Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Kind Of King Are You?

What kind of king, Proverbs 25:2?  One trying to psalmodically respond, so as to help along the next era.  That is, we see, according to Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy that 'the revolutions of the West (Papal, German, English, American, French, Russian and now) fit into a pattern such as this: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service).  [Best short explanation is in Gardner's 'Beyond Belief'].  What could be something that we get by responding to the spirit of what has come so far, that would fit into each of these categories, Lord willing, sinners that we are.  I propose: The Symphony Of History, How To Make Your Communities Better, House Of Singing Times, 153Culture, PirateHero (Helping Explicitly Reconcile Opposites).  Thanks for asking, Dan England. Lord willing, I'll take us through the Calendar Of Peace Priming (HOST) this Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi (CORAM, a wordplay => 'presence') this year, based on a Jubilectionary. Watch Facebook (Charles Howard Hartman--Notes) and More material is in HostUeberfolder, and elsewhere (Opus 3).

Comments:  One Anothering Revolution.  Glorification of the Tribal social order (Rosenstock) by keeping the small, enthusiastic groups, but getting rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes. Helping Explicitly Reconcile Opposites?  One way this is done is by 12 ways of seeing things, 12 people/Days instead of 2.  Era=Ear, hearing with new ears—compare seeing ‘Through New Eyes’—Jordan.  Also see Bledsoe’s essay in ‘The Glory of Kings’.


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