. They seize her, and tell her that if she confesses, she's back in the good graces. She must die, of course. She is killed, and the rain god administrators go back to power. Same thing with Moscow show trials--Stalin and the 5 Year Plan can't be wrong. Israel did this for a long time, but then the scapegoat AROSE! Up from the grave, innocent, resurrected, and we in Him. (Now, of course, this identification with the victim has been turned topsy-turvy, for 'they' use non-innocent victims and we are thus given a more mature challenge). Same thing in Islam today.http://charleshartman.hubpages.com/_1ho53la3jy1qz/hub/Rene-Girard-One-Short-Explanation

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Learn Bible Chronology Weeky Through The Year

Learn Bible Chronology Weeky Through The Year
Host9736LectionaryHistoricalOneMostlyChildPergamosCoram861 (A. D. 2012-2013)
[Please imagine a grid of boxes, 7x7. #1 is on the upper left, and #8 on the upper right. #8 is on the left of the second row (tier, tiara) down, and #14 is on the right. This continues until # 49 is on the lower right.]
Apr 8
A. D.
1+49, 81
Apr 15
2+48, 162 AM
Apr 22
3+47, 243
April 29
4+46, 324 AM
May 6
5+45, 405
May 13
6+44, 486 AM
May 20
7+43, 567
May 27
8+42, 648
June 3
9+41, 729
June 10
10+40, 810
PV after
June 24
11+39, 891
PV before
12+38, 972
July 8 13+37, AM 1053
July 15
14+36, AM 1134
July 22
15+35, AM 1215
July 29
16+34, AM 1296
Aug 5 17+33, AM 1377
Aug 12
18+32, AM 1458
Aug 19
19+31, AM 1539
Aug 26
20+30, AM 1620
Sep 2
21+ 29, 1701
Sep 16
22+28, 1782
Sep 23
23+27, AM 1863
Sep 30
24+26, AM 1944
Oct 7
25, AM 2025
(plus 31)
AM 2056
Oct 14
26+24, AM 2137
Oct 21
27+23, AM 2218
Oct 28
28+22, AM 2299
Nov 4
29+21, AM 2380
Nov 11
30+20, AM 2461
Nov 18
31+19, AM 2542
Nov 25
32+18, 2623
(2 weeks of TC)
Dec 16
AM 2704
Dec 23
34+16, AM 2785
Dec 30
AM 2866
Jan 6
A. D. 2013
36+14, 2947
Jan 13
37+13, AM 3028
Jan 20
38+12, AM 3109
Jan 27
39+11, AM 3190
Feb 3
40+10, AM 3271
Feb 3
41+9, AM 3352
Feb 3
42+8, 3433
Feb 10
43+7, AM 3514
Feb 17
44+6, AM 3595
Feb 24
45+5, AM 3676
Mar 3
46+4, AM 3757
Mar 10
AM 3838
Mar 17
48+1, AM 3919
Mar 24 A. D. 2013, 49+1,

April 8 is Pascha/Easter A. D. 2012. It's March 31, A. D. 2013
How to use: For the week starting on the date in the square in the grid, find out what happened in those periods of time, Anno Mundi—Year of the World.
Sources: http://www.biblicalhorizons.com/category/biblical-chronology/, http://www.garynorth.com/freebooks/sidefrm2.htm, Ussher is here,Google Books: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Annals_of_the_World.html?id=VrHER1jYzhIC

I write periods, because you will be going backwards from 4000 AM, and forwards from Creation, at the same time. A wise one said something such as this: It is heresy to state that the past and the present cause the future. The future and the past cause the present. Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, somewhere in his lectures. www.argobooks.org

A coram flows from Resurrection to Resurrection.
Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi.

So, for the period starting April 8, A. D. 2012 (PergamosCoram861), the periods would be Creation to 81 AM, and 4000 AM to 3919 AM. Writing B. C. dates in is OK.

Important: This is the skeleton of history.
Muscles and nerves and other parts of the body of time
are made up of covenants, lives, events, etc. These are the most important.
These can and should be interwoven, especially when there are Delays
during the times about which you are writing, studying, or teaching.

A wise one has said that there was an 80 year Delay, and this appears to me to mean that A. D. 70 was actually 4080 (four thousand eighty) AM. I suggest that you handle this throughout the years/coram by mentioning its relevance appropriately during each week/sheba, and by mentioning it during the holiday weeks/kolisheba, which are between weeks 10 and 11, 21 and 22, and 32 and 33 (two weeks) above.

