Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will This Attract MEN To Worship?

Worship Haiku

Come in peace to war!
Worship, resembleding Christ.
War unto peace. Go!

['Resembleding' is a verb form combining the past and the continuing, it is a way of attempting a shorthand version of 'already, not yet'. 'War unto peace' ambiguously refers to what has happened and what will happen. Our 'liturgical warfare' brings us to peace with GodTrinity--thus 'Go in peace,' and we go out to war (in the pattern of the worship service) toward the peace that He has already established, but is yet to come.]

[Will that attract MEN? Maybe if combined with a battle briefing and a call for volunteers to be commissioned to go about doing good in their unique capabilities, as the charismatic Sunday Adelaja in Kiev does. Page 135 ff. of He has 2000 (two thousand) groups like this. He's in the battle.]

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