Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here's a start

PergamosCoram861—Forward (go both forward and backward, backward predominant)
A. D.
1--Genesis 15
2--Exodus 22
3--Leviticus April 29
4--Numbers May 6
5--Deuteronomy May 13
6--Joshua May 20
May 27

June 3
9—Ruth June 10
PV after

June 24

PV before

12--Proverbs July 8 13—Song July 15
July 22

July 29
16—Kings Aug 5
17—Jere-miah/Lam-entations Aug 12
18—Ezekiel Aug 19
19—Daniel Aug 26
20—Esther Sep 2
21—The Twelve
Sep 16
22—Greater Chron-icles
before Sep 23
23—Matthew Sep 30
24—Mark Oct 7
25—Luke Oct 14
26—John Oct 21
27—Acts Oct 28
Nov 4
29—First John

Nov 11
30—James Nov 18
31—First Peter Nov 25
32—Second Peter Dec 16
33—Jude Dec 23
34—Second John Dec 30
35—Third John
Jan 6
A. D. 2013
Jan 13
37—First Corinth-ians Jan 20
38—Second Corinth-ians Jan 27
39—Galatians Feb 3
40—Ephesians Feb 3
41—Phil-ippians Feb 3
Feb 10
43—First Thessal-onians
Feb 17
44—Second Thessal-onians Feb 24
45—First Timothy Mar 3
46—Second Timothy Mar 10
47—Titus Mar 17
48—Philemon 49—Hebrews
Mar 24 A. D. 2013
March 13

Holidays: Public Vindication, Between the end of week 10 of ordinary time, and the beginning of week 11 of ordinary time), The Battle of the Mountain of Festival Assembly, (between the end of week 21 of ordinary time, and the beginning of week 22 of ordinary time), Totus Christus (2 weeks between the end of week 32 of ordinary time and the beginning of week 33 of ordinary time.) The various Cleansings (PV), Consecrations (TBOTMOFA), and Communings (TC).

Eliot/Anselm Time either extends Ruth into more weeks, or scrunches up 2 or more books into one week. ‘We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ (Search the phrase) And ‘…Anselm defined God as the greatest possible being we can conceive …’—Wikipedia.

This calendar is ANOTHER LAYER, it is not a replacement. Tribes have community celebrations, Empires have business and work schedules, Israel has religious calendars, Greece has educational calendars, etc.

As 5th generation warfare (nets and jets—networks instead of hierarchies, and jets to take things such as biowar quickly around the world) makes it easier for small groups and/or individuals to destroy, so we can put together in small groups, upbuilding things, such as small enthusiastic groups.. And we want to avoid slipping back to the slavery of empires, if/as/when the nation-state fails of its purposes of peace, freedom, and a division of labor economy—which latter 3 we want to keep.

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