Important: For best results, this Lectionary Historical should be used/rhymed—I have at least 30, with other parts of the HOST/House Of Singing Times system.
PV= Public Vindication, TBOTMOFA = The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly, TC = Totus Chistus. These are holidays, and the whole movement through the year is liturgical, so these are also echoes, analogs.
Dates in the 6th tier (tiara) down have been affected by
Eliot/Anselm Time. Each yearcoram [Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi] differs from the previous one. Consult other parts of HOST, please.

Elder Roorda of Christ the Redeemer Church in Pella, Iowa has some more elegant renditions of this material. You will note that 49 (7x7) 81s (9x9) is 3969. We add 31 years in the center of the grid to make it 4000. Imagine the grid, please. My graphic skills and my ability to electronically send graphics have failed me here, at this time.

I call this Lectionary Historical One ‘Child’s Play/Gestation,’ for it mostly concerns the time when we were children and slaves under tutors and angels. Now, in Jesus Christ, The First Adult (Bledsoe), we are adults, and more. Adults might do something with the time from A. D. 70 to the present, approximately 40 years. Elders would combine the two also, into periods of 121 years. Ancients, who are concerned with ‘when’ to be any and/or all of these, Artist/Child, Fighter/Adult, Elder/Priest (or as I prefer True Speaker), might have a Lectionary Historical for, say, ‘America,’ or ‘Western Culture’ that would go backward from our time, AND forward and equal or double amount of time. And these eras could be chosen for exercise of stewardship. © A. D. 2012 by Charles Howard Hartman. [SardisCoram861). Use freely, non-commercially, with attribution. Use whole.
Tell me of uses, additions, changes: edencity@aol.com, godparentsforeldsters@gmail.com, Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook. 1404 Broadway, at this time, Pella< Iowa, uSA (sic), 50219.
We’re reverse engineering another layer of social order in history, toward peace.

Alzheimers, B3, CoconutOil, GodparentsForEldsters

3 comments. 2--'Dr. Kim Greene, at the University of California at Irvine, gave the human dose equivalent of 2,000 to 3,000 mg of niacinamide to mice with Alzheimer's disease. After treating the mice for only four months, he discovered what should have been front-page news in every city in the world. "Cognitively, they were cured," said Dr. Green. "The performed as if they'd never developed the disease".'

Dr. Newport's effective work on memory loss Dr. Newport's Effective Work on Memory Loss and Alzheimer's with coconut oil- Part I


Here is the study for 1--
Nicotinamide Restores Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease Transgenic Mice via a Mechanism Involving Sirtuin Inhibition and Selective Reduction of Thr231-Phosphotau
The Journal of Neuroscience, November 5, 2008, 28(45):11500-11510;

New--PS: I also have a Cure Team and a Rescue Team.

It's a poem. I'll invest my life articulating it. Joyous is he who has found his work.

It's a poem. I'll invest my life articulating it. Joyous is he who has found his work.
Poem:Summary of Summary :
While we're waiting ( Through New Eyes) during the most exciting times since the first century, we hearken to the future. We have our battle brief.

Engender, as Circumcision celebration engendered 2--The Pella Square.
To be Commissioned to 'exodos' (sic), decease (Luke 9:31), our cross.
Called to Resurrection, Ascension, Session, Sending, A. D. 70 (Public Vindication), and articulating holidays in Jubilee--

As part of 3--The Symphony of Peace/History which is unto Beautification of Creation (Dressing the Garden), and New Song as glorification of exnihilation. 4--This House Of Singing Times (Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar) matures us as we fight the Holy War of peace 1—Comprehensive Beauty!. To be reverse/engineeredarticulated as a bequest of h.e.r.o.ic peace during the rest of my decease.

A man's schedule=who he is. A Society's Calendars.

Notes to House of Singing Times (HOST), and the layers, so far.

