Saturday, February 18, 2012

Child's Play With Lectionary Historical

Child's Play with Lectionary Historical.

Elder Roorda's work with the 7x7 grid or 81 years each (+31, and then the 80 of Delay) will be very helpful. I've been suggesting that each week of 49 (+ holiday weeks) a person would go through it, forward and backward, using Ussher and Jordan. Ussher is here, online: The first week one would look at creation to Anno Mundi 81, and backward from A. D. 70, which JBJ says now was 4080 AM, iirc. And so forth. This is what I call 'Child's Play/gestation/incubation'. That is, an adult would add A. D. 70 to present (40 years). An elder would put 'em together, 121 years. An ancient (my term) would do something such as Western Culture, or America, Columbus to 500 years ahead. I pray I'll do a few of these next coram. 'Coram' means 'face' or 'presence' in Latin, and I use it for Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. This layer of social order starts at Pascha/Easter.

Things that don't quite fit would be discussed during holiday weeks, of which there are 4 (one is of two weeks' duration), corresponding to parts of the flow of worship.

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