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A man's schedule=who he is. A Society's Calendars.

Notes to House of Singing Times (HOST), and the layers, so far.

1--Season of Blessed are the poor in spirit. Woe: Matthew 23:13. [Might also do First Day, and 8th Church (KOLWhole)]
2—Season of Blessed are those who mourn. Woe: Matthew 23:14. [Second Day, and 5th Church (SardisJudgment and Exile)]
3—Season of Blessed are the meek. Woe: Matthew 23:15. [Third Day, and 3rd Church/Era (Pergamos/Wilderness)]
The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly is between 3 and 4
4—Season of Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Woe: Matt. 23: 16-22. [4th Day
and 1st Church/Era (Ephesus/Garden)]
5—Season of Blessed are the merciful. Woe: Matthew 23:23-24. [5th Day and 6th Church/Era (Philadelphia/Restoration)]
6—Season of blessed are the pure in heart. Woe: Matthew 23: 25-26 [6th Day and 4th Church/Era (Thyatira/Kingdom)]
7—Season of blessed are the peacemakers, the persecuted, ye persecuted. Woe: Matthew 23:27-36.
[Days 7-12, and 2nd Church/Era (Smyrna/Prison)]
Next: Psalm O Day, Prayer O Day, Explanation of each HoliSheba, Explanation of Eliot/AnselmTime (EAT), General Instructions.
Coram is a Latin/English acronym. In Latin it means ‘face’ or ‘presence’. Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi.
Kol is a Hebrew/English acronym. God ‘kol’ed down from Sinai, and Kol, Octave (8th Day Theology) and Laodicea.
Add: Retuning. Add: List of Covenant Rhymes.
AND REASONS WHY God wrote books.
The Bible is musical, and the overture of the 7 days is repeated and developed. A covenantal sequence is ‘writ large’ on the year, complementing the Church Year that shows the life of Christ and our response.Good questions, such as Hebrews as 8th iteration of Day 7. Lots of Covenant Rhymes.
Add: Philippians 2:15: ‘lights’
Down the side, TO THE RIGHT: 1-7 Days, 7-1 Days, 8-2 Churches, 2-8 Churches, Poor in Spirit to Ye Persecuted (Woes), Ye Persecuted to Poor in Spirit (Woes)—
These make 6, and we have, the Bride/Body, 7th coming after Exodus, as
We are in jubilee ‘above’ the 49
[Calendar Dialect of Symbok, the language]
[And the second telling, with Adam as the light]
Psalm O Day, Prayer O Day, etc.
Another layer of calendar, in which the covenant is written on the Resurrectin to Resurrection
And ‘30’ (+?} covenants are rhymed.
A. D. 2011- A D. 2012.
B. Eldstering, ThyatiraBmoY, 1 Peter Sheba (Friday, August 26 A. D. 2011)

Add Days 7-12 at firt and last of the Seasons.

Dear One: This is from LAST year. I’m still working on this year and next year.
Also, on Friday, Aug. 26, I added a new holiday—holidays are only about death. Godparents for Eldsters is the name, for I made provisions for a kind of death of enfeeblement and befuddlement, and two agreed to help me then.
thyatiryBmoY (ThyatiraYMMM!), First Peter week (sheba).

More to come. Chuck

The days of the week now are to be named after the churches in Revelation, for they are the sky/firmament now, per Ephesians 2:6.
Retuned. This is deep, deep.
Sunday/Lord’s Day: Now WholeYMMM!
Monday, SardsYMMM!
Tuesday, PergsYMMM!
Wednesday, EphesusYMMM!
Thursday, PhilsYMMM!
Friday, ThyatiraYMMM!
Saturday, SmyrnsYMMM!

K.O.LBmoY!, SardisBmoY!, PergamosBmoY!, EphesusBmoY!, PhiladelphiaBmoY!, ThyatiraBmoY!, SmyrnaBmoY!
‘moY’ is the Hebrew for ‘day,’ coming at us from the future, the Great Day.
I use exclamation ponts to indicate an imperative, and an enthusiasm.
YMMM! Is a pun for ‘day’ and ‘eat’. We eat time, we take it in.

Sunday, Monday, etc. are named for ‘planets’ in the sky. The new names are for things in the social sky, firmament.

The key things in this calendar are:
Covenant structure written on the ‘year’: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi (‘face,’ or ‘presence’ in Latin= ‘coram’)
Rhyming—lots of things in one system.
Days retuned and renamed.
Weeks named.
Seasons named after Beatitudes and Woes.
Years named, and numbered since Creation (I have a 16 billion year model)
Starts at Pascha/Easter, and moves to the celebrator’s ‘exodus’
This is another layer of social order, for educational calendars are after Greece, church calendars are after Israel, work and business calendars are after Empires, and community calendars are after Tribes.

This is another layer, not to replace everything else.

Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll tell you who he is. Show me a society’s calendars, and I’ll tell you who she is.
All religions manifest their beliefs in a calendar: Rosenstock-Huessy.

The next version will be simpler, and will have an un-retuned companion, with lots of notes.

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