1--Season of Blessed are the poor in spirit. Woe: Matthew 23:13. [Might also do First Day, and 8th Church (KOLWhole)]
2—Season of Blessed are those who mourn. Woe: Matthew 23:14. [Second Day, and 5th Church (SardisJudgment and Exile)]
3—Season of Blessed are the meek. Woe: Matthew 23:15. [Third Day, and 3rd Church/Era (Pergamos/Wilderness)]
The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly is between 3 and 4
4—Season of Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Woe: Matt. 23: 16-22. [4th Day
and 1st Church/Era (Ephesus/Garden)]
5—Season of Blessed are the merciful. Woe: Matthew 23:23-24. [5th Day and 6th Church/Era (Philadelphia/Restoration)]
6—Season of blessed are the pure in heart. Woe: Matthew 23: 25-26 [6th Day and 4th Church/Era (Thyatira/Kingdom)]
7—Season of blessed are the peacemakers, the persecuted, ye persecuted. Woe: Matthew 23:27-36.
[Days 7-12, and 2nd Church/Era (Smyrna/Prison)]
Next: Psalm O Day, Prayer O Day, Explanation of each HoliSheba, Explanation of Eliot/AnselmTime (EAT), General Instructions.
Coram is a Latin/English acronym. In Latin it means ‘face’ or ‘presence’. Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi.
Kol is a Hebrew/English acronym. God ‘kol’ed down from Sinai, and Kol, Octave (8th Day Theology) and Laodicea.
Add: Retuning. Add: List of Covenant Rhymes.
AND REASONS WHY God wrote books.
The Bible is musical, and the overture of the 7 days is repeated and developed. A covenantal sequence is ‘writ large’ on the year, complementing the Church Year that shows the life of Christ and our response.Good questions, such as Hebrews as 8th iteration of Day 7. Lots of Covenant Rhymes.
Add: Philippians 2:15: ‘lights’
Down the side, TO THE RIGHT: 1-7 Days, 7-1 Days, 8-2 Churches, 2-8 Churches, Poor in Spirit to Ye Persecuted (Woes), Ye Persecuted to Poor in Spirit (Woes)—
These make 6, and we have, the Bride/Body, 7th coming after Exodus, as
We are in jubilee ‘above’ the 49
[Calendar Dialect of Symbok, the language]
[And the second telling, with Adam as the light]
Psalm O Day, Prayer O Day, etc.
Another layer of calendar, in which the covenant is written on the Resurrectin to Resurrection
And ‘30’ (+?} covenants are rhymed.
A. D. 2011- A D. 2012.
B. Eldstering, ThyatiraBmoY, 1 Peter Sheba (Friday, August 26 A. D. 2011)

Add Days 7-12 at firt and last of the Seasons.

Dear One: This is from LAST year. I’m still working on this year and next year.
Also, on Friday, Aug. 26, I added a new holiday—holidays are only about death. Godparents for Eldsters is the name, for I made provisions for a kind of death of enfeeblement and befuddlement, and two agreed to help me then.
thyatiryBmoY (ThyatiraYMMM!), First Peter week (sheba).

More to come. Chuck

The days of the week now are to be named after the churches in Revelation, for they are the sky/firmament now, per Ephesians 2:6.
Retuned. This is deep, deep.
Sunday/Lord’s Day: Now WholeYMMM!
Monday, SardsYMMM!
Tuesday, PergsYMMM!
Wednesday, EphesusYMMM!
Thursday, PhilsYMMM!
Friday, ThyatiraYMMM!
Saturday, SmyrnsYMMM!

K.O.LBmoY!, SardisBmoY!, PergamosBmoY!, EphesusBmoY!, PhiladelphiaBmoY!, ThyatiraBmoY!, SmyrnaBmoY!
‘moY’ is the Hebrew for ‘day,’ coming at us from the future, the Great Day.
I use exclamation ponts to indicate an imperative, and an enthusiasm.
YMMM! Is a pun for ‘day’ and ‘eat’. We eat time, we take it in.

Sunday, Monday, etc. are named for ‘planets’ in the sky. The new names are for things in the social sky, firmament.

The key things in this calendar are:
Covenant structure written on the ‘year’: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi (‘face,’ or ‘presence’ in Latin= ‘coram’)
Rhyming—lots of things in one system.
Days retuned and renamed.
Weeks named.
Seasons named after Beatitudes and Woes.
Years named, and numbered since Creation (I have a 16 billion year model)
Starts at Pascha/Easter, and moves to the celebrator’s ‘exodus’
This is another layer of social order, for educational calendars are after Greece, church calendars are after Israel, work and business calendars are after Empires, and community calendars are after Tribes.

This is another layer, not to replace everything else.

Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is. Show me a society’s calendars, and I’ll tell you who she is.
All religions manifest their beliefs in a calendar: Rosenstock-Huessy.

The next version will be simpler, and will have an un-retuned companion, with lots of notes.

A second layer of House Of Singing Times/Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar

Lay this on top, as if it were a clear sheet of plastic. Backwards from the end, adultly.
The eighth column tells the Beatitudes/Woes Seasons, fully described at bottom.

