Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poem: Summary of Summary

Had cola last night at movies and it’s lifted me up and thrown me down. Off work today, exhausted. Tingly arms. So, no more movies, for I’m Pavlov-ized to popcorn and cola! And this even as I watch great violence (Safe House, the movie)!

This came to me as I was sleeping after the above Tingly, @ 1 PM Feb 24.
Poem:Summary of Summary :
While we're waiting ( Through New Eyes) during the most exciting times since the first century, we hearken to the future. We have our battle brief.

Engender, as Circumcision celebration engendered 2--The Pella Square.
To be Commissioned to 'exodos' (sic), decease (Luke 9:31), our cross.
Called to Resurrection, Ascension, Session, Sending, A. D. 70 (Public Vindication), and articulating holidays in Jubilee--

As part of 3--The Symphony of Peace/History which is unto Beautification of Creation (Dressing the Garden), and New Song as glorification of exnihilation. 4--This House Of Singing Times (Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar) matures us as we fight the Holy War of peace 1—Comprehensive Beauty!. To be reverse/engineeredarticulated as a bequest of h.e.r.o.ic peace during the rest of my decease.

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  1. A bok: Someone interviews me on video and I explain this.