Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl: Some Starting Seed Questions

Top of my head, not exhaustive, seeds for discipling. PLEASE add better questions. Thanks!

1--How is it like the rain god dance?

2--How is it a church failure—here are ones engaged in ritualistic war, how is our ritualistic war going?

3--If a game is a first approximation of a philosophy—an outlook on life—what does the popularity of this Super Bowl show us?

4--Compare SuperBowling to PoliticPrimarying.

5--Was there an invocation? Should there have been?

6--If Training Manuals were once written as questions and answers in books –Loyola, Heidelberg, Westminster –what media should be used now? YouTube? Movies? Apps?

7--Why is the SuperBowl on Sunday, and not Friday…?

8--How SuperBowl culture derived from worship practices, or lack thereof?

9--What should be done?

10--Were one to lead the SuperBowl as a Christian, would it have been discipled, the culture of SuperBowl?

11--Can we ignore SuperBowl when we want to disciple?

12--Holidays are based on death, the whole life—what died to make SuperBowl?

13--On the other hand, a holiday is when the whole people celebrate the same thing together at one time—does SuperBowl qualify?

14--If ‘they’ are running things to our detriment, how does SuperBowl help ‘them’?

15--Should we commission missionaries to SuperBowl tribe, in darkest America?

16—Was the quarterback specifically invented to represent the Wild West hero?

17—Why the hell can’t we just enjoy an exhibition of remarkable athletic ability and grace under pressure?

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