Hebrews 2—
Titus 3—
1st Timothy 4—
1 Thess 5—
Phlmn 6--
2 Tim. 7—
2 Thess. 1 B/W + (poor in spirit) [ Matt. 23 woes]
Colossians 9—
Eph 10—
2. Cor
Rom 12—7
Phllp 13—
Galat 14—
1 Corinthians 2 B/W+
3 John 16—
Jude 17—
1 Peter 18—
1 John 19—
2 John 20—
2 Peter 21— James 3 B/W+
Revelation 23—
John 24—
Mark 25—Greater
Chron. 26—
Acts 27—
Luke 28—
Matthew 4 B/W+
--hunger and thirst

The Twelve 30—
Dan. 31—
Jer-Lam 32—
Isaiah CC
Esther 34—
Ezekiel 35—
Kings 5 B/W+ [merci-ful]
Ecclesiastes 37—
Prov. 38—
Psalms 39—
Samuel 40—
Song 41—
Job 42 Ruth 6 B/W+
Pure in heart
Judges 44—
Deut. 45—
Leviticus 46—
Genesis 47—
Joshua 48—
Numb. 49—
Exodus 7 B/W+
pers pers

Here's a start

PergamosCoram861—Forward (go both forward and backward, backward predominant)
A. D.
1--Genesis 15
2--Exodus 22
3--Leviticus April 29
4--Numbers May 6
5--Deuteronomy May 13
6--Joshua May 20
May 27

June 3
9—Ruth June 10
PV after

June 24

PV before

12--Proverbs July 8 13—Song July 15
July 22

July 29
16—Kings Aug 5
17—Jere-miah/Lam-entations Aug 12
18—Ezekiel Aug 19
19—Daniel Aug 26
20—Esther Sep 2
21—The Twelve
Sep 16
22—Greater Chron-icles
before Sep 23
23—Matthew Sep 30
24—Mark Oct 7
25—Luke Oct 14
26—John Oct 21
27—Acts Oct 28
Nov 4
29—First John

Nov 11
30—James Nov 18
31—First Peter Nov 25
32—Second Peter Dec 16
33—Jude Dec 23
34—Second John Dec 30
35—Third John
Jan 6
A. D. 2013
Jan 13
37—First Corinth-ians Jan 20
38—Second Corinth-ians Jan 27
39—Galatians Feb 3
40—Ephesians Feb 3
41—Phil-ippians Feb 3
Feb 10
43—First Thessal-onians
Feb 17
44—Second Thessal-onians Feb 24
45—First Timothy Mar 3
46—Second Timothy Mar 10
47—Titus Mar 17
48—Philemon 49—Hebrews
Mar 24 A. D. 2013
March 13

Holidays: Public Vindication, Between the end of week 10 of ordinary time, and the beginning of week 11 of ordinary time), The Battle of the Mountain of Festival Assembly, (between the end of week 21 of ordinary time, and the beginning of week 22 of ordinary time), Totus Christus (2 weeks between the end of week 32 of ordinary time and the beginning of week 33 of ordinary time.) The various Cleansings (PV), Consecrations (TBOTMOFA), and Communings (TC).

Eliot/Anselm Time either extends Ruth into more weeks, or scrunches up 2 or more books into one week. ‘We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ (Search the phrase) And ‘…Anselm defined God as the greatest possible being we can conceive …’—Wikipedia.

This calendar is ANOTHER LAYER, it is not a replacement. Tribes have community celebrations, Empires have business and work schedules, Israel has religious calendars, Greece has educational calendars, etc.

As 5th generation warfare (nets and jets—networks instead of hierarchies, and jets to take things such as biowar quickly around the world) makes it easier for small groups and/or individuals to destroy, so we can put together in small groups, upbuilding things, such as small enthusiastic groups.. And we want to avoid slipping back to the slavery of empires, if/as/when the nation-state fails of its purposes of peace, freedom, and a division of labor economy—which latter 3 we want to keep.

Poem: Summary of Summary

Had cola last night at movies and it’s lifted me up and thrown me down. Off work today, exhausted. Tingly arms. So, no more movies, for I’m Pavlov-ized to popcorn and cola! And this even as I watch great violence (Safe House, the movie)!

This came to me as I was sleeping after the above Tingly, @ 1 PM Feb 24.
Poem:Summary of Summary :
While we're waiting ( Through New Eyes) during the most exciting times since the first century, we hearken to the future. We have our battle brief.

