Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seeking A More Detailed Battle Briefing

I seek a more detailed Battle Briefing. I think one can also see liturgy as a battle briefing, and commissioning as more detailed than The Great Commission--more detailed in that it applies to one’s own church’s situation, sitz im krieg (situation in war).

When we combine the messages of Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future, Who Rules the Land?, and the last part of Through New Eyes, we get a good overall view of the general Holy War. Add Maturity and Redemptive History and we have an even fuller picture.

We are past the point where we wonder, should we die for Gdansk, the Free City of Danzig, if I am not mistaken.

Churchill's strategy (and what would ours be?) is to rally the planes for the Battle of Britain, to be glad if/as/when Hitler invades Russia, to angle to get even more help --unto entrance into the war -- from America (Pearl Harbor, et al).

Who has elaborated in a more detailed way the fronts. What is our equivalent to Hitler's Americans, to radar for the Battle of Britain, to the enemy fighting amongst themselves, etc?

We know the liturgical answers, as you have limned them the other day--sung liturgy, etc.--. or do we?

We know it's a long slog.

We know the importance of some things (6-day creation...) and the unimportance of others (concentrating on Western Civilization, the Constitution, the PCA).

I would appreciate further elucidation and articulation along these lines. What about the university/education, what about business, what about tribal elements, what more should be emphasized about the church. What time frames are we looking at? Etc.

I have not burdened this series of questions with too much detail, I pray, hoping that you might furnish more, and/or point me to certain people and resources.


Love in King Jesus,

Chuck, a scout
PS: Like David Field, I believe that Evangelical Defeatism is Folly.

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