Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate: Helpful Resources Format

Climate: what resources we need 

Something like this '4 views' would help.

 Dear Jack and Bob: [Bob will be copied via Facebook] 

What we need are recources like this '4 views of wealth and poverty'. What could the 4 views be?

 I'd suggest (1) stewardship, by The Cornwall Alliance Fellow, 

then (2) a global warming/climate change/climate chaos view, 

then (3) a sociological perspective which would include everything from Michael Crichton's observation that 'environmentalism is the religion of urban atheists' to a couple of Sturgeon SF stories--one about a hippie who discovers free energy and gets 'power to the people,' and another about how a fellow convinced a great businessman that climate was changing because aliens needed it changed--and the Lyell/Darwin view of gradual change vs., let's say, the Velikovsky Affair. 

A 4th view would include a history if Ice Ages and astronomical observations, such as that Mars is warming--and there are no humans on Mars. Underlying all that is Sheldrake's comment in 'Science Set Free' about inedia. Inedia is the hypothesis that people can go decades without eating, as anecdotally reported in both Western and Eastern religious traditions. Sheldrake suggests that we first observe these people, and asks 'Is science a method of inquiry, or a belief system?'. In regard to that latter, we have the strange view that we must eliminate placebos when doing, e. g., a drug efficacy test. That's odd, because it assumes that placebos have a positive effect. Providentially, there are many doctors now who say that we should increase whatever mental things help a patient get well, as witness the book 'Mind Over Medicine,' which a friend of mine battling cancer recommended. They use the term 'mojo' where she went for treatment--;more joy'. That's why I stopped off in Newton and played 18 tonight before coming home.  On that subject, an M. D. recommended to me the book 'The Health of Nations'. It proposes that the prospect of improvement was the key cause of improved health in the past century or so. He has the facts, and presented them in a lecture. 

Love in King Jesus, Chuck 

PS: Of course, when you take abortions into account, the average life span in America in now 38. Books are out that show that a baby in the womb can learn 100 words before birth, and the state of South Dakota sends out audios with music to those who are pregnant ( I think), because of the Mozart effect, and LCMS ministers hold to learning liturgy in the womb, in a way. PPS: Speaking of churches, many churches have large swaths of lawn (see Veblen, 'Theory of the Leisure Class' and conspicuous consumption) that they could be using to grow food not lawns to feed the hungry. 

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