Engender, as Circumcision celebration engendered 2--The Pella Square.
To be Commissioned to 'exodos' (sic), decease (Luke 9:31), our cross.
Called to Resurrection, Ascension, Session, Sending, A. D. 70 (Public Vindication), and articulating holidays in Jubilee--

As part of 3--The Symphony of Peace/History which is unto Beautification of Creation (Dressing the Garden), and New Song as glorification of exnihilation. 4--This House Of Singing Times (Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar) matures us as we fight the Holy War of peace 1—Comprehensive Beauty!. To be reverse/engineeredarticulated as a bequest of h.e.r.o.ic peace during the rest of my decease.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Child's Play With Lectionary Historical

Child's Play with Lectionary Historical.

Elder Roorda's work with the 7x7 grid or 81 years each (+31, and then the 80 of Delay) will be very helpful. I've been suggesting that each week of 49 (+ holiday weeks) a person would go through it, forward and backward, using Ussher and Jordan. Ussher is here, online: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Annals_of_the_World.html?id=VrHER1jYzhIC The first week one would look at creation to Anno Mundi 81, and backward from A. D. 70, which JBJ says now was 4080 AM, iirc. And so forth. This is what I call 'Child's Play/gestation/incubation'. That is, an adult would add A. D. 70 to present (40 years). An elder would put 'em together, 121 years. An ancient (my term) would do something such as Western Culture, or America, Columbus to 500 years ahead. I pray I'll do a few of these next coram. 'Coram' means 'face' or 'presence' in Latin, and I use it for Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. This layer of social order starts at Pascha/Easter.

Things that don't quite fit would be discussed during holiday weeks, of which there are 4 (one is of two weeks' duration), corresponding to parts of the flow of worship.

'Alzheimer's' => You need not respond.

I saw it with my mother. Unperson.

Can drug without informed consent.
Need not listen.

I may post MomPoem.

Love in King Jesus,


'Alzheimer's' => You need not respond.

A Man IS His Calendars?

President’s Day Holiday—Start the book on Peace! Be A Hero: Help Explicitly Reconcile Opposites

This is also the Season (Mo’ed) of Blessed are the Peacemakers/Persecuted/YouPersecuted in The Jordan 49 Calendar, which is toward peace, a new layer of social order in history, the reverse engineering of peace maintaining the small group enthusiasm of the tribes, while avoiding the return to slavery of the empires while the promises of the nation-state fail, with its failure.

[See new holiday (holiasheba) of Godparents for Eldsters. Also MaeDay80—the latter originating in an early form as a result of a sanity check on the Eve of the Circumcision of Our Lord, and generating Rescue Teams, Cure Teams too.]

Ash Wednesday soon, start of Lent unto Pascha/Easter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romans Road (individual salvation) and Pella Square (group discipling)

You know the Romans Road of Salvation?

I was communicating with someone on Facebook, and I opined that we needed a 'manual' for discipling nations, based on the Bible.
The Pella Square of Group, Community, and Nation Discipling is it!

[I need the capability of putting a table below on my blog.Email me at edencity@aol.com and I'll email you back an explanation with tables]

How To Make Your Communities Better

One Example: Pella, Iowa—We’ll apply this to others later.

We write her history around the square, as the first layer.

From 2011 go south from northwest corner

To 2011 go west from northeast corner

To 1922 go north from southeast corner

To 1847 -> go east from southwest corner

Then we add the second layer, the Heidelberg Catechism’s summation: Guilt, Grace, Gratitude, and GoForth+ (the latter, Jeff Harlow)


GoForth+ go south from northwest corner

Gratitude go west from northeast corner

Grace go north from southeast corner

Guilt east from southwest corner

Let us sum up the first two squares.

Something was wrong in Holland, so Domine (Reverend) Scholte and about 800 people came to America, to Pella (‘Pella’ means ‘refuge’—they sought refuge). To 1847. ‘Pella was founded in 1847 when eight hundred Dutch immigrants led by Dominee (Minister) Hendrik (Henry) P. Scholte settled the area.’http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pella,_Iowa

They enjoyed life, and built a community for about 100 years—this building and enjoying continues.

In 1922, this history was written to be shared. In 1936 it becan to be shared in a yearly community celebration, Tulip Time. Many visitors come. Tourist come at all times of the year to see Pella, the Historical Village, etc.

Now, in A. D. 2011, we ask this question:
How can this refuge be given to others?

We are in an age of increasing technological benefits, but, as Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy said, any new technology increase the space over which we can operate, decreases the time it takes, but destroys the old community. [Fear not, as travel went from ships and covered wagons, to railroads, and cars, we have lived through that change.]

