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Stuart Feeds Her Hungry?

Enter at your own risk. Reader Beware.  And All That.

Chapter 1:  There are 1700 residents of Stuart.  If 1/6 of them are on food stamps/SNAP/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, that means that almost 300 need food help.

Chapter 2:  This can be done in the tradition of Stuart’s founding.  In 1871, Stuart was founded along the Big Mover of the day, the railroad, as a town to serve farmers in the area.  By 150 years later, could we have a Stuart along the Big Mover (the internet/web), as a town that is showing the way to urban farmers and others, world-wide?

Stuart, 1871, Big Mover railroad, town to serve local farmers. Now, Good Egg Days.
Stuart, 2021, Big Mover website Stuart Feeds Her Hungry, example town to help urban farmers and others world-wide. Another layer of Good E.G.G.s, Experienced Gardening Guides

Chapter 3:  The rest of this blog will be links that could be helpful.

Except for: Chapter 4: If your outgo exceeds your income your upkeep will be your downfall.  Thus, web presence as in website and videos etc. should be used to produce some surplus to get us going.  I’m thinking we could put up free ads for locals, and make some money doing this. So, I’m looking for Good E.G.G.s, a local coordinator, and a website surplus-maximizer.  I have some capital for starting.

Here’s something on the latter:

[I’m sure that there are more ways!]

Making a living on YouTube
Bill Myers - Feb 1, 2014
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Here's some surprisingly easy ways people are making a living on YouTube
John Cooksey recently posted a message on our discussion forum in which he included a link to what the top 100 people who upload videos to YouTube make.
When you view that list, you'll discover that several YouTubers are netting more than a hundred thousand a month.
What's really interesting about these people are the kinds of videos they are making. A lot are simple single camera videos. No special effects, no graphics. No flying monkeys.
For example, the number one person on the top 100 list uploads videos where she shows different Disney toys. That's all. Just a close up of the toys while she talks about what she is showing.
She gets over 150 million views a month and has close to a million subscribers to her YouTube channel. And for this, YouTube pays her an average of eighty thousand a month.
The thing is, you could be making these kinds of videos. No special skills are needed. And you don't even have to appear in the videos.
To see what I mean, check out the video at
It has 75 million views!
You can read more about these kinds of videos in our discussion forum at, or see the list John posted at
When you see how much some of these people are making each month, it might encourage you to post more of your own videos to YouTube.
Chapter 5:  Why don’t I do this?  I’m working on raising ‘a next layer of social order’ by psalmodically responding, under Trinity. StuartFeedsHerHungry is about honoring father and mother, so I might inherit having this calling made real, as some time.  I also follow Buckminster Fuller in ‘Critical Path,’ who said that he invented things so that they would be ready when needed. Thus:

Chapter 6: Possible business card information.

Almost 300 of 1700 are on SNAP/foodstamps. Can we feed them by ‘Growing Food, Not Lawns’?
Stuart, 1871, Big Mover railroad, town to serve local farmers. Now, Good Egg Days.
Stuart, 2021, Big Mover website Stuart Feeds Her Hungry, example town to help urban farmers and others world-wide. Another layer of Good E.G.G.s, Experienced Gardening Guides
Search ‘Stuart Feeds Her Hungry’ online and as a Facebook Page.

Chapter 7: Links.  [More  will be added in the comments as we go along, Lord willing]

Can Stuart be self-sufficient in vegetables
in 7 years?

Not a link, but an idea: Covault (Mom’s maiden name) Gardening. Something such as this: Your lawn, you pay us, we till, we plant, we weed (mulch), you harvest + eat + enjoy. Some company in Oregon has done this, and the second year they were completely booked up—alas, I can’t find them again, maybe others could

A nice vignette: Maybe we grow both food and character.  A story is told, which I modify, about an economist visiting a fellow
economist in Switzerland during WWII. The visitor told the Swiss that the garden he was working was uneconomical, for the Swiss could buy the food more cheaply, given the man hours expended, etc.  The Swiss replied that he was not growing only food, but character also.

Maybe we become ‘Stuart: Gardening City, USA’ or Stuart: Nobody Goes Hungry, USA’?

I have more that I can send on request:

There’s much on aquaponics, and permaculture.  Please search.

Foodscaping’ in Switzerland  Neighbors plan together. This is called "Foodscaping"


Three things about the founding of Stuart in 1871.
1—A town to serve
2—Farmers around the community
3—Beside the Big  Mover, the railroad
Stuart become the ‘Good Eggs’.
1--A town of good e.g.g.s—experienced gardening guides
2—Serving urban farmers around the world
3—Using the Big Mover, the internet
The money’s in the website, and more.

Finally, I REALLY don’t know about some of these.
I also promised to show you how to grow half of your own food in your backyard in less than an hour per day!  It is actaully quite easy; I've been doing it for years.  This 27 minute presentation will show you exactly how to do it along with step by step instructions for getting started.  
This is not some fluffy 'half your food' either - I go into exact number of calories and just exactly what you'll get out of it.  And yes, you can do this.  In fact you could have this setup and be eating a lot of your own homegrown food in just a short time.  Click here to see:
$27 Wake up world ad--
Have you read at your own risk?

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