Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coca-Cola sold 'religiously,' Cathedrals had budgets for a thousand years

Coca-Cola sold 'religiously,' Cathedrals had budgets for a thousand years


medieval...cathedrals...literally...had budgets for a thousand years...

Berman, 'Law and Rebvolution,' page 6

And we, who are in the heritage of this, and live in The Great Fact (McCloskey, 'Bourgeois Virtue') that we are hundreds (?) of times better off than our ancestors of just a few centuries ago--in 1800, the world was Bangladesh--well, it's an occasion for Deep Lent, that is, sorrow about what stewardship we should have exercised!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'MoJo, More Joy' Hartman

And some facts about Coca-Cola

As of 1997, copyright date of Johnson's 'History of the American People,' the second most widely recognized term in the world.  The first is 'OK'. Sold in quasi-religious was as 'The Great National Temperance Drink, 'owed a lot to sales being organized into regions and districts, reminiscent of the classis system of Calvinism, and there were many aspects of Calvinism in its approach. A recruit to Coke, better yet a convert, was 'born again' ‘. pp 675-6.  Add the religious zeal of Coca-Cola’s salesmen and sales management.

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