We see three more Christian principles at work here in How To Make Your Communities Better.
1—The consummation is greater than the creation. That is, as Pella moves along her covenant history, there are greater things.
2—As great Providential gifts are given, we are to give. Pella was given refuge, she should give refuge.
3—We are to become more and more what we are. Personally, a unique image of GodTrinity, with talents to be used. For Pella, she become more and more her name: Refuge.
These 3 are from Pastor Brian Nolder, Christ the Redeemer Church, Pella. (website)

How about your community?

When was it founded (Stuart, Iowa, 1871), and why (the railroad having been built, land could be better used for a better life).
What was the key event to mark when sharing began (Good Egg Days?)
What of your community’s name should be shared as you become more and more your name ( ____________)?

Commission go south from northwest corner

Commune go west from northeast corner

Consecrate go north from southeast corner

Call and Cleanse go east from southwest corner
Let’s add one more layer to our square, before we get to the next stage. It is from the structure of worship at the church pastured by Pastor Nolder. Let’s see how it ‘rhymes’.
A presupposition: History is liturgy (Wayne Larson).

In Pella? Please help us fill out the form on the next page, to participate in PROPR—Participatory Recommissioning Of Pella/Refuge. Thanks!

Christ the Redeemer uses 5 Cs. Call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission. I, Chuck Hartman (website), have put Call and Cleanse together as ridding of guilt, until 1847. Consecrate (the sermon) would be living out the Word from 1922, and continuing. Communion (sharing) begins in 1922 with Souvenir History of Pella (a936, Tulip time).
We are now at the Commissioning stage, how to give refuge, greater than receiving it.
[In Sunday Adelaja’s ‘Church Shift, pages 135-6, he tells how he asks for a show of hands of those who have a project or a talent that they want to use to ‘go about doing good’. He puts hand-raisers into committee(s), to draw up plans and manuals, and had them test it out on a small scale before rolling it out completely.
His church has 2000 (two thousand) of these groups as of late summer 2011.]

In each of these 4 areas, what have been (will be, post 2011) the key events in Pella, and/or your community, in these eras around the square in a memory palace? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci Categories below are Rosenstock-Huessy’s.

Community (tribe) Business (empire) Religion (Israel) Education (Greece)

How can Pella share refuge in the areas of
Community, Business, Religion, Education?
Rosenstock-Huessy, Multiformity of Man, free on line www.argobooks.org

For more references and help, see
our website ( ------------).
The Lord be with you.
Author: Charles Howard Hartman (on Facebook), edencity@aol.com

Not part of the brochure. Could be on the website(s).
Additional information: Examples of Pella giving more Community—this brochure, help on website and as ministry. More Business, help the unemployed, home business on internet (sic). Religion, covenant here, other ministry help, especially ‘discipling by getting other into the narrative. Education, here we have a definite revolution with home schooling, on-line MIT classes and more, Khan Academy, etc.

TheTitle. An homage to the American philosopher, C. S. Peirce, who wrote a key article, ‘How to Make Your Ideas Clear’ in Popular Mechanics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Sanders_Peirce

Each of these four categories of community (festivals…), business work schedules, marketing calendars…), religion (church year, weekly worship…), education (semesters, degree programs…), has its own calendar.

On communities being destroyed, see Creveld http://mises.org/daily/527 , Barzun’s epilog to From Dawn to Decadence, Nisbet (History of the Idea of Progress, Introduction), and Berman (‘Law and Revolution’ Introduction—the best scholarship:North). Hat tip: GKN These are all speaking of the nation-state system.

On the national revolutions of the West following a pattern of Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, see Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’. His complete cross of reality at the end is valuable, and the memory palace above is related to it, though differs.

Jordan’s short ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ uses Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact as the sequence. His ‘Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy’ has a 12-stage sequence, ending in the new song of the covenant.

The Heidelberg Catechism is online, the Souvenir History is difficult to find.

Our eBook is for sale here: (when done, link). It elaborates on this process.

We want to help. It’s a refuge giving. Contact us.

For Hartman, his website, were CtR not to do this—or from CtR’s were they To Do this, will emphasize Joint Ventures, for CHH should become more and more what he is, an early innovator of projects.

For Christ the Redeemer, there should be a business plan, but the key thing is that this could be given out to tourists and at Tulip Time, and it spreads the Word of covenant, and the narrative of the Gospel, I believe.

