Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Peace Story Follows Joyous Proverbs Sheba


A story, if you please.

When Rome fell, what kept the perpetually-raiding tribes apart.


But hermits moved in, then monasteries cleared the land, and then peasants sharecropped.

No forests, prosperous farms to raid, what would be the next level of war prevention?

'No fighting from Saturday to Monday.' 'No fighting during Lent.' No killing clericals'.

It took hundreds of years, it took the science of growing that the monasteries knew, it took the wealth of the monasteries, and power. It took excommunication, I'm sure. It took civil penalties.

The Truce of God took mutual oath-taking.

And then this mutual oath-taking, in the 12th C., was used for founding cities and guilds.

That's their story.

We have a more difficult story to write.


Because we have 5th generation warfare as the tribes, for one. 1st generation was massed armies in Napoleon's time. 2nd, artillery. 3rd, maneuver (tanks, etc.). 4th, insurgents with press (Viet Cong). 5th, nets and jets. That is, instead of a hierarchy, there's a network. And any one can take biowar (smallpox) or/and nanowar, etc. around the world by jet.

Rome has been the nation state/forest. That doesn't work as well anymore against 5th generation neo-tribes.

What hermits have gone in to start turning the barrier, the boundary into the source of the wisdom with enforceable imperative that engendered the Truce of God?

Who are the monks clearing the land and renting it, with consulting services such as when to plant?

Who can say 'No fighting at certain times of a calendar'?

Who has the wealth and the power and the excommunication from something? Dare I say, who has the release from purgatory?

All these analogies -- can they be built up more maturely in our Holy War, in our redemptive history.

That's the story to write. Give me some words.

Love in King Jesus,

Host9240--note to self

[Later: Add organization of land, organization of skills, organization of markets, organization of (CHH—world missions), organization of (CHH—peace, gifts, song/community/calendar)
Next—4, 5, 8 as Calendar--4, Community Square--5, Symphony--8—all three at once, and all together, rhyming in comprehensive beauty.]

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