[Things added in pen include copyright notice and AD 2011 also in “Hartman”. Should be a total campaign with YouTube, live streaming, tourist, Tulip Time, website… . The sides of the squares named and the times of the 4x4 for Pella put into time frames, community First Party Politics through Fifth Party politics.]

An example of how rhyming covenant sequences helps.

Take two of them. THEOS and the first 4, 5 words, commandment.

If coming to Pella 1847 is both obeying a Transcendant God and setting up a new Hierarchy (America, not Holland), then living Ethically until 1922 (and continuing) would be next, but what does one do with ‘Oaths and Sanctions’ as the next side of the square?

One goes to the word/commandment about the Sabbath, and realizes that its admonition to give rest fits in with the sharing of Tulip Time and Souvenir History of Pella, so that the Oath part is seen to be more Sanctions—that one should give rest somehow.

One also sees an implication of getting out and coming to the new land, the Transcendant Hierarchy, and of Ethically living there. This implication is that one should give rest, share, or be sanctioned?

As these sequences are piled up more and more, we learn more and more about them individually, in part, totally, and in whole.

Add the genesis and early history of this as a dealing with the trauma of Mom.

Dear Doug:

HTMYCB is a possible solution to part of the FV controversy, for we would narratively disciple all parties, uniting them on what to do going forward--and on whence we have come.

All kinds of communities.

I must get my stuff out. Starting well with a Facebook and CHHC synopsis.

Praise the Lord.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Even better would be having half of the group go around from past to future, and half from future to past, to show dragvolution: [I'VE IMPROVED THIS POEM TREMENDOUSLY NOW, FEB. 14 A. D. 2011. SEE HEROVOLUTION]

I believe dragvolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us.
As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

(Faintly: Rests—absences—are as important as notes—presences.)


"Come, let us return to the LORD; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up" (Hos. 6:1)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get in tune!

Consider the 'retuning' in Rev. 5:12 (before Ascension) and Rev. 7:12--it's by 'circle of fifths'. (JBJ)

And someone could find the Tune of the Twelve (minor prophets) by having the death dates of each of the 12 put on an octave (use black keys too), and then seeing how they are transferred/retuned into the theological order of the twelve minor prophets.

And there's more retuning to be done, by psalmodic response: http://chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.blogspot.com/2011/11/astrology-or-naming-days-aright.html Let's get in tune!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will This Attract MEN To Worship?

Worship Haiku

Come in peace to war!
Worship, resembleding Christ.
War unto peace. Go!

['Resembleding' is a verb form combining the past and the continuing, it is a way of attempting a shorthand version of 'already, not yet'. 'War unto peace' ambiguously refers to what has happened and what will happen. Our 'liturgical warfare' brings us to peace with GodTrinity--thus 'Go in peace,' and we go out to war (in the pattern of the worship service) toward the peace that He has already established, but is yet to come.]

[Will that attract MEN? Maybe if combined with a battle briefing and a call for volunteers to be commissioned to go about doing good in their unique capabilities, as the charismatic Sunday Adelaja in Kiev does. Page 135 ff. of http://www.amazon.com/Church-Shift-Revolutionizing-Faith-Century/dp/1599790971 He has 2000 (two thousand) groups like this. He's in the battle.]

Worship Haiku 3

Assemble to start.
Praise, resembleding Jesus.
Go in war to peace.

Go in peace to war
Worship, resembleding Christ.
To start, assemble.

In peace, assemble
Worship, resembleding Christ.
Go in war to peace.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl: Some Starting Seed Questions

Top of my head, not exhaustive, seeds for discipling. PLEASE add better questions. Thanks!

1--How is it like the rain god dance?

2--How is it a church failure—here are ones engaged in ritualistic war, how is our ritualistic war going?

3--If a game is a first approximation of a philosophy—an outlook on life—what does the popularity of this Super Bowl show us?

4--Compare SuperBowling to PoliticPrimarying.

5--Was there an invocation? Should there have been?

6--If Training Manuals were once written as questions and answers in books –Loyola, Heidelberg, Westminster –what media should be used now? YouTube? Movies? Apps?

7--Why is the SuperBowl on Sunday, and not Friday…?

8--How SuperBowl culture derived from worship practices, or lack thereof?

9--What should be done?

10--Were one to lead the SuperBowl as a Christian, would it have been discipled, the culture of SuperBowl?

11--Can we ignore SuperBowl when we want to disciple?

12--Holidays are based on death, the whole life—what died to make SuperBowl?

13--On the other hand, a holiday is when the whole people celebrate the same thing together at one time—does SuperBowl qualify?

14--If ‘they’ are running things to our detriment, how does SuperBowl help ‘them’?

15--Should we commission missionaries to SuperBowl tribe, in darkest America?

16—Was the quarterback specifically invented to represent the Wild West hero?

17—Why the hell can’t we just enjoy an exhibition of remarkable athletic ability and grace under pressure?

Friday, February 3, 2012

How To End Bad Wars

Want to end bad wars? Fight the good war. Disciple the nations under the Prince of Peace.
When the church does not fight the good war, the fighting impulse is perverted into bad wars. When the church mishandles money, and does not teach members how to handle money Biblicaly, we are given civil governments that mishandle money. When the church does not believe, teach, confess, and act according to the Biblical standards of marriage, neither, then does the civil society.

A wise one has said: Sung liturgy (CH: You sing to those you love), the same prayers every week, chant the war songs of the Prince of Peace.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Peace Story Follows Joyous Proverbs Sheba


A story, if you please.

When Rome fell, what kept the perpetually-raiding tribes apart.


But hermits moved in, then monasteries cleared the land, and then peasants sharecropped.

No forests, prosperous farms to raid, what would be the next level of war prevention?

'No fighting from Saturday to Monday.' 'No fighting during Lent.' No killing clericals'.

It took hundreds of years, it took the science of growing that the monasteries knew, it took the wealth of the monasteries, and power. It took excommunication, I'm sure. It took civil penalties.

The Truce of God took mutual oath-taking.

And then this mutual oath-taking, in the 12th C., was used for founding cities and guilds.

That's their story.

We have a more difficult story to write.


Because we have 5th generation warfare as the tribes, for one. 1st generation was massed armies in Napoleon's time. 2nd, artillery. 3rd, maneuver (tanks, etc.). 4th, insurgents with press (Viet Cong). 5th, nets and jets. That is, instead of a hierarchy, there's a network. And any one can take biowar (smallpox) or/and nanowar, etc. around the world by jet.

Rome has been the nation state/forest. That doesn't work as well anymore against 5th generation neo-tribes.

What hermits have gone in to start turning the barrier, the boundary into the source of the wisdom with enforceable imperative that engendered the Truce of God?

Who are the monks clearing the land and renting it, with consulting services such as when to plant?

Who can say 'No fighting at certain times of a calendar'?

Who has the wealth and the power and the excommunication from something? Dare I say, who has the release from purgatory?

All these analogies -- can they be built up more maturely in our Holy War, in our redemptive history.

That's the story to write. Give me some words.

Love in King Jesus,

Host9240--note to self

[Later: Add organization of land, organization of skills, organization of markets, organization of (CHH—world missions), organization of (CHH—peace, gifts, song/community/calendar)
Next—4, 5, 8 as Calendar--4, Community Square--5, Symphony--8—all three at once, and all together, rhyming in comprehensive beauty.]

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seeking A More Detailed Battle Briefing

I seek a more detailed Battle Briefing. I think one can also see liturgy as a battle briefing, and commissioning as more detailed than The Great Commission--more detailed in that it applies to one’s own church’s situation, sitz im krieg (situation in war).

When we combine the messages of Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future, Who Rules the Land?, and the last part of Through New Eyes, we get a good overall view of the general Holy War. Add Maturity and Redemptive History and we have an even fuller picture.

We are past the point where we wonder, should we die for Gdansk, the Free City of Danzig, if I am not mistaken.

Churchill's strategy (and what would ours be?) is to rally the planes for the Battle of Britain, to be glad if/as/when Hitler invades Russia, to angle to get even more help --unto entrance into the war -- from America (Pearl Harbor, et al).

Who has elaborated in a more detailed way the fronts. What is our equivalent to Hitler's Americans, to radar for the Battle of Britain, to the enemy fighting amongst themselves, etc?

We know the liturgical answers, as you have limned them the other day--sung liturgy, etc.--. or do we?

We know it's a long slog.

We know the importance of some things (6-day creation...) and the unimportance of others (concentrating on Western Civilization, the Constitution, the PCA).

I would appreciate further elucidation and articulation along these lines. What about the university/education, what about business, what about tribal elements, what more should be emphasized about the church. What time frames are we looking at? Etc.

I have not burdened this series of questions with too much detail, I pray, hoping that you might furnish more, and/or point me to certain people and resources.


Love in King Jesus,

Chuck, a scout
PS: Like David Field, I believe that Evangelical Defeatism is Folly.